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Platinum Wedding Ring Lost at Huntington Beach House .. Found in the Sand

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***  Kieth called me as I was driving home from another ring recovery. He had been at Huntington Beach on a bicycle ride. He stopped at the Huntington Beach House restaurant to have a little beverage and enjoy the music. 

When he returned to his E-Bike he reached into his pocket to pull his keys out. Right away he realized his platinum wedding ring was in the same pocket. His ring fell into the dry sand. His attempts to find it were unsuccessful. 

Kieth returned home google searching for information about metal detectors. He found my contact information and called right away. He gave me verbal directions as to where he dropped the ring. I got to the location 10 minutes before he got there. As I was walking down the pedestrian /bicycle path two guys saw me with a metal detector. They told me that a guy had lost a wedding ring over by the bike rack. 

I already had the location of the loss. It was another quick recovery. Kieth showed up just after I found the ring. He was proud that he found my service. He and his wife were very appreciative to have the ring where it has been for many years.

If You need help finding a ring or othe jewelry call me ASAP … Especially if lost in a public area.
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Wedding Ring recovered from Sunset Beach in Huntington Beach

  • from Sunset Beach (California, United States)


Chris contacted me last night and asked for help to find his wedding ring. He put his Tungsten wedding ring in the pouch of his chair. When he packed up his ring fell out into the sand and he spent 1 1/2 hours searching for it.
We met up in the parking lot the next morning and Chris new exactly where he was sitting which helped me locate the ring in about 2 minutes.
Thanks for contacting me Chris!

Best Friend Helps Recover a iPhone Lost at the Beach .. Balboa Beach, CA.

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*** A Lady named Kim called me asking if I could search for a iPhone that her son’s best friend lost at Balboa Beach, CA. She wanted to help him so he didn’t get in trouble with his parents for losing an expensive phone.. 

The had a screen shot of the find my phone app. 

That was all I needed to get to the general area where the phone went missing the night before.

I made my way to the beach without them because they were unable to meet me there.. 

After a half hour I was able to locate the iPhone completely buried in the sand. 

I met them later that evening to return the phone and they were on their way to meet her son’s friend to surprise him by returning his phone.. 

People helping people, I love seeing this and being part of a good deed.


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Engagement Ring recovered in Sunset Beach / Huntington Beach


Annalise put all six of her rings on a towel before she went into the water. When she came back she partially picked up her towel and launched her rings into the sand. Annalise was able to find five out of six rings with her engagement ring the one she couldn’t find.

Her friend Allie quickly found my website on the internet and they called me right away. I was onsite within fifteen minutes and my first target was her ring. She was overwhelmed with emotions as she just got engaged in April.

Thanks for calling me to search for your lost ring.


Lost Ring in Newport Beach Found

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Loren texted me and asked if it was possible to find his special ring he lost one week ago in Newport Beach. He had this silver ring made while he was in Spain, it has a depiction of his dog Otis on the face of the ring. Loren set his ring on top of a cooler for safe keeping but it fell into the sand during the day.

I told him I would try to find it, with the help of some photos of the area he provided it got me in the general area. The ring was a little out of my first search area but I found it after gridding for 45 minutes.

Heirloom Diamond Ring found in Huntington Beach


David and Lisa were vacationing in Huntington Beach from Oregon when David thought it would be a good idea to put his wife’s and daughter’s  rings in his shorts pocket. They must have fallen out when he was sitting in his beach chair, when he noticed they were gone he saw his daughter’s ring on the surface of the sand but not his wife’s ring.

They searched but could not find it and that’s when his daughter found me on the internet. It was a very quick recovery because it was exactly where he said but for some reason it sunk down in the sand a little deeper then he thought.

Beautiful ring that was reunited with its happy owners!


Gold Wedding Ring Lost in Sand at Bolsa Chica Wetlands .. Huntington Beach, CA. .. Found and Returned

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*** Eric had lost his white gold wedding ring while throwing a ball. The loss occurred at Bolsa Chica State Beach in the city of Huntington Beach, CA. It happened under a bridge which connects to the tide water wildlife sanctuary.  He saw the ring fly off his finger and into ankle deep sandy water.

Eric was positive that he could find it using a shovel and sifting system. He returned two days later with a bunch of tools. Starting at 9am he had not found it after 3 hours of hard work. Frustrated and ready to give up he google searched for ideas. 

He contacted me and I said I may not have time to do a proper search but if he was at the location, I would meet him there in 20 minutes. Access to the location was over large break water boulders. Once down in the sandy river bottom Eric showed me the location which he had extensively dug up. It was saturated wet sand which can actually help a heavy gold ring to sink deeper. 

Turned I my detector, telling Eric I would give it a quick try, because I had to be somewhere else soon. I now had a good location so it would easy to search it properly later. WELL!! two quick swings and I got the signal. Big white gold wedding ring in the scoop.  Wonders never cease.. we just had a couple seconds to take photos before I had to leave. .. Another successful search and a very happy and grateful person that now knows who to call if he needs help finding a ring or other metallic valuable.

I Can Help You .. Available to answer any questions you may have.. I WILL TRY ANYWHERE 

Lost Gold Bracelet at Shaws Cove, Laguna Beach, CA., .. Found in the Darkness of the Night

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*** Lily was at Shaws Cove in Laguna Beach, CA. She was wearing a gold bracelet and when she got home it wasn’t on her wrist. She was devastated because it was lost and it actually belonged to her boyfriend.

They had returned to the beach searching for a couple hours with no luck. Then she did a google search for metal detector service, where my contact information came up.

She called me  at 8:30pm while I was driving home from Santa Monica Beach. She verbal told me what happened and that the bracelet was most likely where they had been sitting. Then she added that it could have fallen in the sand as they walked off the beach ( 125 yards +-). Lastly she thought there could be a chance it was was in the first trash can at the steps.

It was pitch dark when I arrived at that beach. Even though I thought I knew that beach well, I had trouble identifying the place they sent  using photos Lily texted me. Tomorrow at daylight may be too late as a lifeguard told me there is a guy that detects that small beach almost everyday.

Finally I found the area they had been sitting and a few swings with my detector revealed the gold chain next to a 3ft.deep hole. I’m sure if someone would have filled that hole in the bracelet would have been push too deep in the sand to be detected with my equipment. I was relieved because I didn’t have to grid the walk off the beach or check the large trash can. I do long grids where the item may have dropped walking off the beach and I have searched many trash cans for lost rings, keys and cellphones.

Texted a photo of the bracelet to Lily and made arrangements to meet her a couple days later to return it . She was more than happy. A very nice lady and a pleasure to help her find what was so special to her and her boyfriend.


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Wedding Rings Lost in Huntington Beach Found

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Ryan and Mireya contacted me about her lost rings that fell from a small table into the sand at Bolsa Chica State Beach.

The rings were a little bit outside the original search area but not by much,  it was a pretty quick recovery with some black sand giving false signals on my old Whites MXT detector.

The Minelab Equinox 800 is packed in my suitcase for tomorrow’s trip to Kauai.

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Wedding Ring Lost on Beach for Four Days .. Newport Beach, CA. .. Saved and Returned to Owner

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*** Daniel called asking for help to find a white gold wedding band that he lost in the sand 4 days ago. The area of the loss was a very populated part of Newport Beach, CA. I gave him a short explanation of our chances to recover the ring as that beach is heavily hunted area by recreational metal detectors and it is also sifted by the city Beach King machine.

He understood and I said I could meet him at the location. This was the last day he would be able to show me the general location. He showed me a 20’x20’ area. I setup my metal detector and decided to start at the center. A half dozens swings of my detector and my first signal was Daniel’s white gold wedding ring that had been hiding in the sand at the towel line. 

Both Daniel and his wife were very happy and amazed that his ring was found so fast after so many days. I know all the possibilities that the ring could have easily been found or picked up by the cleaning machines. This is just another case to stay positive and give it try..

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