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Lost wedding ring in Ventura found!

  • from Ventura (California, United States)

I got a call from Karin this afternoon wanting to know if I could help her find her lost wedding ring that she had lost yesterday at a beach next to Marina Park in Ventura. Not only had she lost her wedding band but had only been married for 8 days and now her wedding ring was somewhere in the sand at the beach. She had told me she had marked the area but I never found out how or with what so prior to her getting there I went out looking for an area that looked like someone had left it marked. I found some bird feathers sticking out of the sand and while they had been placed there upon further inspection it looked like about ten groups of people had all decided to stick bird feathers upside down in the sand. After about 8 bottle caps, two or three crusty zinc pennies and some foil I got a nice solid 6 grunt on my Equinox 800 and in the scoop was what could have only been her ring. I put it safely in my pocket and waited for her to come. Sure enough after meeting her and asking a few questions about the ring I reached in my pocket and surprised her with her ring. Needless to say she was extremely happy and her week-old marriage had it’s wedding ring back. If you have lost your ring don’t wait call or text me at 805-290-5009 because the sooner I get out there the better chance we have of getting your ring back.

Lost Gold Coin pendant found at Point Mugu Beach

I got a call from a really upset young man this afternoon as he had lost his gold coin pendant that had been passed down to him by his grandmother. Somehow while he was trying to keep it safe before he went for a swim he inadvertently lost it in the sand. He had spent an hour looking for it before he found me and 45 minutes later I met him in the parking lot and followed him to the sand. After cleaning the area of a bottle cap and foil wrappers I got a solid 12/13 on the Equinox dug my scoop in and I was able to yell “we gotta bingo!” and the gold coin was back home once again. Cory did the right thing and called in a professional to find his jewelry and if you lose your ring or pendant call or text immediately at 805-290-5009 so we can recover your valuables.

Lost gold wedding ring Carpinteria found

Today started out busy as I was almost getting on the freeway to head home from a ring recovery and I got a phone call from Stuart about his lost white gold wedding band that he had lost yesterday in the sand at Rincon Beach in Carpinteria. It was a beautiful sunny day for a birthday party and dad was playing in the sand with the kids digging and moving sand and low and behold he discovered his ring was missing! Stuart found a metal detector and proceeded to try and recover his ring but to the untrained ear a random metal detector sounds like R2D2 so he found me and gave me a call.

We got down to the beach and he showed me the grid he had been working and I began to work outside it to kind of work my way in. I got a great tone but it was deep and it took three scoops to get it out and we had a bingo! Gold ring in the scoop!

Stuart was pretty pumped for sure and was amazed how different my experience with a metal detector than his was. If you’ve lost a ring, pendant or even a buried stash of cash in the yard don’t hesitate to call me at 805-290-5009 so we can get your stuff back!

Lost diamond ring Oxnard shores Hollywood Beach found!

I got an early call for service today from Cayce who had unfortunately lost her beautiful diamond ring somewhere in the sand at Hollywood Beach in Oxnard yesterday while hanging out with her friends. She wasn’t sure exactly where she might have lost it but distinctly remembered a beer can in the area that had been left behind and was still fortunately there. I broke out my Minelab Equinox and my scoop and got to work. A few minutes in and I got a nice tone, dug in the scoop and we got a bingo! Diamond ring in the scoop! Needless to say everyone was happy as this was an heirloom ring that had been in her husbands family for years prior.

If you lose a ring, a pendant or any type of jewelry or buried stash of coins please don’t hesitate to call Dave Mac Donald at 805-290-5009. Time is usually of the essence so call right away.