Lost White Gold Ring Found In Toledo Ohio

Red, White and BOOM!…..

…..Going into her 2nd week of marriage, Amanda’s 2 rings came off while at a fireworks display. She recalled carrying coolers, food and beverages up and down some stairs. Early today they located the smaller of the 2 rings but couldn’t find the larger ring. Feeling red with anger, white with fear and blue of not seeing the ring again I told her on the phone I was up for some high flying fun of a search. Scanning the land that I love, the metal detector rang out with the sound of freedom. When I reached down in the grass, something was sparkling so bright I thought it was a firework… but it was her wedding ring! When she came to the spot and saw her ring, her smile was indeed as bright as fireworks as she displayed her excitement with indepen-dance! We soared high on the great feeling of matching the spirit of the holiday by bringing freedom back to the ring and were thankful we live in the U.S. of Yay! As I departed with a piece of pie on this great 4th of July I said, Keep calm and sparkle on!


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