Lost Ring in the sand North Myrtle Beach SC

Lady’s Black Onyx Silver Ring – Lost, Found, and Returned North Myrtle Beach SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

Tuesday afternoon I received a FB text from Crystal saying, “I lost my ring at Beach Cove Resort: 4800 South Ocean Blvd. I know the area right where it is but haven’t found it yet! I’ve been trying to find someone with a metal detector but we leave Thursday, and they are few and far between”. I replied saying call me with my number. When she called, I got a little more detail and told her I’d be there in 15 minutes.

When I got there, I called her from the lobby. Shortly after, she walked off the elevator and we introduced ourselves. On the way out to the beach, she told me she had lost the ring the day before.  I was a little nervous, and hopeful the beach cleaning truck or a person with a metal detector hadn’t already found it. She said the ring was a black onyx silver ring, and showed me the small area, maybe 10’X10’, where she had been sitting. I turned the Equinox 800 on and started a grid search. On my second pass, I got a strong 25 on the VDI (visual display indicator) and I knew I had a solid silver target. I looked down and could clearly see the ring sitting on the sand; Crystal saw it about the same time. She said they had been looking off and on for the last 2 days for it.

Crystal, Thanks for call me to help find your lost treasure. Enjoy the rest of your vacation and have a safe trip back home to Virginia.



Lady’s White Gold Wedding and Engagement Rings Lost in the Dry Sand – Found and Returned North Myrtle Beach SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

Tanna called me shortly before 1pm from a number that showed Vancouver, WA. She said she had lost her rings around Windy Hill in North Myrtle Beach. When I started asking about the location, she put her grandfather on the phone who gave me the exact location. When Tanna got back on, I asked her whether she had been in the dry sand, wet sand, or the ocean when she lost them. When she responded she lost them in the dry sand, I got really excited. It’s not very often I get a call for lost rings in the dry sand; they’re mostly lost in the ocean. During the back and forth with questions and answers, I ask if she could Google earth me the beach, with the area circled. She could and she did! When I asked how she lost them, she told me she had put them in a little pouch connected to the beach chair, and then forgot about them. Later, she told me she didn’t realize they were gone until around 8pm as she was helping her grandmother with dinner and the dishes. So far, this was sounding like one of those searches you dream about. I grabbed my Equinox 800 and was out the door.

When I got to the beach about 1:30, I called her to confirm a couple of small issues, mainly about where they had been sitting. One thing she brought up is that they had been sitting behind the life guard stand. Unfortunately, the stand had been moved to the top of the beach near the sand dunes. But, it gave me a better idea of where to search. I started a grid line from the guard stand to the wet sand line working my way south. After the sixth grid line, I moved back to my starting point and starting working my way north. On my third line, I got a solid VDI of 6 on the detector which was what I was expecting for a lady’s white gold ring. I took a shallow scoop of sand and laid it out on the beach and saw a beautiful diamond looking up at me, with the rest of the ring still buried. After picking her engagement ring up, I ran my coil around the same area and got another 6 on the VDI, I knew this one was her wedding band. I took a picture and sent her a text saying “BOOM!” with the picture of both rings. I called her, and I could tell she was very excited and grateful. Finding out she was only an hour and a half away, we agreed to meet halfway at a McDonalds. When we met, I was able to meet her husband, Alex. I got the biggest hug from Tanna and a firm handshake from Alex, both of which validates exactly why The Ring Finders exist!

Tanna and Alex – Thank you for trusting me and The Ring Finders to help find your lost treasures. Be safe and take care of each other.



Lady’s Yellow Gold Band Lost in Myrtle Beach – Found and Returned

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I got a call from Joe Denton, NMB Minelab distributor, about a lady who had lost her Gold band in the dry sand in North Myrtle Beach. He gave me her number and I called her. I introduced myself and learned her name was Elizabeth and she had lost a yellow gold band. She told me she was in North Myrtle on 21st Ave North, right next to a life guard stand. No problem, I grabbed my Equinox 800 and headed out for the 10 minute drive to the beach. After finding a place to park on a busy Sunday, I made my way out to the beach. When I got out there, I called Elizabeth saying I was there and holding my detector up in the air so she could see me. She didn’t, I gave her a couple of landmarks like the banana boat ride. She didn’t see it. Ok, I must be in the wrong spot. I asked her again about being in North Myrtle Beach. She said she’d ask the life guard, and I asked to talk to her. The life guard said they were about 10 blocks up from the sky wheel on 21st Ave North. Ok, she wasn’t in North Myrtle Beach, she was in Myrtle Beach. This happens all the time with visitors; both Myrtle and North Myrtle have exactly the same street numbers. I explained that since she was in Myrtle, I needed to call the TRF for Myrtle, Matt Fry. I tried his number a couple of time, with no answer, so I called his wife. I explained the situation and she gave me permission to take the call. Matt and I have a great working relationship, so if one of us gets the other one’s call we’ll work it out.

I called Elizabeth back, told her I’d be there in about 25 minutes, and headed south. Once I got there, I went through the same routine of calling her and holding up my detector. This time she found me. She led me over to the spot and explained that the ring was dropped in the sand right off the blanket that was spread out. She told me the ring was yellow gold, but in my head I’m thinking white gold. So I’m looking for a VDI (visual display identifier) numbers between 8-10. I immediately got a VDI of 17, and passed over it. Took another step, it was like dah; I confirmed yellow gold, turned around and took out 2 scoops of sand. Bingo, I had it in the scoop. As I’m showing it to Elizabeth, another young lady was walking towards us and Elizabeth said “he found it.” This young lady’s name was Jessica and the actual owner of the ring. Jessica said she had taken her rings off so Elizabeth could put them in her bag, and this one was dropped in the sand. Elizabeth felt horrible, so both ladies started digging through the sand with no luck. Elizabeth had originally called Joe to rent a detector, and Joe sent her my way. All’s well that ends well!

Elizabeth/Jessica – so glad I could help find the lost treasure.

Joe – thanks for the referral!



Beautiful 1K Diamond Engagement Ring Lost in North Myrtle Beach, Found and Returned

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I received an email, and then a follow up phone call, from Kim saying she had lost her engagement ring and asking for help in finding it. She said she lost it around 1pm that afternoon. Looking at the tide tables, the next low tide would be at 1:30am the next morning. I got the resort address and told her I’d be right over so I could get an idea of what my search area needed to be. After seeing what I was up against, I told her I’d be back at 1am.

The search area wasn’t all that big, so when I got back at 1am, I started a perpendicular search going from the wet sand to the water line. I kept expanding my search area both north and south and wasn’t getting many targets, and definitely no ring. Kim and her husband came out to the beach around 2am and I confirmed the search area. I decided to change tactics and started a parallel grid line with the beach and still nothing. Finally around 3am, I called it a night. I had a big family reunion starting later that day, so I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it back out at the next low tide. I told Kim that I was going to contact both Matt Fry, TRF Myrtle Beach, and Jim Brouwer and see if one or both could cover for me. Around 8:30am I got a call from Jim saying he was available to search. Shortly after we hung up, Matt called and said he wouldn’t be able to help. I contacted Kim and told her Jim would be there to search and he’d be calling her shortly.

Sometime around 2pm Jim called saying he’d found her ring. I must have walked right over the ring, missing it. That happens sometimes, but thankfully Jim backed me up and Kim’s ring made it back to where it was suppose to be.

Jim, Thanks a million for helping me out!

Kim, sorry I added a little more stress by not finding it in the first place, but thank you for trusting us to help find your lost treasure.


Two Lost Ring Calls While On Vacation, both Found and Returned

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

It seems to never fail that as soon as I leave town, the lost ring calls start coming in. These calls were no different. I was in Connecticut when I received a call from Nancy stating her son, Michael had lost his Tungsten wedding band in the soft sand at Holden Beach, NC. I advised her that I was out of town, but I had a couple of people that I could contact who could help. I tried contacting my son-in-law, Donnie and couldn’t get a hold of him. I then tried contacting a good friend, Jim Brouwer and he wasn’t answering his phone either. Both of these guys have helped me in the past, so I was confident they’d help, if I could only get a hold of one of them.

In the process of trying to get a hold of one of these guys, I got another call from Peggy. She said her daughter, Vanessa had lost her White Gold Engagement ring in the soft sand in North Myrtle Beach, SC and wanted to know if I could help. I told her the same thing I told Nancy, and that I’d get back to her.

Donnie called me back and I let him know what was going on, as well as gave him the contact information for both Nancy and Peggy. Within about 30 minutes, I got a text from Donnie that he had found Vanessa’s engagement ring and was on his way to Holden Beach, about an hour drive. It was about an hour and a half later that Donnie text me again saying he had found Michael’s ring. It was a great day all the way around.

Donnie, thanks so much for covering for me, I really appreciate it. You made two people very happy!




Beautiful White Gold Wedding Band and Anniversary Ring Lost in North Myrtle Beach SC, Found and Returned

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I received a very early morning message from Brianna saying she had lost her rings and wanted to know if I could help find it. I replied asking the usual questions about time, location on the beach, and any additional details. By 10 am I hadn’t heard anything, so I messaged her asking her to call me. If the rings had been lost in the water I had a small window of opportunity because low tide was at noon. She called a short time later and gave me the details. She said that her family had been sitting near the high tide line and she had put her rings in her grandmother’s bag for safe keeping. Her and her husband had gone swimming in the ocean and having a good time. After leaving the beach, and some time later in the day, she asked her grandmother for her rings. Guess what, no rings in the bag! While they were still at the beach, her grandfather, Frank, had gone in the bag and removed his cell phone, so they concluded that’s when the rings had to have fallen out. I told her I had a couple of things to do and I’d text her when I was on my way.

I arrived about 30 minutes later and met her and Frank walking down the sidewalk towards the beach. Once on the beach, I asked a few more questions including what I was looking for. Brianna showed me a picture of the ring and I asked if it was white gold, she responded it was silver. Looking at the picture, I was pretty sure I was looking for a white gold ring, but I kept both options open so I knew what to look for as far as numbers on my Equinox. Frank pointed out two areas they had been sitting at, so I started a grid search in the one that he was pretty sure was where he grabbed his phone. The beach was already very crowded, and my search areas were shrinking. I searched the 10X20 foot area finding only a few junk targets. I started searching the second area and Frank said that Brianna thought they were a little further out towards the water in the first area, and Frank thought they might have been a little further south. Ok, I finished up the second area and moved back to the first area and extended the search out to cover both Frank and Brianna’s areas. In the course of doing the grid, I had to ask a couple of groups if they would mind moving a little so I could search the areas they were in. Once I explained what I was looking for, I had no problems. Just a few steps past one of the groups I got a strong signal with a 10 on the Equinox 800, which was exactly what I was looking for with a White Gold ring. One scoop and I had it out of the hole, spread the sand out with my foot and saw the sparkle of diamonds looking up at me. I picked it up, blew the sand off, and turned around holding the ring up for Brianna to see. I could see her shock, eyes the size of quarters, and mouthing “you found it?” By the time she ran down the beach to me, the tears were flowing. Evidently, she had told a number of people on the beach what was going on because I got a nice round of applause and people wanting to see her ring once I gave it back to her. All returns are fantastic, but these types are extra special. Grandpa’s out of the dog house, big smile on Brianna’s face, all is good again!

Brianna, thank you for trusting me to help find your treasure, enjoy the rest of your vacation, and have a safe trip home.




White Gold Wedding Band Lost in the Sand, Found and Returned North Myrtle Beach SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

Linsey called me a little after 4 p.m. today saying she had lost her wedding band in the sand. We went back and forth with a few questions and answers, one of them being where she was at. I told her I’d be there in about 20 minutes, grabbed my gear, and was on my way.

I called her when I got to the beach, and met her husband, Mike, as I was walking to their spot. As we walked, I got Mike’s perspective of what happened. Luckily, this sounded like a very simple search. When we got to where Linsey was guarding the area, I saw where Mike had drawn a box in the sand around the area. I got Linsey’s account of what happened and knew this was going to be easy. I turned on my Equinox 800, asked Mike to move the beach chair that Linsey had been sitting it, and took 2 steps and had a good signal. Oddly, the signal was coming from an orange peeling that was laying in the sand. I moved the peeling, spread the sand out with my foot, and got a solid 3 on the Equinox. Took a small scoop of sand, gently shook out the sand, and saw Linsey’s small white gold wedding band at the bottom of the scoop. I held out my scoop to Linsey, she made a comment like “You found it?” as she looked in the scoop and pulled her ring out. Mike was just as excited, and I got hugs from both of them. Evidently, Linsey had been eating the orange and when she finished, she put the peeling in the sand, and her ring must have slipped off at that point. Nevertheless, the ring is back where it belongs, and everybody’s happy! Love these returns.

Linsey and Mike, thank you for trusting me to help find your lost treasure. Have a great rest of your vacation and a safe return home.




Man’s 10K White Gold Wedding Band lost in Myrtle Beach SC, Found and Returned

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

This ring recovery started after a morning recovery, and a leisurely afternoon of walking the beach swinging my metal detector. Shortly after I got home and changed clothes, I received a call from a number that showed Toronto, Ontario Canada so I was sure it was a lost ring call. When I answered, Andrew asked if it was possible to find a ring that was lost the day before in the dry sand. I assured him we had a great chance of finding it, got the details and address of the resort, and was on my way. The Myrtle Beach area is Matt Fry’s area, but I knew he wasn’t available so I took the call. I know he’s going to be upset, not that I took the call, but because it was an easy recovery, which most of his calls lately have been in waist or deeper water at low tide. Thanks Matt!

I called Andrew when I pulled into the parking lot telling him I was there, he said he’d be right down. He and his wife Kristin were on the beach in minutes and showed me an area that was maybe, 10 ft X 15 ft. I had asked him what type of metal the ring was made of and he wasn’t sure whether it was Silver or White Gold. This really wasn’t a problem because I had the Equinox 800 and I knew if the ring was Silver, the machine would give me mid 20 numbers. If the ring was White Gold, I’d get low to mid teen numbers. The mid teen numbers are also nickels, pull tabs, and bottle caps so I had to dig everything close to the 11-13 number I was looking for. The story was that Andrew had taken his ring off and put it on a boogey board that was sitting next to them in the dry sand. Shortly afterwards, someone picked up the board and the ring took flight. I started my east/west grid working my way south and finding plenty of bottle caps but no ring. I did about 6 or 7 grid lines and was running out of real estate so I turned around and went back to my first line and took a step to the north of that line. Boom! Three steps on that grid line and I got a solid 12 on the detector. I was positive I had his “White Gold” ring. Dug a scoop, shook the sand, and Bingo! As I let him get his ring out of the scoop, I said, “You’re ring’s not Silver.” He identified his ring, looked at the stamp inside the ring and said, “It does say 10K.” Irrelevant of what it is or isn’t, it’s definitely his ring and back on his finger where it belongs. Another happy ending with big thank yous from both Andrew and Kristin.

Andrew and Kristin – thank you for allowing me to help find your lost ring. Enjoy the rest of your vacation and have a safe trip home.



Ring Lost in the Sand for 2 Weeks, Found and Returned North Myrtle Beach SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

Friday, July 27, I was out doing a little metal detecting, trying to find a lost ring in waist deep water at low tide, from a month ago. I started talking with Connor, who is a North Myrtle Beach Lifeguard and was overseeing a section of the Cherry Grove beach. During our conversation, he mentioned that his girlfriend, Sanibel, had lost her silver ring in the dry sand about 2 weeks ago. I had him show me the area and told him I’d see if I could find it.

I walked maybe 100 yards to the area and was planning on doing a grid search. On my first line, third target, I had Sanibel’s ring in the scoop. I slipped her ring on my little finger, walked back to Connor, and he asked, “Did you find it?” I held out my hand so he could see it on my finger. He was overjoyed and couldn’t believe it was found. He plans on surprising her with the ring.

Connor and Sanibel, so glad I could help out and get the ring back where it belongs.



White Gold Anniversary Ring Lost in the Dry Sand, Found and Returned Myrtle Beach SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I received a call from Joanna asking questions about The Ring Finders, i.e., cost, how it works, etc. I could tell by the sound of her voice that she was upset. After we discussed the details, she said she had lost her Anniversary ring in the dry sand. Ok, I’m thinking this should be pretty easy, but like so many other ring hunts, they’re not always as easy as I’d like. This find, through my own fault, was going to be tougher than it should have been. First, she lost her ring in Myrtle Beach, which is Matt Fry’s area. So, I told Joanna I needed to call Matt, and one of us would call her back. When I called Matt, he was on his way to another ring search that he had been on for a while and told me to go ahead and take this one. I called Joanna back and told her I’d be there in less than 30 minutes. Actually, I thought this was going to work out pretty good. I’ve been searching for another ring myself that was lost in waist-deep water at low tide a few days ago, so I was waiting for the right tide. I thought I’ll go find Joanna’s ring, and then head straight to the second one, maybe I could have a double ring find in one day.

Since the second hunt was going to be a water search, I grabbed my White’s PI. This machine was more than I needed to find Joanna’s ring in the dry sand, but I didn’t want to take two machines and end up leaving one of them in the trunk with the heat. I just got this White’s PI, my second one, a couple of weeks ago as a backup for the one that’s in the shop for repairs right now. So, I grabbed the machine and was on my way.

When I got to the beach, I called Joanna and told her I was there and started walking down the beach looking for her. Her husband, Remi, saw me and we met up with Joanna. As we’re walking to the spot of her lost ring, I asked her the details of what happened. She explained that she was putting sunblock on her kids and a very short time later realized, at some point during the process,  her ring had come off. She showed me the suspected area, which had a huge hole in the sand where the kids had been digging. The area wasn’t very big, maybe 10 ft. X 10 ft., and then Remi pointed to another small area where the towels had been laid out. I turned my machine on and instantly realized I had made two very foolish mistakes. The first, I didn’t test the machine before I left the house, but why would I, it’s a brand new machine that I had used the day before, and it worked fine. The second, I didn’t bring a second machine, just in case. How embarrassing that I showed up to find a ring with a machine that didn’t work. I’m thinking, If I run back home for another machine it’ll be an hour. The second choice was to call Jim Brouwer who was maybe 20 minutes away if he wasn’t already on the beach. I explained what was going on to Joanna and Remi and called Jim. When he answered, I explained to him what was going on, and he was on his way.

When he showed up, I showed him the area, and he started his search. He quickly covered the small search area finding only a bottle cap and a penny. I then asked him to check the towel area, at the same time watching the disappointment on Joanna’s face. As Jim searched the towel area, I’m starting to wonder where else to look because we were running out of real estate fast. At this point, knowing full well that she probably already had, I asked Joanna if she had checked her bag. I got the answer I expected. Ok, Jim was just about done with the towel area and still no ring. There was one more spot to check. When I had originally gotten to the area, Joanna’s family had been sitting in a couple of the beach chairs underneath a beach umbrella. I moved the chairs back from under the umbrella, and asked Jim to check that area. Watching Joanna and Remi, I think they were trying to accept the fact that the ring wasn’t going to be found. As Jim was swinging his detector over the chair area, I was starting to have my own doubts. As I’m watching Jim work the back half of the area under the umbrella, I see his face get that ‘I’ve got a good signal’ expression. He made two or three passes over a small area and then moved some sand with his foot, a couple more passes with the detector, and then he reached down and picked something up. As he held Joanna’s ring out to her, Ba-Boom, she did a double take, said “My Ring!” and took it from his fingers. Then it indeed sunk in and some tears were shed. What a beautiful moment.

Joanna and Remi, so happy we could get your treasure back where it belongs. Now another chapter has been added to the beautiful story that goes with the ring. I apologize for not being better prepared to find it and having to make you wait an additional amount of time before you got it back. Best of Luck to both of you.

Jim – buddy, thanks so much for answering the call and helping me out.