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Lost Wedding Ring in Thompson Bay, Rottnest Island / Found!!

from Perth (Australia)
Contact: 0413363831

Hi everyone! At 6.27 am on Sunday, I received the following text message from Libby:

Good morning! My husband lost his wedding ring in Thompson Bay @ Rottnest Island yesterday. The location is particularly tricky as there are long seaweed strands clumped close together. The location doesn’t need diving necessarily as it is waist-shoulder deep water, but an underwater metal detector would definitely be required. We snorkeled for 45 mins with no luck. We know the area because we were swimming back to our boat on its mooring which is very close to the beach (so at least we have a marker for location). Could you let us know roughly what a job like this would cost? Thank you so much! Libby & Brett Giroud.

So here we go with my first search as a new member of ‘TheRingfinders Directory’, and its at an island, in the water and if that’s not enough, the ring is in the thick matted weeds that the Island is well known for, mmmm good one! I do love a challenge however and what a great challenge it turned out to be!

After establishing they were no longer at the Island, I started on the detective work…

I learnt that Brett had been swimming with his left arm whilst supporting a bag containing their phones and camera out of the water with his right arm, when he felt the ring come off. He later explained he could see some of the starboard side of the boat and that he had thought it just a bit too far to throw the bag into the boat and dive down after the ring. (We agreed he was probably about 5-7 m from the boats starboard side.)

I arrived on Rottnest Island on Tuesday and after obtaining a dive bottle proceeded to the area where the ring was lost. Rather fortuitously a group on the beach who inquired as to what I was doing had actually been on that part of the beach on the same day and could recall for me how the vessels were laying off their moorings at the approximate 2.00 pm time of loss. Very useful info! So using Brett’s entry point and the buoy their boat was tied up to as a reference, I determined the rings approximate location to be about 5-6 m to the left of and a few meters back towards the beach from the TB 352 mooring buoy. (I allowed a little for the ring travelling a bit sideways and backwards through the water when it came off)

Tadah! One Wedding Ring.

First I snorkeled out to the location and placed a marker buoy about 8 m to the left of the mooring buoy and returned to fetch my detector and dive tank. Brett remembered seeing a green bottle 3/4 buried in the sand and had been searching near this. Finding the bottle I began my search and quickly found a ring pull tab. O.k so everything’s working I thought and started to return to the beach for ground lines to form a grid across the search area, when I heard a faint signal which I nearly ignored, not wanting to waste any time by searching haphazardly!

Well bugger me, when I parted the sea grass there was Brett’s ring laying half buried in the sand base! Wow, second target and boom, I’d found what Brett had thought he might have lost forever!

Turns out this was only the first part of the story, I’d had an idea, so I called Libby to suggest she invite her husband to dinner somewhere nice and she said it was their ‘date’ night so he would not suspect a thing. Well Libby and I could not wait! Brett was not expecting a call from me until about 8 pm when I was to be returning on the ferry!

I was actually at my local metal detecting club meeting while they were in the restaurant and I had Brett’s ring sitting on top of the champagne bottle on my clubs ‘Find Of The Month’ table waiting for our guest speaker to finish so that the finds could be voted upon! Well every time I thought he was about to stop so I could hike it over to the restaurant and quickly coerce the staff into placing it in an ‘on the house’ desert, the speaker would start telling us another interesting story about an unmarked outback grave. In the end though I had to grab it during the meeting, leave the meeting and race off to the restaurant…… They say a picture tells a thousand words so I guess Brett’s smile says the rest!!


Brett feeling very happy with his ‘on the house desert’



Lost Gold & Diamonds Wedding Ring at Waikiki Beach…FOUND!!!

from Oahu (Hawaii, United States)

This Ring Find began when I got a call from Nathalie of Ottawa, Canada. While sunbathing at Waikiki beach Nathalie put her wedding ring in the fold of her beach wrap that she was wearing. When she stood up the ring popped out of the fold and disappeared into the sand. She and her husband Eli tried helplessly to find the ring but they weren’t exactly sure where it landed in the sand. Fortunately, Nathalie Googled “Metal Detector Waikiki” and my Ring Finders link came up. She immediately called my home number and my wife passed her my cellphone number. I’ve been bringing my detecting gear to work for just such cases. It was almost knock off so I took a few minutes comp time and headed to Nathalie’s location in Waikiki. We met at the McDonalds across from the beach and she took me to where her husband Eli was watching the drop zone. I marked off the grid and 15 seconds later had a great tone and one scoop down there was Nathalie’s beautiful ring. She gave me a big hug and her sadness immediately disappeared. Love the quick recoveries. Aloha to Nathalie & Eli.

Platinum Diamond Wedding Ring Lost .. Newport Beach, CA. .. Found Five Months Later in Wet Sand.

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
Contact: 1-949-500-2136

Newport Beach 19th Street Ring .. Lost August 2016,
found Dec. 31, 2016

I bought myself a new XP Deus metal detector that can be used to find small metallic items. Even though I have been using metal detectors for years, it does take practice to learn to set up and feel confident with a new machine.
It was the last day of 2016 at Newport Beach, when I was testing my settings in wet sand. The light rain was making it difficult to stay focused. Just before stopping for the day I got a nice signal. It turned out to be a platinum wedding ring with 14 diamonds in the bottom of my scoop. Not bad for the first good ring with my XP Deus detector.
The next day, I remembered a ring search I did last summer. I went to my list of past searches locating Robbie and Francisca’s Celphone number. I texted them that I found a ring that could be theirs. He sent me a photo of the lost ring that matched the ring I had found.
Another Miracle find, five months after Francisca lost the ring. Last August she had been on the beach with her grandson playing in the sand in and out of the water. She wasn’t sure if the ring had fallen off in the house, on the beach or the two block walk to the beach. After 6 hours of a thorough grid search I could not find the ring.
We will never know where the ring was hiding, it could have been on edge or too deep to detect. What is amazing, is this ring escaped many other metal detectors because it was just 100 yards south of the Newport Pier, heavily hunted by many detectorists. I did check the ring using my CTX 3030 and it had no problem getting a good solid signal flat and on edge.
The most important thing is the ring is back where it belongs. Another successful return even though it took some time.

Lost Platinum Wedding Band at Hilton Hawaiian Village…FOUND!!!

from Oahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find started with a phone call from Monte from Forest Hills, Queens, New York. After swimming for nearly an hour at Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach as Monte was coming into the beach his Platinum Wedding Band came off. A few folks with snorkels and masks tried searching the area but the ring wasn’t found. A gentleman on the beach with a land detector was consulted but he didn’t seem interested at all in the lost ring. Then Monte googled “lost ring Hawaii” and that’s how he found “The ring finders”. I met Monte under the Rainbow tower and he showed me the landmark he used to pin point the area his ring came off. He said the water was about 6-7 feet deep and I knew that to be at least 1 foot deeper then now. Our tide difference is about 2 feet in Hawaii. I donned my scuba gear and proceeded to the spot. Visibility this time of day was a horrible 3-6 feet. I could barely see my bright red-orange guide rope I use as a grid line underwater. I found a zinc cent, a quarter then a hair clip on the first 75 foot pass. I surfaced to reset my guide rope when a gentleman approached me on the surface and asked if I was looking for the guys ring that was lost earlier. I said yes and he said he found a Platinum ring in the sand on the down slope which is about 9-10 feet deep. I told him lets go ashore and call Monte to see if it was his ring. I found Monte and his lovely wife Daphne sunbathing on the beach. I told Monte I found your ring with this guy. It happened to be the Metal detectorist from earlier in the day but he didn’t know where Monte would be or how to find him. Monte described the inscription perfectly and the gentleman went to his room to get Monte’s ring. Luckily by chance he noticed me in the water hunting and we were able to put Monte back with his Wedding ring. Nice way to end the day. Aloha to Monte and Daphne and especially the honest gentleman who didn’t give us his name.

Lost wedding ring in grass, Orlando, Fl……Found!

from Sanford (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-321-363-6029

David was playing a lively game of “keep away” on his driveway with his two children and never even realized his wedding ring had come off! During the action of throwing the ball and jumping around, his gold wedding ring came off of his finger and landed on the concrete. At that exact instant his son, Jonathan, actually inadvertently kicked it and what they heard was the “clink” of his ring hitting the driveway and then the clink, clink as it bounced off into the grass. No one realized what it actually was–thinking maybe Jonathan had kicked a nail or screw or some other metal object. They finished up their game and went inside for the evening.
It was not until the next day that David noticed his gold wedding ring was not on his finger. That’s when Jonathan remembered the metal clinking sound during there keep away game and thought that maybe it was his father’s gold wedding ring. So they ran outside and started looking up and down the driveway, in the grass and even out into the street. And still they could not find David’s ring. David then considered borrowing a metal detector and that’s when someone suggested he give me a call. I agreed to meet David later that same day at his home and assured him I would do my best to find his lost wedding ring.
After meeting David and his children and hearing their story I decided to begin my search along the grassy strip by the street and then worked my way up the left side of the driveway. The grass was very short and sparse with a few dead leaves here and there. David and his kids were watching my every move and could hear my metal detector sounding off on various targets. About 10 minutes into my search I got a really nice signal and there hiding under a single leaf was David’s lost wedding ring. I never get tired of seeing that look of sheer joy and hearing that heartfelt “Thank You!!” It was an honor and a privilege to find your lost ring and to meet your dear family!
Mike McInroe—proud member of

Ring Found and Returned at Carlsmith State Park, Hilo, Big Island Hawaii

from Big Island (Hawaii, United States)

I was so happy to have helped Mike and Michelle from New York to find their special – but recently lost – wedding ring!
The ring had been Mike’s father’s, given to him from his late mother, and its importance to them as irreplaceable was understood.
I left Kona at 4:50am to race over to Hilo for sunrise, the only time they could meet.
Mike had lost his gold wedding band in chest deep water near Hilo at Carlsmith Beach Park, a protected, tiny bay with a thin line of rocks protecting it from the open ocean.
Cold, clear water pours from the mountains and out of the rocks into many of the Big Island beaches – and today the fresh water was especially strong due to recent, heavy rains near Hilo.
I descended a set of metal stairs into the water and almost immediately started shivering – the fresh water was super cold – and the difference between salinity and temperature killed all visibility under water.
I started hunting back and forth using the Minelab Excalibur metal detector in the fresh-salt water along the route Mike had been swimming before noticing the ring was missing. After 20 minutes, no luck…
Where exactly had he been when he notice his ring was gone? I asked.
Right about here – he’d replied – signaling near where I had just searched.
I looked around the rocks and sand where he’d indicated for about 30 seconds and BANG! I scooped the sand and we both dove down to try and see if it were in the scoop.

Ring found and returned at Carlsmith State Park near Hilo, Hawaii by Big Island Metal Detecting

Too blurry…! But I could hear metal jingling in the metal basket. I pulled the scoop out of the water and saw a flash of gold.
Mike reached in and held it up his found wedding ring for his wife to see.

As we got out of the water shivering, dawn broke and the sun shone down on us through the clouds.
It was a little beam of light for us all.

Lost Gold & Jewels Wedding Rings at Ulua Lagoon Ko Olina…FOUND!!!

from Oahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring hunt began when I got a text from my wife. In the text it said to call Jeannie from Sausalito, California. When I called Jeannie she told me while she was snorkeling in the lagoon she was holding onto a buoy safety rope and as the current pulled on her both of her wedding rings came off and fell into 10-15 feet of water. When she got ashore and told Aloha Security they gave her my number. My truck was already loaded with scuba gear so I told her after eating my lunch I’d meet her at the resort. At the resort Jeannie showed and explained to me where the rings came off so I donned my scuba gear and proceeded to the buoy line. As I was snorkeling over a local couple were snorkeling in the area and when I approached them they said “Are you looking for something?” I responded a gold wedding ring and the young lady spotted one from the surface and dove down and retrieved it. I gave them a description and they handed over the ring to me. I still had to find the other one so I started my underwater search. Their were many coin and garbage targets and I even found a Silver Hawaiian style ring. About 30 minutes into the hunt I got a nice low gold tone and two hand scoops down was the other matching ring. This ring was under a small sand dune. When I got ashore I told Jeannie I found 3 rings and hopefully two of them were hers. When I pull them out of my catch jar a look of relief came over Jeannie’s face. Jeannie & her husband were in Hawaii for their anniversary and she felt so bad having to tell her husband she had lost both of her rings. Thankful for the honest couple and that I found the other one. Aloha to Jeannie!

Lost Rings at Janetville Ontario !! Found !!

from Peterborough (Ontario, Canada)

I received a call from Steph from Janetville Ontario. Steph and her husband had lost three rings in their back yard, her diamond engagement ring and two wedding bands. We made arrangements and I drove to her house where her husband met me and gave me a description of the rings and about where they had lost them. There was about a foot of snow in the area where the rings were lost and it was extremely cold out. I located Stephs diamond engagement ring within the first five minutes of looking. They were excited when I found it as it was the ring they wanted found the most.
I continued to search the yard where the one wedding ring was thought to be lost and found it about twenty-five minutes later. They where thrilled and said the last ring was not important as we could not locate it so we wrapped up the search.
Steph and her husband were very pleased that I was able to find the rings that mattered the most. It was Great to find the Rings for them!

Lost Hierloom Ring in the Snow .. Crestline, CA. .. Found four days later

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
Contact: 1-949-500-2136

Thais contacted me asking if I would be able to help her find an heirloom diamond ring that was passed down from her husbands late mother.
Discussing what happened on the phone she said, that the ring was on a necklace. They had made a trip to Crestline,CA. to see the first snow fall of the year with friends that have never seen snow.
Thais was certain that the necklace had broken at one of four stops they had made to install tire chains. It is now four days after the loss and is about 80 mile drive. The snow has already melted possibly the ring could have been pushed to the side of the road with snow plows? It’s a long shot but worth a try.
They sent me PDF maps of the 4 locations.  So I started my drive, just as I was leaving, Thais and Jesse texted me that they decided to drive up to meet me, which would definitely increase their odds of finding the ring.
They arrived 10 minutes before I got there.. Thais walked over to a place that she had been playing that day she lost the ring. Guess what? On the edge asphalt parking lot right in plain sight was the priceless heirloom ring. Thais found it just as I pulled into the parking lot. She said they had given up but after talking to me they had hope to try, which worked this time.
My take on this.. “Don’t give up, just before the miracle happens”

Lost White Gold Wedding Band in Portland Snow – Found by Del Witters

from Portland (Oregon, United States)
Contact: 1-509-365-8010

Ally called and said her husband lost his wedding ring the night before in the snow. They were walking to their car after a NBA game and Mason thought he’d throw some snow. While brushing the snow off his hands he felt his ring slip off. Mason & Ally, another couple, and a guy with a metal detector looked until they were frozen but were unsuccessful… Friday the 13th wasn’t very kind to them! I grabbed a couple detectors, drove 2 hours, and met Ally and her friend at the site; there were foot prints and scraped snow everywhere along with metal power structures. I fired up the Makro Racer Gold with the small elliptical coil and within minutes had the ring pinpointed. I used my digging tool to free it from the compacted snow and ice for a positive ID and the reactions were special as usual… “awesome” “amazing” and many more adjectives described the event along with the ‘big smiles’, texting, etc. I love this hobby and the service “The Ring Finders” provides.

Mason and Ally have been married only two weeks, here’s to many, many more happy years together! Thank you for the call.


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I can search virtually any location. Some of the most common are parks, beaches, creeks, yards, gardens, and even underwater.
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