David Mac Donald

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a ''Reward Basis''... that means you pay me what its worth to you and what you can afford, for me to come out and find your lost item.

I have a call out fee of $25 for some areas if the ring is not found, this covers my fuel expenses. We can discuss this when you call.

Search Types

Beaches/parks/lakes/private yards

Search Locations

Greater Ventura area including surrounding communities

David Mac Donald's Bio

A PE teacher by day and I am an avid metal detectorist in my free time. I love being able to reunite people with their metallic keepsakes.

David Mac Donald - Recent Blog Post

  • Lost Emerald Pendant Necklace in Somis found! (2018)

    Sunday night I got a call from a great lady named Kirsten who told me she had lost her Emerald and Diamond 18k gold necklace some time in the past few days. She had mentioned that this pendant was incredibly special to her as it was a remembrance of her late husband and son. The […]

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  • Lost Ring Channel Islands Oxnard Found (2018)

    I got a call from a nice young man named Sean Sinclair this afternoon asking if I could come over to his brother’s place to help find their recently passed father’s wedding ring. Around September 2017 their father was helping to complete some renovations on the house which is located on the canals in Channel […]

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  • Lost Wedding Ring Surfers Point Ventura Found (2018)

    I got a call this Sunday afternoon from Bonnie who asked if they could rent a metal detector to find a wedding ring lost in the sand at Surfers point in Ventura. When I explained that she would be better off having me come out to try and locate the ring she agreed and I […]

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  • Lost wedding ring Ventura beach found! (2018)

    I got a frantic phone call last night from a young lady who had lost her wedding ring in the sand at Pierpont Ventura beach. It was getting dark so I threw my headlamp into the truck along with my detector and scoop and raced out to the beach. When I got there I met […]

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  • Lost wedding ring Ventura Pier Found! (2018)

    I got a text this morning from Jason who explained he had lost wedding his ring near the north side of the Ventura Pier on Saturday asking if I could help him find it. Seeing as how school is out for the summer I told him I’d meet him in 30 minutes at the swings […]

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David Mac Donald - Testimonials

  • I wish I had known about Dave Mac Donald and Ringfinders (2017)

    I wish I had known about Dave Mac Donald and Ringfinders months ago. My engagement/wedding rings were lost on the beach just before Thanksgiving. Less than a week later sand was shifted by bulldozers and pipes were laid to begin dredging the harbor. We also have had the worst rain to hit the area in a decade. I tried several times on my own with a friend to go over the area with a metal detector, to no avail. I was feeling really disappointed and crushed that this cherished symbol of love and marriage that I intended to pass down to my granddaughter was lost forever. But I was having a hard time accepting the reality of that fact.

    More than six months later I thought I would make one more desperate attempt and posted an ad. While I was nervous about what kind of person might respond, I was blessed that Dave found my ad and offered to help. I am a firm believer that "God does not close a door without opening a window"'. Dave and his helper came down to the beach, made a huge grid of the area and set off to work. I was uplifted and hopeful that they were also Christians and we prayed for God's help. After they conducted a methodic and thorough search for hours, it was determined that maybe the ring was too deep in the sand and might require more sensitive equipment. Dave acquired the equipment and searched again. He put tremendous effort into finding my ring, but unfortunately, it has not been recovered. Yet. There is a possibility that the ring settled a few feet below where it was lost (which I understand is common), but due to the build up of several feet of sand during this time of year, it may still be hidden there. Dave has assured me that he will keep on the quest as conditions change. I hope it may yet be found. It may be a few months or a year, or maybe never. But I feel as though every effort was made, and will be made, on my behalf. It has lightened the load on my heart a little.

    There are other things in life and family that mean more. I am grateful that God brought Dave to me. He has been a blessing. I hope to hear from him again someday with the news that he has found my ring. But even if that never happens, at least I know we did all that we could. And I have a good man praying for my family and I.

    Thank you,

    Cathie Schmalholz