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Platinum Wedding Ring Lost in Backyard .. Pasadena, CA. .. Found

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
Contact: 1-949-500-2136

Thursday,  2-9-17

Peter called me early this morning from Pasadena, CA. He had lost his platinum wedding band in the back yard while gardening. He was sure that it was somewhere in the back yard. Although he had not felt the ring slip off his finger.
Peter’s plan was to rent a metal detector when he found He called me, asking if I was available. It was very important to have his ring for a formal wedding ceremony this next weekend.
Peter was at work but I was able to meet his wife, Nadia at noon. She showed me the area that Peter had done the most work. The ring did not show, so we expanded the area to where he had walked to get tools. As I was walking over to that location with Nadia, I got a short solid signal with my XP Deus metal detector. There, between the asphalt driveway and the grass was the platinum wedding band lying vertical. Nadia quickly bent down to retrieve the ring with a look of relief that they will now have this ring for their important wedding ceremony. Another happy successful recovery for me to remember. I love helping people find their precious sentimental keepsakes.

Marshall, Texas…………..looking for a ring?

from White Oak (Texas, United States)
Contact: 1-903-736-0094

Hi, I’m Chad Walls and Joined the Ring Finders to help people find their lost rings or articles that they thought were lost forever. If you find yourself in need of my services, just give me a call. I’ll be more than happy to assist you!

Sleepless in Allendale, Michigan over lost ring.

from Holland (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-616-808-9033

My hunting partner and fellow ringfinder, Gregg Larabel, received a call from Cindy S. saying she lost her ring in her bedroom and they could not find it.  Gregg and I showed up at her house after she got off work and met her husband, Paul, and Liz the family dog, then received the story of the lost ring.  Cindy and Paul were just waking up on Saturday morning and Cindy took off her three rings to apply hand lotion and handed them to Paul to put on his pinky finger for safe keeping.  He laid the rings on the bed for a moment before he decided that wasn’t a good idea, and handed them back to Cindy to put on the night stand.   Cindy took the rings without really looking at them and put them on the night stand.  She realized the wedding band was missing when she went to put them back on.   They searched the bedroom for hours without finding the lost wedding ring, and, deciding it was unlikely the cat ate it, Cindy got on the internet and found   Gregg and I decided to start the search in the bedroom, and with the help of Paul and Cindy we dismantled the bed and searched everywhere in, around, and under the bed.  No luck.  I then started to look next to the dresser at the foot of the bed and after moving a small pillow on the floor and with the help of a flashlight I saw the glint of the white gold ring hiding in the pile of the carpet.   How the ring got way over to that side of the room is the real mystery but we were all happy to see it back on Cindy’s finger.

Found Keys In Burlington VT

from Burlington (Vermont, United States)
Contact: 1-802-461-8359

This is my Winter for finding keys for people!
Got a call last night from a woman in Burlington who had lost keys to both their cars and the house. She was shoveling after a huge snowstorm and later realized her keys were missing. She searched all her pockets, the car, all through the house and in the snow as much as she could. I went up tonight after work and began by surface scanning all the snowbanks, and got no good signals. Then I got out my all-plastic shovel and we started digging through all the snow piles. She would dig and I would scan each shovel full. After about an hour, I could sense that she was getting discouraged and getting a sore back. So, I started digging, and she scanned. We were nearing the end of digging out all the piles when we found the keys. What a scream of relief! Those keys were going to cost a bunch of money. Now they have around $800 to spend on their 3 year old daughter, instead of buying 2 car keys!
Another awesome search ending!

Lost Wedding Ring Found – Brookfield, WI

from Menomonee Falls (Wisconsin, United States)

This lost-and-now-found wedding band will go down in my book of smiles as ‘The Valentine’s Ring.’

I say this because, the ring’s owner, Todd, became engaged to Suzie on a very happy Valentine’s Day in 2010. Subsequently, exactly seven years later, on Valentine’s Day, 2017, Todd’s love-token emerged from the icy darkness of a Wisconsin snow pile. It was as though the ring was most anxious to celebrate the warmth and glow of the occasion all over again. But I’m getting ahead of my story.

Two months earlier, the ring vanished from Todd’s finger as he was clearing the snow off his car. Together the couple shoveled a wide area around their vehicle. They even set the shoveled snow to one side and sifted through it by hand. It was a race to find it before the inevitable snowplow arrived.

Questions ricocheted in their minds. Had the ring fallen off their vehicle as they drove away? Had a passerby picked it up? Or had the snowplow already done its nasty deed? Or was the ring already cocooned inside the ten to twelve foot high mound of snow at the end of the parking lot? These unanswered questions only served to deepen the sick feeling in Todd and Suzie’s stomachs, the kind that accompanies the loss of something personal—precious.

Having found my name on The Ring Finders website, Todd reached out to me a few days later. Would I be willing to search for his ring? The cold was especially brutal that evening as I applied my 40-plus years of metal detecting experience to the task at hand. But it was to no avail. The only remaining hope was that maybe, just maybe the ring was somewhere in the gigantic snow pile. If so, it would have to wait until spring thaw.

In the weeks to follow I kept an eye on similar snow mounds where I live. As they slowly melted I returned at intervals to check the one where Todd’s ring had been lost. But as I climbed over the pile with my detector, all was quiet in my headset, ominously quiet. “Ring,” I asked out loud, “where are you hiding?”

The morning sun shone warm and promising on Valentine’s Day. I noticed a trickle of water leaking out from beneath a snow pile not far from my house and knew it was time to take another drive. As I pulled my vehicle up to the now-much-smaller mound, a pair of Canada geese stood guard. They took turns honking their displeasure at my disturbing their morning solace.

Keeping a wary eye on the unpredictable duo, I traced my way around the retreating perimeter scanning for any sign of a wedding band. Then a glimmer caught my eye! And now, as Paul Harvey, American radio broadcaster for ABC Radio Networks used to say, “You know the rest of the story.”

Suzie stopped by to pick up Todd’s ring just a few hours ago. As it turns out, Todd was traveling on Valentine’s Day. And so Suzie is looking forward to surprising him with a most-special Valentine’s gift—-again!

Happy Valentines in Kentwood, MI

from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-616-406-6653

A couple of months ago Sam K. called me and said he was putting lotion on his hands and placed his wedding ring on his lap while sitting in his carpet cleaning truck. He forgot about the ring and got out of the truck and went about his business of cleaning carpets. There was a heavy snow that day and the snow plow plowed the snow in the driveway, of the house he was at, into a large pile. My detecting partner Dave Boyer and myself searched through the snow and then knock down the snow bank to detect it deeper, no results. I called Sam and told him we would go back out after the heavy snow melted down a little. After several trips over a couple months we still couldn’t find the ring (we never quit). Last week Sams wife, Caitlin, called me and asked if Sam told me about the other house he was at that day and could have lost it there. I got the address from her and yesterday went out to Grandville, Michigan on a beautiful sunny day (44 degrees) and after 5 minutes I found the ring in a little snow bank at the end of the driveway. I called Caitlin and told her the good news. Seeing that Valentines Day is upon us, she decided to put the ring in a box of chocolates. The rest is history and the ring is back on his finger.

The pictures tell the story of Sam receiving his ring on Valentines Day from his wife. the first picture is Sam looking in a box of chocolates, the second is him seeing his ring and the third is Sam with his recovered ring. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!


Titanium and meteorite ring found!

from Tucumcari (New Mexico, United States)
Contact: 1-575-403-5997

Was emailed about a ring lost while playing soccer in a park on a university campus, it sounded like it would be a challenge so I agreed to try and locate it.  It was about a three hour drive to the location where I was meet by Kent and he showed me the field where he had been playing soccer, the area he thought it was in was about a hundred feet by eighty feet.  Kent had to return to work so I got my gear and began the search.  There was a lot of activity around the field, guys were marking off the soccer field, the band was gathering to practice, people were jogging, walking, a little of everything.  Was getting a good number of signals and did find several neat things.  After two and a half hours I was getting ready to call it a day(the activity had increased and I was about to get squeezed out by the band) but thought I would go beyond the area in question, no sooner had I got past my previous boundary line where the grass had been torn up and the were footprints in the dried mud I got a good signal and sure enough there was the ring mashed into the dried mud.  It had taken three hours but luckily the ring was found and returned to Kent, he was a bit surprised it had been two weeks since he had lost it and he had also borrowed a metal detector and attempted to locate it himself, which we know he was unable to do.  It was a tremendous day and I can’t wait until my next call.  Ray

Lost anniversary ring recovered in Redmond after Washington snowstorm!

from Seattle (Washington, United States)
Contact: 1-206-651-4779

Hello everyone, my name is Jason Anderson and I just wanted to use my first post to introduce myself and my services. I am a very determined detectorist and am looking forward to helping reunite you with your lost items in the greater Seattle/Bellevue/Eastside areas.

I am available to hunt for all kinds of lost items, not just rings… and I can travel further for searches on a case-by-case basis. I can even do shallow water hunts if need be.

My first case as a Ringfinder occurred this week after Washington got a bit of a snow storm. A woman had lost her rings in the snow after taking her wet gloves off. She was understandably upset and very hopeful I could help find her rings. I was able to travel to her city the next morning and it proved to be a difficult hunt in the snow… but I found her gold & diamond anniversary band! The other ring was still out there but it was getting dark so I scheduled a return trip to continue searching.

Before I could return, the snow quickly melted in the rain and luckily a neighbor found the remaining ring! All’s well that ends well! She was ecstatic and so am I!

Just remember, if you lost your ring or any other metal items that are important to you: Don’t give up hope, and time is of the essence! Give me a call or email me please! I want to help you find your rings, and your smiles! 🙂

Jason Anderson



My first happy recovery picture! So happy I could help!

Recovered 2/7/17

Beautiful anniversary band recovered February 7, 2017



Lost Keys found in East Providence, RI

from Woonsocket (Rhode Island, United States)
Contact: 1-401-225-5770

Today, I received a call from Nick asking for my help in finding his keys.  They were lost in the snow after a storm that dropped a foot of snow. Nick had the keys in his pocket when he started snow blowing. After he finished, the keys were missing, and Nick had no idea where to begin. He decided to search the internet for help and found me through The Ring Finders website.  I searched his yard and found the keys in about ten minutes. As you can tell,  Nick was very happy to have his keys back!

from Big Island (Hawaii, United States)

My wife and I were on our honeymoon on the Big Island in early 2017. We were having an amazing time until we stopped at a beach in Hilo. After a few minutes of swimming near turtles I realized I had lost my wedding ring. I was in a state of shock. The gold ring was a family heirloom. My mother had given my father the ring when they married over 40 years ago. I couldn’t believe it was now lost in the ocean just three months after my wedding. For over an hour I attempted to find it but I eventually gave up. I had lost hope. But that’s when I found out my wife had a plan. When I got out of the water she was already on the phone with Brent at Big Island Metal Detecting. I was sure the ring was lost for good, but Brent convinced us he could help find it. Since it was so late in the day we agreed to meet at the beach early the next morning. Brent drove across the island from Kona to meet us at 6:30 a.m. By 7 a.m. the ring was back on my finger! Brent was able to locate the ring even though it was buried in sand in water over six feet deep. Brent turned the lowest moment of our honeymoon into a story we will never forget. We then all celebrated with an early breakfast in town. We had found the ring and made a new friend. Thank you so much Brent. – Mike from Brooklyn

Ring found and returned at Carlsmith State Park near Hilo, Hawaii by Big Island Metal Detecting