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Two months lost — wedding ring now found!

  • from Raleigh (North Carolina, United States)

Got a call from a gentleman who asked for help in finding his wedding ring. Seemed simple enough. Playing volleyball in the back yard with his son, he felt the ring come off and heard it hit a solid surface with a ping. He and his wife scoured the back yard, the patio, and under the deck — no luck. They then bought an inexpensive metal detector to search more thoroughly — again, no luck. We made arrangements for me to come to the house and search…that’s when the wife mentioned that the ring had been missing for two months. They thought maybe a squirrel or other animal had made off with it because they’d been unable to locate it themselves. Two months missing won’t affect the ring itself, other than to allow it to settle a tiny bit further in the dirt. After about an hour of grid searching the back yard, I was able to locate the ring. As the couple had only been married a short time, the silicone temporary replacement ring they’d bought off Amazon was a poor substitute for the “original”. Very glad to be able to reunite the husband and his ring!

Ring recovered – in Wyoming Minnesota

  • from Chisago City (Minnesota, United States)

So last week I received a call from a wonderful couple that had lost a wedding ring in the leaves in there back yard. This call was from a local couple about 6 miles away.  This was a treat for me because it had been a while since I have had a call that was just down the road. I know from what I was told that she really cared about her ring.  She was very conscientious about losing the ring so to be safe she removed it and placed it in her pocket.  She had done a little work in a flower garden the corner of the house and when she finished, she felt the ring in her pocket.  She also had her young son out running around in back with her in the back yard. Part of playing around they formed a big pile of leaves started to bury one another in the pile of leaves.  Following playing in the leaves her husband cleaned up the back yard raking and hauling the leaves down to a compost pile further down in the back yard. She had felt for the ring and her heart sank. It was gone. They spent several hours scouring the back yard and leaf pile looking for the ring and nothing was found.

You just know that feeling of something near and dear to your heart and it’s gone. She did a search online for and found Paul Nolan a local recovery specialist and texted him.  Somehow the text was missed and the following morning her husband gave Paul a call. He asked if I had received the text that hos wife had sent, “ No”.  So he asked if it would be possible to come out and see if we could find the ring.  About an hour later I pulled into the driveway.  They gave me a quick tour of what had happened. So I grabbed my detector and started a quick preliminary search. My primary search area was going to be the leaf pile in the back.  Within a minute of reaching the pile location I received a great signal.  I tried to carefully move some of the leaves, and it was hiding well.  I had left my pin-pointer in the car so I went back to retrieve that.  I also brought a small battery-operated blower that I grabbed. Once back at the pile I found the location with the pin pointer and put the blower on low and blew the leaves away from a small one foot circle, and there it was down between some rocks.  So I grabbed my equipment and started to hall it back up to the car. As I was heading up she came out on the deck and I asked her if she would like to come grab the ring? What you found the ring? In total disbelief.  Come on down. Her husband soon joined her and I took them down to the location where I had blowen the leaves away and they started looking after about 15 seconds she spotted it in the rocks.  She was ecstatic.    The following pictures are the ring back where it belonged and another photo of the ring.

It was really nice having a call close to home, and one that went as well as could possibly could. What a treat it was. I wish they all would go so well.  Congratulations on getting the ring back.  I am so happy for the both of you.

Once lost – now is found.

Lost Wedding Ring Indian Wells Beach

  • from Jones Beach (New York, United States)

Sunday late afternoon I get a call From Wen telling me that her husband wedding ring came off at the beach in Amagansett. She told me they were still at the beach asked if I could come out now. I told Wen with the Hamptons traffic on Sunday It would be take a while.  I loaded up the car with my metal detecting equipment and head out.

When I got to the beach and meet up With Wen, she told me her husband and children were still where the ring came off.  It was about a 1/4 mile up the beach and off we when.  When I got there they showed me what happen and I started the search. It took about 15 minutes to find the ring.  It was very close to where it came off down about 2 inches in the sand.  as you can see they families was very happy

River Ring Recovery in Kananaskis

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

I received a call from Paul. He lost his ring in the river while surfing. His fingers got cold and the ring disappeared into the depths. Good thing that the river flow is controlled by a dam and for a period of time there is a chance to recover the ring. Paul wanted to help, so I loaned him a detector…….it worked.  Watch the video below for the story.


From Sesuit Harbor to Corporation Beach Dennis MA Wedding Band Lost, Found and Returned

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

September 25, 2022

Just as I was putting the finishing touches to the previous posting, my phone rang and much to my surprise Sean was on the phone. We talked about last night’s ring return at his wedding reception. Then he dropped the news that he had his ring that had been on his finger just about a day before it slipped off and buried itself into the dry sand. Yes, of course I would be right there, how could I refuse such a bizarre set of circumstances.

How could this repeat? I got to the beach and did not see Sean. Just like the night before no one was there to greet me. I called and sure enough Sean had not yet arrived but did so in another minute. Then a short walk to two circles in the sand. The smaller one was Sean’s best bet but said it may be out as far as the second circle. On my second pass there was on iffy signal but was too deep. Continuing onto my third pass, there it was the wonderful sound in my ears of a ring. One scoop and a few shakes to rid the scoop of excess sand and I saw the glitter of a ring.

Sean, with doubt, looked into the scoop and retrieved the ring. After a bit of being unsure it was his as it was still covered with sand. Then when all the sand fell away and the Celtic Knots glittered in the flashlight’s beam the smile came. I wish I had my camera ready at that moment, but I did not so the picture of the smile will have to live in my memory, something I cannot share, sorry.

A brisk walk back to the parking lot a few pictures and Sean with his ring was off to his mother’s home and his new bride whom I am sure will have an equally wonderful smile tonight. What a story, what a beautiful, dark star lit sky, soft gentle breeze and swish of the incoming tide and another Happy Ending. I am sure that both Sean and I will remember the night for many years. I am also sure we both went home to our bride, and before going off to dream land we would reconcile any of the day’s tense feelings with our wife, say an “I Love You” and give a good night kiss. Bless.

Lost wedding Ring found in Wortley Village, Ontario

  • from London (Ontario, Canada)

I had a call from an arborist who lost his gold wedding ring while cutting down a tree. I did a circle search around the stump until I came up with that beautiful tone!


Lost Gold Ring

Wortley Ring

Honeymoon Celebration Produces All Rings Lost, Two Found – Sneads Ferry, NC

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

Kaity & Zach were celebrating their recent marriage and honeymooning in Sneads Ferry, North Carolina.  While they were at a friends house along Chadwick Bay, Kaity decided to take a running jump into the bay off of the boat dock.  Both of her wedding rings came off of her finger into the bay and it’s soft muddy bottom.  Along with friends, they both searched for the underwater rings and came across oyster shells along the way which were thrown out of the area.  During the search, Zach also lost his wedding band.  After hours of searching they finally gave up.  A friend found Crystal Coast Ring Finders and message was sent out.  Upon arrival, I was skeptical as I know these waters can sometimes be hard or soft bottoms.  This one was the latter.  I was searching around the boat dock in about 3 foot of water and pulling up various items from the bottom when within the first half hour Kaity’s engagement ring was brought up from the bottom.  Surprisingly, her very thin wedding band wasn’t found.  During the 1st attempted search, I was able to locate Zach’s missing wedding band just under the boat dock amongst other oyster shells.  A 2nd attempt was made on a different day and Kaity’s wedding band was not located.  I suspect it was either pressed deep into the soft black mud bottom or thrown out of the area attached to an oyster shell cluster.  Kaity & Zach were mostly concerned about getting the wedding ring back in their possession.

Mecox Beach Bridgehampton lost Mans Gold Wedding Ring

  • from Jones Beach (New York, United States)

I at received a call from Michelle very late Saturday evening, that her husbands wedding ring came off at the beach.  I told her I would be out first thing in the mourning.  I meet up with Michelle and her husband at the beach and they showed me the spot that they had mark and then explained how the ring came off, suntan lotion strikes again.  I searched the area closest the the marker. Making larger circles from the marking point. I found the ring about 20 foot from the spot of the marker and about 2 inches deep. another successful search by this Ring Finder

Indian Wells Beach East Hampton Lost Wedding Ring

  • from Jones Beach (New York, United States)

I received a call from Lois about a lost wedding ring in East Hampton’s Indian Wells Beach.  It was late afternoon and I said I would be out First thing in the mourning. I would meet her at the beach.  She told me that she would not be there as she had to work.  I asked her to send me a copy of Maps with the area marked as to where it was lost.  I received the maps and started out for the beach.  When I got there I called and she described The location as to the Right of the life guard stand and in front of it. and about 50 yards from the stand.  Not knowing the exact area I did a search larger than What she told me.  It took a little more than an hour, but I did find the ring.  Texted a photo of the ring  to her and made arrangements to meet.  I meet up with Lois and returned the ring as you can see from the photo another smiley  face.

Lost Diamond Ring, Wildwood, New Jersey, RECOVERED!

  • from Cape May (New Jersey, United States)
Last evening I received a call from Eric and Kristin. The couple explained that they believe that Kristin’s wedding ring had fallen out of her bag while they were at the beach yesterday. The couple wasn’t exactly sure as to when the ring fell out but the were fairly certain that it happened while they were on the beach and it may have tumbled out when they removed their cell phone from the bag that the ring was stored in. I met up with the couple this morning. After being shown the general area I managed to recover the ring in about 25 minutes. They were ecstatic as this ring had been passed down thru the family for several generations. #lostring, #wildwood, #lostringandjewelryrecoveryservice, #jerseyshore, #capemaynj, #capemaycounty, #lostandfound, #wildwoodcrest, #weddingrings, #theringfinders
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