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Lost Wedding Ring FOUND in Back Yard In Pleasant Grove, Alabama.

  • from Pinson (Alabama, United States)

On August 3rd I received a text about a lost ring,  Ashley seemed distressed about losing her ring on Monday, while she gaving her pups a bath in the yard next to the house, the rings slung off her hand into the thick grass. She had one pup in her arms and seemed to think she knew where they went and the area they may have landed. She got down on hands and knees that first night looking for the wedding ring and bands that fell from her hand. Over the course of the next two days she went and bought a metal detector and tried her luck at finding the ring to no avail. She then searched the internet for help. She stumbled upon the Ring Finders site and was amazed that there was such a group.

 I returned the text and began asking about the ring and where she lost it. I called to get the address and let her know that I would be on my way. After about an hour drive I arrived, spoke to Ashley and she showed me the area where she believed the ring fell. There was a catch, the yard guy had just mowed the area and Ashley was depressed that she may never see her rings again. After listening to her about the rings and area, I retrieved my XP Deus 2 from my Jeep. I started my search near the area that she marked, after a swing or two, the deus 2 made the sound I was looking for. The grass was difficult to manage with the clippings still covering the ground. I used my pinpointer to narrow down the signal and found both the band and the wedding ring. I looked at Ashley and said to her “found them”, she looked amazed that I could find them so quickly. I told her that it helped that she knew about the area where the rings fell. She was all smiles after that and was a very happy person, Like always, it is a great feeling to be able to return a lost ring to someone, see their big smiles and learn what it means to the people who lost it.


Lost cross in the lagoon, Forked River NJ, July 2022

  • from Surf City (New Jersey, United States)

Curtis called asking if I could do a recovery in the lagoon behind his house. After going over some details, I told him I would be there soon. He was playing with the dog in the lagoon when his paw accidently broke the chain, and the cross dropped to the bottom before he could grab it. In almost neck deep water I got a faint signal, and sure enough, that was it.

Lost wedding band, Lavallette NJ. July 2022

  • from Surf City (New Jersey, United States)

Got a call from Ashley yesterday (Saturday) about her husbands lost ring. She explained how Jeff was throwing a football around the tide line when the ring flew off his hand and dropped into the wet sand. After talking a bit, we decided low tide was so late we would wait till the AM low tide to do the recovery, the surf was fairly calm, so it wouldn’t move to much. Jeff did an outstanding job marking the exact location of the ring, which is paramount when doing recoveries. A few swings later the ring was in the scoop.

Lost Engagement Ring Underwater, Found, Cape Cod, Sea Shore, Returned

Rick and I were metal detecting at a local saltwater beach area this morning. As we were almost done, and not much to show for it, we decided to get a quick lunch break in. That never happened, a guy stopped Rick in the water, and said that his friend Katelyn, had just lost her engagement ring. Katelyn’s Engagement Ring was lost only a half hour before, underwater. She was throwing a football with friends. Rick motioned to me, and we began to grid the area. Katelyn was getting nervous, and having second thoughts that she may never see it again. I assured her that we would prevail and to not give up till she sees us give up. I asked her to stay in that area, and to not walk away, so I could do my job with precision. Her Husband, and about five others were trying to locate it with snorkel and masks, but turned up nothing. I started to move over to broaden the search area. As Rick and I crossed paths, he saw me stop and start to dig, he asked me if I had it? I honestly wasn’t sure, it was a scratchy sound but on the third try sure enough it was in my scoop. When I motioned to Katelyn to come over to have a look. I asked her to describe it again. She was so excited that I had it. I told her she was a lucky girl today. Everyone around us were cheering and clapping. Even her friends up on the beach were yelling, I actually felt like a celebrity LOL Its such a fantastic feeling to return it to the owner. Another great day at the beach. Congratulations Katelyn ! Leighton.

Custom Engagement Ring

Designed by Katelyn

Big Smiles

13 Lucky Number for Kenyon … Lost,Found,Recovered,Returned In Salt Water…

13 is Kenyon’s lucky number today.

I was on my way off the beach the other day from recovering a ring for a gentleman, I noticed a Lost Wedding Band sign posted. I gave it a quick call to a man named Kenyon. I told him who I was and what I do. He told me he had lost it a week ago while doing butterfly strokes in the water. That it hadn’t been off of his finger in 13 years. I had him send me a picture of the area, and drop a pin where I should search if I could get down to have a look for him. I tried to go a few days in a row, but because of the wind and high waves I wasn’t able to get in the water till this morning.

I searched for over an hour with no luck in the area he was sure it was, to no avail. As I was running out of real estate, with only one target that was a small bullet. I was about to call it quits. I was going to have Kenyan meet me tomorrow and put me in the area again. I was walking out of knee deep water when I got a signal so loud it scared me. I knew it had to be the ring because there were no other targets in the area. Sure enough, there it was a size 13.5  14K White wedding band looking up at me in the scoop. I am so happy to get this back to him as Kenyon and his wife are going away tomorrow on vacation. Keep the faith.

Family Crest Ring Reunited. 21rst Birthday Present Ring Reunited

Got a call from Luke Barube last night, he is also a Ring Finder. After getting home from finding a ring for someone yesterday, he received another call about a family crest ring lost, because it was so far away he called me in on it. I asked Luke to pass my info along to him.
Later that evening, I received a call from Andy, who said he had lost his 14K yellow Gold family crest ring, it happened about a month earlier in chest deep water, while playing with his dog.
 I told him that there is no guarantee, but I will give it a heck of a try. Andy also said it was a Birthday present for turning 21. We walked down to the beach a few blocks away. I asked him to walk out to the area, stop and turn around, that I would walk out to him. I turned on my detector, and walked two feet while swinging, and my very first signal turned out was his family crest ring staring up at me in my scoop.It was very deep, even after a month in the saltwater. I motioned to him to come over, and he just couldn’t believe I had it already, or that I had found it at all. This is why we do what we do. After a few woo hoo’s and fist pumps, we walked back to the cottage and he yelled to his wife Dianne “We got it” her response was that’s just incredible. Congratulations. Andy said he has a real Treasure story to tell at the BBQ this weekend. I told him he’ll be a hit. Glad it back where it belongs.
Sincerely  Leighton,

Gold Wedding Ring Lost in Calhoun, GA-Found!

  • from Chattanooga (Tennessee, United States)

I received a text this past Monday 11th from a wife.  She said her husband had lost his wedding band in the backyard about a month ago while cleaning out a pool skimmer trap.  She was searching the internet and came across where she found my contact information.  I made the trip to Calhoun that afternoon and met up with her.  She said her husband was still at work, but should be there pretty soon.  She said they had actually purchased a metal detector for themselves, but no luck in finding the ring.  When Alfred got home he was showing me how he lost his ring cleaning the skimmer with his left hand and throwing the trash over the chain link fence with an underhand motion.  He said he felt the ring leave his hand but didn’t see where it went.  With that underhand throwing motion I immediately figured the ring had gone over and into the brushy area behind the fence.  I eliminated the grass and the plant bed first of course, but no luck.  With the chain link fence there I couldn’t get close to it at all without sending my detector into an overload condition.  So that part would have to be searched by hand if I didn’t find the ring back in the brush.  I started back behind the fence, (poison ivy there too), as well as a snake, but didn’t get a good look at it, it was leaving the area.  I started from the right side and went left directly at the back of the fence.  The second pass was from the left back to the right, on a steep slope.  Of course I was finding bits of metal trash, we all do.  On the third pass from right to left I got to right where I figured the ring could have gone with that underhanded throw.  The first thing I found there was a rusted bottle cap, then about three feet away I got two signals on my CTX.  A strong 12:40 showing four inches, but literally inches away from that signal was another one, a strong 12:28 showing one inch.  I hadn’t seen it yet, but that 12:28 at one inch brought a grin to my face.  I stooped over and under my coil I saw a faint hint of something shining back at me.  I snapped a picture of it before I moved it, and you can barely catch a glimpse of something out of place under the layer of leaves.  The 12:40 signal turned out to be a toy car.  The search took about 1.5 hours.

IMG_2089 IMG_2094 IMG_2095

Gold Signet Ring Lost for Four Years-Found!

  • from Chattanooga (Tennessee, United States)

I received a call from Mike on Tuesday 28th and he said he had lost his gold signet ring in his backyard several years ago.  He said they were moving and the ring was a gift from his wife and he really wanted to find it before they moved.  We made arrangements for Wednesday afternoon.  Around four years ago he had been clearing brush in the backyard and towards the end of the day he noticed his ring was gone.  They had been piling the brush next to the street on the side yard, so that’s where I started my search.  I really didn’t think the ring would be there, but I had to eliminate that area of possibility.  The huge problem I had to deal with was underground power lines next to the street, (around 14 KV), and it was really messing with my detector.  I had to go very slow in that area until I got far enough away that my detector started to settle down a little.  After a little over an hour I finally eliminated the side yard.  The back of the house had a pretty steep slope that was covered in pine straw mulch.  I know from experience that pine straw on a slope can be very slippery.  He had mentioned that he had slipped a couple of times on that slope, but didn’t remember exactly where that happened.  That’s where I focused my attention next, and after I looked at it more carefully, towards the corner of the house the slope wasn’t quite as steep, so I figured anybody coming through that area would would pick that spot.  As I got halfway down the slope I got a consistent 12:20 on my CTX, and it was shallow, (showing one inch).  If you’re looking for a gold ring that’s a very good signal.  I brushed the straw away and didn’t see anything visible, but my pinpointer said there was something there just under the surface.  I brushed the soil a little with my fingers and saw the corner of a gold rim showing through!  I called Mike over, as he was just about to go back in the house.  His wife came out and she was elated!  She said she figured it was gone and never to be found again.  I think I was as excited as they were, because that was a tough search having to deal with the underground power lines.  Knowing your machine, and asking the right questions makes all the difference.  The entire search took around two hours.

Lost Diamond Ring Found and Returned in Baker City Oregon

  • from Nampa (Idaho, United States)

It was the last day of the school year when Rochelle lost her wedding ring while her students celebrated with a field day.  Students, staff and friends helped search, even with a metal detector, but had no luck.  When her husband Steve reached out to me, I was happy to help and drove to Oregon the following day.  It took hours of searching in the hot sun, but I’m happy to say that I was able to reunite Rochelle with her ring!

Lost Diamond Ring Found and Returned in Meridian Idaho

  • from Nampa (Idaho, United States)

Lost diamond wedding ring that had been in the family for over 100 years has been found in Meridian Idaho and returned to its owner!

Monica was visiting her son in Meridian Idaho when she lost her wedding ring and a pair of earrings she’d placed in a sunglasses case for safe keeping while taking her dog for a walk.  The ring had been in the family for over a hundred years, and her sister had even made the drive back to Idaho, rented a metal detector and tried to find it for her.   Fortunately after receiving her call, she was able to send me a map of the route she’d taken that day and I was able to start my search.  It took two days of searching in rain and snow to find her lost ring, which turned out to be only 20 feet from where I’d been parking.  Then as fate would have it, my wife and I had been planning a trip to Utah just a couple weeks later so I was able to deliver the lost ring and meet Monica personally.

So glad I could help Monica! It was so nice to meet you and your family!