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Lost Ring Found! Greer, SC

  • from Greenville (South Carolina, United States)

Greetings all,

My name is Chad Crowe and I am one of the newest members of The Ring Finders serving the Greenville and Upstate areas in South Carolina. If you have lost a precious item (phone, keys, jewelry, hearing aid, etc.) that you would like recovered please do not hesitate to contact me. During a recent exploration at East Riverside Park in Greer, South Carolina I discovered a wedding band. If this is your ring and you could tell me a little more info about it, I would be happy to return it to the owner at the cost of you being added to the “book of smiles”. I am sure it has more sentimental value than it’s worth value. Every ring has a story, please don’t let this one end with me.

Thanks for reading,

Chad C.


14k wedding Ring Lost and Found at UBCO

  • from Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)

Got a phone call from Nanoose, Harry a professor at UBCO lost his 18k gold wedding band 3 days ago throwing a football at UBCO. I responded right away in Kelowna, and met his secretary who directed me to the area where he lost it. His football partner also came to show me, I worked that area with no luck, then started to grid the location. After 30 minutes of gridding, I found the ring that once again had been stepped on into the ground.   Another Happy Customer.

Lost and found Seiko dive watch in Halliburton Ontario

  • from Cobourg (Ontario, Canada)

Received a text from Ian last week about him having lost his dive watch at the cottage. While swimming, he felt the watch come off his wrist and watched it sink in about 20+ feet of water. Unable to snorkel that deep to find his watch, he asked if I could come and dive and find it for him. Headed out to long lake, near Haliburton with my diving partner Larry. Within minutes, the watch was located and even a pair of sunglasses he had previously lost. Sadly, Ian could not be there during recovery. Another great day and recovery.






Lost and found gold diamond engagement ring at Sandbanks Provincial Park Ontario

  • from Cobourg (Ontario, Canada)

Received a phone call from Anna about having lost her diamond engagement ring while at Sandbanks Provincial Park. Luckily, they were still at the park and we met up within the hour. Anna had secured her ring on her gold chain, not wanting to loose it. She was in the water with friends, playing in the waves with her floaty and figured that is where the ring was lost. Once they returned to their beach chairs, she noticed that her chain clasp was open and her chain was just dangling around her neck with the diamond ring missing. I started gridding the large area before the sandbars would swallow her ring due to high winds and waves. After an hour or so, and in need of a break, I headed back to where they were sitting. She asked if she could try my machine around where they were sitting while I rested. Having put the headset over ears, I started to swing the coil a couple of times to show her how to do so. Right away, she said she could hear a loud signal. Brushed away a bit of sand and she saw the glitter of gold. It was her beautiful diamond ring. Her reaction was priceless as she was so upset about having lost her ring. Another great recovery on a beautiful day at the beach. Life is good.

Lost and found gold wedding band at Oak Lake in Ontario

My travels today took me to beautiful Oak lake near Havelock Ontario. Received a text from Sabrina and Carm about having lost a gold wedding band at the end of a dock, in the water. As Carm was standing in the water at the end of the dock, he removed his gold wedding band to secure it onto his chain because it was loose on his finger. Unfortunately, as he did so, the ring fell in the water. After an hour’s search, while using my hooka system and underwater metal detector, the ring was found. Another great happy ending for the newlyweds and a beautiful day to be in the water.

Lost and found gold diamond wedding band in Cobourg Ontario

Received a text from Amir yesterday about his wife having lost her diamond wedding band while at the beach in Cobourg Ontario. She had taken her ring off to apply sun tan lotion and placed it on their beach blanket. Seeing friends down the beach, they quickly picked up their belongings and relocated. A short while later, she realized that her ring was gone. They all tried to find the ring in the sand but were not successful. Normally, this would be a quick and fairly easy recovery. However, Amir did not find my information/services until a week had gone by since she’d lost her ring. My biggest fear was that there are a lot of metal detectorists that searches this beach every single day and the ring might of been picked up. Still, we had to try. After exchanging information and details via Google Earth, I headed out last evening to find it. Although the beach was still fairly busy with people and after careful gridding for two and a half hour, I was able to locate her ring. Thank god it was still there. Amir has requested not to have their picture posted due to privacy.  Beautiful evening, did not have to get wet Scuba diving and another happy ending. Life is good.


  • from Raleigh (North Carolina, United States)

While metal detecting I found not one but two class rings about 30 feet apart. After getting home, I was able to find the owner to one and the brother to the owner of the other. I was able to get them to agree to mee up with me at the same time and do a “DOUBLE CLASS RING RETURN”. I have never done a double ring return before and it was AWESOME!!!!

I love being able to reunite a lost item back to their original owner who thought they would NEVER see it again!!!

This ring belonged to a girl named Nanda and she lost her ring 6 years ago! She was devastated and heartbroken! Today, in her own words…. “YOU MADE MY LIFE, NOT MY DAY, MY WHOLE LIFE” You just can’t beat this feeling of returning a lost item!



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Lost White Gold Engagement Ring-Found!

  • from Chattanooga (Tennessee, United States)

I received a text from Leslie on Monday afternoon concerning a lost engagement ring.  She had found me with an internet search.  As it was late in the day I told her I could come the next day, becase it was about a two hour drive from where I’m located.  I got to the site at around 11:00 AM Central Time.   The couple had been pulling a boat and pulled off into the parking lot of an old convience store that had been converted into another use.  As they got out to adjust the boat straps, (the ring had been placed in the shallow tray under the door handle), the ring somehow went flying.  They looked on the pavement and didn’t see it, but there was a grass strip between the pavement and a shallow ditch, then more grass just beyond the ditch.  I started my search in the grass strip, then the ditch, then just beyond the ditch.  Being this had been a convience store at one time I expected a lot of metal trash in the ground, and I was right.  She did have a metal detector that had been her grandfather’s, but was overwhelmed by the abundance of metal trash.  I searched slowly and methodically while listening for the white gold tone and looking for the target ID I typically get for white gold rings.  After searching the entire area, no ring.  Of course I found several pieces of foil.  I turned off my CTX detector, and was explaing the process, where I search the most likely area first, then expand the search area if the ring is not found, (a visual scan of the pavement was next).  At that time someone from the building, I’ll call him “Tom”, came out and we explained what we were doing, and that a visual scan of the pavement was next.  He struck out towards the highway, and in around ten seconds I heard him call out, “is this it?”  He had found it around 10-12 feet from the edge of a busy highway!  The ring was intact, but had some minor damage where it looked as though it had been run over and stuck in the tire treads before dropping off just before the highway.  In a visual search, the more eyes the better.  All in all, another successful search!



Lost Ring, Charles Town WV

Hello everyone, my name is Christopher Alexander. I would like to offer my metal detecting services to anyone that has lost a ring, necklace, bracelet, or anything else that may be precious and invaluable to lose. My services include lawn, field and wooded areas. I also can search shallow waters “3.5ft “ just in case you misplaced something, while rafting or tubing down one of the many waterways in the area. My services also include look for possible buried family cache or attempt to find your “possible” property markers. You can contact me by cell at (681) 446-1022 leave a message and I will return your call in a timely manner.

Lost and found white gold wedding band in Haliburton Ontario

Received a text from Steve and Cathie yesterday afternoon about Steve having lost his white gold wedding band while paddle boarding at a lake near Haliburton Ontario. Steve and other family members get together every year at a cottage to enjoy family summer holidays. Unfortunately, while he was paddle boarding, he went to swat at a deer fly on his lower calf when he saw and felt his wedding band slip off his finger. First issue was that they were leaving the following morning as their vacation was over. Second issue, the ring was dropped in about 7 feet of water but with about two feet of silt and branches at the bottom. With the help of my water metal detectors and my Nemo hooka system, I found his ring two hours later and just before dark. Another happy ending.