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Lost Wedding Ring Found with Metal Detector in Haitaitai, Wellington, New Zealand

  • from Wellington (New Zealand)

Nathan and Joanna have only been married for 3 weeks and Nathan’s ring was a little bit big for his finger. Although meaning to get it resized it was one of those things he hadn’t got around to doing.

Last night he was at a small park in Hataitai shooting some hoops with a basketball. He felt the ring come off his finger but in the failing light he was unable to find it in the grass.
Returning the next morning he could still not find it and a short time later I met him at the park.
The basketball hoop was mounted on very short grass but backed on to a bank covered in longer grass and weeds. There was a lot of metal trash in the ground and I wasn’t having any success. I got Nathan to show me, again, where he had been and to demonstrate the shot. I could see that there was a possibility that the ring could have flung off behind him.
It was only a few minutes later that I got a good signal in the longer grass. I used my handheld pinpointer and finally found the ring right down on the roots of the grass. Very satisfying as it would have been impossible to find this without a metal detector.



  • from Jacksonville (North Carolina, United States)

Received a call from Caleb that his newly engaged to fiancé Nichole (less than a week), had lost her engagement ring while out tending to the farm animals on their farm. They had looked for hours into the night with flashlights, metal detectors and many eyes to no avail.

We set up the date/time for me to come out to attempt to locate and home to give it back to Nichole.

I got off at 2pm, drove 2 hours and met up with Nichole and her mom. They proceeded to tell me the details, areas to search based on where they were and what they were doing leading up to her losing her ring and later realizing she had lost it on the farm.

We started in the goat pens 3 without goats and 2 with goats. I cleared them and then proceeded to the other areas to search. I cleared them and then expanded my search a little further from the areas in question. I kept going over them over and over again for over 2.5 hours!!

Finally, as a LAST effort to clear one of the pens that had goats in them. I stepped back in and scanned the pen with the female goats were being kept and heard a signal in the hay. Bent down and used my pin pointer and BOOM there was her ring! I had just barely missed it the first time I had gone in there!!!

Her mom had known I found it and we set up a story/surprise to capture her reaction on video!! Her reaction was PRICELESS!!!!

It’s moments like this, passion for the hobby and surprise of reuniting the item to its owner, is why I do this hobby and am a proud member of “The Ring Finders .com” Directory!

TIKTOK video link:

2023 ring count: 351 FTY
20 – Total recoveries/returns FTY
81 – gold rings FTY (6 recoveries – 3 returns) – (5 class rings – 4 US / 1 MEX)
92 – silver rings FTY (1 recovery, 1 return & 1 coin silver) 1×3 in 1 silver ring
3 – platinum (2 recoveries) – 1×2 in 1
1 – platinum & gold (1 recovery)
1 – gold & silver ring (1 recovery)
1 – Pandora LTE MET 54 (silver and palladium)
1 – silver 828 ring
1 – tantalum (1 recovery)
5 – titanium (1 recovery)
14 – tungsten (1 recovery)
1 – lustrium – (1 recovery) (1 class ring)
151 – mixed – copper – steel – aluminum – junk rings FTY


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Lost White Gold Engagement Ring-Found!

  • from Chattanooga (Tennessee, United States)

I received a text from Leslie on Monday afternoon concerning a lost engagement ring.  She had found me with an internet search.  As it was late in the day I told her I could come the next day, becase it was about a two hour drive from where I’m located.  I got to the site at around 11:00 AM Central Time.   The couple had been pulling a boat and pulled off into the parking lot of an old convience store that had been converted into another use.  As they got out to adjust the boat straps, (the ring had been placed in the shallow tray under the door handle), the ring somehow went flying.  They looked on the pavement and didn’t see it, but there was a grass strip between the pavement and a shallow ditch, then more grass just beyond the ditch.  I started my search in the grass strip, then the ditch, then just beyond the ditch.  Being this had been a convience store at one time I expected a lot of metal trash in the ground, and I was right.  She did have a metal detector that had been her grandfather’s, but was overwhelmed by the abundance of metal trash.  I searched slowly and methodically while listening for the white gold tone and looking for the target ID I typically get for white gold rings.  After searching the entire area, no ring.  Of course I found several pieces of foil.  I turned off my CTX detector, and was explaing the process, where I search the most likely area first, then expand the search area if the ring is not found, (a visual scan of the pavement was next).  At that time someone from the building, I’ll call him “Tom”, came out and we explained what we were doing, and that a visual scan of the pavement was next.  He struck out towards the highway, and in around ten seconds I heard him call out, “is this it?”  He had found it around 10-12 feet from the edge of a busy highway!  The ring was intact, but had some minor damage where it looked as though it had been run over and stuck in the tire treads before dropping off just before the highway.  In a visual search, the more eyes the better.  All in all, another successful search!



Beautiful Ring Lost for Years Recovered in Beaverton Michigan

  • from Wixom (Michigan, United States)

I received a text one afternoon that seemed a little strange.  Debbie had lost an expensive ring and was losing sleep over it. The message focused on how far I was willing to drive and the cost of a several hundred mile ring call.  I asked about the ring and got a very vague description of a costly ring with a big diamond and that she was sick over losing it.  She was asking me to drive several hundred miles to  search, but she was not willing to pay a large amount, and that was assuming I found the ring.

When someone is having health problems and losing sleep over a lost item, I figure I will have to go, regardless if they can afford me.  I offered to drive up the next day. I was almost releaved to find she no longer lived in Michigan and would not return for many months.  “I will let you know the details later” she said.  Perfect I thought,  I will likely not hear from her again.

The next time Debbie contacted me it was with a date several weeks in advance.  I agreed to the date and got a precious few more details. It was a very expensive ring and she knew exactly where she lost it several years ago.  She left me with the impression it was a huge diamond on a thin white gold band.

So now I have a commitment to drive several hundred miles, the promise of a relatively small reward, the ring was lost a few years ago and it is tiny so it will be difficult to find.  She knows right where it is in the back yard and has looked hard to find it herself, so no doubt it is now below the surface.

The appointed day came and because I couldn’t interest anyone else in taking the call, I got in the car and drove for two and a half hours to meet Debbie and her mother at her mother’s home in Beaverton.  About half way there it started raining so hard I could hardly see to drive.

I tried to maintain my confidence as I realized the back yard was about 40 acres and it was overgrown.  Debbie led me across the mowed yard and into the brush.  Eventually we reached a very non descript spot on a almost non existant trail.  Debbie stopped abruptly and declared “this is the spot” and  starts wacking at the brush.  Her mother behind me is also wacking at brush.   I cant even swing the detector and in fact, I haven’t move a step from where Debbie  abruptly stoped.

I had enough of this ever worsening scenario. They were destroying the site and all I could detect was the oversized mucking boots both ladies are wearing.  I have never ordered a client to leave a search before, and I knew both ladies were worried as the ring was very valuable.  They wanted to watch but it was raining and I talked them into going back to the house.

As they walked away I swung the detector in the original spot Debbie had just trampled and got a hit, a faint but clean repeatable 40 on the meter.  My pinpointer located the ring a second later. I had not moved from the spot where I was standing when Debbie halted the procession.

I shot a little video of the ring in the hole because it was difficult to see the ring in a picture.  Click here to watch me find this beautiful ring:  Sadly the video I made  minutes later when I went to the back door did not come out well. It was hard to keep a discouraged look on my face while I explained it was raining too hard to continue searching.  She was shocked when I  handed her the ring.

I think this was the most beautiful ring I have ever found.  It was nothing like the ring Debbie described.  Yes it had a big diamond but it was so much finer than the plain band they led me to believe I was looking for.


Lost wedding ring Recovered and returned Victoria

  • from Victoria (British Columbia, Canada)










Gail was enjoying her Hot Tub. While she tried flicking hair off of her hand, her ring came flying off.

After a long search she contacted me and after a 20 minute search I had her ring back where it belongs and her finger.

Love my Job

White Gold Wedding/Engagement Band Set-Found!

  • from Chattanooga (Tennessee, United States)

Ryan contacted me several weeks ago about his wife’s white gold wedding/engagement band set she had lost in a grassy area of the apartments where they lived in Chattanooga.  Because of his busy work schedule he had a difficult time getting the search arranged.  I think he had actually purchased an off-the-shelf metal detector at a local store, but was apparently overwhelmed with the large amounts of metallic trash in the ground.  We finally managed to arrange a search on June 9th.  I arrived at the location at 7:15 PM on June 9th.  I started my search as soon as I got the story from him, because we didn’t have much daylight left.  Around 35 minutes later I found the engagement band portion totally hidden below the grass around four feet from the base of a large tree.  It took me right at an hour more to find the wedding band portion, and it was about twenty feet from where I found the other half.  It ended up being in an area outside of the original search zone.  The grass had been cut, so maybe that’s how it ended up being over there.  This portion of the ring was in full view of anyone walikg by, so it’s amazing nobody had seen it.


Lost Engagement Ring FOUND in Essex, Maryland!

  • from Baltimore (Maryland, United States)

I received a call from Teresa early this morning (5/30/2023) stating she lost her engagement ring close to her house. I offered to come out later in the week as I did not have my equipment with me nor was I home. She asked if there was any way possible that I could come out today. I could hear it in her voice she was frantic as she was concerned that where she lost it was a heavy foot traffic area and that someone else may find it. I was able to change up my schedule for the day and we met midafternoon. Teresa was very confident in the area that she lost it, so I immediately got to work. Due to the high amount of interference in the area, I needed to fine tune my equipment to eliminate false signals. Shortly thereafter, I was able to call Teresa over to show her what I found. She immediately started crying tears of joy! I’m glad I was able to return this ring to its thankful owner. If you find yourself in a situation like or similar to Teresa, please don’t hesitate to contact me! The quicker I get involved, the greater are the chances of a successful recovery!




  • from Jacksonville (North Carolina, United States)
I received a text from a gentleman over in Durham, NC about his wedding ring being lost in the backyard.
The story goes, his 3 yr old daughter picked it up off a table and made a beeline to the backyard to give it to her mom. Only she didn’t make it before she dropped it in the grass.
After getting there and getting the story, it took me about 5 mins to locate and get it back to him! The 3 girls were watching and telling me where baby sister was when she lost the ring. Crazy enough the 3 yr old was pretty close to where she lost it!!
TIKTOK VIDEO: Captures her saying “HE DID IT”
2023 ring count: 47 FTY
8 – Total recoveries FTY
1 – gold & silver ring (1 recovery)
1 – platinum (1 recovery)
11 – gold rings FTY (4 recovery)
1 – tantalum (1 recovery)
1 – titanium (1 recovery)
14 – silver rings FTY (1 coin silver)
18 – mixed – copper – tungsten – steel – aluminum – junk rings
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Lost Gold Wedding Band Found Longport NJ by Ring Finders South Jersey John Favano

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

I received a message from Marisa on my Ring Finders South Jersey Facebook page about her antique wedding band that was lost yesterday.  She was standing in the surf in Longport, NJ when a wave came in and caused the ring to slide off her finger.  She saw it drop into the ocean and thought she would never see it again. Ironically, she happened to see the news segment earlier in the day about a lost wedding band that I found and reached out to me. I went out at sunrise to catch low tide since it was lost in the surf.  After roughly 35 minutes of gridding the surf and wet sand, I was able to find it!    

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Find lost ring in the sand with a metal detector


Gold Cartier Love Ring Found Ocean City NJ by Ring Finders South Jersey John Favano

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

Lost a ring? Don’t wait to call!


I received a call from Dawn whose friend saw my Ring Finders South Jersey page on Facebook and referred her to me.  Her daughter Julia lost her Cartier gold Love ring in the surf during a severe storm in Ocean City, NJ.  She was in ankle-deep water when strong gusts of wind suddenly blew the ring off her finger.  After speaking with Julia about the details of how and where she lost the ring, I started the search in knee-deep water and worked my way toward the beach.  I had to expand my search out about another 35 yards and the ring was found on the high on the slope! Never give up the search the rings can be found!


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