Stephane Coutu

  • Land/Shallow Water Search
  • Diver/Underwater Search
  • Accepts Visa

Cost For My Service

The cost of my service would be a fair finders fee that you and I would talk about before I come to search. If you're needing me to recover an item from water it's usually a bit more but definitely within reason.

Search Types

Land detecting,water detecting and scuba diving...Beaches, parks, lakes & yards.

Search Locations

I will search anywhere between Kawartha Lakes and Kingston area (West to East) and anywhere in Prince Edward County up to Tweed area (North to South). I may travel further for special circumstances.

Stephane Coutu's Bio

I am an experienced detectorist and also a certified scuba diver. I have experience recovering items on land, water and beaches.

Stephane Coutu - Recent Blog Post

  • Lost and found cellphone in Brighton Ontario (2023)

    I was contacted through Facebook when Sage lost her cellphone at a parking lot near a conservation area in Brighton. The bad news is that she had lost it over a week ago. After exchanging information and Google earth pictures, I headed over and was able to locate her phone in about six inches of […]

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  • Lost and found wedding ring in Carrying Place Ontario (2022)

    Received a text from Morgan yesterday about her husband Matt having lost his wedding ring the previous day in their yard. Matt was putting things away for the winter when, afterwards, he noticed his ring was gone. To makes matters worst, their yard was full of metal items in the ground and had about 4 […]

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  • Lost and found diamond engagement ring Inverary Ontario (2022)

    My ring recovery today took me to a horse farm in Inverary, just north of Kingston Ontario.  Received a text from Nick and Meaghan, about her having just lost her beautiful diamond engagement ring while feeding the horses. She just had taken out a couple of bails of hay to their feeders when she realized […]

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  • Lost and found antique diamond engagement ring Kingston Ontario (2022)

    Received a phone call from Dave about how is wife Johanne had lost her diamond engagement ring in the backyard while fall cleaning a couple days ago. This ring was gifted to Johanne from Dave’s mom many years ago. So off to Kingston I went on this beautiful sunny thanksgiving day to find her ring. […]

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  • Lost and found diamond engagement ring Cobourg beach Ontario (2022)

    Received a text from Kaitlin and Zach yesterday about having lost her diamond engagement ring at Cobourg beach this past Friday. After they were walking and enjoying the beach with their young child, she noticed that her ring was missing when they went back to their vehicle.  Zach even went and purchased a metal detector […]

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Stephane Coutu - Testimonials

  • So thankful for the recovering of my family heirloom. (2022)


    Thank you, especially for coming on Thanksgiving Day. So thankful for the recovering of my family heirloom

  • I was in total shock when he called and had found my ring... (2022)


    We stopped at the Cobourg beach on our road trip to stretch our legs and give my one year old daughter a break from the car. While loading the car back up I noticed my engagement ring was no longer on my finger.

    My heart sank and I was devastated. We looked for hours but had no luck. That night we came across theringfinders and the next day I contacted Stephane. He answered right away and was ready to spring into action to look for my ring.

    I had lost almost all hope but he assured me if the ring was there he would find it and would take as long as he needed to search the area. I was in total shock when he called and had found my ring in the sand at the beach. I couldn’t believe it! I really thought it would be impossible to find. Stephane even went out of his way to meet us close to an exit on the 401 when we were driving home to give us back the ring. We can’t thank Stephane enough!

  • Thanks again Stephane!! Clearly ‘never give up’ is your motto. (2022)


    Success story!! Thanks again Stephane!! Clearly ‘never give up’ is your motto. I thought for sure after the first dive we would not see that phone again, but a few days later and FOUND!! SUCCESS!!

    All your help with this is very much appreciated!

  • I am glad that I contacted right person for this retrive. (2022)


    This was one of the great moment for me. I dropped my phone in the water on Sunday and contact immediately Stephane to help me. He is very friendly and take your lost very serious and try his best as much as he can. I am so happy to find my phone. He just dive in and found my phone in 5 minutes. I am glad that I contacted right person for this retrive.

  • Highly recommend Stephane! (2022)


    Thank you Stephane! I knew right away when I did a Google search to see who could go in and find my phone in the water and came across you and Ring Finders. You basically texted me back within 39 minutes and then called to see how you could help. I really appreciate that you did what you could to become available to drive up to the area (about an hour and a half from home) to come and recover my phone. You geared up and headed out in the direction I showed you where I lost my phone. Luckily for me it’s so heavy that it didn’t float away, but still made it 10-15 feet from where I believed I dropped it. We searched for an hour and a half before giving up because of the dark weeds. Highly recommend Stephane!

  • Stephane, I cannot thank you enough for coming to my rescue... (2021)

    Stephane, I cannot thank you enough for coming to my rescue. This ring is so significant to me. My grandparents and their love for each other was such an important part of our lives growing up, we learned about love and dedication, as well as the importance of family from them. This ring was given to me by parents after my grandmother passed and I have treasured it ever since.

    It was also so nice to see how much you enjoyed what you do.

    Thank you!

  • In a world that is filled with distrust and misinformation – we can attest to the fact that Stephane truly does live up to his reputation!!!! (2021)


    My husband and I are so incredibly happy to have found Stephane.

    My husband’s ring fell off his hand as he was wiping off some spider webs he got on his hands from our dock chairs. I rarely see my husband as upset as he was when this happened. We were both stunned and did not know what to do.

    We are new to Buckhorn and having work done on our property and so we reached out to the wonderful people around town that have helped us so far. Unfortunately despite reaching out to so many people, it was very difficult to find anyone that could help us. The water conditions were not good. Cold water, lots of silt/wood, deeper water, and to make things worse – it happened late Friday afternoon.

    We did not know what to do but we did know that the longer the rings stayed in the water – the less likely it would ever be retrieved. Then, as I was feverishly googling for help, I came across Stephane’s website. My husband reached out to Stephane and he promptly replied and agreed to come out the next day which was a Saturday. He had to drive 3 hours to get to our place! We were trying to stay positive and really did not know to what to expect but we did see some of the testimonials so we were quite hopeful. At least for the first little while but as time passed as as it approached almost 2 hours of almost non stop underwater searching, we both started to feel the excitement dwindle.

    But Stephane never gave up. He was shivering and cold but continued to go under our dock, in the dark and blindly feel his way through silt, sticks and stones – until he finally found it! We were both in shock and disbelief!

    Stephane is a wonderful and kind man. It is clear he is an amazing scuba diver but what stood out even more, he is commitment to help people when they have already given up hope. He works tirelessly to ensure he is successful not for the money, but for the satisfaction he gets out of bringing people so much happiness and joy!

    It was truly a pleasure meeting Stephane. In a world that is filled with distrust and misinformation – we can attest to the fact that Stephane truly does live up to his reputation!!!!

    We are so happy that we are now referring to our inlet as Stephane’s inlet:)

    Thanks again Stephane!

    Lori and Dave

  • I would strongly recommend reaching out to Stephane to find your ring! (2021)


    It was a cool summer night, and the water was frigid but tempting.

    My friends and I decided to go into the water for a late night swim.

    A man should know what happens in water that cold… as George Costanza would say, “significant shrinkage”. It was the perfect storm to have a ring slip off my shrunken finger.

    The next morning, I searched the bottom of the lake with no luck. On my way home from the cottage, I thought of renting a metal detector, but I was no Jacques Cousteau.

    Luckily I got put into contact with another famous underwater explorer, Stephane Coutu!

    Thinking I had lost the ring in shallow water, I told him to first search without his scuba gear. I was wrong…

    With a small glimmer of hope and one last shot, Stephane came out on day two with his full scuba gear. His will and determination lead him to find the ring in deeper waters!

    I couldn’t be happier with the amazing support and positive attitude that Stephane displayed throughout this process. For those of you who are in an unlucky situation like I was, I would strongly recommend reaching out to Stephane to find your ring!



  • Thank you for the incredible work you do... (2021)


    Thank you Stephane, mere words cannot express our appreciation in finding this ring.

    Nicole was heartbroken and devastated when she called me to say she lost grandma’s ring in the lake. I joined her at the beach and we looked, with the help of kind Cobourg beachgoers, but could not find the ring. Nicole was refusing to leave the beach until she had grandma’s ring. I am so thankful you came up in my google search, even more thankful you dropped everything to show up a mere hour later. You said to me on the phone, “before the sun sets, that ring will be back on Nicole’s hand”, a promised backed up by experience and in the end you were right!!! Your confidence settled our nerves and your experience is why anyone, who is heartbroken by a similar circumstance, should call you. The day ended with tears of joy, great relief and not heartbreak. Thank you for the incredible work you do. With sincere thanks and appreciation Gillian

  • Very happy with this service and will be recommending you to everyone... (2021)


    Thank you so much for your help Stephane. Without you, it never would have been found. I thought I would have found it by skimming the water with goggles, looking at the surface. I never would have guessed that it had gone 10 inches below the sand. Very happy with this service and will be recommending you to everyone I come across across that has lost a ring

  • Stephane was unbelievable... (2020)


    Stephane was unbelievable. Got the job done as advertised. He was the talk of the campfire that evening. I wouldn’t recommend losing your wedding ring at the beach. If you do, Stephane will find it.

  • We will forever be grateful to Stephane... (2020)


    We will forever be grateful to Stephane. We contacted him and he responded minutes later, ready to help. Despite the rainy weather conditions, he was willing to head out and search right away. He was very professional and communicated with us throughout the whole process. You can tell he is very passionate and dedicated about what he does. Thank you so much Stephane!