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Lost White Gold Wedding Band Found… Location, Location, Location

from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I received an email as well as a phone call from Rick. “I just lost my wedding band in the surf in Myrtle Beach”. I was finishing up with a customer of my business. I just happen to have my detector in the truck and told Rick I would be there in 30 minutes. It is always great for us when you can meet somebody on site that was affiliated with the loss. It helps so much with information and location. We don’t have to be mind readers.  Many times we are operating with phone calls, Google Earth and a persons memory. The more somebody pays attention to their surroundings at the time of the loss helps in all cases.

I met Rick and his daughter at the beach in front of their resort. We walked to the area that he lost his wedding band and Rick told me he paced it off from the Lifeguard stand. 14 paces this way, 20 paces that way and Rick announced that he was standing on his ring. Rick stared down into the knee deep water and just could not see his wedding band. The band of love that his wife Laura had placed on his finger years before. Rick was so confident that he was standing within feet of his ring. I fired up my CTX 30-30, had everybody rub their left earlobe, and began to search. Rick, and another well wisher, had become so planted in this spot that I had to ask them politely to give me some room to work. I worked a grid of 30 feet by 30 feet for 10 minutes or so and was becoming frustrated with no signal to my ears. I asked Rick how the ring came off his finger, and he explained that his back was to the water when a wave smacked him from behind.  I thought about how the ring would have traveled with the wave for several feet before settling into the sand. I moved to the water’s edge of a dropping tide and moved just a few feet to hear that beautiful Minelab gold tone. I approached Rick and held out my sand scoop to let him pluck his white gold wedding band from its bottom. “No way…  You found it”! shouted Rick and his well wishing friend. Within 30 minutes we replaced Rick’s look of worry with a huge smile. Rick placed the ring on his finger and just stared at it for a moment. (“The Ring Dance”)

As Ring Finders, we come to a search equipped with the tools of our craft. But, The first tool in the search is the information we get from the person that lost their precious belongings. When you lose something, when you can, pay attention to everything that is around you. Find landmarks, place a marker, pace off distances and try to get us within feet of your treasure. The person that lost something is the first tool in any search. Great job Rick, in putting me in the right location. All the best to you and your family. And thank you for the generous reward.

Lost Ring Lake Erie

from Mississauga (Ontario, Canada)

This was the hardest Ring find I have done since starting. When I was called by this lovely couple who were frantic about the ring they had lost I thought it would be a sure find. The man had been in Lake Erie swimming a few days earlier and lost  is platinum wedding ring in 3 feet of water. He wasn’t far from the beach and thought he knew exactly where it was. Should be easy right? However when I got there the winds had come up and there was 5 ft waves with zero visibility in the water. I had driven over an hour and a half to get there and when I saw the conditions my stomach sank. I knew this was going to be a hard one but  I have found some pretty difficult rings in the past and knew I needed to at least give it a try. When I went into the water there was also a lot of trash like tin foil which sounds terrible on a metal detector and can drown out the sound of gold. There was lots of pull tabs, pop tops (which by the way sound like gold on a detector) and Nails in the water making it even more difficult to find the ring. However I’ve been in bad conditions before and with the experience of finding over 300 rings I knew I might have a chance so I took my time and persevered.  The Zero visibility water and high waves were throwing me around quite vigorously for the better part of 20 minutes. However amongst all the odds I finally got a signal that I was sure sounded good. The bottom was solid stones  and gravel so I had to reach down a few times and pick up handfuls of the sharp stones until I finally got the target in my hand. When I came up from the water I saw the edge of a beautiful platinum ring amongst all the gravel in my hand. I held it up high and as the couple watched in disbelief I pulled out his lost wedding ring from the cup of my hand. They were amazed & ecstatic😀

Big white gold wedding band lost on an island in Hudson, WI – Now Found!

from Saint Paul (Minnesota, United States)

Bryan boated to an island on a lake in Hudson, WI for a fun day with friends and ended losing one of his prized possessions: his heirloom wedding band!

Bryan was standing on the show of the island while throwing a football to one of his friends who was 20 feet away from him in the water when he suddenly noticed that his ring was gone. Everyone searched the water and dry sand, but the ring was nowhere to be found.

Three days later and after searching the internet for someone that looks for lost rings, Bryan sent me an email.  I explained to him that the sooner I started searching for the ring, the better chance we had of finding it.  Bryan had to work the following day, so I contacted a fellow Ring Finder who had a boat and we headed out to search for the ring the following morning.  We searched for about 3 hours and removed a lot of pull tabs, coins and aluminum can pieces, but we weren’t able to get our metal detectors over the ring.  The ride back to the boat launch was a long one.

I called Bryan that afternoon and let him know about the heavy amounts of trash at the site and that, in order to find the ring, we had to have him present.  Bryan was able to meet us the following afternoon and the three us boated back to the island.

Bryan showed us right where he was standing when he was throwing the football and that was the key to our success.  Within three minutes of searching, I had Bryan’s ring in my scoop!  Bryan was overjoyed and we all had a great ride back to the boat launch.

Wedding Band recovered in Point Pleasant NJ

from Neptune City (New Jersey, United States)

While shopping I got a call from Brian asking if I could help find his wedding band he lost while on the beach with his family. took awhile but got to the beach and after getting permission it took me not even 5 minutes to locate his ring. At first his wife just wanted to get another ring but Brian wanted the one his wife put on his finger on their wedding day. Glad he called and glad I could find his ring for him.

Lost wedding ring, Longwood, Fl…….Found and Returned!

from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Allot of rings are lost playing volleyball and unfortunately many times the rings are never found by their rightful owners. Some owners try their hardest to sift thru the sand using their fingers and rakes in a desperate attempt to locate their precious rings. There are a few people who actually find their rings and are so relieved, vowing to never wear their ring and play volleyball at the same time-ever again! But most poor souls figure their rings are gone forever–never to be seen again.
Josh was sort of in this final stage. He and his friends had looked the court over the day he lost his ring and then he went out and rented a metal detector and searched the most likely spots over again. Still no ring! He determined his ring was gone! But his story does not end there.
Last week I got a call from Alex who had lost a couple of rings during a recent move. Unfortunately I was not able to find his rings, but as we were talking he remembered this other guy Josh, who had lost his wedding ring while playing volleyball the same night that Alex had played. So I inquired about the name of the park and as I drove away from Alex’s home I figured — there’s no better time to go check this other lost ring out than right now. It was only three miles out of my way and as I drove into “Merrill Park” I could see it was well taken care of. I donned my “Ring Finders” hat, grabbed my clip board and headed for the park office. I met the park manager, Richard, and told him I was here to help look for a recent lost ring on one of the volleyball courts and he immediately told me which court it was lost on and wished me good luck! (Most sand volleyball courts are some of the easiest places to search for lost rings and things. One has to dig every signal and remember to set your detector to it’s highest settings possible cause lost items get pushed deep by all the foot traffic.) It took a good 30 minutes to search the inside of the court and it was as clean as a whistle! I then started on the sandy outer area hoping that the ring had landed there. (Around two sides of the court was a tall chain link fence with thick brush on the other side and if the ring went thru or over the fence–it would have turned into a very, very difficult search!) Twenty minutes later I got an excellent signal and brushing the sand away revealed Josh’s ring! As I talked to the park manager he was able to give me Josh’s phone number and I gave him a call. Josh was so surprised and thrilled to hear that his ring had been found and we made arrangements to meet the next day. Thank you so much Josh for the generous reward! Lost something recently? Call, text or e-mail me—ASAP!
Mike McInroe–thankful to be a member of

Lost Platinum & Diamond Earring Found In Woodinville, WA!

from Seattle (Washington, United States)

“Undetectable” Diamond & Platinum Earring Recovered… Just Barely!

Today’s recovery was for a lady who lost her impressive diamond stud earring while staining her deck a few days ago. She at some point took off her dust mask which probably caught her earring and flung it off into the unknown! She noticed the back landed in between the boards, and then realized her loss.

After her and her husband scoured the yard, and squeezed under the deck to look for it, they tried renting a metal detector. They found out quickly, though, stud earrings are very hard to detect because they contain so little actual metal. In fact, their rental unit could not even detect it when they passed it over the 2nd earring.

I had confidence that at least one of my machines should be able to outperform this rental unit and headed out with all 3. After testing on the other earring, I was pretty surprised to find my 2 most expensive detectors would not detect this target!

My least expensive unit did, but just a barely audible sound would come through, and only occasionally. I started getting pretty nervous that this hunt would be unsuccessful.

To make matters worse, the lawn area around the deck was littered with nails from the sloppy contractor who built it. I was getting a pretty sinking feeling, but I was determined to at least try. Many nails were pulled out of the ground, so I could concentrate on the whisper that the earring MIGHT give me.

Somehow, someway, I managed to pass over a quiet target and it was the earring! We were both so amazed and relieved, and glad that I have a few types of machines in my arsenal!

So little metal to detect!

NEARLY Undetectable Platinum & Diamond Stud! Slightly dirty but undamaged!

AT Pro saves the day!

Diamond pair reunited!



Lost Ring Indialantic…Found

from Indialantic (Florida, United States)

Hello my name is Kim, I joined The Ring Finders to help people find there lost jewelry.  If you have lost something contact me ASAP.  I’ll do my best to help you find what you thought was lost forever.

Wedding Band Lost in Oneonta Gorge – Found by The Ring Finders Portland

from Portland (Oregon, United States)

Joey, while visiting Oregon, lost his wedding band at Oneonta Falls in the Columbia River Gorge. I found the ring in about 5′ of water and mailed it back to him in San Francisco. The video describes the event and shows the beautiful gorge & falls.

Thank you for the call Joey and I was very happy to find and return such a special memento!

Portland & The Gorge

Lost class ring, Sanford, Fl……Found and Returned!

from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Mr. Dave was born in 1928, grew up in Salem Oregon and graduated from High School in 1946. At 89 years of age, he has seen allot of life and he and his dear wife of 66 years are still very much alive and in love! Early in their marriage they felt God calling them to be missionaries and in 1957 they went to Papua New Guinea and served for 44 years. Now they are residents at our NTM Homes retirement center here in Sanford, Fl. and I and 40 other staff members have the honor and privilege to help care for them in their old age. Earlier this year their sons came down to help them move from a duplex apartment to one of our Adult Living Facility rooms. Going through closets and household stuff is not always easy and in the process Mr. Dave’s ring was no where to be seen.
A few weeks later I was searching for a misplaced part to a new shower unit and thought maybe someone had mistakenly thrown it into the construction debris dumpster. So I proceeded to go thru the garbage, starting at one end of the 25 foot container. After a while I noticed that there were bags of household garbage mixed in with the construction debris. So, one by one I threw the household garbage bags out onto the ground and noticed that one of the bags had a tear in it. I never did find the shower part I was originally looking for so I jumped out of the container and proceeded to load up the bags into my trailer. There were 7 large bags all together, the heavy duty Hefty type and I was thankful they did not rip open and spill all over the place. As I loaded the last bag I noticed it had ripped open and I was surprised to see that only a few items of garbage had fallen out. Was I ever shocked to see that a beautiful gold ring had also fallen out and was laying in the mulch! I could not imagine how it got there and where it had come from. So I looked in the garbage bag and found a piece of discarded mail and determined that the lost ring had to belong to Mr. Dave. So I devised a little plan to surprise Mr. Dave and in the end he was very, very happy to have his lost class ring back once again.
Lost your ring? Maybe I can help! Give me a call—anytime.
Mike McInroe—proud member of

Lost Ring Lake Simcoe

from Mississauga (Ontario, Canada)