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$2000 Diamond Stud earring returned to owner in Chicago.

  • from Chicago (Illinois, United States)

A fellow Ringfinder received a call to look for the Diamond stud earring. He didn’t find it. I told him I could hunt with my XP Deus 1 with my HF coil at 74 kHz . He gave me the map as to where it was lost. I notched out every signal that could not be the item and found it shortly. The earring had just been given as an anniversary present 2 days before. I told her to get it insured.

22K Gold Bangle recovered for owner on Chicago Beach in 5 minutes.

  • from Chicago (Illinois, United States)

I received a call from a chicago beach about a lost 22K Gold bangle in the sand. It had just been given to a child and they lost it while playing in the sand. The father remained at the location, which was close to my house. I got there within 15 minutes of the call. He had marked off the area where the child had been. I found it in 5 minutes.

West Chester New York lost gold men’s wedding band recovered

  • from Mahwah (New Jersey, United States)

Ben was working in his yard and his hands were wet and muddy. He shook his hands off and realized his 14 carat wedding band was missing.
he borrowed a metal detector from a friend and tried finding his ring with no success. He spent hours searching in the lawn where he was sure he lost the ring.

on the recommendation of a friend he located me on the Ringfinders website. We arranged for me to search for the ring. I showed up and he described where he thought he lost the ring.

I located the lost ring in 15 minutes and Ben was elated as the jeweler who made the ring could not recreate the ring due to health problems.

so, if you lose something precious, don’t hesitate to call an expert detectorist through the Ringfinders.


Engagement Ring Recovered – 5/15/2022

A successful recovery! Received a call from Nicole whose niece lost her engagement ring on the back deck of a local pub. Luckily I was able to squeeze under the deck with my metal detector and locate the ring amongst the dead leaves and broken glass. I was able to surprise Nicole by telling her I only found about $1.70 in change but  instead dropped the ring in her hand! Very happy I could assist!


Somerset, NJ Wedding Ring Loss and Recovery (Matrix style)

  • from Woodbridge Township (New Jersey, United States)

James was working in his backyard on a yard project when his hands got covered in WD-40 (an aerosol spray lubricant used for rusted bolts and such). This caused him to naturally flick and snap his hands in an effort to expel the excess liquid off. While doing so, he felt his gold wedding ring slipping off his finger. As anyone that knows when this happens, it’s not in slow motion, but rather almost instantaneous. In a matter of Nano-seconds the ring flew off into the matrix. However, this was no ordinary ring. This ring was passed down to him that once belonged to his late father. So the sentimental value is virtually priceless.

The matrix is a good word here because James was adamant in the direction that the ring might have traveled and was also adamant on the force in which he snapped his hands. So much so, that he was even convinced the ring could have flown clear off his property over the 6 foot wood panel fencing and into the neighbors yard. He and his wife searched their yard for three days. Even going as far as purchasing his own metal detector.  In a bit of desperation, he turned to the internet for research in finding a lost ring and came upon the Ringfinders website. He reached out to me and I met him and his wife on Saturday morning.

When I met up with them, he explained exactly what happened and where he was standing when the ring catapulted. This was a sizable yard but very much manageable due to the ‘alleged’ direction of travel. I established a search zone in a fan pattern and searched for quite a bit of time going over and over the area in question. I even went as far as entering the neighbors yard (with permission). I soon realized I had to take another approach in the search because I was starting to doubt the direction of travel that the ring might have went. At this point I informed James, that I’m going to search using a box-grid pattern and not deviate from that. My plan was to cover every square inch of his yard, methodically. I started by his house in the direction from which he was standing (which was the center of the yard) and started my grid pattern.

As I searched my way down the very first rectangle, I got a pretty good 17-20 VDI on my Equinox 800 that showed a very shallow depth, and a very small object (anyone that uses a metal detector knows the difference between a small, tight object over say, a buried can, or larger object). I pin pointed the spot with my pin pointer and it immediately sounded off. The next step was combing the grass with my makeshift rake (my fingers..LOL), and out pops James’ ring. I immediately told his wife that I found it finally. She literally screamed to James who was still looking in opposite neighbors yard, that I found it. The excitement is immeasurable when something so sentimental is recovered, it’s almost momentarily euphoric to me.  In the end, I really believe James’ Father helped a bit in the recovery. I asked the question in my head “Why did I start my grid pattern where I did?” There was no rhyme or reason to it, and I found it on the first pass, after a previous exhaustive search in a different direction. Oh yeah, back to the Matrix!! The ring was recovered, maybe…and it’s a stretch, four feet away from where James was standing and totally on the opposite direction he thought it flew off.

Lost Wedding Ring Returned in Calgary…..8 months later.

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

May 14,2022

Samuel called me. He lost his wedding ring……8 months earlier while closing the gate at an RV storage lot. When it happened, he searched, rented a metal detector twice and returned to rake. He did everything anyone who has lost something should do. When I was speaking to him, I really had my doubts about it. Time is the enemy. In the end I agreed to take a look. On a Saturday morning I met Samuel and we looked.  Based on his description it should have been right there and he should have found it right away. With snow on the ground when it happened, we guessed that maybe a vehicle drove over it and moved it or maybe it was plowed. So I expanded the search area and did the sides of the road. That is when I heard the sound I needed to hear. I picked up the ring and gave it to Samuel. He was totally overwhelmed in emotion and incredibly grateful. When I took a look at the ring, I could tell why.  I am glad it is back where it belongs.

Lost Engagement ring found at East Beach Santa Barbara

I got a call today from Chris who was with his family enjoying a wonderful day at East Beach in Santa Barbara. He was there with his wife and two small children, one of which is developing a wicked fastball as he took his mom’s ring and through it into the sand while mom was putting sunscreen on him. Like all great stories this one too had a happy ending as I was able to find it rather quickly because Chris made the decision to call me right away before we could lose it to anyone else. If you have accidentally lost your ring don’t wait to call or text me at 805-290-5009 so we can get out to your location and recover your ring.

How to Find Property Markers

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Bill and Robert’s Three Out of the Four Property Markers Located by Brian Rudolph in Chantilly, Virginia (These 3 Pins Seen Here Are 3 Separate Images Combined to View all of the Targets in One Photo).

THE RING FINDERS Member and Professional Metal Detectorist Brian Rudolph Pointing to One of the Three Property Markers Found (Yellow Cap Inserted).

How to find property markers is a task that is not as easy as it seems for most home owners. One usually needs a professional surveyor or metal detectorist to help identify where the pins are located.

Call Item Recovery Specialist Brian Rudolph at (301) 466-8644! He Will Find Your Lost Property Marker! Also Brian Finds Lost Items of All Kinds in Any Environment: Land, Water, Sand, Cliffs, Snow, Leaves, Houses & Vehicles!

First of all, a property marker is a special steel pin that is inserted into the ground to mark the parameter of the property owned. This task is conducted at the time that the land is divided up into parcels. When someone wants to put up a fence in their yard, they need to know where the markers are located so that there is reassurance that they will not be placing the fence on their neighbor’s adjacent property.

Surveyors cost a lot of money to home owners when there is a need to hire someone to identify the markers that are hiding beneath the earth. The range in price can escalate anywhere from $600 up to and beyond $2000. Hiring a professional metal detectorist can prove to be much more cost efficient. However, the detectorist cannot provide official documentation certifying that the location that the pins were discovered were in fact the correct locations of the property boundaries. It will be pretty obvious to the owner of the property that when comparing the original property plat to the locations of the markers, everything checks out quite accurately. Then, there is no need to call in an official surveyor and the owner essentially saves a fortune! This is exactly what happened with Bill and Robert when I received a call from them asking for help in locating their property markers on their Chantilly, Virginia property.

Bill and Robert were planning to construct a fence on their property. They needed to know where the two pins were located in the back yard. They found me online under METAL DETECTING ADVENTURES INC (my personal metal detecting business) and on THE RING FINDERS website (the elite directory of metal detecting specialists located all over the world). The couple wanted to save a fortune and so they hired me to find their markers.

I traveled to Bill and Robert’s house and the two showed me the plat of the house and I took the search from there. In the back yard there was an old civil war rock wall that stretched throughout the back side of the houses on that street and beyond. So, it turned out to be a bit difficult to find the buried pieces of steel. Yet, I was able to successfully find three of the four pins which were more than enough property markers to conclude the exact location of the couple’s boundaries. The fourth marker was somewhere buried under the rocks that were piled up on the left rear corner of the estate, but because of my limited time, I had to stop the search for the final marker. It didn’t matter to Bill and Robert because they knew where they could build based on following the front marker all of the way to the back of the house.

Bill and Robert were so grateful for my work. They paid only a fourth of what they would have paid with a surveyor, and before long, their fence was set into place without any controversies with the adjacent neighbors!

Is finding property pins easy? Not at all. Even the best detectorist or surveyor has problems locating the exact places where the boundaries were originally set into place. Therefore, just the average home owner with a metal detector will not be able to identify the pins and they will find out sooner than later that a professional needs to be called in – just like what Bill and Robert did when they called metal detectorist, Brian Rudolph, for assistance! They were happy they did!


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Lost Wedding Ring while doing yard work Recovered by NJ Lost Ring Finder Franklinville,New Jersey.

  • from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)

Found it! Men’s white gold wedding band lost while doing yard work a couple days ago. They are just coming up to 1 year of marriage so they were pretty excited when I told them I found it. Another happy customer! Recovery #130                    

Ring Found in Grass at Baby Beach, Dana Point, CA. .. Returned to Owner by Ring Finder

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)













How to find a ring on the beach .. Call, Stan the Metal Detector Man .. 949-500-2136


*** A past client of mine contacted me, saying he saw a lost ring post on Craigslist. I sent the person a message offering help to look for his ring. The next day I received a call from Ivan, who believed his ring was lost in the sand at Baby Beach, Dana Point, CA.

A whole day had pasted and it was already going to be dark before I could meet Ivan at the location. I met Ivan 45 minutes we talked on the phone. He showed me a 50ft x 50ft area of dry sand that he believed he lost the ring. After grid searching that part of the beach without finding his ring, I asked him if he had been anywhere else that day. He said, they had eaten lunch on the lawn in the shade of a nearby tree. He was sure that the ring was not there because he thought it would have been easily spotted in the thin grass if it were lost in that spot. 

I had to convince him it would be worth spending another few minutes to do a quick scan with my metal detector. As I began my grid search, I realized I would need my pinpointer to check the many signals I was getting. The darkness made it difficult to check signals. Just as I was getting ready to walk over to my car to get the pinpointer, I got a signal and I had enough light to see a round edge of a gold ring. BOOM! .. Ivan’s ring.  He was double surprised because he had already decided the ring could not be in that location. It was a good night and another very special recovery.. 


Metal Detecting Service .. Call Stan the Metal Detector Man ..  949-500-2136 .. I WILL TRY ANYWHERE