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Lost Engagement Ring .. Chino Hills, CA. .. Found after Three Searhes


Jason called after finding while doing a google search for metal detecting information. He asked me if Ira’s available to help him find his wife’s engagement ring lost in the back yard. He would be home all day, so I was able to meet him at that afternoon.

He told me that his wife Celia had thrown a dog toy for their dog to fetch. Three rings came off her finger and they were able to find two thin white gold wedding bands. The larger diamond engagement ring was not found. I was only able to ask Celia a few questions before she had to leave. We searched the area on the backside of the fence and the neighbor’s yard. Three hours of searching with two different detectors did not uncover the missing ring. I could not think of any places that I could use my detectors. So I had to call it a ” no find” day.
A week later I got a call from Jeff Levy a fellow member of TheRingFinders. He had also been called and had been given a different explanation of how the rings were lost. The rings came off when Celia threw the dog toy from the second floor window. This would make it possible to go further or get hung up in 8ft high tree type landscape shrubs. Also a chance it could landed on the pool slide then into the pool.

I returned to give it another try. This time I gave Celia 3 junk rings to throw from the same window, then 4 rings to throw at a different angle. I was able to find the first 3 in her yard and the other 4 were found in the neighbor’s yard.
I had a Garrett Infinium detector with a sniper coil which I probed into the tall shrubs from their side of the fence and I went to the neighbor’s to probe from that side but could not get a signal. After returning to Jason and Celia’s yard we were running out of places to search. Celia and I walked around the pool slide to try the last possible spot. Celia looked down and there was her beautiful solitaire engagement ring. I had knocked it out of the high shrubbery. There was no other explanation of how it got there, we had searched that spot many times and it was right on top of hard packed soil.
It gets crazy when you are getting ready to call it a “no find search” and up pops the ring. Another awesome search and one I’ll never forget. Celia was ecstatic, so was I, the photo shows her happiness.img_4212


Lost Ring Found in Troy Michigan


30 year fixed!

I got a call from a husband saying his ring slipped off while raking leaves in the yard during warmer than usual s/e Michigan weather this week.
So I got on site and him and I talked about where he thought it may be so I set up the MXT and started to detect the area. He left me to search as he went back into the house to do a few chores and hadn’t been in there too long when I called him and said I found something interesting! I at first picked up iron signals from the rubber trim metal spikes around the area in question but then a 1 cent +60 reading came up solid from all directions and I was surprised to find the pictured 14k yellow band hiding just under 4 inches of leaves!
So he came running out and raised his hands in the air in amazement when I was holding the ring!
We got to talking a bit more and I learned that the ring, like all rings, have a special meaning and a story to them.
He mentioned that his wife on their 30th anniversary in August had his original ring and her original ring melted together and this one pictured with hubby was the one that represented both and this was her original design incorporated in his new wedding band! How cool was that I thought!
I wished them a happy holiday season and was happy to see them reunited with their ring that held such a special meaning!

Playing “Pick up Sticks” in Holt, Michigan


I got an email from Erik G. yesterday about him loosing his Tungsten wedding band while  “picking up sticks” in his yard. After getting a handful of sticks he threw them in the field of high grass next too his drive. Shortly after throwing the sticks away he noticed his ring was missing. Timing, as it may, he found out about the Ring Finders from a friend and looked me up on the Ring Finders directory. Because of my schedule I emailed Erik and asked if I could come out Thursday afternoon or wait until next week, Erik called me and we made arrangements for today.

Dave Boyer, my Ring Finder partner, and I met Erik at his home. Erik pointed out where he might have lost the ring and we began our search. Erik was walking back to the house to stay warm while we searched and before he got to the house the ring was recovered. It was in the tall grass where the sticks ended up after being tossed. This was a quick search although ending just like any other ring recovery, it ended with a Ring and a Smile.

It was nice meeting Erik and seeing the relief in his eyes as his wife Chris will be happy upon hearing the news.

I got a laugh about a post from Shane G. on Facebook to Erik, “Dodged a bullet right there”.img_2944img_2941


The Ring Finders South Jersey


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Cherished and valuable rings and jewelry get lost on the beach and in the ocean, they can be recovered. If you lost a ring or a piece of jewelry even your car keys I can find them! Just a phone call away!

Cherished and valuable rings and jewelry get lost on the beach and in the ocean, they can be recovered. If you lost a ring or a piece of jewelry even your car keys I can find them! Just a phone call away!

Lost Ring – Delta, Ohio


Hello, my name is Dave Webster and I am a member of The Ring Finders.

I have lived in Northwest Ohio for the last 5 years. I have an avid passion for metal detecting because of the challenge in locating pieces of history. I am a coin collector by hobby and this passion also fuels my desire to get out there and dig. If I can use my passion to help others, this is a huge reward in itself.  If you have lost a ring, piece of jewelry or family heirloom that you have lost and now need help locating, please contact me and I will do my very best to help locate this lost treasure.

I work on a Reward Basis, that means you pay me what you can afford and what its worth to you for me to come out and find your lost item. There’s a $20 Call Out Fee to cover my gas expense if the item isn’t located.

Lost Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring Found in San Mateo


lost wedding ring found in san mateoMelanie and her husband were enjoying the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend when they decided to go outside and toss around a football. They had fun for a while, until her husband’s beautiful tungsten carbide wedding ring disappeared into the grass. They searched for hours last night and this morning with no luck.

Then Melanie found TheRingFinders. I was able to get up there this morning, less than 24 hours after the ring disappeared. Melanie showed me the place in the ivy where her husband had stumbled catching one of her passes, and the place by the pool where he had caught another with a spectacular, Super Bowl-worthy jump catch. She hoped that the ring had fallen off in one of these locations.

I searched the ivy and surrounding grass with no luck. Ivy is always a problem, because metal detectors have a practical range limit of 8-12 inches, and ivy can sometimes be thicker than that. The thicker the ivy, the harder it is to press it down with the metal detector coil. So I spent almost half an hour searching the small ivy patch with my metal detector until I was satisfied that the lost ring was not there.

Next came the patch of grass near the pool. Underneath the robust Bermuda grass was a tangled thicket of roots and runners. Rings will drop through all of this to rest on the dirt, making Bermuda grass the ideal hiding place. I spent another half hour searching here until the metal detector sang out with a sweet, shallow tone. The ring was very well hidden under the grass and runners.

Thank you Melanie for the reward. I’m glad I was able to help your husband get his ring back!

lost wedding ring found in San Mateo

Lost family heirloom recovered at Coronado Beach


Trip’s Mother came to town for Thanksgiving and presented Trip with her Father’s signet ring. Trip went to Coronado’s dog beach on Thanksgiving Day to give his dog some exercise, and while throwing a ball out into the water, the priceless heirloom flew off with one of his throws. I got the call later that day, but, the tide was already coming in, so, not a good time to hunt for it. We made arrangements to meet on Saturday afternoon to take advantage of a nice low tide. I met trip there at the beach where he showed me the search area…..about the size of two football fields. He was to take his Mom back to the airport that afternoon, so, he took off and left me to my task. I started gridding parallel to the water’s edge from mid-slope heading toward the water as I chased the tide out. After about an hour, I covered all the wet sand down to the water and decided to start gridding the other direction 90 degrees from the previous grid. This way, I could see my grid marks better and not leave any gaps from the surf washing away my marks. After a dozen or so passes from mid-slope to knee deep water, I get a great hit in ankle deep water…..reading 12-29 on my E-trac. Sure enough, I pull up a big gold ring matching Trip’s description. I make the fun call and find Trip and Mother are heading toward the airport. Both are very happy to hear the good news and Trip said he would return to the beach in 20 minutes or so. I cooled my heels while I waited by doing some more detecting until he got there. Right on time, I looked up and saw the happiest person on the beach! Trip came walking down with the biggest smile you could imagine. We took some photos and made it out in time to miss the coming rain storm. A pleasure to meet you Trip and thank you for the reward!

100_1494 100_1496

Closure searches are sometimes the most difficult.


Closure searches are the most difficult. I received a call several weeks ago from a  family that had lost their son in a fatal car accident. They wanted me to try the find a pendent that they thought their son was wearing on the day he lost his life.    They wanted to be sure the pendent wasn’t lost during the accident or when medical workers where on site.

I drove the 70 miles to the location where the accident took place and searched for several hours with no luck.

One thing I was able to give them was closure and peace of mind that the pendent was not at the accident site.  As a parent I couldn’t imagine my son or daughter dying. I was humbled they picked me to do this job for them even though other finders were closer. So ringfinders if you get a call like I did and someone needs your help. Go do it and bring some peace to someones life.. Thanks for your time.


Wedding band recovered Greenville SC


I received a call from a couple about a lost wedding band. I grabbed my gear and headed out to the location. After spending sometime looking for the ring my search coil on my e trac crossed over an 12-38 vdi at 0 inches. Using my pinpointer I located the signal and recovered the biggest ring to find to date.  Thank you Lorenzo for allowing me to find your ring.                                        

Hope Ring Lost, Found, and Returned on Venice Beach, Florida

Hope Ring Lost, Found, and Returned on Venice Beach, Florida

The 100th Return for Jay and Karen Ganz

While vacationing with my daughter in FL, I took my ring off to put sunscreen on. I got up to attend to my three year-old and forgot my ring was on my lap. I didn’t realize the ring fell into the sand until an hour later when we were packing the car to leave. My father and I went back and combed the beach with our hands and feet for over an hour with no luck. That night I was sick to my stomach…the ring wasn’t a material possession, it was a ring I made for myself in 2014 when my daughter and I moved back to NJ from WA state, a new 2-person duo. When faced with being a single mom I told myself, “You got this” and I traded in some jewelry I no longer used to have a hope ring made. Two years later the ring was now gone. The next morning, I texted the local Ring Finders chapter and a friendly voice called me back saying her name was Karen and her husband Jay and she would love to help. I asked about the fee and she said there’s no charge but I could donate to their chapter if I wanted. They changed their existing plans and met me at Venice Beach not much later. In less than 5 minutes Karen found my ring. The next day was Thanksgiving and I couldn’t help but be thankful for my path crossing with Karen and Jay…it wasn’t the ring being returned that I was as grateful for, as it was meeting such genuinely giving people and knowing that selfless people still exist in the world. I thank them for finding my ring, but more importantly Karen and Jay showing me true kindness.

Congratulations Jay and Karen on 100 rings returned over your detecting careers. That is an AWESOME accomplishment!!!!!!!!!




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