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Lost ring at Ocean Beach found

from La Jolla (California, United States)

Marcio was at Ocean Beach with his wife and child having a nice day in the sun when the outlook changed. He had been building sand castles, washed the sand off the toys in the surf, and went in for a short dip. After all this fun, he realized his wedding ring was missing. He does an online search and contacted me for help. Even though the tide was coming in and approaching the evening high, I agreed to meet them and get an idea of where the ring may have been lost, do a preliminary search, and maybe get lucky with a quick recovery. Oh well, that wasn’t to be. I searched all the dry sand around where they were camped out for the day and also hit the slope heading down to the water. The tide and surf was up on this steep section of beach and had a nasty shore break, so, a water search at this time would have been pointless. I told Marcio that I would return in the early morning hours to take advantage of the minus low tide at that time. Fast forward to 12:30am when I arrived at the beach. I started a grid from dry sand to knee deep water, and at 1:10am got the signal I was waiting for. I texted Marcio with the good news and connected with him later that day for the return. Great to meet you folks and thank you for the reward.


Ring found and returned at Carlsbad State Beach

from La Jolla (California, United States)

If the sun lotion scenario is the #1 reason for losing a ring at the beach, this is probably #2. It’s the “I took the ring off and put into the chair pocket, forgot it was there, folded chair and packed everything up when we were ready to leave, drove away and then remembered the ring scenario”. Marcus didn’t get far….just out of the parking lot when he realized what he had done. He returned and searched to no avail. Out came the phone and a Google search. He found my ad on Craig’s list and gave me a call. I told him I would be there within the hour and met him at the location. We walked over the the spot where they had the chairs laid out (the most likely spot of the loss) and I started my grid. Maybe 30 seconds later, I get the sound I wanted to hear on my E-trac and scooped out his ring. A happy Marcus gets to go home, tell the wife, and not have to share the accommodations with the dog. A pleasure meeting you Marcus and thank you for the reward.


Ring lost at Ocean Beach Found.

from La Jolla (California, United States)

Bradford and his wife were visiting from out of town and enjoying a day at the beach on the 4th until Bradford lost his wedding ring in the late afternoon in ankle deep water. It disappeared into the sand and no way it would be found with the naked eye.100_1456 100_1457 They returned the next morning hoping they could spot it, but, it was not to be. They saw several people with metal detectors searching the beach that morning, but, nobody had found it. Some even tried to help by searching the target area, but, the ring didn’t show itself. Disappointed, They went home.

I got the call for help on the 6th, and, even though I thought it likely someone had already found it, I heading down to the beach to give it my best, and ease their minds that it wasn’t still just laying there. After close to an hour of carefully gridding the area and not a single target (good or bad!), I figured my assessment was correct and the area had been hammered by other detectorists. Just then, my Excalibur gave me a nice big signal, and low and behold, it was Bradford’s ring! Surprise and satisfaction for me, and happiness for Bradford. He and his wife drove down today and were reunited with the ring. A pleasure meeting you both and thank you for the reward.

Lost Keys found at Ocean Beach

from La Jolla (California, United States)

I was leaving a successful fun day detecting at Coronado and about to head home, when, I noticed a message on my phone. Johnny asked about my service in finding his keys lost in the sand at Ocean Beach. We agreed to meet in a half hour at the location. I arrived a bit early and played around a bit until Johnny got there. When he arrived, he showed me where he had been the day before when the keys were lost. There were a few people in that area but I started on an open section and proceeded toward the occupied zone. 15 minutes later, I was in an area about 10 feet in front of their blanket, and got a nice big, high signal on my E-trac. One scoop later and I had his keys in hand. Good to meet you, thank you for calling The Ring Finders, and thanks for the reward.

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Ring lost at Ocean Beach found!

from La Jolla (California, United States)

Troy and Sara were enjoying a day at Ocean Beach. Troy decided to take a swim. He did so with his wedding ring on. Not one of his better decisions that weekend, but, as it turns out, not his worst one either! (He drowned his phone the next day!) Troy wasn’t exactly sure where the ring came off and didn’t really know who to call at that point. They decided to post a lost ring ad on Craig’s list and saw my ad there. They called me with the details, but, since they live in the L.A. area and were back home.  they couldn’t meet me at the beach at 2:45 am (low tide)……not that they would have wanted to meet at that hour if they lived here! Troy gave me his description of the area, and knowing that beach pretty well, I felt I could conduct a search without him. Braving the elements, alright, it was  a nice, warm, calm, moonlit morning, I started my grid pattern with my trusty Excalibur 15″ WOT combo. Surf was rather rough but since he lost the ring at high tide, and I’m hunting when the tide is 6 feet lower, it should be in the wet sand. After searching for a couple of hours, and having my grid lines wiped out continuously by rogue waves, I’d come up empty. I returned to my starting point and headed the other direction, but, that took me out of the designated search area. I made 3-4 more passes and was about to call it a night (morning?) when I got a nice signal half way from my glow stick marker and the surf. Bingo! Yahtzee! Uno! Troy’s ring is in the scoop! I emailed Troy (his phone was drowned remember) and told him the good news and that I would contact him when I woke up at noon. They made the trip down to San Diego that night and were reunited with the ring. A pleasure to meet you both and thank you for the reward.

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Wedding ring Found in Ocean Beach

from La Jolla (California, United States)

David and his wife were working in a community garden and after the planting was done, David realized his wedding ring was gone! What to do? The internet comes to the rescue. They found me through my Craig’s list ad and called me for help. Once I got to the search area, I realized I was going to have to use the small coil and turn down the sensitivity as there was a lot of mesh metal fencing all over the garden. We were able to move some of them but some were permanent, so, I’d just have to make do. Working backward from when he discovered the ring missing to when he started, I started my search with my trusty E-trac. After about 10-15 minutes, I got a nice 12-17 next to one of the freshly installed plants. About 2 inches down was his ring. Since his wife had a matching one, we were able to confirm it was his and return him to the world of married men again! Pleasure to meet you both and thank you for the reward.

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Lost Wedding Band on Ocean Beach-Found!

from San Francisco (California, United States)
Contact: 1-408-256-3796
Lost Wedding Band Found on Ocean Beach

Lost Wedding Band Found on Ocean Beach

Pallav visited Ocean Beach in San Francisco for the first time yesterday. He had a great time with his wife Garani and their friends, but after playing football he noticed his gold wedding band was gone. The whole group searched for the ring, but it was gone in the sand. Then Pallav used his iPhone to get the GPS coordinates of the location where he lost the ring. This was really smart, because if you’ve ever been to Ocean Beach, you know it is HUGE. Garani first looked for a metal detector rental, then contacted us late last night. Pallav met us at the beach this afternoon, which was cold as usual for San Francisco in July. We marked out a rectangle around the GPS coordinates and started our search. That’s when the fun began. Lots of people light bonfires on Ocean Beach. The firewood is often filled with fasteners, which end up in the sand after the fire. We found more than 50 nails, screws and big staples as we searched. Usually  our equipment can discriminate these out so we don’t have to dig them up, but when a nail is bent or twisted, it can fool a detector to thinking it might be something else, like a ring. After about an hour and a half, I got a tone unlike most of the others. It was Pallav’s ring. He said it looked like the sand had polished it overnight. It did look good. It sure is fun returning people’s precious possessions!

Lost men's wedding band found on ocean beach


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