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Winter recovery of wedding ring

from Colorado Springs (Colorado, United States)
Contact: 1-719-237-1488

We were called out today to search for a lost wedding ring. It had been lost the night before on a snow covered lawn. The owner had searched unsuccessfully. Took about 10 minutes for us to find it. Owner thankful on this Thanksgiving eve!

A Decade Lost Now Found

from Reno (Nevada, United States)
Contact: 1-316-200-4115

Lost Ring Reno Tahoe Michael Price Metal Detecting text ASAP to 316-200-4115 or email

While on vacation in Kansas and teaching a friend the in and out of detecting, I was approached by a woman holding a dog, asking if I ever detected on people’s properties.  I told her that, yes, given that we have permission, it is something we would do from time to time.   She then asked if I would be willing to look for a lost brooch.

Well of course I was willing.  I asked where and when it was lost and if she was available now.  Turns out it was lost a decade past and was in the back yard of her house but never could be located.  She had appts that day so we agreed to look for it in two days time.

Two days later I sent her a messaging letting her know I was back in town and was she ready to find her lost piece of jewelry.  After meeting up with her I gathered the particulars about the piece, where and how it was lost.

Setting up my equipment I immediately got busy detecting and soon found some decent signals.  Turns out she had another dog that loved chewing on metal objects so there were many of these ‘decent signals’.

Well, persistence pays off and in the end I was able to locate an object near the surface. Using a pinpointer I was able to determine that it was indeed a surface object and wiped the mud from what turned out to be her brooch.  Unfortunately time had not been kind and the clasp had broken off as well as having a stone fall out   Both were recovered as well and she intends to use it for something or get it repaired

She was delighted to say the least as, while not an expensive piece, it meant a lot to her.  I wasn’t expecting to help find a lost piece on vacation but being in the right place at the right time turned out great for everyone.  

Engagement ring found in Lowell, Michigan

from Holland (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-616-808-9033

Gregg Larabel, my fellow ringfinder, got a call from Tina telling him that her daughter, Brianna, had lost her engagement ring a few weeks ago.  Brianna and her fiance live on a secluded 10 acre parcel in the beautiful west Michigan countryside.  Because varmints had been going after their chickens, Brianna carried a shotgun as she walked around the yard and driveway checking on them and their beef cattle.  But her ring was interfering with her hold on the shotgun, so she took it off and put it in the pocket of her hoodie sweatshirt.  As she put the shotgun away later she discovered the ring was missing from her pocket.  After a lot of fruitless searching they decided the ring must be out in the yard or driveway somewhere.  It was obviously a big area to search, but Tina gave us a map showing where Brianna walked after putting the ring in her pocket.  We started with the driveway, and after finishing that I started searching the steps up the hill to the front door.  At the top of the steps, just before the front door I got a good hit in the leaves next to the steps, and when I parted the leaves, there was her ring.  I had just called Gregg over to look at it when Tina came out the front door expecting we were about ready to give up.  We held the ring out for her and her eyes lit up.  Brianna, at work, answered the “found it!” text with “are you kidding me?”   Picture is of Brianna back with her ring.

Lost wedding band Irons mi. Found !

from Baldwin (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-616-262-5149

I was called last week with a plea for help in finding a wedding band that was lost one and a half yrs ago.   When i arrived Saterday 11/21 Terri showed me the area her husband Rich had lost the ring while carrying brush to a burn pile.  She also informed me that two other detectorist had been there with no luck finding the ring.  I started in the wooded area and worked my way to the burn pile all the time thinking that was where it would be.   After 20 minutes of moving partial burnt brush i started swinging my ATPro over the dirt and ash.   First hit was a melted 22 bullet.  The 2nd hit was 3 inches down and there was the ring.  A little discolored from the heat but in good condition otherwise.   When i handed the ring to Terri she broke out in tears of joy and disbelief.   All in all a happy ending To a year and a half oif not losing hope.   Chuck R  TRF        Sorry no pictures.   Computer says limit size exceded on the pics. I will add when i figure it out.

Lost Cell Phone iPhone 11 found in Morrisville, NC…… FOUND!

from Raleigh (North Carolina, United States)
Contact: 1-918-313-2202

Shawn SGT Sherrill – Ring Recovery Specialist…Lost your ring?… Call ASAP  Anytime 24/7   918-313-2202

I got a call from Dashawn today about his lost cell phone on the side of the road, off an exit. I had to hear this story first hand. He proceeded to tell me, while on his motorcycle, his phone was in his left inside pocket at the time. As he exited off the highway the between his speed and the wind it managed to somehow fly out!!! It went to his right side mind you….. He said, “he had find me follow me” but when he went to find his phone with it, his lost phone died. He was able to connect via bluetooth from his helmet before it died too. So we were able to get an approximate location range of where the phone should be laying.

I agreed to meet him at the location. After about 30 mins and about 30-40 feet, TO THE RIGHT, from where he had exited and lost his phone, His phone was found. He was so happy, excited and very grateful to have the old phone back in his hands!











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Lost Gold Ring Found In Warren Michigan

from Detroit (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-313-683-3082

Widow’s Gold

Got a call from Patti who said she lost a ring doing the final yard cleanup when the snow started to come down this morning. She didn’t say what kind of ring it was or where it may be. Texting that I had arrived ahead of schedule I got no return text. I did a visual and noticed the front yard was very small and the back contained many metal yard ornaments and quite a few bags of leaves. I knocked on the door with no answer so I figured the best place to start would be the front yard and that it would be best to start before the weather got worse. The sound of crunchy, crusty snow sounded beneath each step and as it scraped under my coil I received many junk metal signals. Dialing up the discrimination silenced the chatter. Completing the left half of the yard revealed nothing. Starting the search on the right half of the yard under a very aromatic spruce tree I worked carefully not to miss any ground. Exiting the canopy I got a very nice signal of an object at 0 depth. Scraping my pin pointer thru the snow it vibrated at the same time this beautiful custom design gold ring came into view! I was confused as the ring resembled more of a man’s band. Still no response from her I took a couple of pics. As I started up the wheelchair ramp she appeared and I was just about to hold the ring up for her to see when she said thru the door she’d be with me in about 5 minutes. She didn’t know that I had already found a ring and when she did come out I ran towards her saying there’s no need to walk further down the slippery ramp and presented the ring to her! I asked if this was the ring and she said yes! Inquiring about the ring she said it was her late husband’s and she would wear it often and when performing the chores that he once did. She was very happy that the ring was found and mentioned that she really didn’t know where it came off and having it back enables her to still connect with him on many different levels for many more years to come.


Late Father’s Ring FOUND And Returned To Son In Wilsonville Alabama

from Pinson (Alabama, United States)
Contact: 1-205-283-7292

I was contacted on Friday afternoon by Mary Stevens. Her father had lost his late father’s wedding ring the prior night at the family farm, and she asked me if I could help find it? 

On Saturday morning I met Tom Stevens at the family farm.  He explained to me the importance and sentimental value of the ring given to him by his brother after his father’s passing, just 1 week prior.  Tom showed me two areas he had been prior to realizing he had lost the ring.  First, was a section of land near the farmhouse that included a gravel road and 2 grassy areas.  Second, was a 10 acre hay field he had bush hoged. 

I searched the first area near the farmhouse, but unfortunately without success.  Prior to going to the second area, Tom kindly got us lunch, and stated, “Searching the 10 acres will be like hunting for a needle in a hay stack.”  When we arrived at the hayfield, Tom recalled that he had taken a photo with his iPhone while standing in the hayfield –the one and only time he exited the tractor.  I reviewed the photo’s GPS details, used the lights from houses on the horizon in the image to align my direction, and was able to determine an area to hunt within the middle of the field.  So, I began swinging my detector.  Five minutes turned into ten, and ten into fifteen.  Then my detector made the tone and ID I so hoped to hear & see!  I kneeled down to pinpoint the signal nestled within the fresh-cut hay.  And there, I uncovered the golden ring of Tom’s late father.  I yelled, “I found it!”  Needless to say there were happy tears shed and calls made to loved ones that Tom had been reunited with his father’s ring. 

I appreciate the times I have been able to reunite people with their lost treasures, and I look forward to many more success stories.  If you lose something dear to you, give me a call


Lost wedding ring found Carpinteria State Beach

from Ventura (California, United States)
Contact: 1-805-290-5009
I got call from Heather this afternoon that she had lost her wedding ring in the sand at Carpinteria State beach. She had been tending to her 5 month old daughter and somehow her ring had slipped off and landed somewhere she thought behind her away from the wet sand. I immediately headed out to Carpinteria and due to the late afternoon was able to get free parking close to the beach on Linden Ave. She had an area marked off where she thought it would be and I began to work that area but other than a deep bottle cap and a penny there was nothing. I expanded the area and still we failed to find the ring so I asked her to describe for me again how and why she thought it had gone in the direction she said it had. As I was listening to her I began to look around the area in the front of her and out of the corner of my eye I saw the top of a ring embedded in the wet sand. Sure enough, I reached down and picked it up and it was Heather’s ring. Sometimes the best metal detector is the one between your ears. If you ever lose a ring call or text me at 805-290-5009 immediately

Recovering Lost Keys From Ballard Locks Marina Seattle WA

from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)
Contact: 1-206-618-8194


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SeattleRingHunter Lost Item Recovery Specialist LAND & SCUBA Call ASAP 206-618-8194

I received a txt in the middle of the night from a lady that was requesting help for a set of keys that fell into the marina. Early that next morning I put my magnet fishing kit in my vehicle before heading out for the day. I sent her an early response asking her to call me after getting her day started for a detailed chat. I learned from our conversation that her friend had lost his keys the night before in the early evening. Their dog was walking on the marina dock in a dimly lit area and fell into the water. Mike in his own words attempting to be the super hero tried to grab the dog, lost his balance and as his body went over as he heard a big splash as his feet hit the water. His first reaction was oh crap my cell phone must have gone in but instead it was his ring of keys he had in his hand. He was quick enough to catch the edge of the dock with both hands so only his feet were in the water. As he looked at the dock he remembered staring straight at the dock cleat marking his position precisely. His buddy lifted him safely out of the water, minus all of his important keys.

I agreed to meet up after work around four o’clock that evening for a first attempt with my magnet kit. Mike met me at the dock and we quickly got under way. I deployed my large magnet that was more than sufficient to nab the keys. I even confirmed before arriving on site that his keys had steel split rings. Knowing brass keys are not magnetic its a point of clarification that should always be considered before wasting time with a magnet. I also learned to our advantage he had a small padlock from his sail boat on the keyring as well. I knew the steel shank would be more than enough to stick to my large magnet. Mike was accurate over our phone conversation earlier that morning that the water was around nine to ten feet deep. Knowing this bit of information made since for an attempt to magnet fish the keys. Soon after starting with the magnet I quickly realized there was a lot of structure near this boat slip and it was not an easy flat bottom. Every bit or so I would have to lift the large magnet several feet over an obstacle and let it back down to try to fish is keys out. This was basically a blind search in the fact that we could not see the bottom and don’t know exactly where the keys fell into the water. Everyone heard the splash of the keys but no one eyeballed the exact entry point. Since Mike was not throwing any items from his hands so we felt fairly confident his keys most likely went straight down from where he was dangling from the side of the dock. Even with this drop zone being extensively search with the magnet I was unable to retrieve the keys.

With the darkness of the evening upon us, a bit of Seattle drizzle and cold wind after a full days work we knew we were done for the night. However I reassured Mike I would be out the next morning to do a full SCUBA recovery of his keys. The next morning I was blessed with great weather and calm waters. Watch my video to see all the efforts taken to get Mike’s keys recovered. The whole time wondering if after two days in the Ballard Locks waters will his car key fob function properly?


Jeff Morgan



Lost Gold Ring w/Opal and Diamonds Found In Dexter Michigan

from Detroit (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-313-683-3082

Good Grief!

Lauren and her husband tied the knot last month. Enjoying the beautiful fall colors during an outside photo session her ring fell off. The ring was a very sentimental one that her late father gave her mom when Lauren was born, and now was being passed on to Lauren. There were multiple locations at the facility that they walked visiting the guests. Some terrain was cut grass and some was thick grass. She and mom were devastated and thought it may not be possible to find it. On site I set up my MXT and began a grid search. I got some similar signals to where I thought the ring would be on the meter, but the depth reading revealed these targets were well below the surface. Closing in on the area that covered the area in question I got a nice mellow signal within an inch or so deep and about 1 foot from the edge of the cut grass my pin pointer buzzed. Prying the thick grass apart revealed this very stunning gold ring with a fiery opal and diamonds twinkling in the sun! I was holding it up and with their backs turned to me they turned to see what was happening. They both came running and as she held the ring emotions were high. During the excitement an employee came out to present a nice bottle of champagne from their reception! A celebration was underway along with texting mom to share the great news! All was happy that closure was made and that dad’s legacy can continue for years to come!