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Lost Keys in Snow in Homewood, Illinois. Found with hand held pinpointer.

from Chicago (Illinois, United States)
Contact: 1-773-206-8476

Received a call to look for a group of keys that he thought he had lost shoveling the driveway. One of the keys was to his car, which he could not move. Also a series of house keys and others. I started to search with  CTX 3030. Found a lot of metal interference. Took rake and searched my signals along with my pinpointer. Nothing! There was a large pile of snow near some steps with a metal railing. Decided to use the pinpointer and buried it into the pile. BINGO!!

14kt Family Crest Ring Found in Lake – Returned! Litchfield Beach, SC.

from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)
Contact: 1-843-333-4114

I received a phone call from David, from a local property management company in early December about a ring that was lost in a lake behind one of the homes in the gated community. The information given to me was third hand, but seemed pretty straight forward. Alex, in his eighties was throwing a crab trap into the salt water lake. As he did it stripped the ring from his finger and deposited it into the water. Alex had reserved himself to the thought that the ring was probably gone forever. Alex’s children contacted the property management company and asked if there was anything that might be done. David found Alex’s children were hoping that we might find the ring so they could present it back to him for Christmas.

I met David at the property. He gave me the information as he got it from the kids. After securing permission from the HOA I returned a few days later with waders and my CTX 30-30 and my Excalibur. Thinking this was going to be easy, I jumped off the seawall with the Excal to work 25′ by 40′ grid. Immediately I realized the bottom of the lake was full of trash. Since the water was only about knee deep I asked my wife to hand me the CTX so I had an idea what targets were sounding off. After setting some discrimination I worked the area pretty hard for an hour plus. I removed several larger targets that might have been causing interference, but I was not getting the type of signal that I wanted to see. I was also getting feedback from hot rocks and the seawall bolts any time I got the 17” coil next to the bulkhead. I expanded the grid, but after awhile I assumed I was getting bad info in this third hand translation. I gave up until more info, preferably from the source, was given to me.

Alex phoned earlier this week telling me who he was and asked if I was interested in giving it another try. I met him at the house the next day. Alex assured me he would put me in a 6 foot radius. I remembered all the trash in the lake and the seawall feedback, so I took along my Gold Bug Pro with the smaller coil. I knew that would help get between trash to see a good target. I had Alex rub his left earlobe for luck. After removing more trash and some hot rocks I worked a 15 by 15′ area. I was becoming annoyed that I was not finding this ring. Alex explained from land that he used a castnet to try and retrieve the ring the day he lost it. After hearing that, I knew he dragged the ring closer to the seawall. I came right up next to the bulkhead with Fisher Gold Bug and there it was. A 62 on the interface told me what I wanted to know. One scoop and a glint of gold confirmed the rest. At 82 Alex can still jump, as I witnessed “The Ring Dance”. With a great big smile, Alex explained to me that this ring had been given to him by his late wife Ginger on their 25th wedding anniversary. I could see him reminisce. Then he joyfully said “Hot Dog!”, or something like that. Although, not the timely Christmas gift that the kids had hoped for, the end result everybody wanted was achieved.

Alex, Thank You for the generous reward. Thanks to all for your trust in me to find this ring.


Lost Ring Found on Whangarei Beach

from Paihia (New Zealand)
Contact: 021 135 9291

Jan 14th, 2018
I came across a plea on social media about a gold ring lost in the surf at Ruakaka. The beach is open to the ocean, has a reasonable longshore current and while conditions had been calm, sand is always moving… and rings are always sinking.
While it was outside my normal maximum travel range, the backstory to the ring put a successful recovery and return at the top of my priorities. Even if I took a financial loss, I was going to do my utmost to find and return this ring!
The ring had been lost for just over two days by the time I got there. Family efforts with a borrowed metal detector the previous day had drawn a blank.

The gentleman concerned turned up, and after a brief discussion, he duly marked out the boundaries in the sand, I waded in and got to work. It was hard graft with a big coil, although after digging a fishing weight from over a foot down, I knew if the ring could be found, it would be found.
Two hours later, I got a nice solid tone. It was so beautifully clear and smooth, it could only be gold. I listened to it again and again, knowing what it was. I had to pause as a largish wave passed, then went after it.

In the scoop was a whole heap of smiles 🙂

Some rings are worth far, far more than their weight in gold.


Toronto! Diamond Earring found! “Live Return” video

from Mississauga (Ontario, Canada)
Contact: 905-208-4440

This is definitely one of the best Ring finder “Live Video” returns of the year.

One of the most difficult things to find are lost earrings with metal detectors! It takes a very specific detector and a lot of experience to locate such a finite piece of metal. The following story and amazing “Live Video Return” of the 1.5 Karat, near flawless Diamond earring is truly amazing! Finding this beautiful stone is a great example our commitment, persistence and experience here at Ringfinders!

Please enjoy.

I received a call from a woman who lost a very expensive diamond earring in the woods at a high end golf course just north of Toronto. Apparently while golfing she lost her ball in a small wooded area between 2 Fairways. The area was thick brush with a lot of branches and fall leaves on the ground . After the woman recovered the ball she remembered a branch grazing the side of her face on the way out. Once at her golf cart she noticed that one on the earrings that had been on her ear for over 20 years was gone!

The beautiful diamond was an anniversary gift from her beloved husband. Understandably she became frantic and went back into the woods on her hands and knees but could not find the beautiful stone. She notified the golf course and over a two-week period many of the Golf Course staff searched the wooded area for the earring. Trees were pruned, dead branches were cut and many individuals scoured the area for the earring with no avail!

After sometimes she decided to hire another detectorist to come out and look. Unfortunately after 2 days of thoroughly gridding the area  it was not located. At this point she gave me a call!

Along with having a very extensive repertoire of metal detecting equipment I am fortunate enough to be on the test team for one of the largest metal detecting companies in the world. Being on their test team allows me to have metal detectors that other ring finders and detectorists do not have and in the situation it greatly helped! Along with my extensive knowledge on finding very small pieces of metal and the right machine, I was extremely fortunate that day.

After arriving to the wooded area the woman told me the story. By this time she was completely exhausted and had given up all hope on finding the earring! I had told her this is only a matter of time and patience and I was quite sure that I would be able to find the earring for her. Unfortunately her face did not have as much confidence as I was hoping for and understandably. I started gridding the area with another detector but by this time the area looked literally like a minefield . Unfortunately no luck so I started testing the other ear ring that she still had on with my detectors. I finally found a prototype detector with a very specific setting I made heard it perfectly. At that point I literally walked over to the area where “I ” believed it had fell off and on the second swing got the beautiful signal I was expecting!

The following “Live Return” video shows the entire event and is one of the proudest moments of the year for me.

Northern Virginia Ring Finder featured in local paper

from Fairfax (Virginia, United States)
Contact: 1-571-217-5759



Check out the cover photo and story on page 6 of the Burke Connection…


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And page 16 of the Mount Vernon Gazette…




Men’s White Gold Wedding Band Found at Church and Returned – Myrtle Beach, SC.

from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)
Contact: 1-843-333-4114

I got an phone call the Monday before Christmas from Richard. He and I go back nearly forty years. “Are you still doing that “Ring Finders Thing”? This was how the conversation started. Richard and his son Rick are owners and operators of a local plumbing company. Richard went on to explain that his son lost his wedding band the night before while fixing some broken and frozen water lines. He told me that Rick played it off as an “Oh Well!”, but Richard could tell that it hurt him to lose. We set a time to meet at the church that afternoon. His last words to me were “Bring your rubber boots.”

Boy, Richard was not kidding about the boots. There was a 60′ open trench exposing the water lines. On each side of this trench was a pile of the hand dug mud, clay and dirt. There was a pump in the trench removing the water to allow an easier search. Richard also explained about another area about 40 yards away where they were using an excavator. The ground between the trench and the area that they unloaded the machinery was chewed beyond recognition by the tracks. I had Richard and Pastor Danny rub there left earlobe and say a quick prayer for luck as I started the search. I searched the grounds between the trench and the excavator first, as I waited for the pumps to do their job. False signals were ever present. I was happy to have the discriminating power of the CTX 30-30. After 15 to 20 minutes of working that side of the trench and its’ diggings, I moved around to the other side. I worked the trench and the diggings without the all familiar “Gold Tone” from the Minelab. I started working a small patch of brush just outside of the dirt pile. I got a crisp signal that looked to be a pull tab in the response, but investigated it anyway. “Whoop, there it is”. There in a clump of mud was Ricky’s wedding band. Richard snatched the ring from my hand and crushed me with a big hug. He and Pastor Danny let out a great big “whoop” and then it happened. “The Ring Dance”. Richard’s smile turned into a quivering chin and a tear swelled under his eye. But big boys don’t cry… It must have been something in his eye.

Richard said he was going to give the ring to Rick for Christmas. I reminded him that Rick’s wife might decide to replace it for a gift and that he needed to let her in on the idea. Richard couldn’t stand it though, and wrapped it up and presented it to Rick that afternoon. It was a rewarding hunt for me to be able to help friends, as most of the time I am getting calls from complete strangers.

Lost Phone In Snow…Found!

from Canaan (New Hampshire, United States)
Contact: 1-603-523-7875

A student had gone cross-country skiing and noticed that her iPhone was gone, likely lost during a fall somewhere along the course. Luckily I was able to find the phone (buried in the snow) in about an hour.

Lost Gold Necklace Pendant at Hilton Hawaiian Village…FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This metal detecting find began when I received a call from Nigel who was visiting Hawaii from Vancouver, Canada. While his lovely wife Nelo was removing their daughter Nya’s shirt to put suntan lotion on the shirt snagged her gold necklace pendant and it popped off into the sand. They looked at the sand and it was gone. Nigel googled and found my metal detecting services on theringfinders page. I was at work but agreed to leave a little early to get into Waikiki before rush hour traffic. When I arrived Nigel met me at the shrimp truck near the parking lot and we walked down to the area on the beach that his darling daughter Nya lost her necklace charm. Nelo described to me what happened and showed me the area she believed the pendant came off. It was only a 10 by 10 foot square so I fired up the Excalibur and started my search. 10 seconds into the search I got a nice low gold tone and one scoop down there was Nya’s charm in the scoop. It was just big enough not to fall through the grate. Nelo was absolutely amazed that it was found so quickly. Nya was eating some cheesy snack which you can see on her hand in the picture and was excited to get her charm back. Vacation back on track. Aloha to our friends from up North Nigel, Nelo & Nya.

News Report, Dunsborough-Busselton Mail , Western Australia

from Perth (Australia)
Contact: 0469880955.

Link to a news story for my latest recovery in the Dunsborough-Busselton Mail.


Hamilton Lost Diamond Rings Found “Live Video”

from Mississauga (Ontario, Canada)
Contact: 905-208-4440

This video shows two great Ring finds in Hamilton Ontario just after Christmas in -30 wind chill weather. The first one was very difficult. A young married couple were out hiking in the woods and decided to have a bit of a snowball fight up on a ridge. The lady noticed that her ring came off after she was going to put back on her mitt. After hiking back on the frozen trail about 30 minutes in -15c temperature the young husband showed me the area. He had been there the day before for 10 hours on his hands and knees looking for the ring. As you can see in the video after extensively gridding the area with my high-end metal detector I find the ring.

The second video is incredible. The ring found is actually a 1.5 karat engagement ring. Originally the ring was thought to have come off her hand in the cold between the back door of her house and her car as she was on her way to her friend’s house across the other side of town. After searching the area I realized it wasn’t there and told her that I suspected it might be in her friend’s driveway. Young lady stated that it was a very small driveway and she highly doubted that it would be in the other driveway but I insisted for us to drive across to check. As you can see from the following video clip the young couple where in utter shock when I discovered the beautiful ring at the side of the driveway in a snowbank.It was very successful Ring Return.