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Saint James City, FL — Diamond Ring Found in Yard & Returned


imageJeremy & Crystal contacted us after Crystal’s diamond ring flew off her hand into the yard while playing volleyball in their outdoor pool.

Prior to contacting us, Jeremy had borrowed a metal detector from a friend to search for the lost ring on his own–with no success.

After coordinating our schedules, my wife and I arrived at their Saint James City home to begin the search.

Just before sunset, my CTX 3030 detected a possible target.  My wife began spreading apart the grass under the coil and there–lodged in the thick grass roots–lay the missing 18k white gold diamond ring.

A surprised couple were happily reunited with the ring.

We are glad this hunt ended with another successful recovery.


Lost Wedding Rings in Maurice, LA. – Found


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Lost Wedding Rings in Maurice, LA. – Found

Sid got a call from Shane the day after his wife lost her engagement ring and wedding band (soldered together) in his Dad’s back yard. They were having a party and the couple were active at the party and around the subdivision. They had made many trips around and off the property on a golf cart.  I went early the next morning and started in the back yard off the porch, the party’s main location. On my second pass, I got a shallow, gold signal and found the ring ½” below ground level. Total search time, 15 minutes. Another smiling face. Dad got the picture since Shane needed to be at work. Thank you Randy and Shane for the generous reward. This helps keep these search services available.


P.S. Received an email from Shane’s Mom later in the day. She is a good friend from the past. Made the find even sweeter.

Bride’s Sentimental Locket Lost on Beach at Wedding in Avalon,Nj Recovered!


The bride is very happy! I did an awesome recovery last night on the beach in Avalon,NJ. During a photo shoot the bride had lost a very sentimental locket with a photo of her as a little girl with her godfather who has passed away. Married just hours before and celebrating, her wedding party and family knew how upset she was about its loss and contacted me and fellow ring finder John Favno. We arrived on the beach at dusk and scoured the area for 2 hours and just as I was ready to quit I noticed an area of beach down by the water with dress shoe foot prints lol! After a few minutes I got the signal I was looking for and recovered the locket from the waters edge in the sand. I couldn’t wait to go up to the reception at the Icona restaurant/hotel on the beach and tell her I found it! The wedding party greeted us followed by a very happy,crying bride and her family. What an awesome feeling to see the happiness on her face as I put the locket in her hand,Priceless! This is why I/we do this service. Thank you John for your assistance to this great recovery,team work gets it done! Congratulations to the newlyweds! The wedding cake was delicious lol!14441063_10207476799988746_3450882357579453873_n14450008_10207476799548735_476323084300508171_n14445972_10207476798868718_2611020479870566068_n14433080_10207476799108724_3544986095723356352_n14457248_10207476801148775_2926343085728231718_n

10 year Anniversary Diamond Ring Lost in bay off Restaurant Pier in Margate,NJ Recovered!


Enjoying a beautiful sunset Christine was sitting on her stool on the deck at Lamberti’s restaurant above the boat docks. Moving her ring around on her finger it fell off on the deck and over the side it went into the bay. At that point the fun time with friends changed to a panic and a  frantic search of the water by her and the staff. Having no success someone mentioned she should call a ring finder which led her to me with a quick google search! I met Christine at the site 2 days later after the sun had gone down and after looking at the area I assured her I could do the job.However due to the amount of mud/silt I didn’t want to get in the water and possibly disturb the silt and have the ring sink further so I chose to work from the dock. The following day I arrived before low tide and prepared my gear and as I went to move a piece of steel that was in the way on the dock I noticed a penny heads up looking right at me exactly where I had to stand to swing my detector,hmm? After a few minutes of searching with my Whites V3i detector and 4×6 coil I got a nice solid 12 vdi signal that I was looking for and then it was in the scoop!!! As I shook the scoop to wash the mud out I could see her ring laying in the bottom. Bingo! I immediately sent her a text picture of it in the scoop and asked if this looked familiar? I could feel the relief and excitement in her response with the following phone call! I mentioned the penny and the date of 1981 and she responded that her grandfather who had metal detected passed away in 1981 had answered her prayers in finding the ring,God Bless! We made arrangements and I had the pleasure of handing her ring back to her and seeing that priceless expression on her face. Another great recovery! Another great day!14102622_10207295414814230_234496454223512118_n14212842_10207295441894907_193318073498321949_n14034877_10207243230709660_6600856504966864319_n14100394_10207295442054911_24785779127929672_n

Lost Wedding Ring on Long Beach Island,NJ Recovered!


On my way home from work I received a call from a young woman asking for my help to recover her husbands gold wedding sand that was lost on the beach. She stated that they were recently married and his ring was a little loose so he took it off and put it in the cup holder of his beach chair so he could go swimming. Unfortunately he forgot it was in there and at the end of the day folded the chair up and they walked off the beach not realizing until later what had happened. They returned to the beach and marked off an area approximately 40×40 and started searching with their hands with no luck. I arrived about an hour later and began to search the area and within minutes and the ring was recovered and back on his finger. Another very happy couple!13924941_1081523725275132_5453563781496710881_n13912828_1081523718608466_934627841290601384_n

In the James River for over a year


9/24/16 Recovered: Engagement and Wedding rings set, lost last year in the James River.
SCUBA, 8’ to 10’ deep, 1:31 minutes, Garrett ATpro w/Gray Ghosts


Equipment & river access.

In August, I got an email from Lindsay after she saw my listing in the Ring Finder’s directory. She lost the rings last year when a friend accidentally pulled them off her fingers. She had another detectorist do a search that summer, but he could not complete the recovery.


The access to the river is on private property. With all the variables of work, family, and the schedules of the owners, it was difficult to schedule a day. We finally got to the river on a beautiful Saturday morning. My wife who is a certified divemaster, acted as my safety diver. Lindsay’s husband Brett, met us in a nearby town and we followed him to the property. A pleasant gentleman who is one of the landowners met us at the river.

Brett paddled out from the small dock to where he thought the rings dropped. He gave me every detail he could remember and placed me within 15 feet of where I found the rings. Brett’s memory and ability to find the location was invaluable. Lindsay was tenacious and never gave up hope. I am so glad I could help them recover the rings.

I have been metal detecting above and below the water for many years. This is my first recovery through Ring Finders. Thank you to Chris Turner for creating the directory and getting us together!




The rings after more than a year in the silt.




Found White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring in Mount Pearl, NL


I received a call from a man who was in need of help looking for his fiance’s engagement ring.  She had dropped it between the driveway and their front door but couldn’t locate it.  He purchased a metal detector and pinpointer but had no luck.  On the first night I searched the general area where they thought it was lost until the sun went down and I came up empty-handed.  On the second trip I took apart their front deck to scour underneath but still no luck!  After about 45 minutes searching under trees and pine needles I decided to expand my search to grass along the side of the property and with the pinpointer I was able to find a very beautiful ring and make a couple very happy.  What a feeling when you find something valuable and see the smile that it creates!


Lost Gold & Diamonds Wedding Band in Aulani Disney Resort Ko Olina Lagoon…FOUND!!!


This ring find started when I got a call from John who was on vacation from Littleton, Colorado. While taking a dip in the lagoon the day before his Wedding Band fell off. For several hours many tourists at the resort tried searching for the ring with no luck. That’s when John got my name and number from the resort staff. I agreed to meet him at the lagoon Monday morning for a search. When I arrived John was waiting. He helped me mark the grid then I told him to relax on the beach. I headed out to chest deep water on the first leg and when I did an about face to start the return leg I got a great tone. One scoop and there was John’s ring. Elapsed time 2 minutes. Needless to say John was astonished with the quick recovery and gratefully thanked me for getting him out of the dog house. Aloha to John.

White Gold Wedding Ring With Diamond Lost at Manhattan Beach, CA…Found.



Valerie Contacted me yesterday about the loss of her wedding ring. I was available, and told her I would be there in 30 minutes. She had taken the ring off so she could go into the water, and when trying to place it in her phone case, it fell into the sand. When she had traveled a little while in the sand towards the water she looked again, and her ring was gone.She started to look in the most obvious place in the sand with her fingers, but the expanse of sand was so great it looked like a hopeless cause. She found me on web site, and gave me a call.

When I got there, I asked my questions trying to narrow down the search area, but when Valerie explained to me what happened, I realized the area was rather large. I began my search where she had begun hers thinking she had the best idea of where the ring might have fallen into the sand. No luck with that, so I kept expanding out from that area all the way back to the area she had removed her ring, about 2 1/2 hours; nothing but a bunch of bottle caps, and a few coins. I then decided to do a cross grid, knowing that sometimes a ring may sound off in a different passing of the detector’s coil over the area. We both knew the ring was there from her experience, so the cross grid was the only answer. About 20 minutes later I got a solid hit in the earphones, and had her ring in the scoop. It was so good to see Varerie’s excitement when I held up her ring as she ran over to receive it. It is such a joy to restore the joy in others.

Persistence is the key in some of these searches, so don’t forget to make sure the ground is covered completely when doing a search.


If you lose your ring or other metal item of value, don’t buy a metal detector or rent a metal detector, but call one of the members of this directory. Look at the different metal detecting Ring Finder blogs and read their success stories, then call them ASAP, and they will work hard for you to find what you thought might never be found again.
I search, Cabrillo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Huntington Beach, Long Beach, Malibu, Manhattan Beach, Newport Beach, Redondo Beach, Santa Monica, Seal Beach, Torrance Beach, Venice Beach, and all parks, yards, gardens, and ponds (to 5 foot depths) in Orange County and Los Angeles County.