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Ring Lost at Fiesta Island Found

from La Jolla (California, United States)

Christen called me with the typical tale of woe. Her husband, of a little over a month, had removed his ring to apply skin lotion and placed the ring in the beach chair pocket for safekeeping. They prepare to leave, chair gets folded up, ring ends up in sand. Since they didn’t notice it missing until they got home, the trick was figuring out just exactly where it was lost. After searching and retracing their steps as best they could, they went to the internet for help. Maybe rent a detector? Wait a minute, spend $60 to rent one and I still need to learn how to use it? Let’s go to plan B, getting someone with experience who has better equipment than the average rental detector. This is where I came in. I met Christen at the parking area and walked with her over to where they had been camped the previous day. She remembered being between two landmarks, so, that’s where I started my search. After my gridding the area for a little while, and finding lots of pull tabs, I was right about midway between the two landmarks. Good signal, scooped and found the ring. Good job getting me in the correct spot! Let the ring story continue! It was a pleasure to meet you and thank you for the reward.

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