Stephane Coutu

  • Land/Shallow Water Search
  • Diver/Underwater Search
  • Accepts Visa

Cost For My Service

The cost of my service would be a fair finders fee that you and I would talk about before I come to search. If you're needing me to recover an item from water it's usually a bit more but definitely within reason.

Search Types

Land detecting,water detecting and scuba diving...Beaches, parks, lakes & yards.

Search Locations

I will search anywhere between Cobourg and Kingston area (West to East) and anywhere in Prince Edward County up to Tweed area (North to South). I may travel further for special circumstances.

Stephane Coutu's Bio

I am an experienced detectorist and also a certified scuba diver. I have experience recovering items on land, water and beaches.

Stephane Coutu - Recent Blog Post

  • Wedding toe ring found at North Beach Provincial park (2020)

    I was contacted by Ambi today to do a Special recovery for a wedding toe ring at North Beach Provincial Park. This was a first for me as I’ve never been asked to look for a toe ring before. Although this ring is small and made of silver, it has a huge sentimental value since […]

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  • Wedding band found at Sand Banks Provincial Park (2020)

    Received a phone call from Eddy last evening about having lost his wedding band at Sand Banks Provincial Park. They are vacationing from the Barrie area. Eddy was playing the in the sand, burying his two year old daughter in the sand and notice shortly after that his wedding band was missing. After an hour […]

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  • Engagement ring found at Sand Banks Provincial Park (2020)

    Received an email yesterday from Marlon about how his fiancé had lost her engagement ring at Sand Banks Provincial Park on Saturday. They were down for the day at the beach from Markham with a bunch of friends. At noon, Camille realized that her ring was gone. With over a dozen friends, looking through the […]

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  • Lost wedding ring Lake Ontario Park Kingston Ontario (2020)

    Received an email from Andre yesterday, inquiring about me coming out to look for his lost wedding ring. Andre and his wife were at a rocky shoreline, at Lake Ontario Park in Kingston, where he went for a swim and lost his Wedding band in about waist deep water. Headed to meet him to see […]

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  • Lost Engagement Ring Found in Sand Banks Ontario (2020)

    This morning I met with a young couple from Quebec, vacationing at Sand Banks, Prince Edward County, for the week. Unfortunately, she lost her engagement ring at the beach yesterday while placing it in her nap sack before going for a swim. Let me suggest to you that if your ring has any monetary/sentimental value, […]

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Stephane Coutu - Testimonials

  • Stephane was unbelievable... (2020)


    Stephane was unbelievable. Got the job done as advertised. He was the talk of the campfire that evening. I wouldn’t recommend losing your wedding ring at the beach. If you do, Stephane will find it.

  • We will forever be grateful to Stephane... (2020)


    We will forever be grateful to Stephane. We contacted him and he responded minutes later, ready to help. Despite the rainy weather conditions, he was willing to head out and search right away. He was very professional and communicated with us throughout the whole process. You can tell he is very passionate and dedicated about what he does. Thank you so much Stephane!