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Lost Diamond Platinum Wedding ring found in Elmwood Park, Il

from Chicago (Illinois, United States)

Received a call saying that their 4 year old son through a jewelry tray out a second story window, they were able to find everything except for a platinum wedding ring, No more than 5min into searching I hit it. Love a happy ending.

Wedding Band Found in the Grass

from Burlington (Vermont, United States)

Got an email a few days ago from a guy who lost his platinum wedding band. Last Winter he was showing his young son how to make and throw snowballs. When they were done, he took his gloves off and shook the snow from them. He saw the ring go flying. He tried to find it then, but couldn’t. So he decided to photograph the area and try searching in the Spring after all the snow was gone. No luck then either. A friend of his loaned him a metal detector, he dug a bunch of trash signals, and still had no luck finding it. He saw my listing on the web and decided to get me to try the search.

Today was an awesome Fall day, perfect for a ride and a search. The foliage was still very nice where he lived. I got there, he showed me the area and I got to work. After checking many signals and digging a few, I got the nice loud “pop” on my detector that sure sounded like a man’s heavy ring. I moved the grass and saw the rim of a ring! It had been stepped on and pushed into the dirt, but it was still in perfect condition. He was very happy, and me too!

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Family Heirloom Ring Lost in Vienna, VA… Recovered By a Ring Finder (Oct 2017)

from Fairfax (Virginia, United States)

On Friday, Nancy was at at the edge of her yard checking on her compost pile; instead of adding the orange in her hand to the pile, she decided to toss it into the woods for the deer. As she threw the orange, she caught the glimmer of her ring fly into the woods. The ring had once belonged to her mother, a family heirloom that was given to her, and she wears almost constantly even though its a tad big for her finger.

Nancy and her husband, Terry, searched for the ring, even brought out a rake to try to search through the forest floor… no luck.

On Saturday evening, Terry found the Ring Finders online and gave me a call. He described what had happened and we settled on a meeting time of noon the next day.

I arrived today (Sunday) at noon just as planned. Terry and Nancy walked me back to the edge of the yard and Nancy demonstrated the throw she made just two days before. I made note of the search area and got my detector ready to go… 15 minutes later I found the ring under some twigs and leaves. It felt good to see Nancy so happy to have her mothers ring back on her hand, she was almost in tears.


Found a Great Wedding Ring Today!

from Iowa City (Iowa, United States)

I was contacted on Oct. 19th about a woman’s lost wedding ring. About a month ago Paula had been pulling weeds around her yard and was throwing them down a steep hill when she realized her wedding ring went flying with the weeds. Her husband rented a detector and then bought a cheaper detector in the hopes of locating the ring. After hours of searching he decided he needed some help. I arrived this morning around 9:00 a.m. and he showed me the location that he already had marked out with orange flags. I made my way back and forth between the flags and I believe it was my third or fourth good signal I found her ring! It came up at 12-12 on the CTX3030.

I was very happy to help this nice couple recover her ring and thanks for the great reward.

Tantalum Wedding Ring Recovered in Esprit Park, Dogpatch, San Francisco

from San Francisco (California, United States)

Mark and his dog Pasha were running around and playing in Esprit Park when Mark noticed his wedding ring was missing. Married only a year, he felt a strong sentimental attachment to the special ring. Personally engraved, and made of a rare conductive metal, Tantalum (Ta), which is extremely dense and tough, it was indeed, a sentimentally and materially valuable object.

Mark smartly marked the spot where he thought it might have flown off his hand. He and his friends looked for his ring all Friday afternoon. Arriving Saturday morning at 10AM, Mark retraced his steps in the park the day before. First they had taken two laps around the park’s perimeter path for exercise. Then they started playing around in the grass. That’s where Mark thought his ring might have been lost, and put down a pile of sticks and leaves to mark the area.

The next day, after searching a 15 x 15′ grid area to the east of his mark, I started a grid search just to the west of his mark, and located his ring within 2′ of his mark. It was under trampled grass, not visible to the naked eye.

Mark  rewarded me with hugs and yoga tips. So happy to recover his unique tantalum wedding band.

My recovery rate is is about 95% if the object is still there in the area. Don’t wait a week to call a pro!

SF Bay Area RingFinders Contact:  Marshall Smith – Text or call: 415-895-0334

Metal Detectorist serving the Greater San Francisco Bay Area from sunny San Mateo, CA

Loss pendant in yard Canandaigua New York – Found

from Syracuse (New York, United States)

I received a 911 call from wonderful lady, whose name is Jo Anna.  It seems like she was walking her dog in her back yard earlier this week and using a “chucker” to throw a ball for the dog to chase and return to her.  Jo Anna had on a chain with a sterling silver pendant that has a clip that allows for easy changing between different pendants and different chains.

Jo Anna and her dog were having a wonderful time, the dog chasing the ball and returning that ball to Jo Anna where she would bend over, pick up the ball and chuck it again.  Everything was fine until Jo Anna got back into the house and started to get ready for work, Then is when she discovered that the pendant was not on the chain anymore.  We all can imagine the panic that sets in at a time like this, as we all have ourselves experienced a similar experience.  Panic and sense of loss.

Jo Anna tried to recover the pendant herself as she rented a metal detector from a local dealer, read the booklet that comes with the machine and started searching her back yard.  Although a salesman for a detector would not tell you, it’s just not that easy.  The machine has to be set up right for the metal content that is present in all soil, and that content changes as you work any area which requires more adjustment. Also, metal detectors speak in sounds (tones) that are different for all the different metals.  I call these tones “metal detector speech”.  Now we speak English but the metal detector speaks in those tones.  We can’t teach the machine to speak English, so we must learn what the detector is saying.  In other words, we must learn metal detector speech. That takes years to refine.  Jo Anna worked her yard with her rental machine, became discouraged, returned the machine and looked up  and gave me a call.

When she called we set up a time to meet and search.  I arrived, questioned Jo Anna as to what she was doing, where she had walked that dog and where she believed the pendant would be.  I set up my grid and started searching.  As the pendent was lost only a few days ago, it would not be buried into the lawn, so I could ignore all the signals that were deep and not silver, and there were lots of those signals.  It did not take long and I got a nice “hit” close to the surface and silver.  Although I took out my pin-pointer to find it in the grass, I noticed the glint of the silver before I had to use the pin-pointer.   There It was !!!, now it’s time to give the pendant back to the lady that makes it look beautiful.

I filmed the search and the recovery.  It’s a short (5 minute) video, so if you are interested click on the like below and enjoy.

Thank you for watching, I enjoy my job.

Wedding ring lost in yard – Found, Cicero New York

from Syracuse (New York, United States)

I received a 911 call from wonderful lady, whose name is Jessica.  What happened was her 3 year old daughter got into Jessica’s jewelry box to play with the rings and things. Then the daughter went out into the back yard with the box and proceeded to lose Jessica’s engagement ring and wedding band.  When Jessica found out what happened, of course she had a sense of panic and loss.  Although upset, she forgave her daughter and searched the yard.  She was able to find the engagement ring but not the wedding band.  Her husband borrowed a metal detector from a family member and searched the yard but only found out the there is LOTS of metal buried in every yard.  That’s when Jessica went on-line and found “The Ring Finders” website.  (

While we talked, trying to set up a time to search, we discovered that we both available that evening. Jessica only lives some 5 minutes away, and we had about 2 hours of daylight left so I decided to go right then and do a quick search of her back yard. I arrived, questioned Jessica as to where she had found the engagement ring, and the general layout of the yard. I set up my grid and started searching.  As the ring was lost only a few days ago, it would not be buried deep into the lawn, so I could ignore all the signals that were deep and not gold, and there were lots of those signals.  I went up and down the lawn checking with my pin pointer all the signals that the big detector detected.  The first four or five came back strong but they were buried, and a ring lost just a couple of days would be lying on top of the soil, although it would be under the grass and invisible to the necked eye.  I got another signal, checked with the pin pointer, moved the grass and, there it was !!!, now it’s time to give the ring back to the Jessica.

I filmed the search and the recovery.  It’s a short (5 minute) video, so if you are interested, click on the link below and enjoy.  Jessica’s response if precious.

Lost Wedding Band Found – Minnesota Metal Detecting

from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

I received a call from Bridget asking me to help find her husband Erik’s white gold wedding band. They were at a local fall festival with their kids and while playing in one of the attractions Erik’s ring was lost. Perfect timing for me, as I just got home from running some errands and I had a couple hours free – So, I headed down and met up with them at the festival. Eric showed me the approx. area he lost the ring and after a couple minute search, his wedding band was back on his finger – right where it belongs :). Glad the search went quick and smooth, some times searches can get long and  really tough. Truly happy I could help out Bridget.

Take Care –


Lost Wedding Ring Found Metal Detectors Minnesota

from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

Beautiful Claddagh lost in Red Wing, MN – Now Found!

from Saint Paul (Minnesota, United States)

Dana had just finished a lot of gardening in her yard, when she noticed that her gold Claddagh ring was no longer on her finger.  She and her husband searched all over the big yard, but they couldn’t find it and didn’t have any idea where it could have been lost.  Dana’s ring fit her well and she had never lost it before.

The only part of the day that was unusual was when Dana tripped over a rock and fell into some bushes, so that is where Dana’s husband and I began the search.  We hit that area hard, but got no hits.  Next, we searched around the areas where Dana was pulling weeds and, again, got no hits.

Because we had no luck in the bushes and where the weeds were pulled, we decided to switch gears and search the grass.  After about a half hour of searching the grass, I got a strong signal that sounded really good.  It was the Claddagh ring hidden in the grass!

It’s really amazing how easily a gold ring can hide in grass.  You couldn’t see this ring even if you were on your hands and knees looking right at the spot where it lay.

Dana couldn’t be there to see the ring found, but her husband said that she’d be very happy to get it back.