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Watch Lost in Sand at Orange County, CA. Beach .. Found in the Volleyball Court with Metal Detector

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*** SINA and her family had spent the day and evening at Corona Del Mar State Beach with is Newport Beah, CA. They played volleyball and had been at the Firepits till the beach closed at 10pm. 

When they got ready to leave Sina’s watch was missing from the pocket in her jacket. They spent two hours searching the sand. Then Sina got my information from her friend that I had helped find a lost ring last year. 

They called me just after midnight, apologizing for the late call but needing help. I live just a couple miles from the beach and told them would meet them at the volleyball courts in 20 minutes. 

They believed that the watch was most likely at the volleyball court in the sand or possibly at the fire pit where she had been most the day. I set up my detector and began a grid search in the dark. About 15 minutes into the search, BOOM! a good signal and I carefully scooped up the watch. 

They were completely surprised because after they saw how tedious the grid search process was, they knew it was a large area that could have taken hours to search. The best chance to find the watch in a timely manner,  was to start where the most action occurred. The truth is we were lucky to start at the volleyball court. 

Happy family and especially Sina who had her watch back where it belongs.. I love being available to help people find their lost valuables.m

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Lost Wedding Ring in Car Found by a Ringfinder in Victorville, CA.

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 ***  Justin had been in his car when his white gold wedding ring had bothering him. He slipped it off setting the ring on the center console near the cupholder. This car had a motorized cover that slides over the cupholder when not used. When he went to put his ring back on his finger the ring was not there. After looking closely at the place he set the ring, he could see a space where the ring may have slid under the console into the interior of the dashboard. 

First he tried opening the automatic cover and he ended up breaking the cover. Justin took it to the dealership to get it repaired. He also asked them to look for his ring. ( not successful). He had the present of mind to get a endoscope camera to investigate through the small gap. Where he thought he could see the ring but he had no way to retrieve it. Then as a last resort he went online locating Jeff Morgan member of TheRingFinders in Seattle, WA. who had posted a ring recovery in a car. 

After Jeff gave Justin my contact information, we set up a day for me to meet him at his home in Victorville, CA. .. I spent a half hour tediously working my way with my endoscope camera in the console area through a 1/4 inch hole. I could not see a ring anywhere. When Justin came out to check on my progress, I told him the ring wasn’t visible. Then  I suggested that we try the carpet area next to the console. We pulled the carpet out from underneath the console. BOOM! There was his ring.. Amazing that it had worked its way through the console down between the carpet and metal floor. 

I had read other members blogs about finding ring that find there way under carpets in cars. This was just a shot in the dark before giving up on the search. We always find it at the last place we look. You can see the photo of Justin with a happy relieved look,on his face. 

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Lost Gold Diamond Ring during a Beach Party in Long Beach, CA… Found with Metal Detector

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***  A man whose name is MT called for help finding his gold with a diamond ring lost in the sand. He was with friends on the beach at Belmont Shores, Long Beach, CA. They were playing volleyball, so he gave his ring for one of the ladies that wasn’t playing to hold. 

This happens often, she put the ring on he finger for safekeeping. Later she noticed the ring missing and it had to be in the sand. I asked MT if they would be able to stay at the location for a half hour till I could get to that beach.

Traffic was cooperating and I met the group on the beach before they had to leave the beach. Shorty after they showed me the 40’x40’ area of the loss, I was able to locate the ring with my metal detector. After several hours of searching before I arrived, MT and everyone were happy, especially the lady that had lost the ring. 

As usual most the people in the group did not know that TheRingFinders directory exists. Now we have more than a dozen people that can spread the word of metal detectorists that are willing to help people find their sentimental lost keepsakes.


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Platinum Diamond Wedding Ring Lost at Southern California Beach Found with Metal Detector ..Returned to Owner

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*** Jackie and her husband took a walk on a Southern California beach. It was just after a storm and there was a 6 foot embankment that had to be climbed to get off the beach. As Jackie was struggling to get to the top of the slope her wedding ring slipped off her finger. She was fortunate to feel the ring leave her finger. 

They tried to locate it by dragging their hands trough the sand. A passerby told them about TheRingFinders metal detecting directory. They called me, giving me their location and I was able to meet them on the beach within a half hour.

I met them on the beach, set up my metal detector and began a grid search. Within a few minutes the ring was found and returned to Jackie. Another successful search and recovery because they contacted me in a timely manner and they were able to stay at the location to put me in the general location.  

Lost Ring at Will Rodgers Beach, Pacific Palisades, CA., found at low tide

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*** Chris called me asking for help finding a very special ring that his friend Chris had lost somewhere at Will Rodgers State Beach located in the city of Pacific Palisades, CA. He was calling for his friend, Chris who was very upset about losing this ring.

Chris had the Ring on when he arrived at the beach then noticed it missing after two hours . He had been all over the beach playing football and racing through the surf at low tide. When I arrived the tide was rising. I grid searched the incoming tide as well as the waves would let me. After clearing the wet sand it took me another two hours to eliminate the dry sand, no ring to be found..

It had to be further out in the surf which was now too deep to detect. I returned the next day to thoroughly search the wet low tide area. Boom!! Michael’s ring was there in my scoop. This search could have been a one trip search if Michael felt the ring come off his finger while he was in the water. That’s not always the case, so we have to eliminate each area separately. With the timing controlled by mother nature ( considering the tides )

The important thing is Michael was able to pick up his ring and it was nice to see how happy he was to have it back after feeling so bad about losing it.

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Found Cellphone while Searching for a Lost Ring.. Belmont Shores, CA. .. Returned to Owner

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I was searching for a lost ring at Rosie’s Dog Beach when I found a Iphone. I brought it home dried it out for a week. Put a charge on the phone. It was locked, but the screen came on with a message, ” This phone has been lost, please call…. 562-xxx-xxxx. I was able to contact a family member of the person who lost it. 

The next day after contacting the person, I took it to the person.

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How to Find a Wedding Ring Lost on the Beach .. San Clemente, CA. .. Using a Metal Detector

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**** Matt called me from San Clemente State Beach. His wife Sasha had been holding his platinum wedding ring while he went swimming in the ocean. She was sitting on their beach blanket so she believed the ring was safe so she just slipped on one of her fingers. 

Sometime later Sasha just made a quick gesture with her hand and the ring flew into the dry sand. She panicked a began to search the sand. Then Matt joined in on the search when he returned from his swim. A couple other people on the beach offered to help but the ring could not be found. 

One of the beach maintenance personnel brought them a rake to use for the search. He also suggested that Matt try google searching TheRingFinders. Matt was able to get my contact information and called right away. We arranged for me to meet him on the beach an hour later.

I actually was there 15 minutes earlier. I know the beach well which made it easy to find where they were located. Matt told me how the ring was lost, pointing to a 20 square foot area where the ring should be. It was such a small spot and the sand was raked flat. It only took a few minutes to find his wedding ring. We like the easy finds ! They are easy because I can get to the location promptly. So many time people can’t find my service till they leave the area of the loss.

Sasha was totally relieved of her guilt for feeling responsible for losing the ring. Matt was proud that he took the suggestion to call a member of TheRingFinders. A very happy couple could return to their hotel this night for a peaceful sleep. The next morning they were flying home to Texas.

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Lost Ring Finder Recovers Gold Pearl Promise Ring from Sand in Newport Beach, CA.

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…. Maddy had been laying out on the beach at Newport Beach, CA. working in her summer tan. She took off her white gold pearl promise ring setting it on her towel while applying lotion. When she got ready to leave, she pick up the towel and walked about fifty feet before realizing the ring had fallen in the sand. 

She called her friend to help her search the sand. They spent more than three hours methodically searching the sand with the help of several other people who were just passing by. Finally someone told her about my services. She got my contact information with a quick online search.

I met her on the beach which is only a few miles from where I live. We walked over to the 40ft.x 40ft. loss site. I chose to begin the grid search in the center. After beginning the third grid line I got a perfect signal. One quick shallow scoop revealed Maddy’s ring.

She was so grateful and happy to have this special ring back, saying I can’t believe we found it. She also was sorry that she had not called me sooner. She didn’t like how frustrating it was to hand search the sand for so many hours, but she commented she did get a little more tan time. 

Maddy’s smile tells the whole story. This is what keeps me doing what I do.. 

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Tiffany & Co. Gold La Pousette Stud Earring Back Lost in Backyard.. Tarzana, CA. .. Recovered

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*** Laura lost her Tiffany & Co. 18k Gold  La Pousette earring back in the grass. The loss occurred when she decided to remove her diamond stud earrings so her new playful Labrador puppy wouldn’t accidentally pull the earring loose. She knew exactly where the loss happened but she could not visually see the small backing.

I got a call from her because she believed her only chance to find it would be a metal detector. I had a short discussion with her, explaining the complications of finding small gold items with hobby metal detectors. We agreed that I could meet her at her home that afternoon with my detectors that are set up for small gold items. We still wouldn’t know what the search conditions would be like till I arrived at the location. She would have a matching piece of the gold backing, so I could test my equipment for a signal in the soil conditions of her backyard.

Two of my detectors and two different pinpointers had decent signals. I did get a weak signal in the grass with both detectors, but couldn’t get either pinpointers to give me a signal. The small backing must have been on edge or possibly there was something making the signal from the pinpointer? After some frustration, I decided to carefully scratch through the grass catching a small glimmer of the white gold. Boom! Successful recovery.

I’ve never heard of a La Pousette earring backing so after I returned home researched them on line. They are the the most secure backings for expensive diamond stud earrings. As I understand, some of the most expensive are sold as set ( post and backing). Over the past years of finding jewelry for people, I’m learning a lot about jewelry.

I was looking forward to helping Laura find this small piece of gold. Also, knowing it was going to be a challenge. Laura was appreciative to see how difficult the search was. She was glad that she didn’t buy or rent a metal detector for a Do It Yourself Search.

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Lost Gold Colored Tungsten Carbide Ring at Santa Monica Beach, CA. .. Found Using Today’s Technology

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*** Lianne called me asking for help finding her ring that she had lost last night at Santa Monica Beach, CA. Like most of my calls, she wanted to know how my service works. Every search is different, so I need a few minutes on the phone to discuss basic information. There are situations where the person can not meet me at the location. With good information I can do a search without the person meeting me at the location. I have a basic fee to help with my travel expenses. We are usually able to take care of that by electronic money transfers after I do the search.

Lianne could not leave work but she gave me very good idea of how the ring was lost and she was within 30 feet from the north side of a lifeguard tower. She did feel the ring come off her finger. (a bonus clue, many times people don’t have an idea when the loss occurred ). I agreed to drive to the location at Santa Monica Beach.. She said, if I had anymore questions she could take phone calls anytime. We were also able to do FaceTime calls on our iPhones. That did  help because when I arrived at the parking lot there was a little confusion about the lifeguard tower number. We straightened out that problem using a FaceTime phone call.

After clarifying the lifeguard tower number I was able to recovery Lianne’s ring after after a short grid search. Lifeguard towers in Southern California are usually not moved except in the winter.. I understand that on the east coast of our country they move lifeguard towers where they have flat beaches with lone tide movement. 

After notifying Lianne, I called her , offering to deliver her ring if she was available. It worked out fine because her work place was just a few blocks my drive home. Actually we met at lunch time. She was very surprised that we had accomplished the search, recovery and return using our cellphones and the mapping apps. The RingFinders directory service works because of the internet and all the new technology we have today. I love what I do !

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