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Wife Loses Husband’s Hierloom Gold Diamond Ring in City Lake .. Lawndale, CA. .. Los Angeles County

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*** Memo called me, telling me his wife was upset because she had lost a ring in a city lake while feeding ducks. I assumed she had lost her ring but she had actually lost an hierloom ring that was Memo’s. A ring that had belonged to his father that was given to him by his late father.

The day of the loss, Joanna had taken the ring to have it cleaned. On her way home she stopped by the city park lake to feed the ducks. She was wearing the ring on her finger because she thought it was safest place to keep it. As she was feeding the ducks she felt the ring slip off her finger and heard it splash in the lake.

That night Memo returned to the lake with a flashlight spending a couple hours hoping he could recover the ring. The next day he had  a guy with a metal detector search the area without success.

I met Memo and Joanna the third day after the loss of his very sentimental ring. They were upset and losing hope of ever finding this ring. It was helpful to have Joanna there to show me the place she had been standing and how she was gently tossing bread crumbs with a underhand motion.

The lake has a cement bottom without metal rebar which was a good thing. On the other hand the cement bottom made it difficult to retrieve flat metal objects, like coins and pull tabs. I started by dragging a high power magnet through the 20’x 40ft area to remove all the ferrous metals. This lake is more than 50 years old and was surprisingly clean of trash except for many coins. 

I was able to get out to shoulder deep water using a 6” coil which is more efficient in areas with many metal objects which can mask a ring. My plan was to clear this zone before having to dawn my Nemo surface air supply for searching deeper water.

I started off using discriminating modes of my detector. Then I went to all metal mode to remove any signals that can interfere with the detection of the ring. It was a tedious search and time consuming, yielding more than 50 coins.

After more than three hours of searching the relatively small area. Joanna and Memo had been patiently standing by waiting and I’m sure they were losing hope that the ring would be found. They even asked me if I thought the ducks could have eaten the ring. 

Joanna was going to get us some coffee. Just after I told her what I would like. I took one more scoop to retrieve a signal and BOOM!! .. Big Gold and Diamond ring in the scoop.

Right away I told Memo to stop Joanna. I was finished searching. He looked confused why I said that. He said, why? That’s when I held out the scoop saying, because I found your ring.

It was a great reunion of this so sentimental ring. After three days of searching and looking at a real possibility of not finding the ring. Within seconds everything turned into a joyful moment for everyone, including myself.

What an awesome couple and a special pleasure to be able to help Memo and Joanna. A moment to remember forever.!!

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Huntington Beach Volleyball Player Lost Sentimental Military ID Tag in Sand .. Called The Ring Finders Directory for Help

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*** Leor had lost a military dog tag while playing volleyball at Huntington State Beach. It had belonged his father and he wears it everyday. It was very sentimental to him. Leor had noticed his broken chain before leaving the sand volleyball court. He and his friends search by hand without finding it.

Leor was driving home to San Diego when he called me. We discussed the circumstances of the loss which gave me hope that I could find the metal ID tag. There are about 20 volleyball courts in this area of the beach. He told me it had to be a court number 15. 

I was able to get to the beach soon after the call. It wasn’t necessary to have Leor at the site. When I arrived there were a group of 10 or 12 players practicing on that court and I didn’t want to ask them to let me search. When they finished I began to grid the court. Then I was informed they were not finished playing. I courteously came off the court. While waiting for another shot at the sandy court, I search to sideline areas around the boundaries. Eight feet outside the court on the opposite side where Leor had felt the loss occurred, I found the missing SS metal military ID tag. I was basically using up time waiting to get back to the search zone. It was definitely a surprise to me but we do know how many recoveries happen when we search outside the box.

Leor was more than excited when I called him with the good news. He arranged for his friend, Ben to pick up this ID tag. Ben did tell me how much this item means to Leor. This is what makes my day. 

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Lost Diamond Engagement Ring in House.. Venice, CA. .. Found in Trash

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I call this a Pre-Christmas Miracle … It’s really difficult to search for a ring in a house. First of all, normal metal detectors do not work inside of houses because there is electrical interference and many nails, screws, etc. In the construction materials. There are also many hiding places for items as small as a ring. Over the years of doing ring searches, occasionally I will do house searches.  Even if I don’t find the item, I have been told by people that I helped them locate the lost article.

Sara called me three days after she lost her diamond engagement ring in her small home. She was devastated as she only had it for three weeks. I normally suggest places for the person to search and to give it few days before making plans for me to do a search.

We discussed what she remembered and it seemed like I could at least check the most difficult nooks and crannies. I do use an endoscope camera along with mirrors and high intensity lights. Of course there seems to be a few places that I can use the handheld metal detector ( pinpointer ). I set up to meet Sara the next day. Later after to call, I texted Sara, asking her not to throw the trash away even though she had told me she searched it.

Long story, short! After two hours in the three rooms she had been the morning of the loss. I gave Sara my my ”I can’t find it” pitch,  giving her hope that she still had many places it could hide and from my experience with these searches, it will show up.

Then I remembered that I had not checked the trash bags that she had set outside the on the steps. We dawned our rubber gloves. We proceeded to go through each hand full of trash using my pinpointer detector. Just before getting to the bottom of the first bag of trash there was a glimmer of yellow gold on the very bottom. It was Sara’s beautiful gold diamond engagement ring. Sara had missed it when she searched the trash, day one. I came very close to forgetting to search this trash bag.

”I Believe In Miracles ”.. I hope I never take these miracles for granted. 

It’s beyond words to express what I saw watching Sara at the moment we spotted the ring in the bottom of the trash. After the first few minutes passed, she got on her phone calling her loved ones with the good news. 

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Lost Gold Wedding Ring in Breakwater Rocks at Dana Point Harbor, CA. .. Found at Low Tide

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…. Ben and Analise had driven two hours from home to have dinner at a outdoor restaurant in the Dana Point, CA. Harbor. Ben had walked out to the walkway to look at the fishing boats. Standing next to the handrail he swung his left arm and felt his gold wedding ring come off his finger. It was dark but he heard it hit the breakwater rocks six feet below the walkway.

It was low tide at the time, so Ben borrowed a flashlight, spending over an hour looking for the ring on the slippery rocks. His wife, Analise couldn’t help except to google search for help. She was able to contact me about 7pm. I wasn’t sure what type of conditions I would find when I arrived so I brought several types of metal detectors and bright search lights. Arriving just before 8pm, I met Analise. We walked over to the spot where Ben was still searching for the ring.

This was a nightmare type search area. Large slippery rocks with holes deep enough to put my whole arm in. Then to top it off, many pieces of metal trash making it near impossible to use my metal detector even with the 6 inch coil. 

I gave Ben a better search light and told him this would probably be an visual search because of the crazy conditions. They had canceled their dinner reservations knowing that if they didn’t find the ring tonight, they lived too far away to return to search again. Also, the next low low tide wouldn’t be till 9pm the next night.

With all the negative search conditions the ring was found amongst the rocks, luckily it didn’t find one of the many deep holes. Ben was tired and had all but given up before I got the the site. That made it more of a celebration once the ring was found. It’s hard to stay positive when searching such a difficult site. This time it paid off with a successful recovery. Now this ring has more of a story to remember, as every ring has a story starting when Analise and Ben were married.

They were very happy and grateful, thanking me for the help. This is why I love doing these searchers.

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Lost Gold Ring in the Sand at Newport Beach, CA. .. Found at the Fire Pits in the Dark

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**** On our Southern California beaches it’s popular to spend the evenings sitting on the sand at the fire pits. This call was from Patrick’s friend, who had found me on TheRingFinder website. They had spent a couple hours enjoying sitting around a fire at Newport Beach,CA. As they started to leave, Patrick picked up his towel and brushed sand off with his hand. He felt his ring slip off his finger into the sand.

After a half hour searching the small area, they were frustrated with their unsuccessful attempts to find the ring. It was getting cold and they had to be home soon. I was able to meet them on the beach which is less than three miles from my home.

It only took a few minutes after setting up my detector to find the ring. Patrick and his friend were happy to have the ring recovered and able to get on their way home. I love these quick recoveries. From the time I left the house till I got home was less than an hour. That includes taking photos for the book of smiles. All ring calls are not this easy. This year I had one ring search in the Mojave desert 135 miles away and it was 104 degrees. Then I had another 100 mile drive with a 3 hour hike to a hot springs for a ring lost in the water. Both of these searches were unsuccessful. We don’t get all of them. I still can’t wait till the next call out. They are always a new adventure and so rewarding to make another smile. 

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Platinum Wedding Band Lost at a Local Beach in San Clemente, CA. .. Found and Returned

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****Erick and his family live near San Clemente. They regularly come the this same small beach and everybody knows each other. The week before his friend lost a platinum out in the ocean while surfing.

Erick normally doesn’t take his ring off but this day he decided he didn’t want to lose it in the water. He took his platinum wedding ring off wrapping it in a towel that he place on a large rock. When he returned from the water his ring was not in the towel. He was baffled because he had not moved the towel before checking for his ring.

He was able to call me for help finding his ring with my metal detector. We met in the parking lot. Then he told me he believed it may have been stolen. He wanted to make sure it hadn’t been dropped in the sand. We walked to the large boulder were he put his belongings.

I was afraid that the ring might have fallen into many inaccessible spaces between the breakwater size rocks. This time we were lucky. The ring was under the sand right next the place were the towel had been. We figured that someone may have moved the towel while Erick was surfing. Sometimes we never know what caused the loss. The most important thing is we found and returned the sentimental wedding ring. Erick was elated and very happy that it wasn’t lost forever.

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Hierloom Gold Cartier Watch Lost in Ocean .. Santa Monica, CA. .. Recovered from Surf

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Bella had been at Santa Monica Beach with her friends. She went into the water not realizing that she was still wearing her Cartier watch. It was actually an hierloom that her mother had passed down to Bella. 

She was out about waist deep water with small waves when she felt the watch slip off her wrist. The tide was beginning to come up. On the Southern California beaches we get high tides that range between 4.5ft to 6.5ft. high. The tides raise approximately one foot an hour. 

When I received the call I knew the water level could be too high to do a proper search. My priority was to get to the location before Bella left the beach. This may take two trips to do a proper search. I only discuss the general idea if the loss occurred in the dry sand or water and if they can stay at the location till I arrive. For beach losses it’s more important to get on the road and meet the people before they have to leave. 

I was at the Santa Monica beach location within an hour of Bella’s call for help. The tide was rising and I was hoping that she had been wrong about how deep she was when the watch slipped off her wrist. It’s really hard to judge how deep you are in the surf with 3 or 4ft. waves.

I went directly into the surf with my waterproof metal detector. It wasn’t necessary to go into the crashing waves as I was pretty sure I would have a better chance to find the watch the next day at a lower tide.

Within fifteen minutes I got my first good signal and BOOM!! One very sentimental gold Cartier watch was in my scoop.

Bella, her friends and all the people on the beach were excited, amazed and joyful that the watch was saved and not lost forever.

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Lost Rose Gold Wedding Band in the Sand at Bolsa Chica State Beach … Found

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*** When Jenn called me for help to find a lost rose gold ring in the sand at Bolsa Chica State Beach I assumed it was going to be an easy search. Usually, if the people haven’t left the beach it can be a quick recovery. Most important is to get to the location before they leave.

I met Jenn and her husband Eric shortly after talking to Jenn on the phone. After discussing the loss of Eric’s rose gold ring, I knew this was going to take some time. They had been at the beach for more than 4 hours and Eric had not felt the ring come off his finger. To top it off he had been in the ocean. Most the time was spent on the dry sand near their blanket and umbrella. Then he had helped build a sand castle half way between the upper towel line and the water. 

I did a quick swing over the blanket area then went into the water to waist deep water while the tide was low. Next I jumped over to the area around the sand castle project. No Find! After the concentrating on the most likely spots i began a tight grid search to and from the damp sand to the incoming water line.

Bingo! The ring was found after more than an hour of thorough searching in the wet sand. It was a large search area but I only had to do less than I expected to grid search. Nobody that was there would have guessed that the ring would be where it was found.

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Platinum Wedding Ring Lost in Backyard Shrubbery.. Silverlake District of Downtown Los Angeles, CA. … Recovered by Metal Detector Man

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Christina found me after a google search. She asked me if I could check her floor heater vent for a ring she lost a year ago. She had the heater company look with a camera several months ago. This was an area I couldn’t use a metal detector and I’m sure the heater people had a good camera for inspection of heat ducts. Basically I told her I couldn’t do that type search after professional heater service had already looked.

Then Kristina told me that there was another ring lost in the shrubbery of her back yard. Her husband’s platinum wedding band had come off his finger last week while waving his arms. He felt the ring come off but it had to land in the landscaping shrubs because they never heard it hit the deck or cement sidewalk.

I met Kristina the next morning and she showed me both locations. I did another camera inspection of the heater vent without success. Also crawled under the bathroom floor to feel what vent ducts looked like. I advised her that the duct could be easy disconnect for a better search. I will not do that, just don’t need to liable for any damages heater system.

Next I started to use my Deus metal detector in the planter on the side of a backyard slope. I did get a faint signal but the 5”x 7” coil head could not get into the thick overgrowth. I pulled out my Garrett Pinpointer taped it to a 5 ft. pole. Probing into the thick growth I got a strong signal in the same area that the Deus had sounded off. A quick look into the bushes allowed me see a round platinum ring in the dried leaves at the base of plants. Boom! Successful recovery for Kristina and her husband. Than you for calling TheRingFinders and trusting me to search for your valuable and sentimental keepsake.

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Lost Platinum Wedding Band Recovered Using Metal Detector at Dockwieler Beach

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*** Anthony called me after spending several hours trying to find his platinum wedding ring in the sand at Dockweiler Beach , Los Angeles county, CA.  

We didn’t talk much about the loss on the phone as one minute can equal one mile down the road. All I needed to hear was he felt it come off his finger while sitting on his towel. The other thing I needed to know was that he could wait at the location till I arrived,

I arrived at Dockwieler Beach after driving in fast moving traffic. Parking was easy as people were beginning to leave the beach. Anthony answered his phone right away, directing me to site. Within a few minutes I had his platinum wedding ring in my scoop. 

Many people just give up and walk away from their sentimental keepsake, not knowing that it can be found with the right tool (quality metal detector) and a experienced person to do an efficient search.

Anthony and his wife were very grateful and appreciative that they found me on TheRingFinders website. I had to hear again that they never knew a service like this existed.


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