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Wedding Ring Lost in Grass during Demolition Project (found) by John Volek TRF-Houston

from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Wedding Ring Lost in grass during demolition project in League City, Texas (found) by John Volek TRF-Houston.

I was contacted by Alissa at 5 am yesterday morning regarding her lost wedding ring…I may have missed that early morning call, but returned it later that morning. Alissa reported during a home remodeling project…the demolition of  a rear porch and deck at her home she lost her wedding ring. Alissa said she was pretty sure if flew off her finger while she was throwing debris during the demolition.

Check out the video to see the recovery of Alissa’s Wedding ring.




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Lost Ring in Surrey, BC… Found in Garden.

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I received a call the other day from a young man who asked if I could help him find his lost gold wedding band in the garden. He found TheRingFinders directory on the Internet, while searching to find a way to locate his lost ring.

We talked about the search and it didn’t sound too difficult, sometimes garden searches can take minutes other times they can take hours. I loaded up my car and headed out to find his lost ring the next morning.

I met the young man at 10 AM and he show me his backyard where he believed his ring was lost, I asked him some questions and he told me he planted nine hedges, he felt the ring would be close by as spent most of the day in that area.

I began my search and to my surprise the area was covered in nails and iron. I was using my AT Gold  metal detector and knew right away I should’ve brought a different machine that could handle the iron. Even though I knew what signal iron comes in on my detector I also knew it could mask and hide the gold signal, so I dug up every piece of iron I could find in the area as I was doing my search. This way I would not miss his ring.

After a couple hours we discussed removing the hedges and checking the holes, his wedding band could’ve fallen into the hole while he was planting them. But before that we talked a bit more and he saw a pipe in the grass & ivy and said… oh I dug that up and threw it over there…Bingo! That’s exactly what I wanted to hear! A throwing movement is what could cause a ring to come off his finger.

Not long after, I found his ring in the ivy! I was able to surprise the young man…But first I would call him outside to help remove the hedge, one at a time and check the holes…This would have taken a few more hours and some hard work!









We talked a bit about digging up the hedge, then I figured I made him sweat long enough and I showed him his ring!









You can watch the video below of the search…Thanks for watching, I love my job!


Local lady lost her mother’s Wedding ring and called me to find it. Strange location…..

from Orange (California, United States)

I got a call this evening from Linda, and she said she had lost her mother’s wedding ring and found me online on so called. I asked the usual question, where and when did you lose the ring? She said yesterday in her house!  I thought, ok, no way this is going to be where I can help, she just needs to keep looking and I offered helpful suggestions like re-trace your steps etc. and she said no, I know where I lost it, I just can’t find it!  She said it is in my closet! After more discussion, she was certain she needed my help, so I said I would come help her, and grabbed my AT-Pro, a powerful light, and my niece, Karlie, who was kind enough to hold the light.  for me and went along for the ride as an adventure!
The closet was a very small walk-in closet full of clothes hanging on all three sides, and Linda said she had her two rings in her hand when she was searching through the clothes, but then noticed she only had one of them. She searched and searched, tearing everything out of the closet but no luck.

I collapsed my AT-Pro shaft down as far as it would go and went in searching. It was dinging like crazy due to all the other metal in there, and even turning the sensitivity down all the way didn’t help, so I asked her what it was made of and she said white gold, so I knew I was looking for around a 50 VDI and could ignore the others. I started poking and brushing the coil IN MY HAND against all the clothes and got signals for every metal button, but narrowed it down to a 51 reading in a bunch of sweaters, then taking each one by the sleeve, I found it in the cuff of a green sweater!

I popped it onto my finger then stepped out the door and asked her if it had any special shape or anything, and she said it was heart shaped, so I said “kind of like this?” and she screamed and hugged me for what seemed like 5 minutes and jumped for joy. Her husband said I made her very happy.

This was the first time I used my detector to find something in a closet, but chalk it up to a Found and Returned for a very appreciative lady who is now reunited with her mother’s diamond and white gold ring!  Karlie and I were thrilled to be a part of it and I even rewarded her for helping me also!

Wedding Ring Lost Found and Returned at Holmes Beach, Anna Maria Island, Florida

Wedding Ring Lost Found and Returned at Holmes Beach, Anna Maria Island, Florida

Steve and Emily were visiting Anna Maria Isand from Chicago for a little R & R from the winter weather. They set a couple of lounge chairs up on the beach and sat down to put on their sun protection. Steve pulled his weeding ring of and set it on his lap, then proceeded to apply the lotion. A few minutes later he felt the urge and got up to go the the restroom. About 20 steps later he remembered he had not returned his ring to his finger. He quickly returned to his chair and began searching the sand for his wedding ring. His wife, Emily, soon joined the search sifting through the sand with her fingers. They had no luck so Steve googled “metal detector rental” and up popped SRARC. He called Mike who was in downtown Bradenton at the time and they agreed to meet as soon as Mike could get down to the beach. Thirty minutes later Mike arrived and Steve lead him to the spot where they had been sitting. In a few swings, bada bing, and the ring was returned to Steve. We had lots of smiles and some cheering from the beach crowd as he returned it to his finger.



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Key Lost in Los Angeles, CA Park…Found and Returned.

from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

I was having lunch yesterday with my wife and son who we were fortunate to be able to visit with his busy college schedule, when I received a call from Nate about his key that he lost at his local park. Nate had been exercising, and left his key and phone in a specific spot in the grass so as not to lose them while running. When he was finished, he picked up his phone, and forgot the key. When he got home he realized the key was still back at the park and went back to search for it. He told me that he searched for about 4 hours, and was not able to find it. I told him that because I was with my family, I could meet with him in the morning today to do a search. I figured that if he could not find it with a thorough search that no one was going to happen upon it before I got there.

I met Nate at the park at about 10:00 AM , and he took me to the area where he left his phone and key. It wasn’t huge, and the grass was not very high, but just high enough to hide a small item such as a key. I grabbed my detector, and pin pointer, and checked every signal, some were deep, and some surface (bottle caps and such). After about 3 passes in the grid I got a good signal, looked down, and in the grass saw Nate’s key. I walked over to him asking a question about his key when I opened my hand to show that it had been found. He just could not believe it was still there, thinking that possibly a dog might have eaten it, or someone might have found it. This key was his house key, and was so important that he had spent 4 hours searching for it, and looking on the internet in hopes of finding a way to recover it, where he found me on The Ring Finders site. I am glad he was successful in his internet search, and that I was able to be a part of the operation; GREAT SMILE!

Nate sent the following:

Hey! It was nice meeting you as well and I thank you again for helping me out.

Yesterday (03/24/17) I lost my house key at the park and I searched 3-4 hours for it on my own and had no luck. I called Steve and he said he couldn’t make it out that day but tomorrow would be better. We agreed to meet the next morning and he was there on time. He asked me a few intelligent questions, and his patience was remarkable. The hardest part about finding the key was that it was not on a keychain and not uniquely designed, but it still only took him 15 minutes to find it! I really needed that key to get in and out of my house. He pretty much made my week by finding it, and I thank him for taking the time to help me out. He didn’t make me feel like I was wasting his time, and I could tell he enjoys his job and takes it seriously. Thank you Steve!


If you lose your ring or other metal item of value, call as soon as possible. I will work hard, using the most up to date metal detectors, to help you find what you thought might never be found again. I search,  Beverly Hills, Hermosa Beach, Huntington Beach, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Malibu, Manhattan Beach, Newport Beach, Northridge, Pasadena, Rancho Palos Verdes, Redondo Beach, Santa Monica, Seal Beach, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, Torrance, Venice Beach, and all parks, yards, gardens, and ponds (to 5 foot depths) in all of Orange County, all of Los Angeles County, and Ventura County.

Lost Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring in San Antonio, Tx. FOUND!

from San Antonio (Texas, United States)

It was Friday March 24, 2017. I was relaxing at home after a long day at work and then around 4:30 I get a call. A young man named Dan Sheffield said he had lost his Tungsten Carbide wedding ring while digging a hole in his front yard to find a water leak. 30 minutes later I arrived at his house and saw a big muddy mess where he had dug. I was thinking to myself, ” This should be interesting”. After showing me exactly what he had been doing when he lost his ring I began my search. Using the Garret AT Pro I swung my coil over the outer edge of the mud pile and immediately got a hit. The signal came in between 73 and 75. I stuck my pin pointer in the mud and it started singing like a canary. A few seconds later I had the mud caked ring in my hand. Dan couldn’t believe I found it so quick. Less than 5 minutes. Dan and his wife have only been married for 9 months so needless to say he was very happy I found it and so was she. Another happy ending.

Lost Gold & Diamonds Wedding Rings at Ko Olina Ulua Lagoon…FOUND!!!

from Oahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began on Thursday afternoon when I got a call from Janett who lives at Schoefield Barracks in Wahiawa Hawaii. She had taken her two boys to the resort lagoons to play and while she was applying their suntan lotion she took her rings off and placed them on a blanket. When play time was over she gathered up the beach gear and headed off to the showers to wash off the sand her boys had gotten all over themselves. While there she realized her rings were missing and immediately went back to their spot on the beach to try and find them. The sand swallowed them up so she informed security who gave her my number. I told her it was getting late and I would search first thing Friday morning. Janett texted me a pic of the ring and one of her boy playing on the beach so I would have a general sense of where they were. When I arrived the next morning I was able to use some distance markers in the pic to triangulate a grid. Several coins and metal junk targets later I got a loud concentrated tone and one scoop down I found one of Janett’s rings. This one wasn’t the Solitaire. I continued on but couldn’t find the other half. I noticed the tracks of the sand cleaning tractor nearby and wondered if it had consumed the ring. It appeared to fall short of the grid area but where was that other ring? I finally got through to Janett whose phone was on the charger. I explained to her the other ring wasn’t here. I talked her through the scenario again and told her it was possible the diamond prong may have snagged a thread and was still on the blanket. I told her to go through all her items and that of the boys. She did it once already but said she’d look again. I expanded my grid a bit then gave up. I called Janett to coordinate the return of the ring half that I found and when she answered the phone I could tell she had been crying. When she emptied the boy’s beach bucket the other ring went tink-tink onto the floor. She was so relieved after thinking it was gone forever. We met at Denny’s and put the ring set back together the way it belonged. Great way to end the days hunting. Aloha to Janett.

Lost Gold & Diamonds Engagement Ring at Duke’s Waikiki Beach…FOUND!!!

from Oahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a call Thursday from Arnie and Debbie who live in Skokie, Illinois. They were visiting his Aunt & Uncle and taking in a day at the beach. Then while his lovely wife Debbie was wading in waist deep water off Duke’s in Waikiki her engagement ring fell off. They tried to find the ring with a snorkel and goggles and a detectorist also went in for them but the ring was not to be found. Arnie then googled “lost ring Waikiki” and that’s how he found “the ring finders”. I told Arnie I lived 10 minutes away and I’d meet them in front of the hotel. When I arrived and went down to the beach it was high tide and the rollers were coming in. It was going to be a challenge staying in grid. Arnie directed me from shore and I attempted my best to stay in line. After a penny and a pull tab I got a nice low gold tone but had a rough time in the surge getting the target in the scoop. Finally on the fifth try I looked in the scoop and bingo there was Debbie’s beautiful ring. I looked towards shore and gave them a thumbs up. I let them look into the scoop and the pure look of elation came over Debbie’s face. She really didn’t believe it would be found. Vacation saved. Aloha to Debbie & Arnie!

Ring Found and Returned at Newport Beach in the Dry Sand! (2016)

from Orange (California, United States)

The sun going down quickly on a Monday in October 2016, and as I was finishing my day’s detecting, a lifeguard truck came by and said that a couple had lost their ring in the sand and he was taking them a detector to borrow and try to find it, but wanted to know if I would also help. Of course I said, and made my way over to where his truck drove to.

I did not know the lifeguard station had loaner detectors, and it was one of those $75 units with an analog meter on it, and the guy had already started playing with it to try and figure it out to find hs ring by the time I arrived about 5 minutes later.

His poor wife was panicked, sifting through sand already for a half hour on all fours trying to find his ring. Her hands were dirty and she had finger-raked about an 8′ square where she thought it was. They said it was on his ‘T’-Shirt and he forgot and shook it out and lost the ring. The guy was still fiddling with the “Toy” detector and randomly walking around, so I asked her if I could search where she was and I found it in about a minute, right where she had been dragging her fingers through the sand for a half hour.

I said “Oh, here is a good signal” and as I scooped it up, the ring just appeared as the sand sifted through my scoop and she burst into tears and hugged me! It was an heirloom from his Grandfather that they used as his wedding ring, and they were so very happy I found it as it was already getting dark.

It was a Platinum ring with patterns all around the outside of it. (Sorry I did not get a closeup of the ring.)

Great feeling to help them get it back!

Happy couple after I found his Wedding ring at Newport Beach, CA


Me and the Husband with ring.

Orange County member of “The Ring Finders” recovers lost items, Rings, Jewelery, Cell Phones, Keys-ready to help on Beach or Land.

from Orange (California, United States)


Long time Metal Detectorist helping to find lost rings and jewelry on beaches, sand, parks, lakes, and wherever you have lost things, in and around Orange County, CA.

Searching for lost items is a hobby of mine and I have found hundreds of rings and other valuables on the Beach in the sand and water, and in parks, lakes, event sites, soccer fields, baseball fields etc.

Please contact me if you have lost something in the areas near these cities, Orange, Villa Park, Buena Park, Anaheim, Tustin, Riverside, Redlands, Santa Ana, San Bernardino, Corona, and Norco or near these areas, and I will assist.

I have several detectors and the skills to use them to help find your item before someone else does!

Please find my information on the “The Ring Finders” site or via email:

I look forward to helping you find that lost ring or heirloom.

George Hicks