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Lost Platinum Wedding Band Found Ocean City NJ By The Ring Finders South Jersey

from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-215-850-0188




Chris lost his platinum wedding band trying to catch a ball in ankle-deep water today.   I received a call from fellow Ringfinder Jeff Laag who gave me Anouska’s phone number so I could get the details for the recovery.  I started a search of the wet sand shortly after I arrived, and the ring was found on the slope.  It was Chris’ and his family’s first day of vacation in Ocean City, New Jersey-it can now be a relaxing one!


Ring Lost at La Jolla Shores found

from La Jolla (California, United States)

Bonnie and her fiance were visiting here in San Diego and went to La Jolla Shores to enjoy the sand and water. They went out surfing, and when coming in on a wave, her engagement ring came off in waist deep surf. An online search brought them to The Ring Finders website and my contact info. I got the call later yesterday and after looking at the tide chart, figured I’d give it a try this morning at low tide. It wasn’t going to all that much lower than when she lost it, but, every little bit helps when detecting in the surf. Bonnie sent me a Google map and I used that to start my search at 6:30 am this morning. They showed up about 20 minutes later and I discovered that I needed to move north about 50 yards and was told it should be just north of where they had cones placed on each side of the lifeguard kiosk the day before. Being early still, they hadn’t put the cones out yet, so, we just had to guess where they had been. After a new starting spot, I began my grid and after a short time, they said they had an appointment to go to, wished me luck, and left.

I continued on with my shore-to-surf grid pattern heading north through the search area. After an hour and not a single target, I decided to go back to the starting point and head south. Half hour later and still not a signal, I began a crossgrid working parallel to the shore and working from deeper water toward the beach. At this point the tide had turned, started to come in, and the surf was getting rougher. After reaching ankle deep water and nothing to show for it. I was wondering where to search next. At that point, I noticed that the lifeguards were putting the cones out. Since they usually put them in the same area each day, I took a closer look, and realized that I needed to go south just a little more to completely cover the supposed search area. After a bit, I was just about finished with that area too. Wet, cold, tired, hungry, I was going to call it a day after the next pass or two. Just then, I got the signal I’d been waiting to hear all morning. One scoop later and I was relieved to see Bonnie’s ring. I emailed them the good news and headed home. They came by my house a little before noon and a happy Bonnie was reunited with her beautiful ring. A pleasure meeting you both, good luck with your move and upcoming marriage, and thank you for the reward.

Mayflower Beach Cape Cod, Massachusetts platinum wedding band lost, found and returned

from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)
Contact: 1-860-309-3307

Nicole’s call to her father was returned with a link to After a short conversation with Tim I was on my way to the bay side of Cape Cod. At the end of the road I tried to call Tim but due to No Cell Phone Service I could not contact him. He was somewhere out on the beach among the 100s of beach goers. One such beach goers was kind enough to let me use her phone to call Tim. When she heard me asking about the ring she was ready to tell me the story. It seams the loss was well known by many of the beach goers.

Tim showed up and off we went eager to start searching for his ring. After about 20 feet of searching to my surprise there were no signals. Oh, my mistake, I had left my detector set to a very specific setting to find a hearing aid. A quick change of a program setting and I was searching again. Quarter, soda bottle cap, 2 beer bottle caps and then the platinum wedding band was in my scoop. I left the ring in the scoop for Tim to remove and place on his finger. I wish I had my camera handy to catch the kiss between Tim and Nicole. As I didn’t and that they would not repeat it for a camera I will just have to settle on attached photos for the Book of Smiles.

In the short talk we had after finding the ring it was revealed that the ring went missing after re-applying sunscreen and not removing the ring from the beach chair’s pocket before moving the chair to a different location. The second bit of information was that Tim had proposed to Nicole on the same beach. Only fitting the wedding band was found and returned with enormous gratitude and smiles.

Ring lost at Fiesta Island found

from La Jolla (California, United States)

Richard spent the day fishing on Fiesta Island. While cleaning some of the fish he had caught, he shook his hands to get some of the fish scales off, and his wedding ring went flying into the dry sand. He spent 3 days searching through the sand in that area, even buying a detector and trying his luck, but, he couldn’t find it. His online search brought him to TRF and my contact info. I met Richard at the site in the late afternoon where he showed me where he was setup the day of the loss. I’ve searched many areas of Fiesta Island before, and could understand why he had trouble trying to find his ring without any real experience using a detector. This area is tough even for seasoned pros. People have been burning wooded pallets and other scrap lumber on this Island for decades. Aluminum cans were thrown into the campfires and pull tabs litter the landscape. Anywhere you take a scoop of sand will result in 4-5 metal objects, so, it’s a real challenge to find just one signal in all that mess. It wasn’t a particularly big search area, but, it was slow going. 1 1/2 hours later, I had run 3 different grid lines over the entire search area, my trash pouch was almost full, and still no ring. I attacked ground zero at still a different angle and got another mixed signal on my Equinox…..the kind I’d been digging for the last hour and a half. After filtering out the sand, and pulling out 3 nails and 2 other pieces of melted aluminum, I finally see a ring in the scoop with the shells and rocks. Sure enough, it was Richard’s ring. Richard was overjoyed and was able to head home and give his wife the good news. A pleasure to meet you Richard, and thank you for the reward. 

Ring lost at Ocean Beach found

from La Jolla (California, United States)

Lorena was visiting town and enjoying Ocean Beach with some friends and placed her ring in the cup holder of her chair. Time to leave, the chair got folded up, and the ring ended up in the dry sand. A common way rings get lost. Searching was fruitless and Lorena had to go back home up north. She contacted me to ask for my help in finding it. She had planned on returning the next morning to show me the search area, but, having already been a full day on the loose, I had her give me directions as to where she was when the ring fell into the sand. She did better than that. She had some photos that were taken while she was there in that location. Knowing that beach well, I could find that spot fairly easily. Finding the ring might be another thing! I waited until the sun went down so I could actually find a parking spot on a Saturday night. Not easy, but, I lucked into one. The beach was still mobbed with party goers. I made a beeline west toward the water and straight through the middle of search area. Before I got there, I see another guy detecting right through where I planned to search. He didn’t stop for any targets, so, i began my grid. Off to the right was a large group still camped on the beach, so, I started on the left. Made a dozen passes or so without so much as a pull tab. Not a good sign. Somebody (maybe the guy who I first saw) had already scoured the area? At that point, the crowd on the right was picking up and leaving. Great, I can now search the other side before I try to track down the other detectorist to see if he may have found the ring. Still not much in the way of targets until I made 5-6 passes and got a solid 6 on my Equinox. That’s usually a foil drink seal, but, I scooped it anyway as small gold can read in that range. Sure enough, a drink seal. Drat! Moved another 2 feet and got another solid 6 reading. Another juice seal I bet, was what I was thinking, but, after scooping it up, I discovered her ring! As I surveyed the spot I found it, I realized that the other detectorist had missed it by no more than a couple of feet! I texted Lorena that she would have to come back down to San Diego after all, but, instead of having to show me where the search area would be, she could pick up her ring. A pleasure to meet you and Pierre, and thank you for the reward.

Engagement Ring Lost On Kure Beach, NC Found With Metal Detector

from Morehead City (North Carolina, United States)
Contact: 1-614-354-6704

Bailey was spending a fun evening on Kure Beach with her family.  Bailey is also planning a September wedding.  She was asked to perform a cartwheel in the sand.  Before the attempt, she gave her engagement ring to her younger sister for safe keeping.   During the excitement and festivities, the ring slipped off of little sister’s hand into the sand.  Both sisters were very upset.  The following morning I get a call from Bailey’s father.  He explained what had happened and plans were made to meet just afternoon.   When I pulled the first target, a red can top, Dad yelled that I had found it!  I think that helped ease the stress levels.  Unfortunately, my 2nd target a silver can top gave Bailey false hopes it was her ring.   The 3rd target was the one we all had hope to recover!   The excitement & tears made the 2 hour drive to their location all worth while!

Bristol Beach, Falmouth, Massachusetts: A Lost Ring Found by Ring Finder

from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)
Contact: 1-860-309-3307

Melissa, with great hope in finding her husband’s wedding ring she had dropped in the fluffy sand, took a local lifeguard’s advice to call “Rick, he is amazing at finding lost rings.” The lifeguard remembered me when I had help find another lost ring. All was great for me to go and follow Melissa’s description of where on the beach she was when the ring was dropped.

This was the second time for Ezequiel losing a ring. His first wedding band was lost in the water and never found. Ezequiel promised not to wear the replacement ring into the water. Keeping his promise he took the ring off and gave it to Melissa. Now they both had a bad moment with this wedding band on a beach.

I arrived a few minutes before Melissa and Ezequiel arrived at the beach. I went straight to the area that was described to me. A few words with the lifeguard that remembered me and my search began. It was not but less than a minute and I had the ring in my scoop. Again an amazingly quick recovery. Next I had to find the owner. In the parking lot there they were, waiting for me.

I was told the ring would never see a beach again. It will be left in a safe place when the family with smiles frolic in the summertime sandy adventures and return home with the same smiles.

Washburn Island, Massachusetts: Lost Ring Found and Returned

from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)
Contact: 1-860-309-3307

A long time favorite beach of Katie and Chris, Washburn Island is only accessible by boat as there are no bridges. I had often thought about tripping to the island myself but never made solid plans.

I had been contacted via J&E Enterprises, my detector dealer, about a lost ring on the Island. Sure I would go. After Katie contacted me about her husband’s lost ring and told me pertinent information such as area and time of loss, item material etc. we made plans to make a recovery trip on Sunday. All was fine until King Neptune sent in high waves along with Mother Natures high winds which shut down the marina. No boat could leave the docks on Sunday. Next plan was for a Friday trip with low tide and predicted weather being much more favorable.

Friday came and so did moderate seas with 2-3 foot waves., it was a go. Chris the owner of the lost ring, knew where we were going. Twice I heard him say NO, the next inlet, around the NEXT curve. Well he would be proven correct, He beached the boat and told me the ring was lost within 15 feet of the boat, as he remembered it should be in the water, not on the sandy beach.

I drew marker lines in the sand made two passes and on the third I heard the beautiful tone of gold. One shallow scoop and shake or two and I walked to Chris and let him remove his ring from the scoop. He did so in total disbelief. Then without much ta-do, he was off running down the beach to where Katie had walked with their dog Mauricio. It was a wonderful sight, the reason I enjoy my hobby, the love of people and the happiness I can bring them after a traumatic happening such as a lost wedding band..

By the way, it was Mauricio who had just been lifted into the boat before Chris’s ring slipped off his finger. My thanks must go out to him for this wonderful experience.


Lost ring found in Falmouth Heights, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)
Contact: 1-860-309-3307

To find a lost ring; find a Ring Finder at: Cape Cod, MA

That is all it took for Lindsay to reunite her husband and his ring that had fallen off in Nantucket Sound while swimming at Falmouth Heights Beach. It was just a short mini vacation to the Cape for a few good meals and a few hours on the beach away from the daily pressures of the Covid19 epidemic.

They were having a great time until the day before returning home. That’s when Mike’s ring slipped off his finger into the water. They thought of buying a replacement. After weighing all options it was decided to first give a Ring Finder a chance to locating the ring. Nothing more to loose they gave their friend’s recommendation to contact me a try.

When first contacted the tide and waves were such that I would not be able to get out far enough into the area the ring was lost at. The next day the swells were done to about a foot and the low tide was at 2:30. Perfect for shot at finding the ring. With e-mails and a picture of were the ring was lost in hand I found a “free” parking space and headed to the water. The second pass and I had the wedding band in my scoop.

I called Lindsay and made arrangements to return the ring via the USPS. A request for a photo of Mike with his reunited ring for the book of smiles.

Lost Wedding Band Found, Ocean City NJ By The Ring Finders South Jersey

from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-215-850-0188

Lost a ring?

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Christina and Scott recently got married this past Memorial Day Weekend, and today was their first day on the beach in Ocean City, NJ as a married couple! I received a call from Christina late in the afternoon yesterday who told me that her husband lost his wedding band while applying sunscreen after a swim in the ocean. It was a joy to recover the lost ring within minutes of searching so the newlyweds could relax and enjoy the rest of their vacation.