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Lost Cache of Silver Coins Found!

from Columbia (South Carolina, United States)
Contact: 1-803-546-4742

I received a call from a gentleman who had buried a cache of silver coins 5 years ago but couldn’t locate them because some of the surrounding reference points had changed since they were buried.  I arranged to meet him the next day and after about a 30 minute search,  they were located.

1897 Heirloom Gold Ring… Lost in Hamden, CT!

from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)
Contact: 1-860-917-8947

Three years ago, Andrew’s grandfather passed down the family gold ring. Fifty years before that, Andrew’s great grandfather, Ben, passed the ring to his grandson. The family heirloom ring began its journey in 1897, and it was up to me to help Andrew retrieve the lost treasure.

During my hour-long drive to Hamden, Connecticut, I tried to imagine the situation. I’ve never had a call like this in all the years I’ve been finding lost rings. There are many times where I get a story about a lost ring, and once I arrive, the investigation leads to an entire set of new circumstances. After all, how does a ring go missing after being hidden under a rock for safekeeping? I knew the lost ring was bordering a pond, so my instinct kept telling me it somehow ended up in the water. My next fear was the ring being inaccessible, and the bowels of earth swallowed it up for good. There was no telling what I might find.

Andrew went for a jog and realized he was still wearing his heirloom wedding band. Exercise is a common way jewelry is lost, so, understandably, Andrew removed the ring. After all, I remove my ring and place it in temporary hiding while landscaping. The rock where he hid the ring was at the top of a bank with a 45° slope to a pond’s edge. The bank was also part of a driveway lined with many other rocks and boulders. The stones varied in size, some as small as a softball, some as large as a car. Andrew took off his ring and placed it under one of the little rocks. He immediately heard the clink, clink, of the ring slipping into an erosion line and disappearing underneath an adjacent boulder. At 175 pounds per cubic foot, boulders are too big to move by hand. In the absence of heavy machinery, the only option was to try to dig. Because of the 45° slope, the ring kept sliding deeper and deeper underneath the boulder as Andrew attempted to hand-dig. Andrew reached as far as his arm would allow, and there was still space in the bottom of the cavern. Losing hope, Andrew had no idea if the ring had already been pulled out with the handfuls of dirt or if the ring was sliding deeper underground.

I arrived and took a quick walk around the area and down to the pond’s edge. I used my metal detector for a quick scan of the site to confirm the ring hand not been removed and was sitting in Andrew’s pile of dirt from a few days earlier. The thought crossed my mind to use heavy equipment, as it would have been faster and much less work, but the risk of damaging the ring would have been high. I was no stranger to manual labor, so I began by chipping away the asphalt driveway a couple of feet from the boulder where Andrew had already dug. In the past, I used a similar technique and pinch point bar to help a gentleman retrieve a time capsule entombed within a granite stone wall, so I knew how to break up the asphalt driveway carefully. Once I got through the asphalt layer into the compacted fill, I started tunneling towards the boulder where the ring was suspected to be lost. Accessing the lost ring from the side would hopefully prevent the ring from being pushed deeper underground. Before mining each fill layer, I used a small handheld metal detector, called a pinpointer, to crawl into the cavern and check for the ring. I then used my large metal detector to survey the excavated materials on the surface. I repeated this process for over an hour when I finally got a signal on my pinpointer. I set up a flashlight at the bottom of the dark cavern and scraped away the fill from the boulder base. The struggle was real. I was heavy breathing, sweating, and crammed in a hole laying on my stomach—all while and trying to hold my cell phone steady to get some decent footage. The relief of a shiny object flipping out of the area I was scrapping couldn’t have come sooner. The flashlight immediately revealed an inscription, “Ben April 7 1897.”

I backed out of the waist-deep hole, covered in dirt and sweat, but grasping the prize. All I could think about was the different generations who have worn this ring. I am sure every past owner has their stories of almost losing it. At the moment between finding the lost ring and notifying the owner, time stands still. All the stories, characters, and physical qualities of the ring finally meld. I was nostalgic about every life experience this ring has endured. The time came, and I handed the ring over to the family. With three generations of family members watching this whole mystery unfold, I knew the event would be discussed for decades to come. The smallest family member, too young to remember this event, will undoubtedly hear of the time the earth swallowed the family ring. When it comes time for the little one to carry the torch, the memories created today will contribute to the protection of this ring for another generation to come.

How to Find a Lost Ring

Mark the area where you believe the ring is lost. Then call a professional metal detectorist to discuss recovery options. My jewelry finding service covers Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and other surrounding states.

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Lost Heirloom Diamond Ring Recovered in Sunny Isles Beach, FL

from Sunny Isles Beach (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-312-882-9795

I was just beginning my day when I received a call from Mousha – she had lost her precious heirloom diamond ring the previous day on the beach after getting tumbled by the waves at the shoreline. I dressed in my warm swimming gear and biked to her location at the nearby lifeguard tower.

She had a very good description of where she had been sitting, swimming, and approximately where she was when the waves got a little rough. Her brother helped her estimate about how far away she had been from their sitting location when she was in the water. That description was incredibly helpful for coming up with a search plan.

I started with a W pattern along the high tide line down to the churn line first. Because the tide was moving out, I planned to move further into the water if nothing could be found in the wet sand. Fortunately, about an hour into the wet sand search, my CTX 3030 came back with a very solid signal.

I scooped about 8 inches of sand which contained the target. Then I was thrilled to see an exciting ring shape on its side just as she described! I grabbed my gear, marked the spot in the sand and ran back to join her near the guard tower. She couldn’t miss the huge smile on my face as I had her describe it one more time…then I revealed it to her.

That moment – the moment when I see someone’s face light up – is what it’s all about for me. That item had so much meaning to her, it’s not just a valuable ring, it’s a piece of her life and heart. I loved hearing her describe the meaning. She had designed the ring herself using scrap pieces of gold and diamonds that belonged to her mother and grandmother.

She later shared that she had no hope of finding it, and that she felt like a part of her heart was drifting in the ocean. Now she has this connection to her mother and grandmother back with her where it belongs. I’m very glad that she found Ring Finders and decided to take a chance and give me a call!

Lost Cell Phone Found in Roseville Minnesota

from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)
Contact: 1-763-670-5544

Keith returned home from shopping and as he unloaded his vehicle he realized he had lost his phone. Unfortunately, he didn’t notice until after he shoveled his driveway. He searched for a few hours before contacting Jason Roberge with The Ring Finders to ask for help using a metal detector. Jason agreed to help and was able to locate the lost cell phone within an hour of searching. And despite the frigid cold temperatures outside, and being buried in a foot of snow, the cell phone still powered up and worked just fine!

If you lost a ring or other valuable metal object, Jason will help you recover your lost item!

Lost Gold Wedding Band Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki…FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a text from fellow ring finder Dave Sheldon on Maui. Dave said a couple just lost the husband’s yellow gold wedding band in shallow water at Hilton Hawaiian Village beach and he referred them to me. A moment later I got a call from George who was on vacation from California. While tossing a football to his son in the water he realized his wedding band had come off. They had been playing awhile and he wasn’t sure when it had come off. I told George I’d grab my gear and be there in about 15 minutes. When I arrived George had me search around their lounge chairs as he wasn’t sure exactly when the ring came off. No luck there! I had George create an East & West line in the sand to create the grid. Thankfully the tide was coming down and they hadn’t gotten deeper than his chest. I started my grid search on the West end and worked East. Thankfully their weren’t many targets so I was able to cover the grid rather quickly. When I was a little bit past half way I got a nice tone on the Nox right at the waters edge and in one scoop their was George’s huge Gold Wedding band in my scoop. George ran down to retrieve his ring and he had a look of disbelief since the ring was right on the shoreline in inches of water when he thought it probably came off while throwing the football. Ring finders know the location of the ring is only known when it is found. George and his family were so thankful and that’s what makes this hobby so fun. Aloha to George!

Wedding band lost while putting away Christmas decorations, found with metal detector.

from Reading (Pennsylvania, United States)
Contact: 1-610-207-8677

I received an email from Rob on a Tuesday stating he lost his wedding band while taking down his  Christmas decorations. He was devastated as the ring was his grandfathers who had passed away a couple months before Rob was born. Robs mother had given the ring to Rob when he proposed to his wife. The ring was the only item and memory he had of his grandfather. We had to wait until Saturday before I was available to search. I arrived on a very cold and windy Saturday morning and began searching the front yard as well as under the bushes in the flower beds. I searched for two hours without luck.

Rob came over to me as I was still searching and told me to give up as I had searched the entire yard twice. I told him, if it’s in this yard, I’ll find it. Just as I said that, I simultaneously began to move my detector and got a good hit as well as I saw something shiny in the grass. There was the ring sticking out from under a leaf. We could not believe we were standing over the ring and about to give up when I found it. His wife ran over to us and began to cry with excitement. I love being able to reunite lost jewelry to its owners.

Don’t wait or hesitate to call me at 610-207-8677, so I can find your lost treasure with my metal detecting service.


Lost 22k Gold Chain with Pendant on Crowded Beach … Newport Beach, CA. .. Found after a Day in the Sand

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
Contact: 1-949-500-2136


“I FIND JEWELRY”  call Stan the Metal Detector Man if you need  help ..  949-500-2136

*** Bob called me after he spent the morning looking for his 22k gold chain with a gold / diamond pendant. He is a local resident of Newport Beach and had spent the afternoon on the beach. He wrapped his gold necklace in his shirt while he took a quick swim in the ocean. While laying in bed that night he realized that his necklace was missing. It had to be somewhere on the beach.

His attempt to see if it had been turned into the Newport Beach lifeguard lost and found was not successful. After he contacted me, we met on the beach where he was able give me a good location to search. I happy to see the beach sifting machine had not worked the towel line that day. 

I began to grid search the towel line before people began to sit in the search zone. I started to worry that the necklace could have been picked up by a passerby, as the chain could have been particularly exposed. Then there is always a possibility that a recreational detectorist could have found it. Many of these people would return an item like this if they had a way to contact the owner. That is not always easy to do. 

Before beginning the search Bob told me that he had worked in India and this was a gift he bought himself to remember his time there. The pendant is called Ganesha which is well known in the culture of India. He told me that of all his jewelry, he’d rather lose his Rolex than this sentimental keepsake.

He did mention that if we couldn’t find it, he was ready to accept that the loss was meant to be. I don’t run into that attitude very often. Well, a half hour later I got a very low tone with a one digits TDI number on my Equinox 800 detector. I wasn’t really expecting anything decent when I scooped the signal, but there in the bottom of my scoop was a beautiful 22k chai and pendant. In the sunshine the color is awesome and it feels so smooth, almost soft.

Bob was sitting patiently in his beach chair 30 or 40 ft. He noticed me stop then he could see the some of the chain trying to slip out of the holes in my scoop. He came running over to me in a calm but excited manner. He was so happy to have his prize possession back.  He did say again he knows it’s material item and he was willing to accept its loss if it was meant to be. I was grateful to be a part of helping Bob find his necklace and pendant.

“I WILL TRY ANYWHERE “ Call Now, I can answer any questions about finding your lost valuable .. Stan .. 949-500-2136

Platinum Wedding Band Lost in Fort Washington, Maryland Backyard…Found by Member of The Ring Finders

from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)
Contact: 1-301-466-8644

Marc’s Handsome Platinum Wedding Band Shining Above the Ground Once Again After Brian Rudolph Recovered it!

Marc and Ashley Celebrating the Return of the Groom’s Beloved Platinum Wedding Band!


In the very early morning hour of 4:30am, I received an email from a young lady named Ashley. She was greatly disturbed about her husband’s wedding band that ended up being lost in their large backyard earlier that very rainy evening.

Here’s what she stated in her email to me:

“Dear Mr. Rudolph,
I am really desperate to find my husband’s wedding ring lost due to my own stupidity in our back garden in Fort Washington, MD – just south of National Harbor. My heart is broken… I don’t know if you are available for service today, Monday, but I would be so very grateful if you could call me to let me know. I understand that the stay at home order may affect things, but we have a single family house and I am afraid if we wait too long, an animal or eagle may see the ring and decide to keep it.  I will go out at first light and keep looking, but I am praying you can be our hope, since it seems you have helped so many people. I also hope that you are safe and well.

Many many thanks,  Ashley”

I immediately called Ashley upon reading her “call for help”. After I spent a long period of time on the phone gathering up facts and details as to how the ring disappeared, I scheduled an immediate visit to Ashley’s home.

I arrived at the most beautiful estate sometime in the early afternoon. There was forest, gardens and breathtaking wildlife surrounding Ashley and Marc’s neighborhood from every side. The sad woman who initially contacted me made her way over to my car and within minutes we were walking around to the back of the house to see where the ring had been lost.

Ashley looked everywhere for the handsome and very heavy platinum ring that ended up somewhere on the grounds of their estate. Marc’s wife specifically picked out the sentimental keepsake for her beloved husband years earlier prior to their day of matrimony. As she said in the email, she was heartbroken.

After reassuring the young lady that I would recover the band no matter how long it took, Ashley rested a bit easier within her and returned inside the house to resume her work. Meanwhile, I gathered up my detection equipment in the car and within ten minutes I started the search.

There was a lot of property to cover. Because the ring could have ended up just about anywhere in the backyard, I metal detected under the second floor deck, all around the basement’s sliding glass door that leads out to the backyard, searched multiple flower beds, the dog pen, all around the trees, as well as grid searched 35 yards of basic grassy lawn territory.

At some point, after a few hours of searching with my Minelab Equinox 800, the shaft of the detector snapped off of my 15 inch coil that I had been using (the disc at the bottom of the shaft). Ashley came out to check on how things were going and I explained what had just happened to my detector. It was just one of those freak things where you can’t explain how the fiberglass broke loose from the coil, causing the shaft to separate. This only caused the young lady to further worry as to whether or not Marc’s wedding band would ever be found now that my detector was broken. I reassured her that I had replacement equipment in the car just in case something like this should ever happen. Little did I know that I had innocently left my replacement coil back at my residence. Therefore, I switched to my secondary Equinox 800 machine (which had only a 6 inch sniper coil attached – used primarily for difficult trashy areas and very hard-to-get to places to detect).

Knowing that I would have to re-grid much of the area again (because I didn’t find the band on the first go-around), I recognized that it would be extremely difficult to use the little 6 inch disc across the very large property to find such a small priceless object. However, I wasn’t giving up the search on this first visit and nothing was going to stop me from trying to find Marc’s handsome platinum wedding band!

I continued to re-grid all of the previous territory that I had covered prior to my detector coil breaking loose. In addition, I took inventory on every little section of the property that just to make sure that I hadn’t missed any areas with my detector. Still, no ring was found.

Finally, in my fifth hour of my search efforts, as I made my way around the circular dog pen (which was located in the center of the lawn, perhaps 25 yards away from the house), I hit a fantastic signal as I was grid searching approximately 4 feet from the aluminum pen fence! The target tone hinted to me that the piece of metal could very well be a surface find. There was a certain “bounce” to the signal which only an experienced metal detectorist could appreciate hearing when searching for a lost ring! I knelt down to investigate what my detector coil picked up along the ground. Then, I pulled out my hand-held metal detector called a pinpointer and zeroed in on the target’s exact location. And there it was! The site was amazing to see! After five plus hours of searching, I finally recovered the very handsome and extremely heavy platinum wedding band that Ashley was so desperate to find! I was simply elated by what I discovered! Just as I was gripping the runaway ring from within the blades of grass below, Ashley was walking out of the sliding glass door entrance to see what I was focusing on! It was at that moment that she heard the great news! A tremendous wave of relief could be seen across Ashley’s countenance! The nightmare was over! All of her fears were swept away in an instant of time with what I happily displayed in my hand and the declaration of what I had just uncovered! It really was a special moment! Ashley could not stop thanking me over and over again!

I was beyond excited that I was able to pull the ring from the property and that Ashley did not have to wait another day to have her husband’s wedding band returned to his finger! We were both so overjoyed and I’m sure Marc was equally grateful, as well! Once I packed up all of my gear, Ashley thanked me once again for all of my efforts. I told her that I was thrilled that she reached out to me and that I could be a part of this very special happy ending! Marc’s wedding band would now be preserved for the rest of their lives and many special stories would continue be told as a result of what I was able to find on that particular Monday afternoon in Fort Washington, Maryland!

If you would like to view the SEARCH VIDEO and the fantastic RING REVEAL pertaining to this search, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and you will be notified when the search video is uploaded onto YouTube.


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from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)
Contact: 1-808-369-5753

This ring find started with an email from Tom and required a fair share of logistical work. While Located on Oahu Tom and I found a way to get me to Kaua’i. Tom shared with me that this ring has been with him for over 29 years and had its fair share of close calls but never like this. This one seemed like it might be a goner for good and need help. I was hopeful and determined to return such a precious ring. I flew over to Kaua’i with my dad as it was his day off and there’s no better of a partner than family. We got our rental and headed to the beach where tom explained to me where he lost it. It’s always important to get as much details as possible on a search like this and tom did as I asked and made me a detailed map to put me in the best location. As I entered the water and got chest deep I started my grid and not long after I hear that equinox TONE. I dig a big scoop and there in the bottom on my Xtreme sand scoop is Tom’s ring. I shouted to my dad… We did It! And a couple who was on vacation came down the beach to find out what the commotion was about and I held up Tom’s ring and said… Once lost…Now found! They were excited as well as my dad and I. it was a nice flight back to Oahu. I was able to call Tom and ask for his address and send him his ring back with some goodies from Hawaii. Another great return and it Always comes from a place of Aloha.




Buried Rental Car Key Fob Recovered from Sand at Huntington Beach, CA. with Metal Detector

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
Contact: 1-949-500-2136



Mobile Metal Detecting Service .. Call Stan the Metal Detector Man .. 949-500-2136


****  I was contacted by Hoa about helping him find rental car keys that he buried in the sand at Huntington Beach, CA. He had locked his wallet and his cellphone in the car which made it difficult to get any help. A stranger was able to help Hoa call me. 

It took me a half hour to meet Hoa on the beach. From past experience I knew we had to set up a meeting place as he didn’t have a phone. It was dark but we he was waiting next to lifeguard tower #2. Also it was nice to have that location illuminated by lights on the pier.

Even though he was unsure of the general area, because he was confused as the tide had risen several feet. I knew we could find the keys because we had two hours till the beach was closed. I figure an hour to grid search a basketball court size area. It just might take a little extra time than keys lost near a beach chair.

The rental car key fob showed up about 40 minutes after starting. It was a strong signal about 8” deep. The incoming tide had just began to wet the sand. Anyway Hoa was a happy man, he was going to be driving back to San Francisco later that same night. 

Sometimes key searches can be difficult. I try to always take call outs for lost keys, except when someone tells me that they had lost keys while walking or jogging several miles.

Don’t wait, call as soon as possible… Stan the Metal Detector Man …  949-500-2136  .. “I WILL TRY ANYWHERE “