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Man’s Wedding Ring Slips Off Finger Disappearing into the Ocean .. Newport Beach, CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

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*** JJ  was at Newport Beach, CA. with his family. He had been out in waist deep water playing with his kids when he felt his white gold wedding ring slip off his finger.  The key clues that gave me hope for a successful search were, he felt it come off his finger, during high tide, the location has a hard sand bottom and the next low tide was a minus low at 2am in the morning.

He sent me a couple photos that gave me great reference points. I went in the late afternoon to search the dry sand and down to the water. ( many times people do get confused about if the felt the ring come off ) … I returned at midnight to grid search the minus low tide. Only three pieces of metal trash. Then a strong low tone with perfect ID numbers for a big gold ring. The water was ankle deep. The sand was hard so the ring was only about 3 inches deep. 

The next morning I texted JJ with the good news. He wasted no time and drove to pick up his ring an hour after we talked. He was very appreciative and I could tell just by his presence that this ring meant the world to him.   I never get tired of doing this. Such a challenge and always a pleasure to meet someone I can help.

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Watch Lost in Sand at Orange County, CA. Beach .. Found in the Volleyball Court with Metal Detector

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*** SINA and her family had spent the day and evening at Corona Del Mar State Beach with is Newport Beah, CA. They played volleyball and had been at the Firepits till the beach closed at 10pm. 

When they got ready to leave Sina’s watch was missing from the pocket in her jacket. They spent two hours searching the sand. Then Sina got my information from her friend that I had helped find a lost ring last year. 

They called me just after midnight, apologizing for the late call but needing help. I live just a couple miles from the beach and told them would meet them at the volleyball courts in 20 minutes. 

They believed that the watch was most likely at the volleyball court in the sand or possibly at the fire pit where she had been most the day. I set up my detector and began a grid search in the dark. About 15 minutes into the search, BOOM! a good signal and I carefully scooped up the watch. 

They were completely surprised because after they saw how tedious the grid search process was, they knew it was a large area that could have taken hours to search. The best chance to find the watch in a timely manner,  was to start where the most action occurred. The truth is we were lucky to start at the volleyball court. 

Happy family and especially Sina who had her watch back where it belongs.. I love being available to help people find their lost valuables.m

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Beach Party Disrupted by Loss of Diamond Engagement Ring .. Found with Metal Detector Service

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** I just got out of the water where I had been practicing dive recovery techniques. When I checked my phone I could see a text asking for help finding a lost ring at Califia State Beach, San Clemente, CA.

I called Caroline right away and they were still at the location. She said her white gold diamond ring was lost in dry sand. I told them I could be there in less than an hour. They said, they could stay to show me the area. It would also be better because the beach was crowded now and many seemed to be leaving.

When I arrived, I scanned the whole area around their pop-up tent with no sign of her most prized engagement ring. We had one more place that i couldn’t get to on the dry sand. Another group of beach goers were still on that spot. 

While waiting for the other space to be available to search, I asked Caroline if she went into the ocean. She said only walked into the surf for a few minutes but she was sure the ring wasn’t lost in the water. 

I took a few minutes to grid search ankle deep incoming tide. While doing that I checked the tide schedule on my iPhone app. When I tried to put my phone in my pocket I missed the pocket and my phone was lost in the surf.

Frantically scanning the surf for my phone, BOOM! Caroline’s beautiful white gold diamond engagement ring found.. My phone was never recovered, crazy what the ocean can do. The flat phone must have just got pulled way down into the deep water.  

Caroline and Bob were very grateful and couldn’t believe how her ring was lost in the area she had only visited for 5 minutes.  I was happy for them and I immediately left to get a replacement for my phone as was Sunday and the phone company closes early. I need a phone to be available for the next recovery call.

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How to find a gold necklace lost in the sand .. Newport Beach, CA.

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*** Kristina called asking for help finding a gold necklace lost in the sand at Newport Beach, CA. It was already dark when she contacted me, but that isn’t a problem for me. I asked if she was available to meet me at the location within the next 20 minutes as I am very close to that beach. 

Kristina met me on the beach soon after we talked. I explained that it was important to do the search before the morning beach cleaning machines started their work. Not knowing what type of gold chain I was looking for I told her that some metal detectors can’t detect gold chains especially if there isn’t a pendant with it. 

We set up a grid search area and the gold necklace was found easily with my high frequency settings on my most reliable detector. ( the one I have set up for small gold stud earrings). Needless to say Kristina was totally elated and happy that this sentimental keepsake was not lost forever. It was a pleasure to meet her and help her find this necklace. I love being able to do this.

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Lost Wedding Ring in Car Found by a Ringfinder in Victorville, CA.

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 ***  Justin had been in his car when his white gold wedding ring had bothering him. He slipped it off setting the ring on the center console near the cupholder. This car had a motorized cover that slides over the cupholder when not used. When he went to put his ring back on his finger the ring was not there. After looking closely at the place he set the ring, he could see a space where the ring may have slid under the console into the interior of the dashboard. 

First he tried opening the automatic cover and he ended up breaking the cover. Justin took it to the dealership to get it repaired. He also asked them to look for his ring. ( not successful). He had the present of mind to get a endoscope camera to investigate through the small gap. Where he thought he could see the ring but he had no way to retrieve it. Then as a last resort he went online locating Jeff Morgan member of TheRingFinders in Seattle, WA. who had posted a ring recovery in a car. 

After Jeff gave Justin my contact information, we set up a day for me to meet him at his home in Victorville, CA. .. I spent a half hour tediously working my way with my endoscope camera in the console area through a 1/4 inch hole. I could not see a ring anywhere. When Justin came out to check on my progress, I told him the ring wasn’t visible. Then  I suggested that we try the carpet area next to the console. We pulled the carpet out from underneath the console. BOOM! There was his ring.. Amazing that it had worked its way through the console down between the carpet and metal floor. 

I had read other members blogs about finding ring that find there way under carpets in cars. This was just a shot in the dark before giving up on the search. We always find it at the last place we look. You can see the photo of Justin with a happy relieved look,on his face. 

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Diamond White Gold Wedding Ring Lost at Newport Beach, CA. .. Found during a Late Night Search

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*** Mohamed and his wife had been at Newport Beach, CA.  during the day. When they got home his wife, Denna discovered her white gold diamond wedding ring was not on her finger. Mohamed found my information online while researching metal detectors. 

It was about  8pm in the evening when he called me. After he told me the general location, I knew it was important not to wait till tomorrow to do the search. He said he was 20 minutes away and could meet me on the beach in the dark. I was at the location about 5 minutes before he met me at the towel line. 

He started me in an area he thought was where the had been. Then as he wondered around in the area he called me over to a location that looked better. As he talked to his wife on the phone, 

she told him there was some sort a white ribbon near where they had been sitting. 

I was grid searching the second zone when Mohamed called me over to the third area where he spotted the ribbon. Note he was wandering around in the dark using his celphone flashlight. It didn’t take long to find the ring with my metal detector after we found the correct location. Actually a whole block away from where he started me. This seems to be normal especially at night after the people have left the beach. 

He was absolutely super excited because he did not trust that the metal detector could find such a small item in the massive area of sand. It was also a very beautiful ring and because it was the original wedding ring any replacement would never be the same. We did work together to make this happen. I enjoyed meeting Mohamed and it was my pleasure to help him find such an important part of he and his wife’s marriage.

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Lost Gold Diamond Ring during a Beach Party in Long Beach, CA… Found with Metal Detector

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***  A man whose name is MT called for help finding his gold with a diamond ring lost in the sand. He was with friends on the beach at Belmont Shores, Long Beach, CA. They were playing volleyball, so he gave his ring for one of the ladies that wasn’t playing to hold. 

This happens often, she put the ring on he finger for safekeeping. Later she noticed the ring missing and it had to be in the sand. I asked MT if they would be able to stay at the location for a half hour till I could get to that beach.

Traffic was cooperating and I met the group on the beach before they had to leave the beach. Shorty after they showed me the 40’x40’ area of the loss, I was able to locate the ring with my metal detector. After several hours of searching before I arrived, MT and everyone were happy, especially the lady that had lost the ring. 

As usual most the people in the group did not know that TheRingFinders directory exists. Now we have more than a dozen people that can spread the word of metal detectorists that are willing to help people find their sentimental lost keepsakes.


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Platinum Diamond Wedding Ring Lost at Southern California Beach Found with Metal Detector ..Returned to Owner

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*** Jackie and her husband took a walk on a Southern California beach. It was just after a storm and there was a 6 foot embankment that had to be climbed to get off the beach. As Jackie was struggling to get to the top of the slope her wedding ring slipped off her finger. She was fortunate to feel the ring leave her finger. 

They tried to locate it by dragging their hands trough the sand. A passerby told them about TheRingFinders metal detecting directory. They called me, giving me their location and I was able to meet them on the beach within a half hour.

I met them on the beach, set up my metal detector and began a grid search. Within a few minutes the ring was found and returned to Jackie. Another successful search and recovery because they contacted me in a timely manner and they were able to stay at the location to put me in the general location.  

Lost Ring Found and Returned to Young Lady .. Will Rodgers State Beach, Pacific Palisades, CA.

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I received a call from Camelle requesting my help to find a sentimental ring lost in the sand at Will Rodgers State Beach, Pacific Palisades, CA… I met her and her father before they left the beach. The search was not too difficult because they had contacted me soon after she discovered the ring missing. After they showed me a 100 ft. square area, I was able to locate the ring in less than a half hour.

Sand can be unforgiving to search without proper tools. The good thing is that sand is a good hiding place that prevents a random person find a valuable keepsake. There are many good people that would return an item but most the time they can’t find the owner. 

It was so rewarding to see the smile and the gratitude that Camelle showed me. Both her and her father were relieved to have this sentimental ring back where it belongs.

Lost Platinum Ring in Snow at Big Bear, CA. .. Found and Returned

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William and his friends spent the day in the snow near Big Bear, CA. at a roadside recreation area they stopped to play on the hillside snow. William realized his platinum ring missing before they left the area. 

The loss happened on Saturday and he called me asking for help the next day. After discussing the circumstances of the loss and exchanging a few photos with a dropped pin where it happen, I agreed to drive the 85 miles to do a search. I didn’t feel it was necessary for William to take the day off of work to meet me at the location.

Monday was the better day to make the drive and there would be less people at the site. The weather was perfect with 8”to 10” of snow still on the ground. The first few minutes of the search revealed that there was a lot of metal trash. ( bottle caps and pull tabs). 

The last snow search I did was difficult to check metal signals because the snow had frozen. These conditions were better which gave me an opportunity to use my beach scoop to check targets. There were families playing in the snow with sleds, inter tubing, etc. that I had to work around. 

The ring was found after almost two hours of grid searching with my metal detector. I was also able to remove more that 40 metal bottles caps and pull tabs. My search was much easier using the long handle beach scoop.  I didn’t have to bend down to check all the trash signals.

William was able to meet me after work later that evening in Newport Beach to pick up his

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