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Metal detecting for a gold cat ring/Lost in North Vancouver

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: (778) 838-3463

Just the other day I get a call from a lady that was desperate to find her gold ring that was lost while gardening at her daughters place.

When I showed up she showed me the area that the ring was lost in and told me that the ring was gold and shaped like a cat.

She bought the ring in Mexico and it was a one of a kind ring that she loved very much. We walked around the yard and when I saw the area I knew it wouldn’t take long to find the ring.

It only took minutes to search the small garden area on the side of the house and when I didn’t find it she was surprised!

I then searched four bags of yard trimmings that she bagged and it wasn’t in there, I went back to the garden area and expanded my search onto the grass and minutes later I found her golden cat.

The smile shows you that she was very happy that ”The Cat Came Back”!

I love my job!

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Thick Silver Wedding Band lost at Pitt lake…Found

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: (778) 838-3463

I get a call from a young man and he tells me that he lost his wedding band in the Pitt Meadows area in BC.

He goes on to tell me that he lost it where he was fishing and he knew the exact area at Pitt lake where his large silver ring came off his finger.

I agree to meet him and we drove out together to find his ring, when I get there its full of weeds and the water was ankle deep.

I thought it might be difficult to find the area but he was sure he knew where it was, we didn’t have much time as this is a tidal river and the tide was coming in!

He spots the area and I begin to search quickly, it shouldn’t take long as he was sure this was the area, I thought to myself. After 15 minutes and no ring I started to think maybe we were in the wrong spot.

Just then he calls out to me and said maybe its this spot here…The tide was moving in very fast and it was getting close to my knees now so I knew we didn’t have much time.

I started my grid search in the new area and within 5 minutes I received a good loud signal and there was his ring! He was so pleased and I was so happy that we found it before the water was over my head!

Check out his smile…

I love my job!

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Diamond ring lost on soccer field in Surrey BC.

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: (778) 838-3463

This story is about a lady who called me and was very upset about losing her diamond ring that was given to her by her mother.
Every time I get a call for ”Finders” I get excited about the chance of helping find someone’s ring for them.

Some searches are harder then others and you really don’t know how long it will take until you find it or not. This search was going to be a difficult because after talking to her on the phone she told me that the ring could be lost anywhere on two soccer fields.

When I met up with her at the park she walked over to a part of the field where she was watching one of her kids who was playing soccer. She said that she watched the game for a while and half way through that game she walked her other child to another field for a game.

Throughout the day she was back and forth watching both games and some where in that park the ring fell off into the grass, the question now was… where?

I decided to start my search in the area that she took me to first. That proved to be a good starting point as 15 minutes later I found the ring… I think she was as shocked as I was that the ring was found so fast!…The smile tells you the rest!

I love my job!

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Lost my ring at the park…Vancouver

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: (778) 838-3463

He was enjoying a sunny day with a few friends and throwing a Frisbee, then with one flick of the wrist his wedding band goes flying into the long grass.

After searching for hours with his friends they give up and head for a business meeting, on his way out of the beach area they noticed my flyer at the lifeguard stand.

With nothing to lose he gives me a call, I take the info and get the exact location and head out to search for his ring. When I get there I check the location to make sure its the spot, then I begin my grid search.

After 20 minutes of grid searching I get a good signal and I bend down to search the grass and out pops his gold ring. I call and tell him the good news and we set up a time and place to meet to get his ring back to him.

As I was packing up to leave I noticed the parks board shows up and starts to cut the grass… It was very lucky I got there first and found his ring because if they cut the grass before I got there, the lawnmower could of hit the ring and sent it flying.

I love my job!

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Lost my diamond engagement ring at the beach in Vancouver

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: (778) 838-3463

On a nice summers evening I get a call from a young lady who lost her diamond engagement ring at Spanish Banks while relaxing in the water.

She was recently engaged and lived out of town, she was here to spend some time with her family and show off her diamond ring.

The ring didn’t fit perfectly and while she was in the water it slipped off her finger to the sand below. Devastated, she and her parents searched in waste deep water, but there was no chance in finding the ring.

As they were leaving the beach her father thought of telling the lifeguard about the lost ring encase someone might find it at low tide the next day.

This was a good thing as the lifeguard gave them my flyer, I showed up at the beach the next morning at low tide and her and her family were there to greet me.

I listened to her story and where she believed her ring was lost, she based the location to the area where the floating dock was beached.

I started my grid search and after close to 2 1/2 hours I had no ring, I could tell that she was were getting worried. I sat down and talked to her about the location once again and she said I was in the right area as she lined up the lost ring with the floating dock.

Then it hit me, the floating dock had close to a 30 yard chain on it to keep it in place. This changes everything as the high tide location would have been 30 yards further out.

I start my new grid search and after 1 hour I found her beautiful diamond ring. The smile tells you the rest!

I love my job!

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Gold & Emerald Ring lost at Spanish Banks Beach

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: (778) 838-3463

My wife and I are packing to go to the UK when I get a call from a friend of mine who tells me that his sister just lost her gold & emerald ring that was given to her by her grandmother.

He said they were playing in the water and she felt the ring come off her finger and sink to the sand below. Panic set in then the realization that the ring could be lost for good.

As they were searching for the ring in the water my friend remembered that I had a service that could help find it. When I get the call he explains what happen, of course I head out ASAP.

When I showed up they were having a barbeque and my first thought was I better find that ring because that chicken looks really good!

She walks me to the area the ring was lost, the tide had come in and it was around waste deep. The good thing was that they marked the area and the distance out to where the ring was lost.

After 20 minutes of grid searching the area I got good signal and as I lifted my sand scoop I could see her beautiful gold emerald ring.

Everyone was happy and it was nice to help a friend, oh and the chicken was amazing!!!

I love my job!

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Spanish Banks Beach in Vancouver… Men’s Gold wedding band lost but now found.

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: (778) 838-3463

This story begins when I receive a call from a young lady that told me that her husband lost his ring at the beach last year in early spring. They both saw the ring fly of his finger and disappear into the sand.

They searched for hours sifting the sand but couldn’t find the ring, the lady came back the next day and searched for hours with a rented metal detector but no ring…

Feeling like there was no chance, they were going to post on the Craigslist and came across my add in the Lost & Found.

I love my job!

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Thanks for reading my stories.

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They contacted me and gave me the area where the ring was lost.

When I arrived at the beach I contacted her to make sure I was in the exact area, I was and I found the ring in 30 seconds…

Why would it take me only 30 seconds to find the ring and they searched for hours and didn’t find it?

I guess an example would be… I could buy a jet plane, but it doesn’t mean I can fly it. I’ve been metal detecting for many years and I know how operate my equipment and how to find things.

I called and got their address and drove the ring to their place, she was very excited and was going to surprise her husband when he got home from work as he didn’t know his ring was found .

Vancouver, Kits Beach Lifeguard lost his wedding band!

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: (778) 838-3463

Over the years the lifeguards at the Vancouver beaches have been very supportive of my service ”Finders” I have helped two lifeguards in the past 14 years find their lost wedding bands in the ocean at low Tide.

This picture is of a lifeguard who lost his wedding band at Kits Beach while working on a summers day. He lost it at high tide and when I met up with him he gave me the area he believed he lost the ring.

I had to wait a few days for a good low tide and when I started the search of the area it took me close to 3 1/2 hours to locate the ring.

Why so long you say? Well I have to grid search a very large area due to the fact that he put me close to the area but not in the exact area the ring was lost…

I really enjoy helping these people that save lives!

I love my job!

Large white gold wedding band lost in the snow at Cypress Bowl

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: (778) 838-3463

This video is about a young man who was up at Cypress Bowl skiing and when he was returning home his car got stuck in the snow on the side of the road.

He jumped out and started to dig his front tire out of the snow and shortly after realized that his large white gold wedding band was gone. He spent a few hours searching the snow for his ring but gave up as it was dark and cold.

He went back the next day armed with a metal detector and determined to find his ring. Unfortunately the area he lost his ring, by the side of the road was plowed, after hours of searching with the metal detector he gave up.

When he got home he was about to post his lost ring on the craigslist when he saw my add for Ring Finders…
He called me and we met the next day, I found his ring in 5 minutes.

I love my job!

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Lost… Large gold ruby ring at a duck pond in Langley BC

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: (778) 838-3463

He lost his large ruby & diamond ring at a duck pond in Langley, he like most others searched for hours trying to find the ring but the very long weeds and muddy ground made it impossible to find.

It laid hidden for a few weeks until the man came across my flyer at the beach for my Finders company and called me, we met… and the search was on.

It was muddy and the weeds were hard to search through but he knew the area it was lost in and it was just a matter of time, a little over an hour and I found his heavy gold ruby ring.

If you are reading this and you’ve lost something and have a good idea where… Call me and I’d be happy to help find it for you!

I love my job!