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Lost Wedding Ring Victoria B.C. recovered and returned

from Victoria (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: 1-250-361-8666

Matt and some friend were playing volley ball at Bullen Park in Esquimalt.

Matt had taken his wedding ring off and put it in his pocket while playing. After the game he discovered it was gone. The teams searched and no luck, not ready to give up his friend Devin searched the internet and found me. He called and we connected within an hour. I arrived and got the details of the search area, a volley ball court sized grassy area. I started a grid search and on the second pass bingo found it. OMG Matt was so happy as he said I was just married, Thank you he said over and over.

I love my job.

Another happy newlywed gets her ring back!

from Sarnia (Ontario, Canada)
Contact: 1-519 541-1142

When Boise’s finest calls, you grab detector and go to action.

from Boise (Idaho, United States)
Contact: 208-345-8898

For once, it is the police who needed a hand and I was the guy with the right gear for the task.  Officer Karen H of Boise Police Department was enjoying some free time with her son when she realized her necklace was missing the one item that meant the most to her.  The sacred religious pendant her mother gave her.

One good thing about the police, they know how to collect data for search.  She had photos of the item, googled the area and circled the most likely place to start the investigation.  When you are told it is at a soccer field, those little tips become quite helpful and it paid off in saved time.

After some strategic West/East grids of area making sure coil was overlapping with exact precision, the detector responded with the tone I had expected.  Sure enough, there it lay in the green grass just below eyesight.

A quick pic with the cell phone and email off to her to confirm…YES it is the piece she was missing.

Here is her testimonial:

“While playing with my children during a Fourth of July celebration I was heartsick to realize I had just lost the l Miraculous Medal pendant given to me by my aunt who had passed away. After spending three mornings searching through the grass on my hands and knees I finally contacted Gerry who located this sentimentally valuable item within hours of our contact!”


Happy newly wed gets his wedding ring back

from Sarnia (Ontario, Canada)
Contact: 1-519 541-1142

Wedding band recovered at Rosy Mound, Lake Michigan

from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-616-406-6653

After traveling through Europe on their honeymoon and enjoying the married life, Steve J. never lost or misplaced his white gold wedding band. This past weekend Steve and his wife Kristi decided to take a weekend drive to the West side of the state from Lansing and swim in the Great Lake of Michigan at Rosy Mound. Somewhere between the beach, water and coming home Steve discovered his ring was missing while washing his hands when he got home. Steve immediately went on line and found The Ring Finders (Tom Townsend). Tom was not available so he referred me to them. After getting their story I told them I would go out the first thing in the morning to search. Steve had pinned the area on Google Maps and sent it to me.

I got out to the park at 6:30 am and immediately packed up for the 3/4 mile trek up and down 500+ steps to the beach. At the time I didn’t know whether his ring was lost in the water, the sand or in his car driving back home. The pin he made for me showed they were swimming, between the last 2 buoys to the South so I started a grid search from shore to the end of the last buoy up to my chest with several passes and only finding a crusty Quarter and a dime. I decided to change my grid from E and W to N and S. The area was at least half a football area. On my last N/S grid I got a hit and there it was. SWEET!

I took some pictures of the ring and the area and text Steve and said “is this your ring?”

Kristi said a little prayer last night that I would find the ring and before all my ring searches I say a prayer: “Lord, guide my eyes and ears, my hands and feet, guide them to the ring I seek, Amen” I’m sure someone was looking over my shoulder and guiding me to that small piece of gold in a very large body of water.


Titanium Gents Wedding Ring, Lost & Found In The Sea At Sandbanks Beach

from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)
Contact: 07899996686

Chris, Wife and family were playing catch in the sea one warm evening in June. Returning to his towell Chris noted his Titanium engraved wedding ring was missing. They had been married many years and enjoyed a fairy tale marriage going back to when they first met as children in Hong Kong, losing contact and then finding each other some 20 years later!  They search the sand and sea desparately for hours until finally succombing to their loss.

Fortunately for them they thought to search the Ring Finders and found me. I came over that very afternoon & after a fruitlesshour search of the sand it was time to hit the water. The sand around sandbanks is extremly soft & I feared it may have well sunk out of reach but nevertheless I thought id take it slowly & carefully.

After only 5 minutes in waist deep water a signal faintly beeped… a little digging.. stronger it became… several scoops… until there it was. Chris & family were very relieved to have the ring back & I was equally as pleased for them. They visited Margret Green Animal Sanctuary with their children & kindly made a donation.

Wedding ring lost in Rangeley Lake, Maine recovered.

from Rockport (Maine, United States)
Contact: 1-207- 542-7642

I was contacted by Kim whom had lost her wedding band overboard while she and her husband were anchored with some other boats in a small cove on Rangeley Lake,  Maine.  They saved the GPS coordinates and we returned to the site upon my arrival. The silty bottom became churned up during my search and I found myself in near zero visibility, like diving in chocolate milk. I used about 2 tanks of air before finding the ring a recovering in about eight feet of water about ten feet from the location saved on GPS. Tough search with no way to get bearings in very low visibility. While enjoying a celebratory cold beverage back ashore, conversation turned to dogs so I will be donating a portion of the generous reward I received to P. A. W. S.  Animal shelter in Camden, Maine.

Lost Ring found on Daufuskie Island, S.C.

from Savannah (Georgia, United States)
Contact: 912-577-7227

Katie called and said she lost her engagement ring in the water the previous day at Daufuskie Island Beach. The island is secluded, and only accessable by boat. I told her I would try to help her. The next ferry to the island was to leave at 1:00, and the last ferry coming back was at 5:30. With the tide coming in I knew we only had a short window to work with. I searched for about 30 minutes and found the ring. It was already about five inches deep. Katie, her husband, Jeremy, and friends, were a great help because they were thoughtful enough to look for a landmark where she had lost the ring. This ring was very sentimental to Jeremy and Katie. It has been in the family a long time, and had been handed down to her. I’m so happy that I was able to help them out. Such a great couple and now new friends. I hope to see them again. If you ever get a chance to go to Daufuskie Island, go. Beautiful place. I’m going back.

Third generation family heirloom lossed and recovered in ten feet of water.

from Ham Lake (Minnesota, United States)
Contact: 1-612-968-1950

This unfortunate event resulted in several nights of anguish as this young ladies ring lie in the bottom of the lake. To compound the agony her grandmother passed, fortunately the ring was found in ten feet of water in close proximity to where she said it was lost. The look on her face was worth the two hour drive each way. Glad to have been part of this find.

Nantucket’s sand could not hide a ring for long.

from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)
Contact: 1-860-309-3307

Rain, thunder, lightening and other commitments started Friday off as a non-detecting day. But for an out of state phone call … A request for help in finding a very sentimental engagement ring which belonged to the caller’s mother had been lost in the ocean. The loss occurred at the base of the Steps Beach, an hour ferry ride away. Having a day to make reservations, pack a detecting bag, complete what I had to do, get a good nights rest, and to think about how the ring I was going to search for was lost. Every ring has a story and this one was no exception.

Jeff had worn his mother’s rings since her passing, I could not let Jeff down. It was Jeff’s youngest son who had unintentionally pulled on the necklace holding the two precious rings which came apart and sent the rings flying. The wedding band was found in seconds, before the moving sand covered it unlike the engagement ring that had disapeared out of sight. Something more than hands sifting the sand was needed. A pool skimmer net was tried next without success in snagging the ring from its sandy resting place be for I arrived.

Jeff’s 9 year old son had a detector but had no luck in using it on the wet sand. With this information I knew I would be able to show and tell about some of my finds and pass some detecting techniques onto a young, budding detectorist.

In just under an hour of searching starting at Google Maps pinned point which was not as accurate as we would have liked. GPS satellite co-ordinates are only good to about a 15 foot radius and the pin showed the ring should be in the water. I started in the water working parallel to the shore, up the face of the beach revealed only a few targets of melted aluminum and pull tabs. Not a single coin or the ring. I then started searching 90 degrees to my previous paths.

While digging a promising target I overheard Jeff talking with another beach goer about how he had lost his wedding band several years ago, rented a detector and found his own ring. “There was hope, the guy detecting (me) has a good chance of finding the lost ring.” He was trying to keep Jeff’s spirits up.

Little did they know the promising target was THE RING and it was in my scoop! Without any fanfare I walked over to the two men, joined in the conversation. Jeff thought I was giving up and it was time to call it a day. I said “almost, not just yet until you look in my scoop” … I’ll let you imagine the emotions from all members of Jeff, his wife and three children.

Time was left to snap a few photos, clean up, grab a wonderful island lunch. I did a bit of show and tell and left a few “treasures” with the young detectorist which he was sharing with his sister. It was then time for the walk to the ferry boarding area and board the ferry that would take me back to the main land. Durinmg the hour ride I was sure I would be pondering over the wonderful feeling of how a terrible happening was turn into a great day on one beautiful island with one terrific family. I am pretty sure I will hear of a young detectorist doing fabulous things in the near future.

I do love this hobby.