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After 65 Yrs Of Marriage Ring Falls Off

  • from Sea Isle City (New Jersey, United States)

Married for 65 years! Carmela’s husband Pete dropped the wedding ring he has worn for 65 years in the sand in Sea Isle City NJ. He just had it enlarged and it was a lil loose. It was raining so she was going home to wait the outcome. By the time she walked off the beach I had it in my hand. She was in tears when I showed her. The video tells it all. TYVM to the unknown neighbor of her who recommended me. It really made me happy to be a ringfinder!!

Finding a lost ring in Sauble Beach, Lake Huron Ontario.


How to find a lost ring in Sauble Beach, Ontario? Time tends to be the most important aspect many times. With the number of individuals with metal detectors increase, the risk of another individual finding your lost item and not knowing the true owner is high.

In this find, the individual did everything correct to ensure a successful recover. He went as far as marking the location, staying until the sun went down, and going back at 6am the next day, all to ensure this item has not been found by someone else. About an hour after he arrived, and a google search for “Metal detectors in sauble beach ontario”, ourteam got a text.

This was a difficult situation, as we were in a fishing derby in Wiarton, Ontario. But as we have discovered many times, the sooner the items can be searched for, the higher the recovery rate. We pulle


d out of the derby and within slightly before 2 hour of receiving the call, not only where we in Sauble and searching, but the ring had been recovered.

If you have lost your ring in sauble, port elgin, kincardine, grand bend, lampton shores, lions head, or anywhere along Lake Huron, please reach out for a  fast recovery.


Lost house and car keys

  • from Kent (England, United Kingdom)

I got a call from Reece who explained that his bunch of keys had been thrown into a field full of 5ft tall stinging nettles in Crawley.
Arranged to meet up early this morning , where he explained how they had gotten thrown there , after half an hour fighting through the nettles my detector sounded off and a bunch of keys were hooked up in the nettles about 6” from the ground, Reece was extremely pleased to see his keys again ,  was great to see the expression on his face when I handed them back to him , another happy person reunited with their property thanks to ring finders . 

Lost Engagement Ring found in Fort Riley, Kansas

Lost Engagement ring found today

I received a call from a young military couple who had lost her wedding ring while playing with the dog. After About 20 minutes of searching the yard I picked up a nice 21 signal! As look down I saw the silver glitter through the grass of the white gold ring. It’s always amazing to see the look of joy and happiness when you turn around holding the ring. They We’re a very happy couple and I am happy for them.

Ring found by Kansas Relics and Recovey

Another ring finder success story

Ring Recovery by Kansas Relics and Recovey

Kansas Relics and Recovery finds the ring!

Found Ring on finger

Lost ring from Junction City Kansas on finger

Lost ring found in Kansas

Closeup of lost engagement ring in Ft Riley Kansas


Lost Ring found in Ft. Riley Kansas review

Lost engagement ring found review

Kansas Relics and Recovery

Saved at Tahoe

  • from Reno (Nevada, United States)

So after leaving Moon Dunes this morning. Mike L and Sharon went to Tahoe Meadows to look for a wedding ring lost by a calif man..Dan. we had the certain area to search in the water that got a little deep quickly. After Sharon was up to her( you know) Mike took over for another foot , you can see the water mark on shirt , and found the ring. DAN WAS A VERY HAPPY MAN. GOOD JOB

Lady’s Rolex Recovered

A gift from the lady’s late husband 30 years ago, she was very upset to have lost her watch. I’m so pleased to have been able to get it back to her.

Lost wedding band recovered in Manasquan NJ

Was sitting on Union Beach for the morning with my girlfriend when I got a call from Meir asking for help to locate his wedding band he lost the day before in Manasquan. Told him I’d pack up and head right down. Met him at the beach and luckily he put the area where he was sitting in his phones GPS. It seems coming out of the water drying off his ring slipped off his finger. At first he had me in one area then noticed I was alittle off the mark. I moved over about 15 feet and within 2 minutes I found his ring. Needless to say he was very happy to get it back. Another happy beach goer.

The Ring Finders Metal Detecting service found a lost phone buried in beach sand Diego metal detector rental

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)



The Ring Finders Metal Detector service helped find a lost phone buried at a beach in San Diego call or text 760 889 2751 emergency or not.

   Many of us can share a story of losing a wallet or cell phone at some time in our life. Those memorable feelings in panic mode desperately tearing apart a house or car retracing back your steps in search is all so terribly familiar to me.

   After many years being a member of Theringfinders,, I have learned so much that have helped others in need with my detector experience during these calls.

   Fortunately when Brenda contacted me one early morning with an emergency regarding her lost cell phone at the beach. She stated right off the bat; The Phone tracker app showed it was still there buried in the sand somewhere.  Can you help me?

   This tells us both it is there to be found!  At the drop of a hat,,I was on my way…My go to saying is; “If it’s there,I will find it”. 

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  So we met shortly afterwards. After mutual Q’s & concerns I began a grid search of the area on dry sand & called her over after 15-25 hearing the first similar sound identical to an ID tone of cell phones I have found.

   X marks that spot I explained as Brenda walked towards in hope. I asked her to dig it up so I didn’t cause any damage just to be safe….When all of a sudden …out of nowhere,,,Something happened…?.

Brenda unearthed her lost cell phone and was joyfully in a relief of happiness.  The end.

Ring Lost in Collinsville, Oklahoma Found

  • from Broken Arrow (Oklahoma, United States)

Received a text from Ray about  his wife’s lost wedding ring… I asked what happened when I got there and his wife TASHA said there was an argument and she threw her ring over the back fence into the field behind the house….. I had  Tasha throw my test ring, my ring landed a few yards from her’s  I scooped up her ring without her knowing…. I asked her if it could be over by the dirt mound behind her a few feet… When she turned around I held up her ring in my hand… It took her bout 30 seconds to turn around and finally she saw her Ring…. Needless to say she was very happy…. That evening she was in a downpour looking for it… Unfortunately she didn’t want her picture I said that’s fine…

Newlywed Couple Lost Wedding Band On Emerald Isle Beach Found After Thunderstorm

  • from Morehead City (North Carolina, United States)

Dave & Maureen were enjoying a mini vacation on the beach of Emerald Isle, NC.  Dave placed his wedding band in his hat while he was swimming in the ocean.  When he returned, he put the hat on and the ring flew into the sand.  The newlywed couple searched for 15 minutes but got rained out by a thunderstorm.  Maureen texted me later that night and asked if I could search for the ring the following day or 2.  After learning the ring was very close to a public beach access, I was concerned another person would find Dave’s ring.  Even though it was getting late, they agreed to meet me as soon as I could arrive and begin the search.  Dave & Maureen remembered the area very well and this lead to my quickest recovery yet as my first signal was his ring and using a headlamp, part of the ring was visible in the sand at night.  I think I took 8-10 steps before finding his beautiful wedding band.  It was very pleasing watching Maureen & Dave celebrate the recovery!