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Gold ring found with metal detector in Huntington Beach

  • from Sunset Beach (California, United States)


Zhi was at the beach with her friends and when she removed her ring to go into the water she dropped it into the sand.

I arrived 15 minutes later and turned on my detector, my first pass with the coil I was able to find her ring.


Gold Ring lost and found in Huntington Harbour

  • from Sunset Beach (California, United States)

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Nathan decided to put his gold wedding band in his chairs cup holder but forgot about it when it was time to leave. His ring fell out when he packed up his beach chair.

I reached the beach before he did and was able to find his ring by using the info he gave me. Nathan was so happy he gave me a big bear hug.

Heirloom Platinum Wedding Ring Recovered in Huntington Beach

  • from Sunset Beach (California, United States)


I received a call from a very distraught Simona who told me she dropped her Platinum Diamond Ring in the sand in Huntington Beach. She told me it was her Grandmother’s Ring from the 1940’s

I arrived in about twenty minutes and met her on the beach. Simona told me she was visiting from Texas and she showed me the area where the ring was dropped.

I turned on my metal detector and the very first target I heard was promising, I looked down and could see a small sliver of a shiny ring. I showed Simona and she reached down and plucked her ring out of the sand.

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Huntington Beach Treasure Hunter Recovers Lost Wedding Ring

  • from Sunset Beach (California, United States)



I received a call from Eddie asking if I could help find his wedding ring near the Huntington Beach Pier. He told me he was leaving to go have dinner with his family and he would meet me later.

I decided to go early and do some detecting for myself until I realized the sun would be setting soon, so I called Eddie and asked for the location of the loss. I headed over to the spot and within 5 minutes I found his Tungsten wedding ring. It helped that I could see where they were running their fingers through the sand.

When Eddie arrived I met him in the parking lot and handed him my business card and that’s when he saw I was wearing his ring. The look on his face was priceless.






Lost ring at Huntington Beach Park found

  • from Sunset Beach (California, United States)


Livi contacted me and asked if I could help find her wedding ring she lost yesterday at a local park while throwing a ball to her dog. She got my info from a friend of hers that had heard about my service.
Livi showed me where she threw the ball and I started my search in the direction of her throw. After a good hour of grid searching with no ring to be found I decided to search the spot where she was standing while throwing the ball. Right away I received a nice tone that was showing very shallow on my depth meter.
Her gold diamond ring was nestled in the grass and the search was over.

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Platinum Wedding Ring Lost at Huntington Beach House .. Found in the Sand

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)












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***  Kieth called me as I was driving home from another ring recovery. He had been at Huntington Beach on a bicycle ride. He stopped at the Huntington Beach House restaurant to have a little beverage and enjoy the music. 

When he returned to his E-Bike he reached into his pocket to pull his keys out. Right away he realized his platinum wedding ring was in the same pocket. His ring fell into the dry sand. His attempts to find it were unsuccessful. 

Kieth returned home google searching for information about metal detectors. He found my contact information and called right away. He gave me verbal directions as to where he dropped the ring. I got to the location 10 minutes before he got there. As I was walking down the pedestrian /bicycle path two guys saw me with a metal detector. They told me that a guy had lost a wedding ring over by the bike rack. 

I already had the location of the loss. It was another quick recovery. Kieth showed up just after I found the ring. He was proud that he found my service. He and his wife were very appreciative to have the ring where it has been for many years.

If You need help finding a ring or othe jewelry call me ASAP … Especially if lost in a public area.
Stan the Metaldetectorman.. 949-500-2136

Wedding Ring recovered from Sunset Beach in Huntington Beach

  • from Sunset Beach (California, United States)


Chris contacted me last night and asked for help to find his wedding ring. He put his Tungsten wedding ring in the pouch of his chair. When he packed up his ring fell out into the sand and he spent 1 1/2 hours searching for it.
We met up in the parking lot the next morning and Chris new exactly where he was sitting which helped me locate the ring in about 2 minutes.
Thanks for contacting me Chris!

Best Friend Helps Recover a iPhone Lost at the Beach .. Balboa Beach, CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)












Finding a iPhone using Find My IPhone App and a Metal Detector… Metal Detector Man mobile metal detecting service … Call now ..949-500-2136


*** A Lady named Kim called me asking if I could search for a iPhone that her son’s best friend lost at Balboa Beach, CA. She wanted to help him so he didn’t get in trouble with his parents for losing an expensive phone.. 

The had a screen shot of the find my phone app. 

That was all I needed to get to the general area where the phone went missing the night before.

I made my way to the beach without them because they were unable to meet me there.. 

After a half hour I was able to locate the iPhone completely buried in the sand. 

I met them later that evening to return the phone and they were on their way to meet her son’s friend to surprise him by returning his phone.. 

People helping people, I love seeing this and being part of a good deed.


If you have lost a important item call ASAP .. Stan the Metal Detector Man  .. 949-500-2136


Engagement Ring recovered in Sunset Beach / Huntington Beach


Annalise put all six of her rings on a towel before she went into the water. When she came back she partially picked up her towel and launched her rings into the sand. Annalise was able to find five out of six rings with her engagement ring the one she couldn’t find.

Her friend Allie quickly found my website on the internet and they called me right away. I was onsite within fifteen minutes and my first target was her ring. She was overwhelmed with emotions as she just got engaged in April.

Thanks for calling me to search for your lost ring.


Lost Ring in Newport Beach Found

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Loren texted me and asked if it was possible to find his special ring he lost one week ago in Newport Beach. He had this silver ring made while he was in Spain, it has a depiction of his dog Otis on the face of the ring. Loren set his ring on top of a cooler for safe keeping but it fell into the sand during the day.

I told him I would try to find it, with the help of some photos of the area he provided it got me in the general area. The ring was a little out of my first search area but I found it after gridding for 45 minutes.