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Heirloom Woodgrain Gold Wedding Band Lost in Seattle Snow 2021

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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Watch this recovery video of Brandon’s lost gold wedding band in the snow.

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Brandon contacted me during our Seattle 2021 snow event about his 14k gold wedding band that got lost in his neighborhood. When I arrived he showed me a residential street that had a really good angle to it where they have been snow sledding two days prior. By this time most of the snow had melted away and the road was down to bare asphalt. I knew I had to act quickly if the ring was to be found before all the snow milted away. In high traffic areas there is always a high potential for some one to eyeball the item making the recovery process that more uncertain and added steps to take. 

After he described what took place and pointing out the key areas he went back to his home to tend to his work. I quickly got my gear and got to the mission at hand. As I have done so many times in the past I quickly divided the area up in to priorities and the roadway was my prime focus. Active traffic, and only a few small bits of snow quickly milting away I knew I had to clear this section without delay.

As I got just past half way down the hill in the middle of the street I made a statement of how amazing it would be to find his ring in one of the snow drifts. As I was detecting a very thin patch of snow in the middle of the road I let out a prayer that God’s hand of protection would be upon his ring and that it would be recovered and before I could get the words out of my mouth completely God answered my prayer! My detector rang out a strong solid signal, a quick swipe of my pin pointer and I had his ring in my hand! Thank you Jesus his ring was recovered less than an inch away from a tire tread that went straight through this very patch of snow of where the ring was recovered. God certainly did protect his ring as there was not even a scratch on it. Beautiful, clean and pristine 14k yellow gold with a wood grain pattern carved into this piece constructed of heirloom gold from his father’s wedding ring made this a very special recovery.

We are so happy for Brandon’s wedding ring recovery.  We trust in God that my prayer will continue on for the protection of this ring as its story continues on with Brandon’s life long adventures.

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Metal Detector Specialist Recovers Stud Earring in Grass .. City of Orange, CA

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

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… Kristen had taken her afternoon walk with her children and their dog. They were at a neighborhood park when she went to adjust her small stud style earring. The dog got a little excited pulling on her hand that held the earring and it went flying into the grass. 

Several of her neighbors attempted to find the stud earring. They even had a metal detector which couldn’t find her favorite piece of jewelry.

The next day, one of Kristen’s friends suggested that she go online to call a ring finder. That was how she found me. I met her a couple hours after our phone conversation.

Kristen had the matching earring which helped me set up my metal detector. We walked a couple blocks to the park where she showed me a small area in the grass, 10’ x 20’. She couldn’t stay which wasn’t necessary because I had all the information I needed.

I decided to use my high frequency settings on my metal detector. The search site was fairly free of metal trash signals which helped to make it a quick recovery. Also,  the earring was .925 silver making it an easier target to identify. 

After getting the signal I was looking for, I took a look into the grass and the only thing visible was the thin post. It seems to be normal for these stud earrings to fall with the heavier end downward. 

It was a good feeling to recover this because these small earrings are always a challenge. Kristen was very happy to get this back. It had special sentimental meaning to her.

Exactly why I love being able to do these recoveries.

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Lost Gold Texas A&M Graduation Ring at Queen’s Beach Waikiki…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This Ring Find began when I woke up from surgery. While I was in another world my wife got a call from Chris from Dallas, Texas. After enjoying the day swimming at Waikiki Beach two days earlier, upon exiting the water Chris’ wife Sharon was having her Gold Texas A&M ring begin to slip off her finger. She removed the ring and held it tightly in her fist. When all of a sudden a powerful wave crashed into her back and knocked her down into the shore break sand. To brace her fall her fist naturally opened and the ring fell into the surf and disappeared. She was devastated! This area near the Kapahulu Pier is a favorite of the body boarders as it’s pretty much a surf pound year around. I checked for low tide and Chris agreed to meet me at the beach at 12:30 this afternoon. The surf was still pounding but Chris drew a small enough grid in the sand I thought it would be a cinch. 45 minutes later and after a dozen pull tabs and 7 bottle caps I was very frustrated. Each target was a challenge to retrieve in the surf. Who decided to pollute the beach and party here? The ring had to be here because those targets would never have been left behind by another detectorist. I expanded the grid out in both directions but no luck. I had one last option head into the rocky coral area and see what is scoop able. This was out of the grid but near enough to come into play. Sure enough a screaming 19-20 on the Nox which I thought would be a Zincoln Cent…but nope it was Sharon’s awesome ring mixed in with a scoop of coral chunks. What a relief! I yelled over to Chris, “Got it!” He came running down to retrieve the ring from the scoop before the next wave crashed into me. Chris was so surprised and grateful he gave me a bear hug and said, “Thank you so much Joe.” Hopefully Sharon & Chris can get back to enjoying their vacation. Aloha to Sharon & Chris!

Gold wedding band found.!! Ajax, Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

Ratnam called me on Sunday, February 28th to ask me if I rented metal detectors. I told him that I did not, and only offer my detecting service.

He was determined to rent a metal detector to find his wedding band that he had lost a few days earlier around the front of his house while he was throwing bread to some birds on the front lawn.
Well, Ratnam called me again yesterday, Monday March 1st and said he had no luck finding his ring after he spent ten hours searching for it.
We made arrangements for me to arrive at his home this morning and hopefully help him find his ring.
I met Ratnam this morning and he walked me through what had happened a few days earlier.
He was holding bread crumbs in his left hand and grabbing them with his right to toss to the birds on the front lawn.
At one point he grabbed some crumbs and actually pulled his own ring off with them.
He heard his ring clink on the porch and it immediately disappeared.
I grabbed my gear and began in all the logical places the ring could have rolled off to. I grid searched everything with no luck.
I turned my detector off and had to lay on my stomach with my pinpointer and crawled under the cedar trees beside the porch. This wasn’t much fun as it was -21° with the wind chill this morning.
After clearing all the bad targets out from under the cedars, still no ring.
As a last ditch effort, I grabbed my trusty flashlight and looked around the eaves trough downspout beside the porch.
Sure enough, I caught a glint of gold under a leaf right beside the porch wall and downspout.

I had to use a screwdriver to lift the ring up and out from beside the wall and pull it forward so I could reach it.

I told Ratnam the good news, took some photos and I was on my way.

Nice to meet you today Ratnam and happy I could help out.

Take care,

Mark Ellis

Lost White Gold Diamond Woman’s Ring Set in Gahanna, OH. “FOUND”

  • from Newark (Ohio, United States)

I received a call about a lost white gold diamond woman’s ring set. The set was lost in the snow and was unable to find it about three weeks early.

During that day when she lost her rings, she had visited many other locations, she had made many phone calls about her missing rings at the other places of business with no luck.

After metal detecting two other locations close by with no luck, the last place we looked, there was the rings. Found one then the other close by.

She was very happy to have her rings returned to her.


Lost White Gold Diamond Woman’s Ring Set in Gahanna, OH. “FOUND”

Lost White Gold Diamond Woman’s Ring Set in Gahanna, OH. “FOUND”

Lost White Gold Diamond Woman’s Ring Set in Gahanna, OH. “FOUND”

SeattleRingHunter Reunites Professional Soccer Player Ally Watt with her Aggie Diamond Ring Wrap

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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Watch this recovery video of Professional Soccer Player Ally Watt’s Texas A&M Aggie Diamond Ring Wrap!

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Professional Soccer Player Ally Watt connected during our 2021 snow event asking for some help. Sadly she told me she had just lost a gold diamond ring throwing a snow ball for a photo. I asked her if this was a wedding ring and she no and did not offer any further details of the ring. She had learned of my services from my local metal detection shop when calling to rent a machine. The weather was quite crazy as we don’t typically get that much snow so it generally catches us off guard in the Seattle area. Ally had been out near Point Defiance when she lost her ring. Due to the snow and all the was taking place I was not able to meet her that same day. However she lives very close to the area she lost her ring so I did all I could to help her over the phone until I could make the trip. She came out the next days and searched for her ring. At first she didn’t realize she had been over a parking lot of snow. A few days past her loss she had received a cheap metal detector purchased on line and it basically did not perform all that well for her only turning up a simple coin. She tried to detect her friends ring in the snow and said the machine didn’t even respond. Admittedly having no experience with the cheap metal detector it was no surprise she did not locate her ring with the detector. By the time I was able to meet her in the parking lot a few days after the loss I learned more of the story. This is when I learned it was a Texas A&M class ring and that she had just found the ring the day prior visually searching the slushy snow! She also informed me that there was still a missing God Diamond Ring Wrap that she could not find! By they time I arrived the parking lot pavement had been plowed clear of all snow. Having been in the snow the past few days recovering other rings I knew this snow to be soft and light when it first fell. With what she told me I suspected when the ring flew off her finger the ring and diamond wrap separated. The chunky gold Aggie ring sank in the snow as where the Diamond Ring Wrap quite a bit lighter in mass stayed up a little hither in the layers of snow. When the snow plow came thought the parking lot I was hoping the Diamond Ring Wrap got pushed to the edge of the parking lot in the piles of snow. She was very fortunate to have eyeballed her Aggie class ring and to have found it undamaged.

I had a decision to make as we often do, either go right or left. I chose the right side of the parking lot first as the snow bank was not a hight as the other side. Always do the easy low hanging fruit first! No ring wrap, so off to the left side and still no ring wrap. Determined I continued to work up the parking lot when I finally got my first real solid target. I was not sure but had a pretty good anticipation this was it. After a few quick swipes of my detector and pin pointer I had a snow ball in my hand and pulled her Gold Diamond Ring Wrap completely undamaged from its snow packed hiding place! Thank you Lord for protecting this precious diamond ring wrap. She was quite concerned that it could have gotten run over by a car but fortunately we are thankful to report it was recovered undamaged. She was extremely pleased with the results of our efforts. With big proud smiles she put her ring back on her finger ready to live through the next adventure life brings her way.

If you lost an item of value reach out to me directly for a quick chat so I can formulate a recovery plan for you!

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Rings found in the snowy Sierra

  • from Reno (Nevada, United States)

Imagine celebrating your 6 month anniversary only to lose both your engagement and wedding rings in the snow.  Well, this is what happened to Anushka and Tanmay.

Stopping to enjoy the snow Anushka decided to take her wet gloves off and ended up pulling both rings off with them. Unable to find them in the deep snow they did a search online and found The Ring Finders website.

Receiving the call too late to search that evening we decided to meet the next morning and since they knew the exact location they were in when they were dropped the rings were found within minutes and the 6 month anniversary celebration was back on.

Lost Sterling Silver Pendant and Chain Found In The Snow In Clio Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Petals In The Snow……

…..What? Could this be a sign of an early spring just as Punxsutawney Phil has predicted?

Got a call from Tammy last night she said that her thin silver chain broke loose when she was carrying groceries into her house back when heavy snow fell down upon s/e Michigan a couple weeks ago. It wasn’t until bedtime she noticed it missing. Searching the next day in the heavy snow revealed nothing and the parking area had been plowed. Upon arrival today most of the snow had melted leaving the parking area clear of snow. I noticed a mound of plowed snow so I used my garrett at gold metal detector to start scanning the around the mound. Nothing signaled on the first scan so we shoveled a bit deeper into the mound. Scanning again I got a faint signal. Scraping away into the snow revealed this really pretty sterling silver Lotus flower pendant and chain shining back at me! Tammy was beyond belief but super happy that it was in the snow mound. So even tho the groundhog saw his shadow, the Lotus petals in the snow are proof enough for me that spring is on the way!


Lost Ring Palmer Alaska…Found

  • from Palmer (Alaska, United States)


My name is Dan Thompson and I’m a professional metal detectorist with the ring With my wife and dogs we’ve called Southcentral Alaska our family home for over 25 years.

What motivates me is simple, to help people.

I love the smiles and yells of amazement when my friends and neighbors are reunited with their lost items like wedding rings, prescription glasses, and jewelry. Yeah that’s happened.

Some people are master tree cutters, or carpenters, or writers, I’m that top-notch metal detector guy. Just give a call, and I’ll get you back your lost item!  (907) 688-0510

Lost ring in Savannah Georgia found!

  • from Statesboro (Georgia, United States)

Grant contacted me about an engagement ring lost in their backyard a couple of months ago. He asked if I could come out and take a look. They’d tried with their own detector without success. Grant confessed that he didn’t really know what he was looking or listening for and everything seemed to sound like pull tabs. (lol!).

After arriving on the scene and talking for a few minutes, it turns out the ring had been lost for closer to a year. It was lost last year on Mother’s Day while his wife was working outside on some furniture. After about half an hour searching where he thought it might be, I popped this absolute beauty out of the ground. Grant was thrilled to have the ring back and was excited to surprise his wife with the find.