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Lost Platinum& Diamonds Engagement Ring at Sherwood Beach Waimanalo…FOUND!!!


This ring find started when I got a phone call from a local Wedding photographer. His clients went to Sherwood Beach in Waimanalo for a photo shoot and while the bride was walking to the spot her Engagement Ring dropped somewhere along the path or at the site. Everyone immediately started searching but with such a vast area to cover it was hopeless. The photographer’s assistant named Mao agreed to meet me the next morning with the unfortunate Japanese couple who were on their Honeymoon in Hawaii. The next morning at 11AM Mao, Mika & Shuichi from Tokyo Japan met me in the parking lot of Sherwood Beach. Mika demonstrated and Mao translated to me how the ring was lost. I asked Mika to walk slowly to the photo shoot area and I’d follow behind with the Excalibur. The ground was surprisingly sterile of metal targets. The few detections I was able to eliminate with my pinpointer. It was a sandy area covered in pine needles and mini pinecones. I asked Mika if she held her dress up with the ring in it all the way to the wooded photo shoot site and she said, Yes. I asked her to show me that area as we weren’t having any luck along the path. The woods looked so similar there were actually two sites Mika thought could be it. I thought this would be the rings first chance to fall out. OK I’ll search them both. These areas had plenty of metal trash so I had to work through it. After covering both areas with no ring I told Mika I wanted to go back to the first site as she hadn’t had me go more towards the beach as in the second site. Also most people for the first time like to look at the surf from the nearest vantage point. It paid off. I got a loud but scratchy tone and stuck the pinpoiter into the sand as with each of the other 25-30 targets and up popped the stunning engagement ring. Wow! “I found it” I shouted out to Mika. As she came running over tears were already pouring from her eyes. It had been about 45 minutes but that must have seemed like an eternity to Mika. Suichi & Mao joined us and we had a group hug. Everyone had a smile and the elation and thankfulness shown to me was overwhelming. Even I got a lump in my throat. Mika is going home to Japan that afternoon with her ring. Honeymoon saved. Aloha to Mika & Shuichi and to Mao for thinking of the ringfinders.

Lost 1914 $2.50 Gold Piece Medallion at Aulani Disney Resort Ko Olina…FOUND!!!


This Gold Medallion hunt began when I had a text from my wife saying Lucas from Ohio needed Metal Detecting services. I called Lucas and he had returned to Kailua where he was staying while on vacation from Air Force duty in Alaska. While he was playing with his daughter in the lagoon during one of the tosses into the water her hand accidentally grabbed his gold medallion necklace and it broke from around his neck. Lucas was able to retrieve the necklace immediately but the medallion vanished in the sand of the lagoon. He searched to no avail and then when he got home Googled metal detecting service and thats where he found All Island Treasure Detectors. Lucas sent me a Google Map pin drop of the location. Ironically, I was still at Aulani from a previous search so I told Lucas I’d start the search now. I gathered my gear and headed to the lagoon. I drew two lines on the shoreline and started my grid search. After a nickel & a dime target there was a very loud quivering sound target. One scoop and there was the Medallion. It’s great when the client gives excellent locating data. Aloha to Lucas and Thank You for your service to the country.

After 4 Long Months Lost Wedding Ring Found – by Del Witters


Melissa’s mom saw the Oregon Fox 12 news story on The Ring Finders and told her to give me a call; moms are so helpful!

About 4 months ago Melissa set her wedding ring on the counter so she could help install the above ground pool in their backyard. Her daughter saw the ring and thought she would be cleverly helpful and present it to her mom on a small pillow. Shortly after stepping onto the grass the pillow fell and the ring was gone. Kevin borrowed a friends metal detector but he told me all it did was beep on everything and they couldn’t ever find the target. He also used a leaf blower to spread the grass but still no ring. As the months passed Melissa and Kevin looked but had nearly given up hope of ever finding her ring. It wasn’t until a few days ago that Melissa learned of The Ring Finders and gave me a call. Since the suspect area was near the roof line there were a lot of nails and it made it tough to hear a good solid tone. During my second grid of the area, perpendicular to the first, I heard a squeak of a good tone and the numbers, while not 100% locked on, looked good on my Minelab CTX 3030 for gold. My pinpointer picked up a relatively shallow target and at about one inch deep I uncovered a white gold wedding ring caked with mud. As I handed it to Melissa her smile and a few tears let me know I had found it!

Such a nice family and our worthwhile service keeps me smiling right along with my customers.

Share these stories with friends and family all over the world… chances are there is a member of “The Ring Finders” nearby that is ready to help.

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The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service can locate your lost engagement ring, wedding ring,
favorite piece of jewelry, family heirloom, or other important personal item.

I can search virtually any location. Some of the most common are parks, beaches, creeks, yards, gardens, and even underwater.
If you lost your RING or other precious item “Don’t Wait-Call Now!” 509-365-8010

Splendor in the Grass (Clippings)


Got a call last Wednesday from Eric, who had lost his palladium wedding ring while doing some yard work.  We linked up at his house on Thursday afternoon, and after some discussion in which he pointed out the two areas where he thought the ring would most likely be, I searched both for an hour and a half, to no avail. We agreed that I’d come back Saturday, and when I got there, we reviewed the circumstances of the loss.  He told me of one other place in the yard, where he had dumped some grass clippings, and that he hadn’t mentioned previously.  “Aha!!!!”, I thought to myself, “This must be why I didn’t find the ring Thursday!” Brimming with confidence, I searched grass clippings with vigor, expecting to find the ring at any moment.  After a fruitless hour and a half search in that area, I humbly went back to the very first place he had pointed out.  I decided to expand the mental search grid I had used Thursday by a few yards in each direction. I quickly found a clad quarter, an old metal button, a clasp, and what looks to me like a piece of a merchants’ weight scale (none of which Eric had lost while doing yard work).  I was making the turn on my third parallel search row, and just at the edge of the grid, there was the ring, lying in the grass, shining like a little round beacon.  Another satisfied customer!


e-ring        e-and-ring

Lost Ring Found Minnesota Metal Detecting


Reena was out with her family at a fall festival. While playing around in the child’s area with her daughter, she noticed her 24K gold ring was missing from her finger. This ring was a gift from her mother in India and had a very special personal meaning. She called me through the ring finders web site and I was able to search the next day. This is a huge area and I was unsuccessful the first 3 times I searched. I went in for one final search as I know how important these rings can be to people. The 4th was the charm, I’m so happy I found it for you. Take Care.


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Lost Wedding Ring Reunited with Owner after Two Months – Brings Hope


It was a busy day for Big Island Metal Detecting!

Two desperate callers rang within 10 minutes of each other requesting searches for their lost jewelry.

What started out as two recoveries ended with the discovery of a third ring!

Since all searches are time-sensitive, Sylvie searched one beach looking for the lost wedding ring – while Brent searched another beach with his friend for a lost earing.

During his search, Brent found a very large ring under the water with the inscription “Dario Loves Fallon” written on the outside.

ring-1As the ring did not belong to either client, we went to work to track down the owner, a feat we thought would be nearly impossible, especially without a last name to search the World Wide Web!

A Google search turned up only one page that promised a little hope of identifying the owner. A Go Fund Me webpage had the matching names, “…Dario, Fallon’s husband..” The Go Fund Me page was set up to request contributions because Fallon had a life-threatening medical emergency and required immediate surgery. Following the page links and using the new details, it was then possible to then find their Facebook pages – which indeed had photos of them on the Big Island of Hawaii a month earlier!

We were excited and emotional at the prospect of having found the owner – and if this was indeed them, then we knew that such fantastic news would be welcome news due to their current, grave situation. Rings can be so incredibly sentimental and in our experience, it can make such a huge difference to have a ring returned that was thought to be gone forever. We sent a message to them on Facebook and excitedly checked the next morning for a response.dario-palavra

Dario Palavra replied, “I’m so shocked that you guys found my ring. We were just in Hawaii in August!.It is my wedding ring – my wife has a matching ring. I figured it was long gone. I thought I lost it in the deep water since I love to swim. I’m so happy that you guys found it – since we got back from Hawaii we been dealing with a lot of health problems with my wife – I almost lost her – she had less than 10% chance of living and now when you tell me you found our wedding ring, that is amazing. Once I get it back it is going to be glued to my finger!!!”

We express mailed the ring to Dario, and soon afterwards got a photo of him wearing the ring he thought he would never see again!

If you’re interested further in this story – or would like to read about Fallon’s Go-Fund-Me page, go to :

Big Island Metal Detecting  rings-palavra



Lost ring in Natick, MA. found. Find of a life time.


Find of a life time is a common phrase heard in the metal detecting community. It has a different definition than what you will find in this story. Last Monday I got a text concerning a very special lost ring in Natick, MA. A very common story where the parents were playing with the children in the back yard when one action or another dislodged the women’s ring from her finger. The play immediately ceased and the family spent the rest of the daylight looking for the lost ring with no success.

When I arrived at the home the first thing I noticed was the landscaping. The ground in the back yard reminded me of a green and brown loop pile carpeting. In other words there was no real place for a ring to go, so I figured Id be out there in a few minutes flat. Well after 30 minutes of covering the entire back yard with a grid search I came up empty I expanded the search to around corners, under and in any yard toys, and on and in a small shed, but still a big nothing. At that point I made a joke about climbing over into the neighbors yard or checking the gutters. The next words out of my mouth were, “Do you have a ladder?” I am still not sure what that look on Jennifer’s face meant! I got the ladder to check the gutters, but as it turned out they were not going to need a handyman to come by later this fall to clean them out and the roof was pretty much debris free also except for a large platinum ring with 8 crazy diamonds.

Two people playing keep away, an air filled ball, a loose ring, and of course physics will send a ring flying every time. Hope I can attache video and be careful it’s a little loud, but pay attention to the wife and not me. She was very happy!


Video is loud so be careful!!


You may have to cut and paste until I figure this out!!! Thanks!!!


jennifer1 jennifer2

Gold and Diamond Pendant Lost in House .. Calabasas, CA. .. Found in Carpet


Sunday afternoon I received a call from Marie who had lost a small gold and diamond heirloom pendant inside a house. She had been visiting friends in Calabasas, CA. when the pendant slipped off the chain while attempting to put on her necklace. The small pendant fell somewhere in the room which had a very thick carpet. Everybody in the family tried to find it with no success.
When Maria contacted me, I explained that it is difficult to use my normal metal detector inside a home. I have small hand held detectors that may work, depending on the location. Sometimes there are electrical noises like alarm systems or computer system equipment that interfere with metal detectors. Listening to her story, she may have also lost it outside the house, so we had to give it a try.
Maria didn’t want to bother her hosts anymore this day, asking me if I could come Monday. It was about noon Monday when I met her friend’s husband, Dave at the residence . He walked me into the room where the loss occurred. He had disassembled the bed removing the mattress and had moved the dresser to the other side of the room.
Two years ago I bought a UniProbe detecting unit just for situations like this. As a backup I chose to use my Garrett Pro-Pointer AT pinpointer.
Working on my hands and knees I covered about an 8’x 8′ area before I got a signal. There deep in the thick carpet was Maria’s very sentimental pendant. Dave was elated and couldn’t believe that it was found in a place that so many had looked. I was also impressed by how well my UniProbe pinpointer unit worked with such a small piece of gold. I did not get to meet Maria but I was the first person to tell her by phone that her priceless keepsake was found.


14K Men’s Wedding Band Lost in the Ocean for 2 months – Found and Returned North Myrtle Beach, SC


I had originally gotten a call on August 11th, 2016 from Jeff H. stating he had lost his wedding band in the ocean which turned out to be right at mid-tide. He went on to say he had been in and out of the ocean over the course of a few hours and wasn’t really sure when, where or how deep he was when it slipped off his finger. I was just wrapping up another ring find with Jim Brouwer and was waiting for the couple to come back to the beach to get their ring when Jeff called. Jim agreed to go ahead and head to Jeff’s resort and start looking and I followed soon after.

When I got to the resort Jim already had a grid search going from the mid tide line seaward so I started a grid search at the current tide line and worked seaward. After a few hours, the tide turned, we weren’t having any luck and it was getting dark and neither one of us had our head lamps so we called it quits. I made at least 3 maybe 4 more trips out and searched north/south and east/west grids and felt really confident that I had covered the area as well as I could.

Fast forward to Hurricane Mathew, we didn’t get the sand movement on the beach that we (the guys that metal detect) had hoped for but we did have some. There’s 3 lost rings that I had gotten calls on this summer that I haven’t found yet so I thought this would be a good opportunity to give each one another shot. Jeff’s ring was number 2 on my list so I had planned on going out this week for one last crack at it. Oddly enough, Jeff text me Saturday evening (Oct 15th) asking “did the hurricane wash up my ring?” We text back and forth and I let him know I was going to give it one more shot. Shortly after we finished I contacted my son-in-law Donnie and asked if he was available to help find this ring sometime this week. We set it up to search at low tide Monday (Oct 17th). I got there maybe 10 minutes before Donnie and was working a grid from the middle of the resort north and from the wet sand to about chest deep in the ocean. When Donnie showed up I had him start his grid from the south side of the resort and work north to the middle, this way our machines wouldn’t be interfering with each other and we could cover the area quickly before the tide turned. I was digging a target in the wet sand within 10 minutes of Donnie starting his grid search when he walked up behind me and dropped a ring on the sand at my feet. I looked at it and couldn’t believe he’d found Jeff’s ring after 2 months in the ocean. We confirmed the inscription on the inside of the ring with what Jeff had told me and BINGO, we had a match!

I took a picture of the ring and text Jeff and then called him. In his own words he was speechless. I’ll never know whether the hurricane helped move enough sand or the extra low tide helped us get out to the deeper ocean but nonetheless Jeff has his ring back where it belongs. Along with the picture he sent me of him and his wife, Michelle, he also sent me the picture with their hands together titled “back together”. There’s nothing more I can add!

Donnie, thank you for all your help and making it possible to get this ring home.

Jeff and Michelle, thank you for trusting in me to help find your treasure. Best of luck to you both!!


back-together jeffs-ring2


Thank you for reading my Blog!!

Lost wedding ring in the grass…St. Cloud, Florida…Found!


Waylon called me Thursday around noon to ask if I could help him find his wedding ring. Apparently while throwing some sticks and debris into the woods he felt his ring slide off of his finger and actually caught a glimpse of it as it sailed into the brush! After searching the area he soon realized he needed the help of a metal detector. He rented a cheap detector and searched the area but only found a few cans and bits of metal. And after 13 years of marriage and a wedding anniversary coming up in December, Waylon was anxious to find his ring.
When I asked for an address of where I could meet Waylon, he mentioned the area where he lost his ring was a new subdivision and he decided to drop me a pin of the exact location. Google maps is an amazing feature and an hour later I arrived at the site. It took me a few minutes to find the side walk and wooded area where Waylon had searched for his ring. I set out 2 flags and fired up my DFX. I usually search in Coin and Jewelry mode and have a fairly good idea of what my detector tells me when I go over different kinds of metals. My first pass was in the grass and my second pass was just into the edge of the woods. There were thick clumps of grass and brier bushes with sticks and weeds. I figured if I do not find it in the second pass then it could turn into a long tough search–as the bushes only got thicker and more of a tangled mess! But as I was ending my second pass I got a good signal. So using my trusty Garrett pro pointer, I scraped the dirt to see how deep the item was and as I brushed the dirt aside there was Waylon’s ring pressed into the ground.
As I picked up the ring and cleaned it off I realized that I had not gotten a good description from Waylon as to what exactly his ring looked like. So in a text I asked him to describe his ring. Sure enough it was his ring. I changed my boots and got some water to clean his ring and then sat down to wait for Waylon to arrive.
Fifteen minutes later Waylon drove up and I presented him with his ring!dscf2565-001dscf2563
What an honor and a pleasure it has been to help Waylon and his wife! And I encouraged him to get that ring resized and have an early Happy Anniversary!
Maybe you’ve lost something! Give me a call–ASAP!
Mike McInroe proud member of