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Ring Finder Introduction

from Reno (Nevada, United States)
Contact: 1-316-200-4115

Lost Ring Finder Reno Michael Price Experienced Metal Detecting Specialist.  Call or Text at 316-200-4115 at your earliest convenience.


My name is Michael Price and while I am new to, I am not new to using a metal detector or hunting things down.  I am the current President and Outings Coordinator of our local metal detecting club and with my knowledge have helped many a new metal detector user learn their machines and find rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, coins and relics.  I work to stay up to date on current technology and changes to equipment so that I can be my best when it comes to locating targets.

A little about me.  I enlisted in the US Air Force in 1993 and soon decided to make it a career.  21 years of service later I retired and, unlikely as it is, decided to become an Army civilian.  Becoming a member of the US Army Corps of Engineers was the third best decision in my life as it has afforded me the opportunity, location and time to pursue my hobbies.

I am able to search in any dry environment as well as the snow and up to about 5 feet of water and hope to be able to get a dive system in the future to allow me to go deeper.

I look forward to being able to share my recoveries with the rest of the world.



Lost class ring recovered and returned after 15 years lost at Wrightsville Beach NC

from Hillsborough (North Carolina, United States)
Contact: 1-919-539-5048

Hello I was out detecting this past weekend at to beach and detecting in the surf and water at night. It was around 3:29 AM when I got a good signal in the water. I investigated and recovered the target. What i found was a class ring from 1981. Now most people would just scrap the ring for it’s gold weight. But I decided to try and find the owner since it’s the right thing to do. After much research I was able to locate the owner two days later to return it. When I got in touch with her she was very happy to here I located the ring and explained that her daughter was wearing the ring 15 years ago when it was lost. She explained she thought the ring was lost forever and was almost in tears when she learned it was found after so long. I agreed to bring it to her since she only lived 45 minutes away from me. When I got there she was extremely happy to see her ring again. She also explained her father bought the class ring for her which is why it meant so much. I was very happy to return it to her and see the smile on her face. It’s always a pleasure when I can help someone. I am including pictures of the ring and her.

Newlywed’s Ring found on Narragansett RI Town Beach

from Woonsocket (Rhode Island, United States)
Contact: 1-401-225-5770

On Sunday, October 18, 2020, Matt and his wife were married on beautiful Narragansett town beach, followed by a celebration in the North Beach Club House.  At some point after the ceremony, they noticed that Matt’s wedding band had slipped off.  Friends and family  helped  search the beach and the Club House.  Guests even got a rake to search the sand and tried using a metal detector as well.  Unfortunately, these efforts only caused the ring to sink deeper in the sand.  They decided to search the internet for help and found website.  On Monday, Matt sent me a text message asking for my help.  As soon as I got his message, I contacted Matt to let him know that I was on my way to search for his lost wedding band.  That’s when Matt told me that the wedding band had been handed down to him by his late grandfather.  Matt and his wife live in Cambridge, MA, and were unable to meet me at the beach, so they provided photos of the two areas where they thought the ring might be.  I started my search closest to the water, and in ten minutes I found Matt’s ring about 8 inches deep in the sand.  I called him with the good news.  We met that evening, and he was thrilled to have his ring back.

White Gold mens diamond wedding band lost when on Honeymoon , Fort Lauderdale Beach Florida Found and returned to owner.

from North Miami Beach (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-754-707-1233

I got a call from a couple on their Honeymoon saying they lost their wedding ring. I said that I would be happy to help find it . I immediately got ready and left to the beach location they were at. The waves were 2-3 feet high. but I went into the water anyway to find their ring. but unfortunately the waves beat me the first day. I was rescheduling for Friday but they called Thursday wanting me to go out Thursday even though the waves were still high. I finally gave  in and agreed to make another attempt. I was not successful for about three hours . I was getting ready to give up. then at the last moment I got a target.. and it was their ring . I was so happy that I could help them find their ring. They now could completely relax and enjoy their honeymoon in peace.

Lost Pandora Charm reunited with owner

from Auckland (New Zealand)
Contact: 0275812660

3 weeks ago Vivienne leapt off the wharf at Maraetai, New Zealand on a hot spring day to cool down, but when she got out she noticed her bracelet had opened and her rose gold Pandora charm had fallen off.
She noticed someone metal detecting on the beach and asked if he could look out for it. Jack who is a regular on the beach explained that he couldn’t get out that far, but would ask his friend Ian to look out for it.
I did find it on another hot day on a very low tide, I was working near the stairs of the wharf, normally this is covered with 3 feet of water. The ground is sandy mud over rocks and shells, so you don’t need to dig too deep to get your target. The first two signals were rubbish,  but the next signal was a little gold heart charm that sort of resembled the description.

I was given an address only and decided to pop by after work to see if indeed it was hers.

Vivienne couldn’t believe someone had just brought it to her door,  she really believed it was not coming back.

White Gold diamond womans wedding band lost when on Honeymoon , Fort Lauderdale Beach Florida Found and returned to owner.

from North Miami Beach (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-754-707-1233

I got a call from a couple on their Honeymoon that had lost their Wedding band. The bride got hit with a big wave that knocked off her ring. I immediately rushed to the beach .  I searched where they had lost it and was very lucky to find it quickly. They were so relived that it was found. They thanked me many times. I was so pleased that I was able to help them enjoy their honeymoon in peace.


Lost Rings and Jewelry found in Bandon, OR

from Coquille (Oregon, United States)
Contact: 1-541-751-5565

I’ve joined The Ring Finders to help people that have lost rings, jewelry or other items of value.  I’m proud to be part to The Ring Finders network and happy to help/assist in the recovery of your lost items.  Whether Gold, Silver, Platinum, Ring, Necklace, Bracelet, Broach, Coins or other valuable item, if it has metal in it, we may be able to locate and recover it.

Time is not our friend; please don’t hesitate.  Let’s make an effort to find it before someone else stumbles across it and it’s gone forever.  However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t locate objects that have been lost a long time.  Especially if they were lost of private property, or places of limited access, it’s likely still there – waiting to be reunited with you.

Call any time and let’s return to you what has been lost.

Two Lost Rings Located in Alexandria, LA!

from Alexandria (Louisiana, United States)
Contact: 1-318-264-9380

A friend of mine mentioned to me that his father had lost his wedding band on their property about 6 years ago. “I never saw Daddy more upset in his life,” Alfred said to me. When I told him I could help him locate it, he was elated. And as I was a new member of TheRingFinders, I couldn’t imagine a more fitting entry.

So Alfred set me to looking for his father’s wedding band, with a general description of the ring and the probable lost location. Searching the property was a fun adventure, but after several days of looking in that area, I wasn’t coming up with it.

I decided to expand my search area. That’s when I found an amazing High School Graduation Ring. Not the ring I was looking for, but even the property owner didn’t know about this one…

With initials clearly inscribed inside, and the School name emblazoned on the head of the ring, I asked Alfred if he knew anyone with those initials who graduated from there in the 40’s. He said, ‘Sure, that sounds like it could be for Uncle Sherman.’ Alfred’s uncle, 91 years old now, had lost his graduation ring in 1946, shortly after purchasing it. And he was ecstatic to receive it back after being lost 74 years! Sherman remembers playing football in the yard there, and it coming off his finger. But, neither he nor anyone else remembered it for such a long time.

Relentless ground pounding, and the expanded search paid off ultimately when I located Alfred’s father’s wedding band shortly thereafter.

The family had been feeling a measure of loss concerning it, but we were able to bring them closure. Making the SECOND lost ring we have returned to this family!

Alfred writes: “Thank you Ben sooo very much for all the treasures you have discovered on the family property & giving them new life. The lawn was just quietly holding history of our family waiting to be awakened. Two rings were found, a high school ring dated 1946, and no one in the family knew where it was. The second ring was my dad’s wedding band that he lost January 2014. We knew it was on the lawn but that’s 1 1/2 acres. I sooo wish he was still with to know it’s back in safe hands… It’s unbelievable the decades these items lay in waiting for someone like you to show them once again the light of day and to be enjoyed by the 4th & 5th generations of our family! Most Sincerely, Alfred”

Making smiles and new friends is why I enjoy the art and science of metal detection so much. This is what it is truly all about.

LOST SOMETHING OF VALUE? I CAN HELP. Service to all of Central Louisiana 318-264-9380 or

Rose gold Star ring lost at South Beach Miami Beach , Florida… found and returned to the owner.

from North Miami Beach (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-754-707-1233

Rose  gold Star ring lost at South Beach Miami Beach , Florida… found and returned to the owner

I was Metal Detecting on South Beach Miami Beach , Florida When a woman approached me and asked me to help her find a ring that her husband lost a few moments earlier. I immediately found it and returned it to them within 10 minutes.


Wedding toe ring found at North Beach Provincial park

from Cobourg (Ontario, Canada)
Contact: 1-613-243-9118

I was contacted by Ambi today to do a Special recovery for a wedding toe ring at North Beach Provincial Park. This was a first for me as I’ve never been asked to look for a toe ring before. Although this ring is small and made of silver, it has a huge sentimental value since Ambi placed the ring on her toe on their wedding day over 19 years ago. Yesterday, was their 19th wedding anniversary. Needless to say, I wasn’t going to stop until I found it for them. After about 20 minutes, the ring was found very near where she had felt it come off in the sand. I always love folk’s reaction, especially the ladies, when you first show them the lost item and then reunite them with it. As well, I learned something new today.

They are tamil. In a Hindu wedding, toe ring is also given by the husband to the wife. Toe rings worn by a woman signify that she is married. In many different Indian cultures, the husband puts the toe rings on the second toe of both of the wife’s feet during the wedding ceremony. It is worn as a symbol of the married state by Hindu women.

Very nice folks and another happy ending.