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Lost Wedding Ring in Sand.. Venice, CA. .. While on Vacation

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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Daniel and his wife are from Peru enjoying a visit to Venice Beach, CA. He lost his ring in the dry sand when he brushed some sand off his pants. Someone on the beach suggested that he contact He didn’t have a working cell phone, but the person helped him by letting Daniel use her phone.

When Daniel contacted me, I was just 5 miles away. I made sure I had his correct location because we wouldn’t have cell phone communication. It sounded like it could be an easy search, but if I couldn’t find him it would be terrible. Many people are not good at giving directions. 

Everything worked out perfect. I found a parking space very close to his location. He saw me walking across the beach and met me with hands waving in the air. 

I set up my detector while asking him what type of metal was the ring made of and what exactly happened when he list the ring. Basically, I could see the search area because he had left many finger drag marks in the sand.

It was a quick recovery with Daniel and his wife very happy to have the very special sentimental ring back where it belongs. They had no idea that this service exists. To me, it is special because I know losing a wedding ring while vacationing would certainly upset the vacation and definitely not be a good memory


How to Find a Ring in the Sand .. Southern California Beaches .. Metal Detector Expert

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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Tim and his wife were at Venice Beach, CA.  for the day and walking off the beach to their car. When he put some trash in the trash can . Tim felt his gold wedding ring slip off his finger as he pulled his hand away. The ring fell into the sand disappearing immediately.

I received a call about 11:30 pm as I was driving home late that night. Tim apologized for calling that late, but I was totally ok with the call. It allowed us to set up a search time for the next morning when he could be there to show me the general location.

We met at a time that allowed us to evade the morning traffic rush. The area of the loss wasn’t in a location that the beach cleaning machines would have been a problem. 

When we met there was another obstacle. There was a movie crew set up exactly where we were going to search. The crew said it would be alright to do my search as I assured them it would be a short time.

I began my grid search and immediately had one 3’ x 3’ area that seemed to have a cement with rebar under 6’” under the sand. The metal detector could not work well with that interference. It might require hand sifting with my sand scoop. You never know what challenges can come up until getting to the search location. 

Just before having to resort to hand sifting the area that had metallic interference, I got a decent signal up against a wood piling in the sand. Boom!.. Tim’s ring in the scoop. About 8 0r 10 members of the movie crew witnessed the recovery, which gave me a chance to tell them about

Another fun recovery which, wasn’t as simple as I thought it might be. It was awesome to see how happy an grateful Tim and his wife were as they have this ring back where it belongs.


If you need to find a valuable lost in the sand call a person the has experience operating a metal detector. Also someone that can get to you in a timely manner. Call as soon as possible..

Lost Gold Heirloom Wedding Ring .. Huntington Beach, CA. … Found

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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Jennifer had been holding her husband’s gold wedding ring while he went swimming in the ocean at Huntington Beach, CA. When her husband, Blair returned he was told that by Jennifer that she had lost the irreplaceable heirloom ring that had been once belonged to his grandfather.

This type of ring loss seems to be a trend lately. The other ways people lose rings at the beach are setting the ring on the towel while putting on sunscreen or putting rings in cupholders of beach chairs. 

Blair went to the nearby concession stands trying to locate a metal detector and Jessica stayed with their kids getting on line where she located me on TheRingFinders website. I was 6 miles away but it took a little extra time to find parking as all the parking lots were full because of several special events. You never know what type obstacles that come up until arriving at the location. This time it only involved walking an extra quarter of a mile.

They were waiting patiently on the beach where the loss occurred, that’s a good thing. Jennifer pointed out where she had been playing with the kids in the sand. She had the ring on her finger and believed that’s where it came off. I started there and it was a quick find. Only two pieces of trash metal then the third signal was the special heirloom ring more than 70 years in the family. 

It was a great day to be able to help Jennifer and Blair find their ring. On that location of Huntington City Beach it would not have been there the next day. They use the best beach cleaning every night. Timing is very important on many beaches in the Los Angeles and Orange County beaches.

Lost Gold Wedding Ring in the Sand … Venice Beach, CA. … Found

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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Lauren called me about two hours after her husband, Justin lost his gold wedding ring in the sand at Venice Beach, CA. It took a couple hours for Lauren to find me doing a google search for metal detector service.

Both of them met me on the beach about noon. Justin told me that he had put his ring in his jacket pocket while they went for a morning swim. He was sure the ring fell from the pocket as he picked up the jacket. 

This should have been a quick search except they were having a little difficulty locating the spot where they had laid their belongings. This is happens often, so I asked Justin to use my sand scoop to mark the area he believed the loss occurred. I also asked him if he recognized any items or trash. 

It was probably a 40 ft. square that Justin had marked off. I let him suggest the most probable side to start my grid search. After almost finishing that area. I began to search outside the marked location where Justin had noticed a piece of trash. It didn’t take but a few more minutes and I had received a great clear signal that turned out to be Justin’s ring. 

They were overjoyed and very grateful as it was getting a little discouraging after the first half hour. I knew the ring would eventually show up, it’s just a matter of eliminating one area at a time. Most people don’t understand or trust that a metal detector can find a item as small as a ring in a field of sand. It’s a matter of having the best metal detectors , knowing how to operate that equipment, having the experience and patience to search in all types of conditions.

It was a pleasure to meet and help Lauren and Justin. They were very grateful to have their wedding ring recovered..

Lost Car Key in the Sand .. Corona del Mar State Beach, CA. .. Found and Returned

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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Rudan has been a beach party at Corona del Mar State Beach, Newport Beach, CA. when he lost his car key in the sand. His friend contacted me asking my for help.

Rudan showed me a 20 ft. square area where he knew the loss occurred. He did tell me that his key was broken and just the small metal piece had fallen in the sand. He said it wasn’t any bigger than a pull tab that he saw in my scoop.

After doing a quick grid, I assumed that it may have fallen through my sand scoop. Starting a second pass over the same area, I slowed my sweeping speed and checking every small signal. Boom! The small key part showed up. 

Big smile from Rudan and relief that he didn’t have to go through the trouble to have his car towed. Generally lost keys in the sand a fairly easy to find with a metal detector. This was not easy. Every search has challenges

Unique Custom Gold Ring Lost in Sand at Laguna Beach, CA. .. Found

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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Merry had realized that her custom gold ring was missing while spending the afternoon on one of the small coves in Laguna Beach, CA. She had been playing with her dog on the upper beach and also throwing a frisbee lower on the beach near the surf line.

After a couple hours searching the dry sand with no success, she was able to contact me using a google search. I was able to meet her on the beach before she had to leave.  Merry told me that this was a very special ring that was given to her years ago, celebrating a very important day in her life. It worried her because she had not felt the ring leave her finger and it was a large search area.

After hearing her story, I felt the most likely place to start was where she had spent the most time. The area where she was throwing the frisbee seemed the best place to lose a ring, that would be next. The area had large rocks and driftwood that could be challenging.

We were lucky to start in the right location and it only took a few minutes swing my detector coil over a sting solid signal. One scoop about 6 inches deep and a beautiful unique custom gold ring was clanking in the bottom of my scoop.

Merry was standing just a few feet from me. She heard the heavy metal banging in my scoop. I held the scoop close enough for her to see her precious ring inside. An instantly she  screamed with joy and a big smile.

It was a great search that went well. With all the obstacles and a large search area it could been much more difficult. Every search is an adventure.

Nails and Sharp Objects Removed from Children’s Play Area .. Fountain Valley, CA.

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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Sokni and her family will be moving into a new home. She was worried that there may be nails or sharp metal objects in the backyard where her young children would be playing. She called me asking if I could use my metal detector to remove possible dangerous metal objects.

I asked if she had any reason that there were such objects in the yard. She told me that she just had a feeling that there might be metal trash because the house was about 30 years old. ‘We agreed to meet her the next day figuring that this would be a quick little search that would give Sokni peace of mind.

After scanning the first 20 feet of lawn, I was surprised to find several sharp screws, nails and a old razor blade. The general area was loaded with ferrous and non ferrous signals near the surface. This was a challenge to me and a good chance to dig all metals. Normally I’m just searching for precious metals.

This search took several sessions to complete the project and I was able to spread it out over a couple 3 hour searches. The photos show what was in the backyard. I couldn’t believe how many sharp items were in that small yard.



Lost Diamond Engagement Ring at Huntington State Beach .. Found and Returned

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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Laura was at Huntington State Beach with her family all day Sunday. She believed that her Rose Gold Diamond engagement ring fell in the sand when she removed her sweater from her beach bag. Late Wednesday night she found TheRingFinders website while researching metal detectors on line.

It was almost midnight when she sent me an email. She was asking if I could help her. It was 9 am Thursday morning when I read and replied to her email, asking her to call me ASAP. Emails are nice but it was another couple hours till we were able to set up a meeting on the beach. 

We were lucky that it wasn’t Huntington City Beach which has very efficient beach sifting equipment. Also this time of year there is always a chance that recreational detectorist may have found it, not knowing who to return it to.

As we walked towards the fire pits where the ring was lost. I tried not to tell Laura about the negative possibilities that could hamper our search. Laura showed me the first of two places it could be. Setting up my detector, I took a couple practice swings. Beginning my grid I got nice solid signal that didn’t quite sound like gold. After scooping the target, I could see the rose gold engagement ring in the scoop. Rose gold is a composite of metals that gives a little different ID reading than other precious metals. 

Laura lit up like a light when she saw it in the scoop. She gave me a big smile for the photo as you can see. We walked back to our cars and she was full of joy all the way there. She had four miserable days worrying that her ring was gone forever. Now the ring was back where it belongs. It was definitely a pleasure to help her, it never gets old doing this. Thanks for TheRingFinders website and the internet.



Wedding Ring Lost in Sand at Santa Monica Beach .. Found by RingFinder Member

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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Sam called me after losing his ring in the sand at a Santa Monica Beach. His gold wedding ring came off his finger as he brushed sand off his pants. It disappeared into the sand instantly. He and members of his group spent sometime trying to find it by digging with their hands.

Sam realized that this was not working. He went to the internet finding TheRingFinders and my contact information.

When he called me, I told him we had a very good chance of finding his ring if they could say at the location. 

Sam was there on the beach when I arrived. The area was very small, probably less than 15 ft. square. A few quick swings with my metal detector, the right tool to find rings in the sand. We had Sam’s gold wedding ring in my sand scoop.

You could see the relieved look on Sam’s face as I handed him his ring. I wish all searches could be this easy.

The searches we do where the ring or other sentimental metallic item is not found can take hours with several attempts. The reality is that sometimes the lost item is not where it is thought to be lost. 

I often say it’s like winning the lottery. You can’t win if you don’t buy a ticket. 

Likewise, You can’t find the ring if you don’t search for it with the best equipment and a person that is experienced using those detectors,



Hearing Aid Lost in Sand .. Will Rodgers Beach, Santa Monica, CA. .. Found

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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Greg has been at Will Rodgers Beach in Santa Monica, CA. He lost a very expensive high tech hearing aid. He called me asking if I had metal detectors that could find a hearing aid lost in the sand. I have several metal detectors that are specifically for finding small objects. The most important factor, is getting me to the general location as soon as possible.

I met him about 3pm in the afternoon with probably a couple hours of daylight left before dark. These hearing aids actually have gps locating capabilities and the last location was across the street near the bus stop. We went to search that location first without success.

Greg brought the matching hearing aid and it was quite easy to get a good signal. Now he pointed out an area of the beach where he had been flying a kite with his son.

It was a massive area, probably as big as a football field. Plan “A” was to start gridding 30’x 30’ quadrants. While starting the first 30 feet, Greg told me that he had fallen down at the other end of the search area.

I changed my search plan, deciding to start from the place where Greg had fallen. 

We proceeded to walk over to that location. I left my detector on as we walked diagonally to a new starting spot 100 yards away. Stopping a slow grid and stepping up my pace, I only went 20 feet when I got a signal that was worth checking. 

Unbelievable! There was Greg’s hearing aid. First target 20 minutes after starting a search that I felt was going to be possibly 3 or 4 hours.

Greg later told me that he had only been using these hearing aids for 4 months and the whole set was valued at more than $10k. We saved a whole lot of trouble getting it replaced besides the expense to get a replacement.

I believe in miracles, but they don’t happen if you don’t try.

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