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Ring Lost On Siesta Key, Recovered By SRARC

from Tampa Bay (Florida, United States)

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Ring Lost On Siesta Key, Recovered By SRARC

Susan and Bill arrived on Siesta Key from Rhode Island for a weekend of family reunion to celebrate Bill’s Birthday. Their children, two siblings along with their children and grandchildren were due to arrive the next day for the beginning of the party. They headed out to the beach for some sun and relaxation before the big event commenced. Susan took her freshly cleaned and polished engagement ring off and set it on her chair to put suntan lotion on. They left the chairs to walk down the beach and when they returned, they quickly folded their chairs and towels and returned to their rental. About an hour later Susan realized she had forgotten about her ring. They returned to the beach and searched but it was not to be found. At some point she mentioned the lost ring to the rental homeowner and the owner found The Ring Finders site and sent it to Susan. Susan found SRARC on the site and contacted Howard Mett’s while she was standing in the spot where she thought they had been sitting. Howard contacted Mike who responded and after arriving at the site he found it right where she thought it would be. As the ring was returned, she looked up at him with tears of joy and a great big smile. SRARC hopes that she can now relax and enjoy the upcoming reunion and celebration.

Lost hearing Aid Waverly nebraska

from Elkhorn (Nebraska, United States)
Contact: 1-402-429-2163

This awesome elderly Deer hunter while out putting up a tree stand for the youth hunt he volunteers for he felt something brush his ear and knock his glasses off, not til he left and went home did he realize that he was missing a hearing aid! He of course went back with a friend and stomped all over the area he assumed it was lost not able to locate it, He then called my Brother and ask if we could well if anyone knows anything about hearing aids they have very little metal in them. So my Brother called me for advice and help. I went and showed him how to set up his machine to find hearing aids and within ten minutes we found his hearing aid about five feet further then he thought he should be so that thing really flew. He was very excited and happy to get that back as they cost around two thousand dollars each. I was very happy for him and enjoy seeing a person light up when a item is returned.

Class ring lost for over 40 years returned to family

from Virginia Beach (Virginia, United States)
Contact: 1-757-472-2654

I was called by a member of the family that knew a couple gold rings had been lost over a span of 50 years. The house had been sold and the family wanted to try and locate the rings before the house closed. They contacted and 2 of us went out to try and find the rings. The landscape did not look promising with decks and pavers being added in a large area of the backyard. On about my fourth hit I struck paydirt. Out of the ground pops a 1970 class ring! I was glad to be able to return it to the family. You can see the recovery here

Lost Platinum Wedding Ring in Sand at Newport Beach .. Found and Returned by a Ringfinder

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
Contact: 1-949-500-2136




















The RingFinders Service helps man to find his cherished wedding ring … available to help you now .. 949-500-2136

*** Viet had been surfing at Newport Beach, CA. Just before going into the water he realized he still had his platinum wedding ring on. It was too far back to his car, so Viet put his wedding ring in a pocket of his backpack.

That evening when he got home Viet discovered his ring missing from the back pack. He and his wife drove more that 30 miles back to Newport Beach searching that night in the dry sand with no luck. He returned at 6am the next morning using a loaner metal detector that the lifeguards gave him. 

After two hours he was totally frustrated and he took a few minutes to google search ideas on how to find a ring with a metal detector. That was how he found my information on TheRingFinders metal detecting directory. I live very close to where the loss occurred, so I was on the beach by 9am. Viet was totally frustrated and tired from the many hours of searching. He did feel that he was searching the wrong areas and suggested I try a spot on the beach where he recognized a piece of ribbon in the sand. 

I started my grid search in that location while Viet went to his car for some water. Before he got 30 yards away from me I got a strong signal in my headphones. After retrieving the target I could see the platinum wedding ring in my scoop. I got his attention before he got to his car. When he saw his ring, couldn’t hold back his emotions, he choked up and took a few deep breaths. The sentimental meaning of his wedding ring and the frustration of so many hours of searching for the ring was overwhelming. Now the relief of having his ring back was real after coming so close to thinking it was lost forever.

I wonder how many people walk away from sentimental keepsakes that could have been found if they only knew a service like TheRingFinders exists. Many people find our service by accident searching through the internet. We have members internationally in over 400 cities.

Men’s Tungsten Wedding Band Recovered in Narberth, PA

from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)
Contact: 1-484-433-6990

While at work in early November 2019 Tom contacted me regarding a lost heavy tungsten wedding band. He told me that he was 100% positive that it slipped off his finger while landscaping the front yard of his office. Prior to contacting me he had spent several hours removing all the shrubs he planted and digging through mulch and dirt looking for the ring. Amazingly, he also shared that he rented a metal detector and attempted to scan the area himself. When I met with him I shared with him the fact that despite of hearing of countless times of people renting metal detectors to search on their own…it is rarely productive. Usually the machines you rent are not sophisticated enough to find the lost item  and more importantly the experience of the operator in these searches far exceeds the machine itself.

When I met Tom i first did what I always do…show him my equipment and demonstrate how it works. I want him to be 100% confident that if his ring is there I’m going to find it. And find it I did…in 2 minutes! Tom was amazed and extremely happy I was able to return his ring to him…he later texted me that his wife was even happier!




Large Gold Ring Lost in Garden .. Silverlake Residential Area of Los Angeles, CA. . Found

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
Contact: 1-949-500-2136


























*** Not all searches are as easy as they sound when you hear a description of the loss during a phone call.  Laura called me shortly after losing a one ounce gold ring while doing gardening in her backyard. She felt it come off her finger. She lives in the Silverlake residential area of Los Angeles, CA. which is about an hour away. We would have about enough time to find the ring before dark.

I was able to meet Laura at her home where she walked me to backyard garden area. It was a beautiful large garden area with many mature Agave and other type plants. The good thing was she had been standing in one spot when she raise her ring hand with an underhand motion. That’s when the heavy yellow gold ring came off her finger.

My plan was to use my detector and pinpointer in the open areas because the heavy ring had a good chance to fall through the plants into the undergrowth. It was very unlikely that it went more than 30 ft. My detector only produced a few targets so I went to the pinpointer to get under the plants. The pinpointer was not able to discriminate and I was using up precious daylight time chasing ferrous targets such as nails, etc. It dark now and I was not satisfied that I had covered underneath the plants thoroughly. Already making plans to come back to search tomorrow.

Giving up on crawling around in the dark with the hand held pinpointer detector, I thought I’d take a few minutes to do visual search with my bright search light. The ring showed up in the heavy leaves of the Agave plants. Laura was there to celebrate the find. I enjoyed being able to help Laura and meeting her husband. They were a very nice couple and we had a very nice visit before I left to return to my home. I love doing this, it doesn’t get old. It’s nice to be retired and have the time to do be available to do these searches.


“I WILL TRY ANYWHERE “  ..  Stan the Metal Detector Man

Heirloom Gold Wedding Band found!

from Fort Worth (Texas, United States)
Contact: 1-817-600-9728

Liam call me hoping I could help him locate his lost wedding band he lost inside his mother’s home. I explained that that was not our typical search but we agreed to help. We came out on November 18, 2019 and started the search in the front garden then moved to the living room and then on to the bedroom. Happy to say we scanned his air mattresses and were able to locate it. He and his mother were very very happy because they had already given up. We’re glad we could help locating your very sentimental heirloom wedding band. Thank you for the reward!

Lost wedding band found in Wilmette, Il

from Chicago (Illinois, United States)
Contact: 1-773-774-5445
Wish they were all this easy.
Got a call last night, guy lost his Wedding band while putting up Christmas lights in Wilmette.
They told me they were searching for hours with no success.
Never got a chance to turn on my detector, walked to the bushes and saw it laying under them, took about 2 minutes.
Sometimes another set of eyes is all you need.

Beautiful wedding engagement ring found Parma Ohio

from Brecksville (Ohio, United States)
Contact: 1-216-214-6135

I received a call in the middle of the week from a wonderful lady who was helping her neighbor who is suffering from cancer do some yardwork and build a cat shelter and she had lost her wedding ring somewhere between her yard and the woman’s yard that she is helping which was 2 yards down I searched her front yard the side of her house the neighbors yard with no luck then we went back where she was putting straw in the cat shelter that she built so I was searching all around the yard while she was taking apart the cat shelter and I was picking up a lot of foil which rings up the same as gold on my whites V3i by the time I got to detecting in the straw two hours has passed and I got a great signal so both Her and I were on our hands and knees moving the straw where I got the signal she looked up and said God please let this be it and we moved another piece of straw and there was her beautiful wedding ring and engagement ring which were soldered  together she burst into tears and I must say very happy tears and I was so glad I could help her find this ring she is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met as you might no because of how she lost her ring helping her neighbor who is going through chemo

Lost Ring Walton Hills Ohio…Found!

from Brecksville (Ohio, United States)
Contact: 1-216-214-6135

Got a call from the lady that her husband was out raking leaves and 1/3 acre backyard and didn’t realize until three days later that his ring was missing I went out there on a Saturday morning it had snowed also when I turn my detector on it was going crazy and she asked me if BBs would affect my detector I guess they were shooting a lot of BB guns over the 30 years they’ve lived there so I got through that part and was about a little more than 3/4 done with their yard decided to go back by the trees and saw the big pile of leaves that the gentleman had raked so my resting was basically just going around all the trees and I started working in the leaf pile got about in to where it was only 2 feet deep of leaves and got a great signal on my whites V3 I that I have a Gold program that I put in and it worked great I started moving leaves and there was the ring I had to do a little trick on them so I put the ring on my pinky with my glove on walked in the house and told him I needed to warm up and asked his wife if the ring was fat like my ring and I pulled my glove off and she was looking at my ring in his ring was on the finger right next to mine she knows the right away it was great to be able to find that ring took me about two hours and 15 minutes. Read the rest of this entry »