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Man’s wedding band recovered in Fennville, Michigan

from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-616-406-6653

I got in touch with Evan A. from an email saying that he lost his wedding ring while finishing his landscaping around his house. While searching on line for metal detectors he came across Lost My Stuff and sent out an email. As a subscriber, I contacted Evan right away. I told him that I was with The Ring Finders and got his phone number off the LMS site. Dave Boyer, my fellow Ring Finder and I were on our way to another search and told Evan that we could come out to his house on Thursday evening. When we got to his house we looked at the fresh wood chips that he had spread around the flower beds and within 5 minutes I found his ring under a bush. Evan and his wife were at work so they put their trust in us as strangers who replied to a lost ring request.  He was impressed “by the response time and the integrity these two individuals possessed”. It reminded him of prior military days in the Air Force, “where he was sworn to uphold our three core values, integrity, service before self and excellence in all we do”.

Gold mans wedding ring in Indialantic Beach, Florida….found

from Indialantic (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-321-508-0888

I got a call at 7:30 am from Taylor.  Her husband lost his wedding ring, he put it on his cell phone down on the beach, as they went for a moonlight stroll.  He forgot about the ring when he picked up the cell phone.  I got over there asap and found the ring 20 feet away from where he thought he lost it. I was hugged at least 3 times by his wife Taylor.

Found man’s wedding in Indialantic, Florida on October 5, 2019


Lost ring Indialantic, floirida …found

from Indialantic (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-321-508-0888

I got a call from a lady late at night, about her lost rings on the beach.  I told her I would be there the next morning at low tide.  She informed me where she thought she lost the rings, where she was digging shells in the sand. It turned out the rings where about 15 feet farther down the beach.  Since there was 2 rings I found the one, and the second one 2 feet away.  I couldn’t believe how happy she was.

Found in Indialantic, Florida July, 2019.


Ring lost at Mission Bay found

from La Jolla (California, United States)

Michael was out on the beach at Mission Bay in front of his apartment when, while waving to someone, his loose fitting wedding ring flew off into the sand. A search by sifting through the sand proved fruitless, so, an online search was in order where he found The Ring Finders website. When I turned on my phone in the morning, I noticed the text and contacted Michael. We made plans for a 10am meet and search. After arriving, meeting Michael and his lovely wife, we went to the site while talking and getting the ring loss story on the way. The search area was fairly large, but, not ridiculous. All dry sand and maybe 30 X 100 feet or so. I started at one end and after 3-4 passes, several coins, and a dog tag later, his gold wedding band came to light. All smiles on the happy couple now and thank you for the reward.

Seattle Lake Union Lost Phone Recovery

from Seattle (Washington, United States)
Contact: 1-206-618-8194


Natalie had just completed a fun day of Hot Tub boating on Seattle’s Lake Union. When she got back to the boat slip, got out of the hot tub boat her phone fell into the water below the dock. She did a Google search and fond me through my listing on TheRingFinders. I came out the next day and recovered her Google Pixel 3 phone just past 20′ of water. Unfortunately the phone was full of water but she was prepared for this outcome and wanted her phone back for the insurance claim. During the recovery dive an older iPhone with some old bank cards and an ID were found. I am in the process of getting that returned to its owner as well.

Check out the dive recovery here:

Special thanks to for allowing the recovery effort. If you get a chance check them out and tell them the SeattleRingHunter sent you over.


Jeff Morgan


Natural Gold Nugget Ring Returned the day it was lost.

from Boise (Idaho, United States)
Contact: 208-345-8898

I’ll let the happy reunited owner of the ring tell the story.

“This past Saturday I was helping a co-worker build a fence in his yard. Several hours into the project we stopped for a break. I pulled off my gloves and walked to my water bottle. No more than 30 seconds had passed since taking off my gloves when I noticed a weight differential on the hand where I wear a custom, 1 ounce Gold nugget ring, made in Alaska and given to me by my Grandfather after graduating from college. He has since passed away. The ring, a token of the affection he had for me. Upon realizing the ring was not on my finger a fear coursed through my whole body. Maybe you know it. It’s the feeling you get when you lose your wallet or any other valuable possession. It is a horrible feeling. The ring had come off of my sweaty hand when I pulled it from the glove. I immediately let my friend know it was gone. Also helping with the fence were his son and neighbor. We spent the next 3 hours on our hands and knees searching. The search quadrant where I had been was not big. We were incredulous at being unable to find it. At the end of the 3 hour search, I gave up and started mentally preparing myself for the loss. Needless to say, I could not rationalize or minimize the loss away and I was feeling beyond terrible. I started going over what I would tell family members when they most certainly would ask why I was not wearing the family heirloom, which I never take off. At this point my friends son suggested I call an expert (Gerry) who he found doing a simple google search for “metal detectors,” to consult on what the best course of action would be. I was not optimistic. My thought was, if 4 people searching for 3 hours in a small area could not find it, then who could? Nonetheless I called Gerry. Right away I could tell by the questions he was asking he knew what he was talking about. I scheduled a time later that day for him to come over with his equipment and perform a targeted search. To me, this was akin to throwing up a “hail mary.” Fast forward two hours and Gerry arrived. Right off the bat I could tell he was a good person. He showed empathy, explained his process, went over the area with me, got a description of the ring and went to work. A small spark of hope was ignited. No more than 15 minutes later HE FOUND IT! To say I was ecstatic and overcome with joy does not even come close to describing the elation. After giving Gerry a bear hug and attempting to express my thanks verbally, the ring was safely back on my finger. We visited for another 15-20 minutes, getting to know one other. Gerry gave me advice on how to prevent this happening in the future, which I have already implemented. I imagine all this situations are different and have their own set of challenging variables but in my case Gerry came through for me and in extension, my family. My thanks to him in unending and I will not forget the service he provided. Of the many takeaways I gathered from the situation, perhaps the most salient point is, there are professionals out there who know what they are doing and can help in this sort of a situation. If you lose something, don’t just write it off or give up hope. Don’t struggle on your own. Give Gerry a call and consult with him. His personal and business integrity are unflappable and he will give it to you straight.  Thanks, Gerry! Words alone do justice to communicate my gratitude.”

Best,   Kyle S.

Diamond Ring found in Corn Box at the Goebberts Farm & Garden Center in South Barrington, IL

from Chicago (Illinois, United States)
Contact: 1-773-206-8476

So this is my Second call out to a corn pit this year. This was at the Goebberts Farm in South Barrington, Illinois. The owner could not have been more accommodating.

A woman had been playing with her child and fell. The ring came off as she was trying to get up. I can tell you, I fell myself on several occasions during the hunt. I had to crawl over to the pole just to get up! These corn pits are the PITS!!

She had lost it on Sunday and I wasn’t able to hunt until Thursday. The ring sank to the bottom of the pit and I was lucky to recover it. I used my box like device to dig down toward the bottom. I used 2 detectors, a hand help pinpointer and a hand held plastic sand scoop to recover the ring. I am considering using a PI Machine to locate items that may be at the bottom of the corn kernels. She was embarrassed about losing it, so I will not post her photo.

I’m beginning to have a Love Hate relationship with Corn Pits!!

LOVE the money HATE the labor.

Most corn pits are open til October 31st, so maybe more searches will be forthcoming.

Lost Platinum Ring in Sand at Laguna Beach, CA. … Found by a Ringfinder with a Metal Detector

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
Contact: 1-949-500-2136
















Metal detecting service available to help you find your lost ring or other precious metallic jewelry.. 949-500-2136

….. I received a call from a guy named Ridge asking for assistance to help him find his platinum wedding band. Yesterday, he had been at Victoria Beach one of many coves in Laguna Beach, CA. When he got home he realized his platinum wedding ring was missing. He thought that it had either come off in the surf or when he brushed the sand off his towel as he was leaving the beach.

He was on his way the next morning to search the dry sand where he had shook off his towel, although the most probable area his loss was the surf where he was most active.

Even though it was high tide and it would not be productive to search the water, I agreed to meet him where I could eliminate the dry sand area. At the same time I could get the location for a return search at the next low tide.

When we walked to the spot where Ridge had shook out his towel, I asked him if he had done any activity on the dry sand that might cause the ring to slip off his finger. He said that the only thing he can think of was brushing off his towel. He pointed up a little higher on the sloping sand. 

I turned on my metal detector making a few adjustments before walking up the embankment. I began a few swings of my detector telling Ridge I need to do a warm up before getting to the zone he was sitting. Boom! I got a signal right away,  10 ft. from where I was to start my search. Yes! The heavy platinum ring was there in my scoop when I retrieved the signal from the sand.

Both of us were surprised as the odds that the ring was lost in the ocean were much higher than it being in the dry sand. It was another time that it paid off just to search the location that was available while we had the time to eliminate part of several places the ring could have been lost. Also, he was a very happy guy, because he had really all but given up hope that a small ring could be found in a mass of sand. I hope I never get tired of helping people find their sentimental keepsakes.


“I WILL TRY ANYWHERE “ available now … 949- 500-2136


Lost gold charm Treasure Island Florida…Found!

from St. Petersburg (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-727-804-0820

Robert and his family were visiting from Orlando when his necklace broke and he lost his charm his Dad gave to him many years ago that eventually will be passed on to his son.  They searched the sand with no luck. He contacted me and within 10 minutes the happy ping alerted us and it was found! A happy beginning to his family’s vacation!!  

2 rings found in corn pit in Tinley Park, Illinois.

from Chicago (Illinois, United States)
Contact: 1-773-206-8476

Received a call from a man who had lost his 14K wedding band while playing in a corn pit. He had me come out to look for it. Corn pits, for those who don’t know, is a structure, that is filled with corn kernels that people play in. They generally are about 2 feet deep and are very hard to walk in AND very difficult to hunt. As you dig for the lost item, the corn fills in the hole. Its a tough workout!! I devised a box to help prevent that filling in. I was able to find His ring in about 10 minutes. Thats because he called me soon after he lost it. The longer you wait, the deeper it goes and the harder it is to find.

Once I found his ring, the manager of the Odyssey Fun Farm, told me that a woman had also lost her Diamond wedding band the same morning. So I searched for that ring too. I found it within 30 minutes. The manager called the woman’s husband, and he came out with his daughter to retrieve it.