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Ring Found in Backyard, Lake Odessa, MI.

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)

Back in July, 2023, Devin and Garrett were playing with a Frisbee when she noticed her ring was missing. Gregg and I went out there the first time and spent a couple of hours searching for the ring with no luck. Today, we met Garrett out there and he had marked a few areas with flags that he thought the ring could be in. In a few minutes I got an iffy signal and decided I’d better dig it to see what it was. I used a screwdriver and with the first attempt this diamond stone popped up and stared me in the face. I signaled Gregg and we called Garrett over who was using his own metal detector. I hid the ring in my hand and ran my hand over the coil on his metal detector and then opened my hand for the big surprise. A beautiful rose gold ring with a diamond on top. Garrett went to the house to tell everybody about the find. We gathered the family together for a few pictures and bathed in the smiles and laughter of finding the ring.

Lost Silver Wedding Ring Recovered & Returned Wrightsville Beach NC

  • from Hillsborough (North Carolina, United States)

This lost silver wedding ring was recovered and returned at Wrightsville Beach NC.

I was out metal detecting on the beach on Sunday 9/24/2023 looking for a nice woman’s ring when I was approached by a gentleman about another  lost ring who explained he lost a wedding ring while in the water surfing. He explained the details of how he lost it. I handed him a business card and explained that I am a member of metal detecting  service and that we help people recover there lost jewelry and other items with the use of a metal detector. However I also explained that since the ring was lost in deep water that there was not much I could do but would keep a eye out. And if the ring turned up I would notify him. I also had him text me a picture of the ring. since it was Identical to his wife’s ring he sent me a picture of hers. I agreed to pass the info along to others detectorist I know in the area in case it washed up and was found. Several hours later I was able to recover the ring which was not easy but glad I was able to find it. I’m always happy when I can help someone. The next day I met with him on Monday 9/25/2023 to return the ring. As it turns out the ring was returned on his anniversary.

Lost Silver Ring Recovered & Returned Wrightsville Beach NC

  • from Hillsborough (North Carolina, United States)

This lost silver ring was recovered and returned at Wrightsville Beach NC.

I was out metal detecting on the beach on Sunday 9/24/2023 when I was approached by a nice woman who explained she lost a very special ring. She explained the details of how she lost it and a general area. I handed her a business card and explained that I am a member of theringfinders and that we help people recover there lost jewelry and other items with the use of a metal detector. I agreed to help her if could but it was not going to be a easy search . I told her that it was like looking for a needle in a hay stack since she lost it at the waters edge in the waves and the tide was going out which could have pulled and pushed the ring anywhere. But still I agreed to help if I could. I searched for awhile with no luck. Eventually she and her family had to leave and I told her I would keep searching and if the ring turned up I would get it back to her since we had already exchanged contact info when she sent me a picture of her ring. Later that night when the tide was lower I was still searching and decided to expand my search area since the tide and current could have moved it. I was North of the area where she lost it when I got a strong clear signal in the water. I recovered the signal and it was her ring. I texted her a picture of the ring and called her.  The next day on Monday 9/25/2023 I was able to return the ring and I was very happy to help. I asked why the ring was so special and she explained it was a ring her and her husband had picked out and bought it together while on a trip.

Lost Rose Gold w/Sapphire Ring Found Underwater in the Clinton River, Shelby Twp. Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Luv On the Rocks…..

….With just 2 months into their engagement, Derrick’s fiancée was excited to show her new ring to some lady friends. With all the stress of planning a wedding, she was excited to spend an evening with them over dinner, dancing and catching up. As the evening progressed, the ladies moved out to part of the dance floor deck that was adjoining the Clinton River. Sometime during a few fast tunes with arms flying wildly, high fiving and hugs she remembered her ring flying off and hitting something metal. The next day her and Derrick combed the ground area with no luck. When I arrived, the only place left to search was in the water. Lowering myself down onto some slippery rocks placed against a metal headwall, I was knee deep in the cloudy water. Searching with my metal detector I could only get so close to the headwall. The current was strong in this location, and I would not be able to venture out too much further without safety equipment. Scanning the metal detector out to almost waist deep water I got a good signal. Peering into the water with my snorkel mask revealed her ring resting on the edge of a flat rock with sticky muck just inches away! Derrick lowered a rope to me slacked out enough so I could go upstream a bit. Letting the current push my arm back I was able to reach down, see the ring thru my snorkel mask and grab it off the rock. A risky but successful recovery! Holding the ring up, Derrick was overpowered with energy and excitement! Upon reaching higher solid ground, we fist bumped, and both admired the ring! Not only was it a stunning rose gold band but the gemstone was a very pale yet beautifully cut Sapphire! Now with the symbol of their engagement off the rocks, they are ready to rock and roll into a beautiful life together!



Lost Wedding Ring in Kansas City……..Found

  • from Kansas City (Missouri, United States)

Kansas City Ring Finder  Lanny Sellers– Ring Recovery Specialist…Lost your ring?… Metal Detecting Service/Call ASAP  Anytime   816-273-2298

I received a text from a gentleman that had lost his wedding ring in his backyard while putting down straw. He showed me the area that he lost it in and in about 2 minutes, I handed him his wedding ring! He was ecstatic and   thanked me for providing a valuable service and said that I probably saved his marriage. Go Royals!

Lost necklace at the beach, Point Pleasant Beach NJ, recovered by Edward Trapper, NJ Ring Finder

  • from Seaside Park (New Jersey, United States)

  Amanda sent me a text later in the evening, asking about my services. Amanda and her husband Dave were at the beach, where she had removed her NJ State Trooper medallion necklace and placed it in the beach bag for safe keeping. She was extremely heartbroken, as she wore this every single day for over 20 plus years.  After they returned home it was missing, so they backtracked every step with no luck. They also raked the entire area of the beach where they had set up their chairs and towels for the day. The only possible thing that could have happened was it came out during the day when Dave removed the car keys, and mistakenly fell into the sand. Amanda didn’t want me to come out late at night, but no way would I leave the necklace sit in the sand over night, and possibly disappear with the tide, or risk it being found by an suspecting beach comber. I met Dave at the beach within 30 min. and had Amanda’s  necklace in the scoop just a short while later. Dave was in total disbelief I found it so fast, especially after they had done an extensive search prior to my arrival.

Lost Silver Sentimental Pendant at Ulua Lagoon Ko Olina Resort…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This pendant hunt began Saturday, 2 September when I got a text from Nicholas who said his brother Michael visiting from San Diego, California lost a sentimental pendant from a necklace in Ulua Lagoon at Ko Olina resort.  He sent pictures of the lagoon area and the pendant.  We met at Ulua Lagoon soonest as the size of the pendant made me fear someone would spot it early morning when the lagoons are crystal clear.  Nicholas & Michael met me at the lagoon to show me the area to hunt.  Approximately waist deep I was expecting an easy recovery.  It didn’t happen and we all assumed the pendant was probably eyeballed and recovered by a swimmer.  Michael was obviously bummed but what can you do?  I told Michael I’d notify Security and check with the Lost & Found desk.  No luck there.  So on Saturday, September 16th I was back at Lagoon 4 doing my normal weekend search for other lost valuables when along the shoreline I got a strong high tone and in one scoop there was Michael’s pendant.  Wait, what?  For whatever reason, it wasn’t where we thought but who cares? I went back to my car and texted Nicholas that I had found Michael’s pendant.  A family member from Hawaii returned it to him this afternoon in San Diego.  That’s a smile of happiness!  Aloha to Michael & Nicholas!

Ring Found in Corn Pit, Richland, MI

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)
Gregg Larabel got a call but could not make it so he gave it to me.
I met Ken at Gull Meadow Farms and his wife Justine had lost her 10 year old wedding ring in the corn pit. Upon seeing the new corn pit I noticed the sheet metal walls surrounding the pit could cause a problem with the metal detector and I was right. Ken showed me an area of about 15ft x 15ft that Justine had been playing with the kids and then noticed her ring missing. I gave Ken my pinpointer and put him to work checking the signals I received as I gridded the area. He retrieved a few coins, a pull tab, a token and a mans tungsten wedding ring(turned that into the office) but not his wife’s ring and we were getting concerned. I figured it had to be next to the sheet metal wall and the metal detector went crazy when getting close to the wall. Ken was using the pinpointer close to the wall and then he started to push the corn away from the wall and I would check the pile of corn as he pushed it away. In a few minutes I got that sweet sound of gold on the metal detector and told Ken this had to be it. He checked the spot and there was Justine’s ring. A few high 5’s, some hurrahs from crowd, some picture taking and Ken was off to give Justine the good news.

Earrings and a six pack found at the beach


Pair of earrings lost and found in Rio de Janeiro (and a six pack as well)

Last Sunday, on a very hot winter afternoon, I was metal detecting at my favorite beach – Barra da Tijuca – I was about to call it a day, when I noticed three people searching for something on dry sand with bare hands. They shyly looked at me but none said anything. So, I asked them if what they had lost was made of metal. One of the girls said it was a pair of gold earrings she had recently received as a gift from her fiancé. It did not take me more than five minutes to find her earrings because she had seen them fly away from the pocket of her shorts when she took them off. She had put the earrings there to “not run the risk of losing them”. They were amazed for having the jewel back so fast and very happy for her . One more picture to the “book of smiles”.

What happened a little farther on, a few minutes later was very unusual. I was still detecting on dry sand but close to where the waves wash the sand, a young couple came up to me and said that earlier a freak shorebreak had overrun everything and everybody who was in that particular strip of beach and in the process, they had lost a six pack of beer. They thought it should be somewhere behind them because they hadn’t seen it rolling in the direction of the sea. Although I thought it was just a joke, after a few swings, I did find it under the sand a few meters where they thought it should be but not exactly behind them. The group they were with cheered in appreciation. Their joy was so contagious I simply forgot to take any picture.

Lost 18k Mother Mary Medallion in Backyard Over a Year Ago

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

A call out came in from Lisa for an extremely sentimental 18k Mother Mary medallion which was lost in a Brampton, Ontario backyard over a year ago.

Lisa’s Nephew Matthew had searched googled and came across the global directory for TheRingFinders!

I met up with Lisa after work. Lisa explained she was picking pears in her backyard when the wasps came out of the hive. She ran away and somehow broke her gold chain with two medallions on it. Matthew was able to find one of her medallions but not the other.

I started my grid search in her backyard with my new Minelab Manticore metal detector. It took a while digging out every signal as I was not use to my new machine.

I managed to locate the medallion 4” down approximately 7’ over from where her Nephew found the first medallion.

Here is the video of the recovery. Please like & subscribe 💞

Lisa was very happy to receive the gifted Mother Mary medallion back as it was a treasured gift that belonged to her late Cousin.

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