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Best find ever!!

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Great day it was: March 25, 2022

Best find ever!!!

Giant Mummy Attacks Boaters on Lake Conroe, Family Heirloom Lost Overboard reported by Houston Metal Detecting Services.

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Lost Gold Ring – Found! in Pittsburgh

  • from Indiana (Pennsylvania, United States)

Lost your ring, keys, phone, other valuable metal item?? Call/text Brian Carpenter at (814) 244-2300, metal detecting and lost jewelry recovery specialist for service in Pittsburgh, Indiana, PA and most of Western Pennsylvania.

I received a text from Arthur that he had lost his grandfather’s ring in his neighbor’s backyard. In talking to Arthur it was on a tray that he dumped, forgetting it was on there. He heard it hit the chain link fence separating the yards and spent hours in vain looking, unable to find it. The ring was very special (as most are) with the story of this one having belonged to his grandfather who served in World War II and then continued serving in the NYPD. The ring was from his grandfather’s time in the NYPD.

I arrived at the house and met Arthur who showed me the search area. Pretty standard, however, the chain link fence of course could pose a challenge. My thought was it was directly under the fence and would be very difficult to locate. I searched with my large coil first, then switched to my smaller one to get closer to the fence. It took me about an hour, but I located the ring a short distance from fence next to a large pine tree. The pine needles provided the perfect hiding place.

Arthur was elated to have his ring back as his face lit up with a great big smile. The ring was a large gold ring and was inscribed Captain, a tribute to the rank of Arthur’s Grandfather at the time of his retirement I would assume. There was a little bit of added pressure trying to find and return this hero’s ring to his grandson and I am glad to have been able to do so. It is always a blessing to meet kind and generous people like Arthur and a pleasure to have been able to find and return his ring!!

lost Gold Chain + Rings found in Fairhaven, Mass

A friend on Facebook sent me a listing of a Gold chain with a diamond butterfly lost that had 3 rings on it at the beach. After reaching out to Alyssa, she finally got back to me after a few days. We chatted about what I do and how it was lost. She had mentioned that for me not to bother to travel so far because she said a couple of other guys had searched high and low for them to no avail. We agreed that maybe someone had seen them on the sand and possibly picked them up.

I again reached out about four days later and told Alyssa that when I got over that way I would check the area in question and went over that day again. I asked if she had gone into the water, she replied no just to the waters edge. She did mention that she walked up to the bathing houses on her way out that day.

Two month’s had gone by. It was honestly haunting me, to know that such a precious set of rings and a gold butterfly chain was just possibly sitting in the sand without no one looking for them any longer. I keep a list of NON found things on my desk. I looked at that note everyday. I decided to make the trip yesterday. I searched the area in question for an hour, I was almost up to the parking lot, but still in the path sand area, when I got that familiar low tone. I dug down, and out popped a Gold ring, still didn’t look familiar. I checked the hole and another low tone, and again out popped two more gold rings and they were attached to a beautiful gold diamond butterfly chain. Now I was smiling. I knew I had Alyssa’s precious rings. The best part is that she had not even known that I went to look for them.

I contacted her again through Facebook and I am happy to say she is reunited with them once again. Never give up, in this case keeping notes and persistence paid off. On a side note to the story, Shawn was off the hook, he apparently was the one who had them in his shirt, and dropped them. Congratulations Alyssa on your return. Sincerely Leighton




Avalon NJ Lost Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Found by Ring Finders South Jersey John Favano

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

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Lydia was getting ready to return home to Virginia after visiting her grandmother Mary Jane and other family and friends in Avalon, NJ when she realized her engagement ring and wedding band weren’t on her finger. She was on the beach earlier in the day and forgot to put them back on before packing up. Mary Jane was referred to me by her friend Jen and called me shortly after they realized the rings were lost in the sand. I met them approximately 20 minutes later and started to search the area where they thought the rings might be. I had to expand the search out a little farther and found both a few minutes later! It was a emotional ending and great feeling to recover the sentimental rings.



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Lost Platinum Wedding Ring in Backyard Recovered by NJ Lost Ring Finder Ed Cropski Moorestown,New Jersey

  • from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)

Found it! Got a call from John last night asking for help finding his platinum wedding ring in his yard. He explained that when he was moving the backwash hose for his swimming pool he was surprised to find it covered in ants and threw it down and shook his hands,that’s when his ring flew off! He heard it cha ching off either the stones or pump right there but with the sun going down he was unable to find it. After a few minutes of searching with my White’s V3i and custom gold problem I got a solid 19 target id number and discovered his ring in the grass!
Another happy customer!
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Bayville NJ Lost wedding band in the grass Recovered by Edward Trapper NJ Ring Finder September 29 2022

  • from Seaside Park (New Jersey, United States)
Mary sent me a message about a lost wedding band. She explained that her husband Kyle was washing the cars and his wedding ring had disappeared. He searched the cars, flower beds by the hose, and all around in the grass. They even tried with a metal detector and had no luck. I arranged to meet at the house after work the next day. After talking with Kyle about where the ring could possibly be, he went inside and told me to just ring the bell. He barley had closed the door when my machine gave a tone that was without a doubt his ring. I rang the bell and the look on his face was priceless. Later on after the recovery I found out Kyle and I share the same birthday, Happy Birthday Kyle, this was a great day for sure.

Wayne PA Lost Cartier LOVE Ring Found by Ring Finders South Jersey John Favano

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

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Randy reached out to me for help to find his son, Alex’s, lost 18k white gold Cartier LOVE Ring.
The ring flew off Alex’s finger while he was throwing a football to a friend on the field at Valley Forge Military Academy in Wayne, PA. I met Alex at the field and started the search where he thought it may have landed. After looking for awhile, I expanded the search farther down the field. After another 30 minutes of gridding, the ring was found!

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Lost Gold and Diamond Ring at Kuhio Beach Waikiki…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a text from Alberto asking if I was able to help us in Waikiki find a ring?  I was just finishing up work and decided to call and see what the circumstances were.  Alberto on vacation from Santa Monica, California said that while crab walking in the water with his 4 year old Niece his friend Andrew’s Gold & Diamond ring came off in shallow water at Kuhio Beach.  They searched for about four hours with no luck.  I told Andrew I’d head home and grab my detecting gear and be there in about 30 minutes.  When I arrived Andrew & Alberto met me on the beach to show me the area they believed the ring came off.  Alberto helped by being a grid marker out in the water for me.   As I was working shoreward Alberto said he didn’t think the ring would be any closer to the shore and that I should probably extend the search out to the east and deeper.  I hadn’t even found a target yet this beach was sterile.  As I was heading deeper Alberto said maybe just about ten feet more.  After that I turned around and started the inbound leg when I got a booming tone 12-13-14 on the Nox.  I scooped twice but missed the target I was thinking this might be a small piece of can slaw but the target was still in the same spot.  On the third try I had the target in the scoop and “BINGO” it was Andrew’s ring.  I could instantly see the relief on Andrew’s face as I told them I found it.  They both agreed,  The vacation was saved!  Aloha to Andrew & Alberto!

Lost Engagement Ring… Found Iowa City, Iowa


Today I recovered an engagement ring for a lady who lost it in a dried creek bed while picking up trash. Very happy to find it for her.