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‘Ring Finders’ set out to find lost symbols of Love. 10TV – Columbus, OH

from Newark (Ohio, United States)
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‘Ring finders’ set out to find lost symbols of love


‘Ring finders’ set out to find lost symbols of love

PUBLISHED: 02/15/19 01:59 PM EST by Columbus, OH

Lost Gold & Diamond Band at Nai’a Lagoon Ko Olina Resort…FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a call from Janet from Montana who was celebrating her 25th Anniversary with her husband Luis at the Marriott Ko Olina. While snorkeling in Nai’a Lagoon, Luis spotted some Anuenue fish and in his excitement his stunning Gold & Diamond Band came off in about 10 feet of water. He had his wits about himself to immediately locate where he was in the water. He noticed he was about 10 feet from the swim buoy anchor however the water on the bottom was murky and he couldn’t see his ring. When they got ashore and spoke to the concierge she said to give “Joe” a call and he should be able to recover it for you. We met on the beach the next morning and Luis gave me the details to the ring coming off. When the sun was shining on the lagoon I commenced my scuba hunt. The buoy anchor is easy enough to find so I started the hunt. I immediately found a silver ring. Fanning out from the buoy anchor I found a few more targets but the area was silting up fast and it was difficult to navigate. After about 40 minutes I was getting ready to give up when several feet from the anchor I got a screaming low tone on the Excalibur. Sure enough one sweep of my hand and Luis’ Gold Ring appeared. It was quite a bit farther then expected from the anchor but at least it was now found. I still had plenty of air so I hunted the lagoon a bit more finding a silver band and a gold plated heart ring. When I got ashore I called Luis and Janet and told them the good news. We met on the beach for the return and after a few hugs I knew the Anniversary was saved. Aloha to Luis & Janet!

Sanibel / Captiva Island — South Seas Island Resort — Lost Coin Found and Returned

from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)

We were contacted by Kim to find and return a lost Sixpence coin that was very sentimental to her and her family and traditionally part of family member’s wedding ceremonies.  The coin had been lost during Kim’s cousins’ wedding ceremony on the beach at South Seas Resort.  At some point before, during or after the ceremony, the coin—which was put in the wedding bouquet—had fallen out. Kim’s brother is getting married this summer, so it was important to Kim to make every effort possible to find the lost coin so he can use it during his wedding.

After arrangements were made and permission granted for us to enter the private resort, we arrived at the location.  There were three possible locations the ring could have been lost.  After a long walk to the ceremony site on the beach, my wife and I began our search.  After digging a few targets that were not the desired coin, it wasn’t long before I heard another signal close to the surface.  After sifting the sand out of the scoop, the lost coin had been found!

We made arrrangements to mail the coin back to Kim, and below is a picture of a happy Kim reunited with the coin.

Lost Heirloom/Engagement Ring Found! –Sheboygan Falls, WI

from Menomonee Falls (Wisconsin, United States)

Life can change in an instant! This proved true for Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, resident Rebecca Rabideaux on the morning of February 12th. It happened the moment she realized her diamond engagement ring was missing from her hand. The ring was also a family heirloom; it had once belonged to her grandmother. Now it was gone.

A sickening feeling whelmed up inside Rebecca as her mind went into a high-speed rewind mode; she tried to envision her every move in the past few days. The ring had been fitting loosely of late, the happy result of shedding some unwanted weight. Nightmarish scenarios flashed across her mind’s screen; the kitchen sink drain, the toilet, the garbage…

One memory sent Rebecca and her fiancé, Drew Wojciehowski, scurrying outside to the driveway with its waist-high piles of snow on either side. Rebecca recalled brushing snow off her car there early one morning. She was in a hurry and hadn’t put her gloves on. Anyone familiar with our North American winter conditions knows how the cold can shrink one’s fingers. Was Rebecca’s ring the victim of a perfect storm—a loose fit made worse by frigid exposure?

Despite their best search efforts, Rebecca and Drew could not locate the missing love token. The next day I received a phone call from Drew asking if I would conduct a search. He had located me on The Ring Finders website. We arranged to meet at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, February 16th. In the meantime, I urged Drew to keep his fingers and toes crossed!

After an hour and half drive from my home in Waukesha, WI, I arrived in the picturesque city of Sheboygan Falls. When I pulled up in front of the house, Drew was already outside waiting for me.

I left my metal detecting equipment in the car, introduced myself to Drew and listened to his account of where Rebecca’s vehicle was when she brushed snow off it with her bare hand. The garage door was open as he talked and my experienced eyes were already glancing over his shoulder, scanning the snow banks, the driveway and the garage floor. Imagine my surprise when on the concrete just inside the garage I spotted Rebecca’s ring! I walked over, picked it up, and handed it to Drew saying, “I’m thinking this is probably what you are looking for!”

Drew’s jaw dropped as I placed Rebecca’s gorgeous diamond ring into the palm of his cupped hand! Mission accomplished! Drew couldn’t believe they missed seeing it! As for me, this successful ring search ranks second in time only to a ring I once spotted for a client before I even got out of my car!

I’m so glad to have found your ring, Rebecca! And my best wishes on your upcoming wedding to Drew on October 5th—may the story of your ring continue with many, many happy years together.

Naples Florida — Lost Ring in Sand Found and Returned

from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)

On January 4th of this year we received a phone call from Ron who had been vacationing in Naples Florida.  Ron had lost his wedding band in the sand while enjoying a day at the beach.  After returning home to California, Ron began searching the internet to see how to find a lost ring and came across our contact information.  After discussing the location and area of the beach where the ring was lost, my wife and I headed out around sunset to begin our search.  As there were several sunset watchers on the beach, we had to search around the watchers.  After a short period of time and no success, the sun had set and people were slowly leaving the beach.  With the beach area empty our search area had expanded and we went opposite directions in our search.  It wasn’t long until my wife heard that sweet gold tone from her detector.  One scoop of sand and the ring was revealed in the bottom of her scoop.

After returning to the car, we were happy to text a picture of the ring to Ron who verified it was his ring.  We made arrangements to mail the ring back to him and he received the ring a few days later.  The picture we just received below shows how happy he is to have his ring back.

Testimonial from Louis in response to 04/23/2018 Naples ring recovery

from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)

We recently received the following testimonial from Louis for the April 23, 2018 ring recovery in Naples Florida:

”I deeply appreciate Craig and Stephanie’s professionalism and willingness to help.  With less than a few hours of advance notice, they drove more than forty minutes close to midnight to help me find my wedding band.  Not only is the pair professional and competent, but each is kind and good natured.  They found my ring within twenty minutes, and I will forever carry the memories of my most pleasant interaction with them as I look at my ring finger for many decades to come.

I encourage you to call Craig and Stephanie if you require assistance.You may expect meeting a trustworthy, capable and most helpful couple.”

Iphone Lost in Snow, Goldendale – Found by The Ring Finders

from Portland (Oregon, United States)
Contact: 1-509-365-8010

David happened to pick WA snowiest week of the year to visit clients. For a little fun and the need to get to the airport David operated a tractor with blade to clear the 1/4 mile driveway. In the process his iphone fell out of his jacket pocket.  In an effort to find a rental metal detector they found The Ring Finders… iPhone recovered, unfortunately damaged. Rentals are an option but in this case my large 15″ search coil and experience to discern metals size was the best choice.

David, it was a pleasure talking with a fellow “Coastie”, safe travels!

Portland OR & The Gorge

Willing to Trave Throughout WA & OR

Lost Engagement Ring Gurley, AL…Found!

from Huntsville (Alabama, United States)
Contact: 1-610-504-6135

I had my first search as a Ring Finder today, and I’m happy to report that it was a success!!!

I received a call from Ginger this morning (Saturday, 16 February 2019).  She told me that she had lost her gold engagement ring on Wednesday (cold and rainy day) and that she’s had that ring for 34 years.  I’m 32, so she’s had that ring 2 years longer than I’ve been alive!  I knew I had to find it.  I grabbed my gear and headed her way.

I arrived at her farm in Gurley, Alabama.  Ginger explained that she had rented a metal detector and spent numerous hours trying to find her ring.  With no luck, she went on Craigslist to post an ad for help.  She saw my posting on there (which I had just renewed yesterday) for the Ring Finders.  Ginger told me that her ring meant a lot to her and she was devastated that it was lost.  She recently had it repaired and it was weighting heavier than before.  She showed me 2 spots that she thought it could’ve fallen off and I got to work.

The first area I searched was where she had tossed a tape measure.  Ginger had actually grabbed a bolt and reenacted the throw a few times before I got there.  I setup a grid and searched that area for about an hour, but no ring.

We moved on to the next spot, which was by a few hay bales that Ginger was working around.  She had moved a tarp off of the bales and was standing on top of one of the bales to help move a few.  I detected along her path there.  Next, I started detecting the sides and top of the bales.  I got a great signal on the top of the right hay bale.  I pulled out my pin pointer and saw that gold on gold, her lost engagement ring!!!  We were both so excited and Ginger was very happy to have her ring back!  It was such an awesome feeling to be able to reunite Ginger with her lost engagement ring!  Total search time was about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Ginger, it was a real pleasure to find your ring, and thank you for calling the Ring Finders!!!  As Chris Turner always says, I love my job!  I agree 100%


Lost Ring North Stonington Connecticut… Found!

from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)
Contact: 1-252-775-1307

A stunning white gold and sapphire ring was lost in a North Stonington resident’s yard last summer. A couple of months after family members searched on their hands and knees, the ring owner found my profile online and reach out for help. We picked a date and I showed up to search the woods and surrounding yard. After searching for about 45 minutes, I heard the unmistakable gold single and looked down to see the outline of the lost ring peeking out from the moss. Another lost ring found and reunited with its owner!

Cassandra’s Testimonial:

“The ring was irreplaceable to me. I was heartbroken. You made me so happy I can’t even express it. The cost $X,XXX but to me and the time in my life it symbolizes makes it priceless”

Lost ring or jewelry in your yard? Even if it was lost long ago, it’s not too late to find it! Don’t waste your time with a borrowing or renting a metal detector, have a professional member of The Ring Finders find you lost ring or jewelry. Serving Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and short distances into other surrounding states, if you have a lost ring or other lost jewelry, contact me now through or or call me at 252-775-1307

Keith Wille’s Media Mentions:

White Gold Ring with Sapphire

Ring Found!

Lost White Gold Wedding Band in Honu Lagoon Ko Olina Resort…FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got an email Wednesday night from Pat who lives on Oahu. During a family visit from Seattle they decided to enjoy a day at Ko Olina Lagoons. Pat was snorkeling towards his sister when his white gold wedding band came off his finger in about six feet of water. He could see the ring lying in the sand at the bottom but when he dove down to get it the ring disappeared into the soft white sand. Another gentleman joined in to help but all the sand fanning wouldn’t expose the ring to them. Pat went ashore and was frantically trying to find an underwater metal detector to rent when he found TheRingFinders. After which he sent the email. I called Pat and told him I could meet him at the lagoons Friday morning to search for the ring. I decided it would be best for scuba because I can cover more ground in water deeper then my head that way. Pat showed me the general area and I started my search. After about 45 minutes and the search area complete I found only a few coins and two rings but not Pat’s. We consulted on the beach as to what direction to continue and Pat thought maybe since he was going towards his sister I should continue that direction also. It paid off. About ten minutes later I got a booming tone on the Excalibur and with one scoop of my hand there was Pats wedding ring. I popped up and yelled to Pat on the shoreline. “Got it!” Pat was extremely relieved and said his wife would be just as happy as he was at that moment. Best hobby in the world! Aloha to Pat!