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Lost Ring in Firepit .. O’Neill Park, Orange County, CA. .. Same Campsite as last Recovery

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

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**** “Believe it or Not “  .. Taylor called me about a gold wedding lost while camping at O’Niell Park in Orange County, CA.  The location of the loss was the exact campsite that I found a motor cycle carburetor part two days before. Kind of spooky especially when I have never had an any searches at the park. ( there are 80 camp sites.)

The story goes, Taylor and his buddies were have large campfire that evening. They gathered some extra brush from the river bed to make a big fire. Sometime while the fire was still burning he discovered his gold wedding ring was missing.

After reviewing a video they had taken using their smart phones, it was on while throwing fuel in the fire. He came the next day with a metal detector and couldn’t find it.

He called me the next day. We met at the campsite, where I began to grid search the loose sand and wood chips. Taylor asked if he could help. I asked if he would use my beach sand scoop to remove the ashes from the metal lined fire pit. I had him spread the ashes far enough away from the metal fire pit so I could use my metal detector. He had told me that he had checked the ashes yesterday.. Guess where the ring was hiding ?? The ring showed up in the ashes. Taylor was a happy camper, telling me he might just leave it blacken wearing it like that for a while.

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Lost White Gold Wedding Band at Ulua Lagoon Ko Olina Resort…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began on Sunday March 24th when I got a text from Scott who was on vacation from British Columbia, Canada.  Two days prior, he lost his White Gold Wedding Band in Ulua Lagoon at Ko Olina Resort.  He was playing football in shallow water and building sand castles with his kids along the shoreline.  He sent me some pics of the event so I was able to triangulate the search area.  Initially splitting the beach in half I ended up on the wrong side and that hunt yielded very little and most importantly not Scott’s wedding ring.  On the second attempt there were many people in the water so I aborted the hunt until Easter Sunday morning when the lagoon was practically empty.  On about the third leg of the grid search in belly deep water I got a nice strong tone on the Manticore and in one scoop there was Scott’s ring glistening in my scoop.  I went to my car and sent Scott a picture of his ring with a “Happy Easter”.  Scott finally received his ring this afternoon in Canada and sent me the awesome pic above.  That blooming tree is really special.  Much Aloha to our Northern neighbor Scott!


Lost Platinum Wedding Ring… FOUND near Pell City, Alabama!

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On a beautiful Sunday morning (April 7th, 2024), I was sitting on my outdoor patio rocking chair, enjoying a cup of iced coffee, watching birds eating at my feeder and two Bluebirds tending to their birdhouse.  A few minutes into my cup, I received a call from Emily stating she had lost her wedding ring.  She had been in a car accident a few days prior near Pell City, Alabama.  Thankfully, everyone in the accident was okay.

After the accident, Emily was standing near the wood line close to a gravel pull off point near the road.  She had a flat tire and was upset about the whole situation.  She lit up a cigarette and angrily threw the cigarette pack towards the woods.  She felt her custom-made platinum wedding ring with multiple diamonds and her son’s birthstone fly off her finger.  She had recently lost some weight, so the ring was loose fitting, but she hadn’t gotten it resized yet.  Emily and her family looked for hours, raking the pine straw and even buying a metal detector, but unfortunately, didn’t find the ring.  This was the ring Emily always dreamed about, constantly sharing photos with her mom, planning it for years.  Emily was absolutely devastated that the ring was now gone.  The sentimental value was beyond words.

Emily’s mom went on Google looking for ideas on how to find a lost ring.  She came across The Ring Finders website.  They (along with many others) were unaware that this metal detecting service even existed.  Emily’s call to me had given her some renewed hope.  I had an errand to run after lunch, but I told Emily I would be on the road as soon as I finished.  Pell City was about a 2-hour drive from where I live at in Huntsville, AL.

I met Emily and her boyfriend of 17 years at a nearby Love’s Travel Stop in Pell City around 4:30pm.  I followed them for about 10 minutes to the spot of the throw.  Emily’s mom and father stopped by shortly after we did to watch the recovery.

I had Emily show me where she was standing and demonstrate exactly how she threw the cigarette pack.  It was a sideways toss with her left hand.  I had her throw one of my test rings and it went straight out near where the cigarette pack had landed.  I put on my detecting belt, grabbed my Minelab Equinox 900, and started my search.  I spent about 40 minutes checking the main radius of where the ring should’ve landed.  I expanded out further, but came up empty handed other than the usual trash metal.

I asked Emily again about the angle of her throw.  Her boyfriend had seen her throw the cigarette pack, and mentioned she had a downswing at the end.  I know that rings can land at a person’s feet or even go behind them, so I expanded the search in that direction.  The search area was now on the gravel road of the pull off point.  I was still detecting and visually inspecting the gravel area.  I was making my way towards the left side, when my eye caught a glimpse of a large and gorgeous platinum ring laying amongst the gravel.  I quickly spun around facing Emily and her mom; with a huge smile on my face, and said, “we got it!!!”  They almost couldn’t believe it, lol.  Emily and her mom both ran over and gave me the biggest hugs, thank you’s, and praised the Lord.  The excitement, celebration, and relief were again, beyond words.  Truly, one of the greatest feelings.

The ring was slightly bent and had some scuff marks on the band, so it had been driven over.  But fortunately, all the stones were still there.  There was one diamond that was loose, so I gave Emily a baggie to keep it in until it could be repaired.  Everyone couldn’t believe how far this ring actually flew and the odd direction it went.  The last picture I included shows a dot where Emily was standing when she threw the pack and an “X” where the ring landed.

We chatted for a few minutes, took some pictures, and I was back on the road to go grab a bite to eat and then head home to Huntsville.

This ring is my 50th item recovered since I joined The Ring Finders on August 25th, 2018.  It’s been such a blessing helping others and it really provides me so much purpose in life.  I give all glory to God and my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  And a big thank you to my husband, Lindell, for allowing me to go on all of these fun and exciting adventures, lol.  I look forward to going on many, many more.

Until the next one… please take care, God bless, and I love you all!

Lost wedding ring recovery metal detecting Minnesota

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

Wedding ring lost while performing spring yard care.

Found by  –

Glad I could help out!!

Darrin ~



  • from Ponte Vedra Beach (Florida, United States)

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I received a call from someone who told me he “Thinks” he lost his 18K gold wedding band on the beach a few days prior. He was not sure where he lost his ring but was on the beach for several hours playing frisbee and when he got home noticed his wedding ring missing. He said he knew it was a long shot but wanted to try anything he could. I asked him to send me a diagram on a map of where he thought he was at the beach. Also needed to know the time frame so I could track the tides on the day he lost it, and a picture of his ring. The next day I went to the area and searched for his ring. 18K gold wedding recovered about 6-8″ deep.


Adam at RingFinder was the best. He responded right away and walked me through what was needed. He has got this down! From getting the precise location info, absorbing any and all information, and even checking the tidiest make sure he is searching in the same conditions to the time I lost my wedding ring. He clearly has the skills and equipment to help a person keep hope when an important item is lost in an impossible place like the beach. My wife was too stoked I got my precious ring back. If you are reading this and are suffering similar misfortune Adam will take your situation seriously and really put in the effort needed to find your ring. He really cares about what he does and it shows. Thank you so much fir the awesome job Adam!

Lost Gold Angel Cameo Ring…Found in Point Richmond, CA!!!

  • from Walnut Creek (California, United States)

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It was a beautiful Saturday morning when we arrived at the community garden area in Point Richmond, CA.  Late on Friday evening I received a voice message from Frances stating that she had lost a very sentimental ring and wondered if I might assist in searching.  I called her back shortly after listening to her message and assured her that I would do everything I could to help find the ring.

We met in the garden the following day.  She did not know the exact moment the ring was lost, but was almost certain it had been in the garden.  She walked us around the garden area showing us the route and events that were revealed to have taken place 14 days earlier.  Since that time, the cycle of rain and sun meant new tall foliage had sprung up everywhere and to make matters more esoteric several areas had been covered with new wood chips.

My two young boys and I, armed with our metal detectors, set out to perform a hasty search of the garden area.  This did not result in the recovery of the ring and the area was expanded to additional areas that were thought to perhaps be hiding her golden Angel cameo ring.  As the day warmed up and it got closer to the lunch hour, Frances excused herself back home to meet up with a close friend for a bite to eat.  The boys, who had now lost all interest in the search and were helping other residence pull weeds and searching for bugs, were now getting restless and hungry.  I had just finished a complete grid search of the previously searched areas and although I can never say 100% certain, I was fairly well certain the ring was not in the garden area as supposed.

Moments later Frances pulled up in her vehicle with her friend and a smile.  As the story goes, while sitting at the dining table, her friend who was well aware of the missing ring and had helped with previous searches of the garden area and other spaces, had glanced down and noticed something under the table.  It was the ring…they had MADE THE RECOVERY!!!

After 2 plus hours of metal detecting in a pretty garden on a gorgeous day, we were all glad for a positive result.  Frances looked quite relieved to have the ring back on her hand were it rightfully belonged.

Frances, thank you for contacting me and The Bay Area Ring Finders for assistance.  The boys were very pleased with the $5.00 each you gave them for their part in the search.  You were great company and I very much enjoyed meeting you.  Best Wishes!

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Metal Detecting for Lost watch

  • from Miami (Florida, United States)

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Ring recovery in Miami Beach

  • from Miami (Florida, United States)

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Metal Detecting for lost ring at the beach at night

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I lost my ring at the beach now what?

  • from Miami (Florida, United States)

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