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Lost Men’s Wedding Band Recovered in Ellicott City, Maryland!

from Baltimore (Maryland, United States)
Contact: 1-410-215-7826

Last week I received a email from Stephanie stating that her husband Thomas lost his wedding band while recently doing some yard work. We then made plans to meet up the next day to try and locate the ring.

Luckily Thomas had a good idea of exactly where he was in the yard when he believed his wedding band came off. When I arrived leaves were everywhere despite only 2 days had past since he lost it. Thomas directed me to three areas of the yard that he felt were strong possibilities of where the ring might be. I then put my metal detector to work and about 10 minutes later while searching the second possible area, I found this under some leaves…..

I immediately called Thomas over asking him, “Is this yours?” knowing quite well I just recovered his missing wedding band!

Success happened for two main reasons. Stephanie and Thomas quickly contacted me and Thomas took good mental notes of where he was and what he was doing when he suspected the ring came off. By doing so he made my job a lot easier. It is great to see the ring is back where it belongs!

Handcrafted Gold Ring Lost in Trout Lake, WA – Found by The Ring Finders

from Portland (Oregon, United States)
Contact: 1-509-365-8010

Brian’s email stated he lost a special ring, his late father crafted for him, while carving pumpkins at a remote cabin near Trout Lake, WA. A visual search came up empty so “The Ring Finders” popped up on an internet search. After we spoke Brian agreed that my extensive experience, high-end  equipment, and successes was a better option than renting. I met Brian and his wonderful family today at a beautiful spot among the evergreens. He showed me the likely area, we established some boundaries and my CTX with 17″ coil did the rest. Under the branches of a tree, hidden among the leaves was the white gold ring that was shaped to mimic an old square nail bent in the round.
Brian, it was a real pleasure meeting you and your family. Thank you for the call and trusting my expertise to find/return your precious ring.


Portland OR & The Columbia River Gorge
Happy to Travel Further – Give me a Call!

Tiffany & Co Platinum 950 wedding band lost in snow! Brampton, ON

from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)
Contact: 1-647-383-6891

Received a phone call from Steven during a search for lost keys in the snow for a lost Platinum 950 men’s wedding band in Brampton, Ontario. I advised that I will be happy to attend in a few hours after my ongoing recovery of lost keys.

Last Thursday and Friday was Southern Ontario’s first winter snow event….and guess what!! Here comes another round of ‘lost’ special items!!

I headed down to Brampton and met up with Steven. He advised that he was horsing around in the snow with his Brother and didn’t know if he lost it throwing snow or wrestling in the snow with his Brother….

Well, after a swing with the Minelab Equinox 800 and the hydro primary conductor and overhead secondary lines….there was a great deal of interference! So I swapped Noxie out to my #1 machine the Minelab Excalibur 2! Not only is the Excal2 amazing in water…and beach…it ROCKS on land and SNOW!!

Few minutes later after the switch…..BINGO IN THE  DRIVEWAY…..the wedding band was stuck in ice!! Little did I know it was a absolutely stunning and heavy “Tiffany & Company” ‘Double Milgrain’ wedding band! My FIRST T&C recovery and return. I am sure honoured they will be making a “PAY-IT-FORWARD” donation to my participation in the 2019 20th annual Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation Snow Run in February 2019 in which they will receive a tax receipt from the foundation!

Lovely young couple Steven & Michelle D of Brampton, Ontario! God Bless!

Here’s a link to the YouTube video on the recovery and return.



November 18th, 2018

45 Year Old Lost Gold Wedding Ring Found in Palo Alto Backyard – 94303

from San Francisco (California, United States)
Contact: 1-415-895-0334

Richard was putting away the patio furniture for the Winter, dusting off the outdoor furniture pillows with his left hand when he heard his gold wedding band make a pinging sound on the patio bricks under his feet. After 45 great years of marriage, he wasn’t about to lose his beautifully engraved gold wedding band!

Richard searched the low ground cover and long grass for a few hours. Then he reached out to his Palo Alto neighbors for someone with a metal detector. No luck. Finally, Richard Googled “lost ring” and found me 20 minutes away, just up the San Francisco Peninsula, in San Mateo.

I was able to come by the next day. After searching the low fushia ground cover, his smart wife suggested searching the long decorative long grass a few feet away from the most likely search area, and bingo! Richard’s 18k thick gold band lit up my Garrett AT-Pro headphones with a powerful high pitched tone.

Richard’s beautiful 18k gold wedding band.

Happy hubby with recovered gold wedding band!


SF Bay Area RingFinders Contact: Marshall Smith – Text or call: 415-895-0334

Metal Detectorist serving the Greater San Francisco Bay Area from sunny San Mateo, CA

Lost Ring IN Turnersville NJ Lost While Playing Football Found By Dave Milsted

from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1- 856-433-0719










I woke up to a voicemail. A gentleman (let’s call him Stan) left a message about a lost ring. We played a little phone tag, after a few calls we were able to speak. He said he was tossing a football with his son yesterday and he saw his ring fly off of his hand. He was unable to locate it. The reason he called was to rent a metal detector. I told him that I don’t rent my machines. I told him that I provide a service and would look for his ring. He stated that this was too good to be true. I told him to visit my website so he can see that it wasn’t a scam.

I arrived at a freshly raked yard. Stan was outside waiting with several children. I asked him to walk me through what happened. He tossed a football and watched his ring fly. It was a yellow gold ring with kangaroos on it.

I started in the pile of leaves. 30 seconds in a get a good signal. move the leaves to find a piece of junk metal. The ring was not at the curb.

I moved to the grass. Stan has a sprinkler system installed. It shouldn’t be a problem. The first target is a dime signal. The second signal is a zink penny signal. The third signal is the sound and number that I was looking for. I separate the blades of grass and see a gold ring pushed down into the dirt. It looks like it was stepped on. I pulled out the ring and showed it to Stan.

He said OMG, I thought that I would never see that ring again! I got a Bro Hug! He was so happy. The ring was bought many years ago in Australia. The kids were amazed and so happy that the ring was found and returned. Smiles all around!

I found the ring in less than 10 minutes. It took me longer to drive to Stan’s then it did to make the recovery. Stan told his son that he has to take the ring off when they play catch.

I LOVE my hobby!!!

Ganesh’s Lost Wedding Ring Picnic Point Park

from Seattle (Washington, United States)
Contact: 1-206-618-8194



Ganesh was enjoying a nice sunny afternoon with his wife while walking on the sandy beach of Picnic Point Park along the water when his gold wedding ring fell off his finger into the sand. After searching for a bit his quick thinking wife Googled “how to find a ring in the sand” and found website. 

I received the call from Deepika around 4:30 PM on a Saturday afternoon just as the sun was about to set. She explained how her husband had just lost his wedding ring while they were walking the sandy beach of Picnic Point Park and they were unable to find the ring. I quickly looked up the tide tables for the area and was very pleased to learn that high tide was scheduled for 5:00 PM and low tide to be reached at midnight. This gave plenty of time for me to perform a night search without having to enter the water. So, I raced off to the beach and in total darkness armed with only a head lamp, my metal detector and sand scoop started a grid search. Under an hour and the ring was located buried just a few inches under the sand near the high tide water mark. This ring might have been lost forever if a metal detector was not used to discover its location, actually I’m quite certain of this.

I meet up with the two of them that evening and reunited the ring to a couple with very happy smiles! 

See the video:

I have to thank Deepika for her quick thinking to Google for a solution while still at the site. Once she got in touch with me over the phone I was able to talk her though some very important tasks. One of the most helpful request I ask her was to take some very specific photos of the area to include solid land marks and to txt them to me. I must say she did a super job on my request. By they time I arrived at the beach it was a small walk in near total darkness. With the aid of my head lamp and Deepika’s photos I  was able to easily find the drop zone of the ring and quickly got to work on the hunt.

We all hope this ring lives on with the two of them for a life time of great adventures.


Jeff Morgan



Wedding Ring Lost and Found at Port Sheldon Pier

from Grand Haven (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-616-307-7711

I received a call from Angela on Thursday, Aug 23rd. Her husband, Hector, had lost his wedding ring in Lake Michigan at Port Sheldon Pier 4 days before.  When my wife heard where this search was to take place she insisted on tagging along.  Because the search area was within a gated community, Angela met us at a nearby park and escorted us into the lakeside community my wife’s grandparent’s lived in when she was growing up; she was SO excited just to be where she’d spent so many summers when she was little.  The search, however, would have to wait for a few more days; the waves were 5′-7′ high and it wasn’t going to get any better until the weekend.  I went back Sunday after church and started my search a little after noon.  It was REALLY foggy and I couldn’t see more than about 50 yards in any direction but the water was nice and calm and I was the only one on the beach.  It only took about 30 minutes to find Hector’s ring right where he said it had fallen off (about 30 yards off shore and about 30 yards from the pier).  It never ceases to amaze me how gold rings tend to stay right where they’re dropped even after 4 days of high winds and waves.  Angela had worked worked 3rd shift the night before and slept thru her alarm so it was about an hour before she and Hector arrived after I had texted her that his ring was safe and sound in my pouch :o)

Lost Wedding Ring on Beach Recovered in LBI,Beach Haven,New Jersey!

from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-856-296-9258

Now that’s a beautiful sight! Searching a section of beach for a mens wedding ring lost over 2 weeks ago and I get a screamer hit from my White’s TDI Beach Hunter PI metal detector. I look down and there’s the ring washed out of the sand laying on the surface just waiting for me! You don’t see that often,Awesome!

I received a call from a woman whose husband had lost it in the sand while playing with the kids weeks before and thought it was lost forever. But they had seen my Facebook page NJ Lost Ring Finder and figured why not give it a try? They were very happy they did! I met up with the very grateful couple a few days later for the return. Another happy customer!  Recovery #122




Lost Wedding Ring on Beach in LBI,ShipBottom,New Jersey Recovered!

from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-856-296-9258

I received a message on my Facebook page NJ Lost Ring Finder from a woman whose husband had lost his gold wedding ring on the beach while they were watching an event. She knew the general area that they were in and knew that he had it on while they were there but when they got home it was gone? I decided to head down the next morning for a couple hours after work and get a search in before the crowds would start to arrive. Arriving at the entrance way to the beach I looked out and seen the area she had described and figured I would start there. Some time had passed and after digging a bunch of deep targets with my White’s TDI Beach Hunter PI metal detector I was still without the ring and the crowds had started filling the area so I had to quit for the day. The following day I arrived a little before sunrise to give it another try and expand the search area as I thought maybe the beach grading tractor had possibly moved the ring further on the beach. Well my theory was right as approached the next block down I received a signal deep in the sand and after a few scoops I had the ring! The tractor must of not only moved the ring but also plowed it deeper in the sand. I made a call to the very amazed and happy wife and was able to meet with her father on my way home. Another great day!  Recovery#121


Lost Diamond Wedding Ring Recovered in Avon by the Sea,New Jersey!

from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-856-296-9258

I received a message from a girl whose mom had lost her diamond wedding on the beach the day before. Although they were unable to meet me the following day at the beach,she was able to give me some details as to the approximate location according to landmarks.

I arrived early the next morning just before sunrise and noticed a lifeguard as she described and began my grid pattern search of the area with my metal detector. Although I searched the area and beyond for hours I had no luck locating the ring but did find a large amount of coins and trash items so I was confident that another detectorist had not found it before me but had to call it a day as the daily crowds were arriving. I messaged them letting them know I did not find it but would return the next day to try again,

I decided for the second search I would use my new White’s TDI Beach Hunter PI metal detector which not only detects deeper in the sand but also is excellent at recovery smaller items or offset items like a ring on its side in the sand. I searched most of the area as the day before and found more coins and trash but no ring so I started searching the way off the beach to the stairs and started digging more signals. Just as I was going to throw in the towel one of those signals turned out to be her diamond ring! When I called and told her I found it up by the stairs she was surprised as she really thought it was in the other area but you just never know? We meant a couple hours later for a very happy and thankful return. Another happy customer! Another great day of metal detecting!

Recovery# 120