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Petite Gold Bracelet Lost in Grass Lawn .. Costa Mesa,CA. .. Found with High Frequency Metal Detector

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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If you lose your valuable in a place where a metal detector can be used, I am available to help, call now. .. 949-500-2136.

It was a hot summer day when Hailey’s neighbor set up some sprinklers with water slides in their front lawn. All the neighborhood kids including Hailey’s daughter had fun playing most the afternoon. Later that evening Hailey discovered that her favorite gold bracelet was missing. She knew it was on her arm that morning. Possibly, it could have fallen off on the lawn while playing with the kids.

She wasn’t quite sure where the loss occurred. So after frantically searching everywhere she had been that day, she thought maybe the very small gold bracelet may be in her neighbor’s lawn. While trying to rent a metal detector detector she found my contact information on line.

I was able to meet her that same morning. Where she showed me a similar type gold necklace. It was very fine links which I could only get a faint signal with my high frequency coil on my XP Deus metal detector. The first and most probable area did not yield the bracelet. Hailey looked a little disappointed as I exhausted the first area and then suggested the spot where the plastic kids pool was set up. 

I had been thinking about switching out to one of my other detectors before calling it a “No Find”.  Another time just as I was running out of places to search I got a decent signal. Dropping to my knees to spread the grass apart, I could barely see the small 18k gold chain bracelet.

Successful search with Hailey totally surprised and happy that she called a member of TheRingFinders for help, even though she wasn’t positive that where she had lost her precious bracelet she would feel better if she had the grass searched by someone that knew how to use a metal detector.  This was the type of jewelry that could be a problem for any other type metal detector to find. 

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Child’s retainer found at the Traverse City East Middle School

from Traverse City (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-231-499-7526

I received a call from Julia asking if a metal detector would be able to find a child’s retainer. I have never had a call for a retainer before so I had no idea. Then she asked about her purchasing a metal detector in town. I told her not to waste her money to purchase a detector I would be happy to come help. I got on location and found we had about 20 trash bags to search through. I scanned the first bag and found out really quick the detectors are worthless. The bag is full of aluminum foil from the different foods like applesauce. I gave her the bad news and said the only way is going to dig in one bag at a time. Julia was gong through the bags first then I would double check the bag she just went through. I got lucky and found the retainer in the third bag. She was extremely happy we found the retainer and not having to purchase a new one.

Gold ring lost in 2018 at ludington mi. Found sept. 2019

from Baldwin (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-616-262-5149

Received a message from Greg Larabel   {who knew i didn’t live to far from ludington mi}   asking me if i would go to Ludington to look for a ladies lost ring.  Already searched for by another detectorist without success,  i figured i might be able to get enough info from this lady [Jeanie ]  to make a good guess as to where the ring might be.   Jeanie was quite sure the ring had flown off her finger while shaking her hand to remove some fibrous material .  She was facing  the house which was skirted with shrubs and ivy plants and was quite sure the ring was in there somewhere. After a while on hands and knees poking my pin pointer everywhere i stood up and stepped back to look things over again.   In a few seconds it dawned on me that if she was facing the house and snapped her wrist down to flick something off her hand the ring should not come off until her her hand was down or even behind her in the flick motion.  I put my back to the shrubs and started forward across the yard. Six to eight feet from the shrubs i hit a solid target. One little slice with my knife and there it was.  just one inch in the dirt under the grass.   One very happy lady and i felt pretty darn good myself.  Chalk another one up for The Ring finders ,  See you on the book of smiles Jeanie.

Lost Ring Santa Monica In front of Private Beach House .. Found and Returned

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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***Received a call at 8pm asking for help finding a ring lost in the dry sand at Santa Monica Beach, CA. Dave’s father called me after his son and his friends spent half the afternoon searching for Dave’s gold wedding ring had come off his finger while throwing a football.

It was already dark and most the public parking lots are closed after sunset. We were lucky that they have private parking area in front of their beach house. We were still dealing with the public beach morning cleaning crews, so I set up to meet them a 9pm. If they were available to walk me out to the general area of the loss it could be an easy search. It would not be wise to wait for the next morning.

It was perfect to park so close to the location of the loss. If the private parking wasn’t available the next best option would require a long walk. 

Dave walked with me out to the main beach and it didn’t take long to find his wedding ring. He was very relieved to have his ring back where it belongs. Also, as most these quick searches go. He was amazed at how easy it seemed to be using a metal detector. I took a few minutes to explain that not all metal detectors work well in salt/ mineralized sand and metal detectors take time to learn how to use them. It’s always best to get a person that has experience using a metal detector.

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Lost Ring At Tybee Island, Georgia Found

from Savannah (Georgia, United States)
Contact: 912-577-7227
  1. Stephen called and said his wife lost her engagement ring in the water the day before. They were vacationing from North Georgia. The ring was very sentimental, it was handed down through three generations to his wife, Chelsea. I searched for a few hours that afternoon, and into the darkness, and could not locate their ring. I did find two other lost rings, but not the one. I knew this was going to be a tough one to locate because of all the storms we have been having here. The surf was rough, and the rip currents were terrible. I posted the loss on our club website for help, and within minutes I got three replies. All three club members came down and helped with the search. Eddie Kimmer got a hit on the ring. This was a tough one and Eddie came through. The CEHHA is a great organization, with great people. Thanks Eddie for all your help. You made Stephen and Chelsea very happy, and we were able to get such a sentimental family heirloom back to the rightful owners. Teamwork!

Lost Mother’s ring in Swan Lake Maine results in a double recovery.

from Rockport (Maine, United States)
Contact: 1-207- 542-7642

Jennie was wise in remembering to remove the platinum mother’s ring from her finger, giving it to her husband Wade to keep in his zippered pocket while she was waterskiing. Unfortunately  after returning back to their camp Wade jumped into the lake to move a swim float, at some point his pocket became unzipped and the ring came out  Wade showed wisdom too in contacting a ring finder for help. The search took about 5 hours as there were many targets in the waters of this 100+ year old lake house . Having used both of my air tanks the first day, I told Wade I wanted to come back and continue my search. I returned to the site a few days later and found the ring buried in silt, about twenty minutes after starting my search. Although the ring matched the description, I sent a photo and called Wade to confirm. Wade informed me that it was the ring and how happy they were that it was found. Since I still had plenty of air I asked Wade If I could stay and continue to search the area. Wade said sure, I told him I would let him know if I found anything cool. I ended up finding a second ring, a sterling silver men’s band buried 7 inches in sand and sent a photo of it to Wade. It was a cool find because it turned out to be Wade’s wedding band which he had lost 10 years earlier. Even cooler was the fact that both rings were recovered on the day of their 12th wedding anniversary. A portion of the generous reward I received is being donated to the Area Interfaith Outreach- Child Hunger Program in Rockland, ME which provides take home meals for children to eat on weekends and vacations when they don’t have access to school provided breakfast and lunch.



Gold Wedding band found in the water Glen Haven, Michigan with a metal detector.

from Traverse City (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-231-499-7526

I received a call from Derek about losing his wedding band in waste deep water in Lake Michigan at Glen Haven, Michigan. Derek said “we have a problem.” Glen haven is in the lower peninsula and Derek and his wife Dorothy are in the upper peninsula headed toward Wisconsin. They are doing a circle trip around Lake Michigan. I told Derek we had no problem, we just needed to use the US Postal service to get this done. I got a good location from Derek. Straight out from the walkway and the water was waist deep. I drove the hour up to Glen Haven spent 6 minutes in the water and got the ring. I put the ring in the mail Monday morning sending the ring to Pennsylvania. Derek and Dorothy were very happy to get the ring back, its a family heirloom from Dorothy’s grandfather. A couple days later I got a nice hand written letter of thanks in the mail. I also appreciate the reward very much.

Lost Gold Wedding Bands in Ulua Lagoon Ko Olina Resort…FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began on August 26th when I received a text from Mihai who was visiting Hawaii from Portland Oregon. While swimming in Ulua Lagoon in about five feet of water Mihai felt his two Gold Wedding Bands come off. One was Yellow Gold and the other White Gold. The depth depending on tide would most likely require scuba. After three grid search dives I didn’t find the rings. Then on Friday September 6th while detecting in shallow water at Ulua Lagoon I found a Gold Men’s Wedding Band and sent the pic to Mihai for confirmation. As you can see in the pic it was a perfect fit and obviously his ring. Hopefully I can find the White Gold ring real soon. Aloha to Mihai!

Lost White Gold and Diamonds Ring Found in Royal Oak Michigan

from Detroit (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-313-683-3082

Lil’ Big Wheels….

……Is what this pictured mom refers to her cutie daughter as when she wants to ride her trike. After preschool today the lil’ one was anxious to get home to go for a ride. As mom was taking items into the house , off went the lil’ cutie to cruise the yard. As mom was doing chores, she heard a scream from the back yard. Running out to see what the issue was she saw her daughter had a wipeout and fell off the trike. Mom came running and assisted her off the grass and into the house to settle down and clean up. A couple hours later mom noticed her ring was missing. When I talked with her we agreed to meet this afternoon. I searched the path she ran from the house with no signal from my MXT. After learning the trike had not been moved since the accident I decided to check around the crash scene. Moving the tipped over trike and scanning revealed this very attractive white gold and diamonds ring just below the grass! After returning to the house and returning the ring Mom was thrilled to have it back!
Lil’ Big Wheels was excited to get back on the road and continue learning to ride although Mom is apprehensive for what the future holds regarding riding in traffic, using hand signals and avoiding unfriendly dogs!


The Ring Finders and Rich Hageney get a little press in the Philadelphia Inquirer!

from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)
Contact: 1-484-433-6990

The Philadelphia Inquirer ran a great story on The Ring Finders, fellow Ring Finder Dave Milsted and myself(Rich Hageney) in the September 8th, 2019 Sunday edition of the paper. Some great backstory about our mission and adventures as Ring Finders! Please see the link to the article below.