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Gull Lake, Richland, Michigan gives up a set of wedding rings


Fred Johnson,  a Ring Finder, got an email today at 3PM from Eric R., “last night my wife lost her rings while swimming…somewhere in 4-8 feet of water off our dock…possible area of perhaps 1000 square feet…only 3-5′ visibility at present…sand and silt bottom…is this something doable for you or is the depth an issue”. When it comes to ring finding we have few issues and dept of water is one but we have a fellow Ring Finder, Chuck Raison, who is our diver and who we can call on. Fred gave me a call and asked if I was available to help him find these rings. I called my brother Doug and headed down to Gull lake to meet Fred at Eric’s house.

After Eric had taken us out to the dock and showed us a buoy that his wife, Martha, swam around and then back to the dock. She was swimming back stroke to avoid their dog, Lucy, who was swimming in the lake too. When Martha got up to the ladder on the dock she noticed her rings were gone. The rings were an engagement ring, white gold with diamonds and a ten year anniversary ring, white gold with diamonds.

It was a beautiful afternoon to go out in the water so we started from the shore and made our way out to neck deep water with no signals. I got my life vest on and extended my detector shaft as long as it would go and checked out the deeper water around the buoy. Had I got a good signal we would have called in Chuck R. to dive for it. I made my way back to shallower water where I could just stand up in and got a good signal with my CZ21 and tried to scoop it but was unsuccessful so Fred got his Pin pointer and mask and went down under my coil and scooped up a handful of mud and the engagement ring came up sparkling in the water. I continued to search for another signal as I was sure it wasn’t too far away. After a few more dives by Fred and a good scoop we got the anniversary ring. This was truly a combination effort between Fred and myself.

A little before we got the good signal Martha came out on the dock and thanked us for coming out. Then we started back to the dock and told Martha it was pretty deep and we might have to get our diver. As I got on the dock I reached into my net with my finds and Martha saw something shining and started yelling and could hardly control herself. I said is this it? Fred then reached out his hand with the other ring and Martha hugged Fred, Doug and I as wet as we were, she couldn’t believe we found them. Martha said a prayer last night to Saint Anthony patron saint of lost items.

Eric and Martha’s daughter turned them on to The Ring Finders through Googling “lost ring”. Thank you webmaster for putting us on the top of the “lost rings” site.



Panerai Diver’s Watch Lost in 45′ of Water Lake Travis-Austin, Texas (found)


Panerai Diver’s Watch Lost in 45′ of water in Lake Travis-Austin, Texas.

I was contacted by Clint regarding his Panerai Divers Watch lost in 45 foot of water in Travis Lake. Clint said, he had been jumping off an elevated platform into the water when the watch broke free from his wrist and dropped 45 feet into the depths of Lake Travis.

Clint said he could identify a 15 x1 5 foot area in the water where he believed the watch had dropped and fell to the bottom. Clint provided additional details about the location and sent numerous photographs of the dock and water area that would need to be searched.

Clint informed me a few days later that his neighbor had hired a SCUBA diver to search for his lost watch but he came up empty handed.

Check out the video to see the outcome of this story!














20160821_125336_resized (2)













Equipment Used:

Minelab Excalibur II

Handheld Metal Detector Vibra Tector 730




The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service-Houston

Lost Something Important? We can HELP!

The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service in Houston can locate you lost engagement ring, wedding ring, favorite piece of jewelry, family heirloom, or other important personal item.

We can search virtually any location, some of the most common are parks, beaches, creeks, and even your own back yard. If you lost your RING or other precious item “Don’t Wait-Call Now!”


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                          Don’t wait… Call now!





Lady’s white gold engagement and wedding rings lost in Eau Galle, WI – Now found!


Sam was playing volleyball in the water with friends and family when her rings that were welded together flew off her finger and into the water as she was setting the ball.  Everyone did the best they could to find rings, but came up empty-handed after a few hours of searching.

Sam called me up and left a message so I texted her and we made plans for me and a buddy to meet her husband and his friend at the lake the following day, a Thursday.

We thought it would be an easy hunt, but there was quite a bit of iron in the lake bottom making it hard to pick up targets.  Another problem we had was we were both using the same kind of metal detector and they were interfering with each other, making it hard to pick up signals.  We searched for a few hours and had to give up because it was getting dark.

The next day, we made plans to meet there again around 11:00 and to bring scuba gear in case the ring was deeper than we thought.  We got there around 9:30, that following Saturday – two buddies and me – to get started early.

Mike stayed out of the water to avoid interference while Matt and I gridded the area for about 45 minutes.  We were getting worried that we weren’t going to find the ring when Mike decided to join us.  He entered the water and immediately dug the ring in about 4 feet of water!

Sam and her husband pulled up right when we were getting dried off and packing the gear back into the vehicle.  Sam was super thrilled to get her ring back and we were all thrilled to give it to her!



Lost Ring Cardiff California



I got a call for Milo’s search and recovery, something I started back in 1996.  Got the location and headed down to meet them.  20 min drive and his Mother inlaw moves her car so I can park, as its on coast hwy. We head to area of loss as he tells me how it came off.  I laughed and said, most of the calls are off by 10 to 20′.  I ask kind of metal and turn on the MX Sport.

Im running a 6 X 10 coil on it.  I always start outside edges of area cause I’ve had really fast recoverys by doing this.(?)  3/4 way though first pass and display screams  “gold”

Ha what a great feeling, people from down the beach came over and the SMILES WERE FLOWING.

I Love being able to help these people as the Local member of ;

Lost custom gold wedding band in the ocean at Kits Beach, Vancouver…Found!


I got a call from a young man who told me that he lost his custom gold wedding band in the ocean while trying to learn how to paddle board.

The water was rough that day and he had a hard time getting up on the board, he kept falling into water and he remembered that it was waste deep and a sandy bottom.

That helps me a lot as when I went down there on the slope at low tide there was a lot of rocks and further out there was the sand. He told me that he didn’t know when the ring came off his finger and that makes it hard to narrow down the area.

He put me in an area of about 70 yards wide and about 60 yards long…That is pretty huge when you’re in water and looking for something as small as a ring but I love the search!

After listening to his story many times I desided to start the search out front of where he entered the water and I went up to waist deep and started searching up and back from waist deep to ankle deep and after the 5th gridline and only an hour I hit a strong loud & proud signal and I was thrilled to see the gold in the scoop!







IMG_3415 IMG_3403











I love my job! If you’ve lost a ring contact a member of TheRingFinders to help you find what you thought was lost for ever!


Video of the search below…









Lost gold ring in backyard…South Surrey, BC


I was at work when I got a call from a young lady who said that he daughter lost her ring that was given to her by her bother. She said that she googled and found TheRingFinders and thought that she would give it a chance.

I could tell she was a little sceptical but most people are until you find what they’ve lost then they become belivers!

She told me that they had a wedding party in their back yard and that’s where her 9 year old daughter was last seen with the ring.

I arrived at her place in the evening and it was dark but that is fine for me! I don’t mind working at night and sometimes its easier and not as hot.

She showed me where her daughter said that she’d lost the ring and after a couple of minutes and no ring I just expanded the search a little and bang! There was her ring sitting in the yellow grass and hard to see but my detector see’s it all…









IMG_3378 IMG_3379










I love making people believers in TheRingFinders and with all the amazing RingFinder members all around the world we are making people Smile!!!


I love my job! If you’ve lost something and need it found just look for a member nearest your location!


Video of the search below…









Lost Diamond Ring at Vancouver Park / Playground…Found!


I had a early morning search in a lake at Whistler, BC that took me 1 hour & 45 minutes each way. I arrived 7am to find out the the ring was lost in water that was over my head…I still tried by standing on a log near the dock and trying to detect around the area but after 2 hours I packed it up and called a diver from my directory to come out and find it.

Just 20 minutes away from home I got a call from a young lady who asked if I could help find her diamond ring that was lost at a playground. She found online and called…I was on my way!

I met with the family and she showed me the areas the ring could have been lost then she took a cab to work while her husband & kids stayed behind. The crazy thing was that she put her rings in her pocket and when she went to put them back on all she had was her wedding band…Some how the engagement ring disappeared.

I searched the most likely areas like the swing and slide but no ring? I then started a grid from where they parked to where they sat on the ground and after 2 lines of the grid there was the ring slightly covered by grass.



















I was able to surprise her husband and kids with the reveal…

I love my job! If you need help finding your lost jewelry contact a member of TheRingFinders!


Here’s the video of the search below.







Lost diamond ring at Spanish Banks Beach…Found after 2 days!


I was at work when I got a call from a young lady who asked if I could help her find her lost diamond ring. I asked where it was lost and when it was lost and she told me it was lost at Spanish Banks beach and that it was lost for 2 days and that she’d cried for 2 days.

She said that she happened to read a story online about a member of TheRingFinders and thought that she had to reach out and give it a shot.

I explained that there was a chance that the beach machine could have scooped it up or another detectorist could have found it as it was lost for 2 days.

That being said I was excited to go to the beach after working a 14 hour day because for me this is what relaxes me the most…A good treasure hunt!!

It was 11 PM and the young lady sent me a google earth map of the location where she’d lost the ring.

She said it was in front of the volley ball court # 3 or #4 I started my search and after searching all of court 3 & 4 I had no ring…Could have someone already found it? maybe or maybe she was a little off with her directions.

I expanded my search to court 5 & 6 and I found the ring minutes later in front of court 6 where she was sitting.

















I was so excited and sent her a text message with a picture of the ring and a note that said…No more crying!

I love this job! if you have lost something special and need it found please visit and find a member nearest your locaton!


Here’s the video of the search & return

Fun hunt yield class ring



We went to a local park for a fun hunt one afternoon , we all went different ways it started getting getting dark so I headed for parking lot. I got a good signal so I dug it. 8-10 inches I found it. Wow a big class ring , it was too dark to see it. Once I got home I looked it over it was 14 yrs old and 10k gold. Inside was a engraved name within 1 hour of digging it out of its 14 yr resting spot I had sent Adam an email on Facebook. After a few emails we setup its return. Adam only had it for a few month before it was lost. I really turned our fun hunt into much more then I ever could have imaged it to be