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Sometimes it is just meant to be.

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)



 A couple of metal detecting buddies of mine called me up and asked if I wanted to join in on a search. While out hunting they were approached by a man whose son had lost a cross pendant with his wife’s ashes in it. I didn’t have my equipment with me but seeing that the site was just off my route home, I stopped to say “Hello” and see how it was going. What happened next was very unexpected.  Watch the video to see the ending.

Lost Big Custom White Gold Wedding Ring while surfing

  • from Maui (Hawaii, United States)

I received a message yesterday afternoon asking if I could help find a lost wedding ring. They explained to me that the ring was lost about 100 feet off shore while taking a surf lesson. My client said he felt it come off as he was paddling on to the wave in about 3-4 feet of water. Asked him to send me a picture of the area highlighting where the ring was lost. Also a picture of the Ring. My client only had the ring 4 days!! Anyway we set a time to search first thing in the morning, about 2 hours into the search Honeymoon Saved. Blessed to Do what I DO

Wedding Ring Found Along Road

  • from Reading (Pennsylvania, United States)

I received a text from Danielle saying she lost her wedding and engagement rings along a busy road near Scranton PA. She told me the rings could possibly be in very thick brush and high grass along the roads guardrail. I began searching which was made difficult because of the thick brush and lots of aluminum cans and trash along the road. After about 45min of searching, I decided to walk along the road to see if the rings could be on the roadway. I found the engagement ring along the curb which had obvious damage from getting run over by cars. I continued to search for the wedding band but could not find it. Danielle was beyond thrilled that I found the most valuable ring because of the diamonds. Her plans are to contact a jeweler to see if they can fix the ring or reset the diamonds in a new band. No matter where you may have lost jewelry, don’t hesitate to call me.

Lost Platinum Ring Found in Goose Creek, Middleburg Virginia

  • from Leesburg (Virginia, United States)

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I recently received a call from a customer, Chris from Arlington Virginia. He provided a brief description of his situation and asked if it was something I could assist him with, I said “absolutely I can help”.  Chris had taken a short Saturday trip to Northern Virginia to do some fly fishing with a friend. They had picked a beautiful area in Loudoun County, specially Middleburg, Virginia. As Chris was fishing and moving through the creek he had stumbled hands first into the water. He had hit with such force that his left hand was in a lot of pain which caused him to start shaking his hand vigorously to alleviate some of the pain. After returning to his vehicle a short while later is when he realized the ring was gone. As with most of us these days with teleworking we arranged to meet on the following Saturday. With no rain in the forecast we both agreed the water levels should more than likely stay low and calm, that was the hope.

Chris was fishing in a small section of Goose Creek, which is a 53.9-mile-long tributary of the Potomac River, somewhat adjacent to the Goodstone Inn. After a very scenic drive through large sections of horse ranch country, even had to stop once for a few horses and several dozen hounds on the road,  we met on along the roadside of the creek. As we had to trek the path to the spot where he had been fishing Chris donned his waders and I slipped on my wetsuit, a little overkill on my part for a creek, but you never know when you’ll hit a drop off.

Once we reached the area Chris identified where he had fallen I did a quick scan in the running water portion first, then more specifically where he indicated. Within less than 5 minutes the ring came up easily out of the mud and leaves. Chris was astonished it was found so quickly and extremely excited to see his ring again. Jokingly, Chris’ friend had believed the ring was gone forever and that we wouldn’t find it. Always keep hope!!

Chris, glad I could help return your wedding ring!

God Bless



Ring found Captive Resort

  • from Cape Coral (Florida, United States)

While vacationing on Captiva Island. Andrew lost his wedding band. They located ring finders by googling “lost ring” , Andrew was very skeptical that his ring could be found. It had belonged to his wife’s father so it was of special value to them. They were not sure where it fell off but knew it was in the water. The sunbathers at the private beach were astonished and cheered when I located the ring in chest deep water. It was a great day for all of us!



  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)





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*** Jordan is a student at University of California Irvine, Irvine, CA. He had been on a early morning run on campus when he heard a small ping of a key hitting the cement walkway. He immediately knew it had to be his mail box key which was on his ID tag that is attached by a lanyard.

He was sure it had hit he concrete sidewalk bouncing into the grass. Updated me with the details. It was a short drive for me, less than four miles from my location. He could meet me there in fifteen minutes. Perfect, I was on my way and it sounded like an easy search. 

We met soon after the call. Jordan walked me to a large lawn area pointing across the grass. My heart sank, now the story seemed to change. It has happened more than once. Then he told me the sidewalk was the other side of the large grassy field. 

After walking over the field the spot narrowed down to 5 feet. I got two targets right away, the second one was the brass or bronze key.. Awesome!, I thought I was into two or three hour search. Jordan thought he might have to pay for the loss of the key plus the cost of a new key. Two happy people off to enjoy the rest of a beautiful day.

“I WILL TRY ANYWHERE”… Finding your valuables is important to me .. Call now !  Stan the Metal Detector Man …  949-500-2136  

Lost key Minnesota metal detecting found recovery

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

Lost key fob at the fall festival. FOUND!

DAndra lost this key fob at the fall festival though she lives quite aways from it, so I took a pic and will be sending the key to her. Hopefully I can get her to take a pic of her smile for a future upload.

Congrats DAndra, glad I could help out.




Lost family heirloom ring found minnesota

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

Lost Heirloom ring at the fall festival, FOUND!!!

Lire lost her ring at the fall festival and was heartbroken, her friend contacted me and we set up a search time. Lire couldn’t meet me, though she gave a good description of the place she lost it. It took quite a while, though I finally found it. I did not get a picture with her smile, as my phone battery lost power before she was able to meet me. Luckily I took a Picture of the ring prior.

Congrats Lire, glad I could help out!



Lost Keys / Fob found minnesota minneapolis st. paul

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

Lost Keys /Fob at the fall festival. FOUND!!

Thanks for coming out and directing me Emma, Congrats!!!

Take Care –


Lost engagement ring found minnesota minneapolis st. paul

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

Lost engagement ring at the fall festival. FOUND!!!!

Congrats, glad I could help out!!