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Platinum Wedding Band Lost off Boat Dock in Ocean City,NJ Recovered!


While I was on vacation in Ocean City this summer I received a call from a guy that lived just blocks away from where I was staying. He stated that he was tying up his boat and his ring had fallen off and into the water. I met him the next morning for the 6am low tide and he showed me the area he was sure it was in. Unfortunately the mud silt was so unstable and deep I was unable to get in the water at the area in fear of sinking in the mud and pushing the ring further into the mud. I started searching the area with my White’s v3i with a small 4×6 search coil from the side of the dock and within seconds I got a nice gold signal from the detector. Lightly fanning the water a shinny circle reveal itself just under the surface of the mud and I gently recovered it with my hand scoop.  Another happy customer!13782112_10207019575358416_7875700893610358643_n13659102_10207019575198412_8993728255586263972_n13607050_10207019575438418_3086520614212338827_n

Lost Womans Rolex on beach in Ocean City,NJ Recovered!


A couple weeks ago I searched for a woman’s Rolex watch on the beach but was unable to locate it and posted the information on my Facebook page. Later that weekend a friend of mine who is a life guard saw my post and said that a friend of his 6 year old son found a woman’s Rolex on the beach. Well it turns out it’s the same watch and kid found it in the sand before my search lol! His parents wanting to teach him to do the right things in life asked if I still had the contact information for the woman to see if it was indeed hers. The location of the loss was confirmed and the return took place yesterday! The woman stated what a great kid he was and a very nice family,good stuff! I’m working on getting the boy his first metal detector to hit the beaches,look out here comes competition lol! Awesome outcome! Great job young man! Thank you White’s Electronics for donating the Coin Master metal detector for him!13394080_10206717701011746_5953037772106616687_n13450847_10206717701091748_7853903765748455800_n

Lost Tungsten Carbide Ring .. Newport Beach, CA. .. Found in Sand



Mohammad had challenged his brother to a running race across the sand to the water. He twisted his ankle in the soft sand falling down. At that moment he felt his ring slip off his finger. After the loss they spent several hours trying to find it with their fingers.
His friend Sama, found my number on line, calling me to ask if I could help them. I had just finished finding a ring in San Clemente. It would take me about 40 minutes to get to their location. She agreed to wait even though it was getting dark.
The area where the ring was lost was in dry sand in mid beach. The most important thing was, Mohammad had the location very well marked, 40 paces from the cement walk way and 20 paces from the trash can. The perfect search conditions, most times people get confused and can’t get back to the spot. It wasn’t long till I had the ring and both Mohammad and Sama were on their way home.. It would be nice if all searches were like this. This was also another time I had to hear, ” I didn’t know TheRingFinders directory existed”. Thanks to the Internet, Sama was able to find TheRingFinders when she Google searched, how to find a ring in the sand..





Triton Wedding Band Returned to Owner – Found – by Gerry McMullen


philipaPhilip called me from work and was somewhat upset since he had lost his wedding band in a local volley ball court the day before.  We discussed the situation and I wanted him to be comfortable working with me and asked for him to look me up on Facebook before he gave any other details. Later, he called back and was feeling good about letting me know of the exact location (as he was at work) and which court it was in Boise, Idahophilipb

An hour later I had his ring in my hand and was speaking with him on my cell phone.  Since he was still at work, I decided to meet him  there and returned the ring back to an extremely happy stranger.



The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service can locate your lost diamond engagement ring, gold wedding ring or band, hearing aide, favorite piece of sterling jewelry, antique family heirloom, or other important personal item.

I can search virtually any location on land and in the water, some of the most common areas of parks, volleyball courts, beaches, creeks, yards, gardens, and even underwater.
If you lost your RING or other precious item “Don’t Wait-Call Now!” 208-345-8898 and please leave a message if the answer machine comes on, as I am with a customer at the time.

Lose something? A Ring Finder May Be Able To Help.


imageMost people who lose their rings will do most anything to get them back; including going and buying a metal detector. I am not trying to discourage anyone from doing this because metal detecting is a great hobby. However, many of the ring finders on this site are willing to find your rings for free. They will more than likely have a lot more success at finding the ring than someone who is new to the hobby. There is a lot of work involved in learning to use a detector correctly. No mater what your experience level, I recommend using any new metal detector for at least forty hours before you can use it with confidence and proficiency. Another thing to realize is that it takes a lot of patience to find rings, and I mean a lot of patience. It has been said that to find a ring you will have to dig up at least one hundred pull tabs, but sometimes it’s more like a thousand. This is another reason you should defiantly take advantage or these friendly strangers at Ring Finders who are willing to do this work for you at little to no cost. For anyone still interested in starting a new hobby call up a Ring Finder they are knowledgeable about equipment and can get you pointed in the right direction and help you get started.

Lost Car Keys on Beach in Stone Harbor,NJ Recovered!


I received a call from a panicking woman on the beach who had lost the only key to her car on the beach earlier in the day. Not sure what to do she contacted the local police department and they suggested calling me since I have done numerous lost jewelry recoveries in the area and I may be able to help with the use of my metal detecting equipment. After a brief phone call we agreed to give a try and I met her on the beach a couple hours later. Showing me the area where she had entered/exited the beach and where she was sunbathing for the day I began to grid the area and search for the key with my Whites MX Sport metal detector. Not having any luck where she was sitting with friends I started my way towards the exit into the soft white sand and received a signal. Scooping the sand into my sifter there was the key! She was extremely relieved that I had found it and not have to call a locksmith and could continue her weekend of fun at the beach with friends. 13423949_10206717418324679_4569256086466499766_n13432176_10206717418404681_524665419159672246_n

Lost Sentimental Locket Found Avalon, NJ


I was part of an awesome recovery last night on the beach in Avalon, NJ!  During their photo shoot, the bride lost a very sentimental locket with a photo of herself as a little girl with her Godfather who had passed away. Married just hours before and while celebrating with her wedding party, her family who knew how upset she was about this contacted Ed Cropski and me. We arrived on the beach at dusk and scoured the area for 2 hours, but just as we were ready to quit Ed noticed an area of beach down by the water with dress shoe foot prints. After a few minutes Ed got the signal and recovered the locket from the water’s edge. We couldn’t wait to go up to the reception on the beach and tell her it was found! The wedding party greeted us followed by a very happy, crying bride and her family.  This is why we do this service. It was great teamwork! Congratulations to the newlyweds!



Lost my Ring while visiting my Cousin’s at the Jersey Shore


Diane from PA visiting her cousin’s at the Jersey , Lost he ring, after spending an hour looking for the ring without success she search’s for help on her phone she quickly finds my page o the ring finders , I’m about 20 minutes away and a half hour later she has her ring back , needless to say she was VERY HAPPY as where her cousins who made a lot of commotion after the ring was found. Another Happy entry into the appropriately named “Book of smiles”

It took more time leaving the beach then it did to get there and find the ring,  as  my son Luke and I became instant celebrities , answering question’s from 1/2 dozen people “do you do this for a living” “how much does it cost” “how did she find you” “what else have you found” etc. I told them about Ring Finder directory , and actually when I find rings and they ask how much, I say , you don’t have to give me anything I’m just glad we found it and I like Happy Endings and entries into the “Book of smiles” !  (most don’t listen 🙂

img_2156 img_2155

Gold Wedding Ring Lost in Yard – Found – by Del Witters


Started with an email and my immediate phone reply. Tom had lost his ring about a week ago while either spreading chips or digging a few holes in his front yard. He attempted to find it with a rented metal detector with no luck. He cited a faulty detector or his lack of knowledge, maybe a little of both, which is a very common report from my clients; hire an experienced metal detector specialist – less headaches and time involved. I met Tom a few days later at his home and saw a huge pile of chips in the driveway and about a 2-3″ layer on the 25’x25′ yard.  Thankfully the pile of chips were dumped, not shoveled there by him, so I could skip the middle of pile and focus on the perimeter and the spread chips. Looked like my easiest search to date, and fortunately it was… 20 minutes after starting the search we were shaking hands with his found ring back on his finger.

As a newlywed he was very happy to have it back and plans to get it resized soon! Thank you Tom for the call and I was very pleased to help.

Footnote: Fox12 of Portland caught it all on tape… more to follow.

toms-ring-6       toms-ring-2


The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service can locate your lost engagement ring, wedding ring,
favorite piece of jewelry, family heirloom, or other important personal item.

I can search virtually any location. Some of the most common are parks, beaches, creeks, yards, gardens, and even underwater.
If you lost your RING or other precious item “Don’t Wait-Call Now!” 509-365-8010

Lost Wedding Ring Found in Vermont


Last week I got an email from a guy who lost his wedding ring. His dogs go to work with him and around 11:00 each day he takes them for a walk on nearby trails in the woods. While driving home, he noticed his ring was missing from his finger. It had been getting tight on his fourth finger so he was wearing it on his pinky until he could get it resized. He had been wearing it every day for over 20 years, so it was hard to have it missing.
We made arrangements to meet on a day that he was in town, and do the initial search together so he could show me the areas he had been with the dogs. I asked the usual detective questions like did he fall anywhere, or did he throw a stick or ball for them, etc. He did remember one area where he had to hang onto his energetic dogs while a strange dog walked by. So, I suggested we concentrate there first. After a quick search near his office, we went up to that spot. A nice strong signal rang out and I reached down with the pinpointer. There it was, out of sight, pushed down into the soft soil by someone stepping on it. We cleaned it up and it was still in perfect condition. Sure seemed nice to have it back where it belonged, he was very happy and so was I! I love these successful searches!