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From Sesuit Harbor to Corporation Beach Dennis MA Wedding Band Lost, Found and Returned

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

September 25, 2022

Just as I was putting the finishing touches to the previous posting, my phone rang and much to my surprise Sean was on the phone. We talked about last night’s ring return at his wedding reception. Then he dropped the news that he had his ring that had been on his finger just about a day before it slipped off and buried itself into the dry sand. Yes, of course I would be right there, how could I refuse such a bizarre set of circumstances.

How could this repeat? I got to the beach and did not see Sean. Just like the night before no one was there to greet me. I called and sure enough Sean had not yet arrived but did so in another minute. Then a short walk to two circles in the sand. The smaller one was Sean’s best bet but said it may be out as far as the second circle. On my second pass there was on iffy signal but was too deep. Continuing onto my third pass, there it was the wonderful sound in my ears of a ring. One scoop and a few shakes to rid the scoop of excess sand and I saw the glitter of a ring.

Sean, with doubt, looked into the scoop and retrieved the ring. After a bit of being unsure it was his as it was still covered with sand. Then when all the sand fell away and the Celtic Knots glittered in the flashlight’s beam the smile came. I wish I had my camera ready at that moment, but I did not so the picture of the smile will have to live in my memory, something I cannot share, sorry.

A brisk walk back to the parking lot a few pictures and Sean with his ring was off to his mother’s home and his new bride whom I am sure will have an equally wonderful smile tonight. What a story, what a beautiful, dark star lit sky, soft gentle breeze and swish of the incoming tide and another Happy Ending. I am sure that both Sean and I will remember the night for many years. I am also sure we both went home to our bride, and before going off to dream land we would reconcile any of the day’s tense feelings with our wife, say an “I Love You” and give a good night kiss. Bless.

Ring Returned on Harwich Cape Cod, MA Beach

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

A year had passed since wedding vows were exchanged on a small footbridge and today another emotional moment took place just over the same footbridge, a cherished wedding band was “lost” in the sand. A very stressful hour passed with many hands helping in the search the sand for the ring. A few calls had been made one to the police, one to the beach superintendent two to my wife, Jane, who finally got in touch with me. I had been out detecting and was on my way home. That segment of the trip would have to wait, I was now on my way south, not west to my home. At this point I was unsure just which beach I needed to end up at. Jane relayed messages between Catherine the beach’s gate attendant, Sarah, and me. I arrived at the beach with a big sign telling me were to find Sarah, thanks to Catherine’s foresight as the beach was about to close for the evening.

Sarah had removed her rings to apply sunscreen lotion, putting the rings safely in her pants pocket. Lotion applied, it was the removal and folding of her pants when her engagement ring fell from the pocket into a beach bag, The wedding band did not follow the engagement ring, but rather fell on the sand and disappeared from sight. As it usually happens, many of the beachgoers helped search the sandy area to no avail. The ring would not see the fading sunlight until my third signal when I recovered it. I left the ring in my scoop so Sarah could remove the ring and place it back on her finger.

Several hugs, congratulations, cheers from near-by beach goers filled everyone’s face with a smile. Catherine even showed up as the many Thank Yous continued and the usual picture taking and answering of questions followed. It was time to leave the beach and as we did a nice chat was had between three of us, Sarah, Josh her husband, and myself. It was difficult for me to tell just who had the biggest smile. It really did not matter, the “lost ring” had been found and returned. A beautiful ending to a beautiful day on Cape Cod.

Metal Detecting Service Finds Lost Gold Wedding Ring in Columbia, Maryland

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Adam’s handsome 14 karat yellow and white gold wedding band shining brightly once again after metal detectorist Brian Rudolph recovers the precious keepsake.

Adam and wife Mikaela pose for a photo capturing the exciting moment when member of THE RING FINDERS, Brian Rudolph, surprises the couple with the amazing “symbol of love”!

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Cliffs, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

Adam and Mikaela volunteered to help with a landscaping project at their friend’s house in Columbia, Maryland. Adam gave his ring to his wife for safe keeping while he worked in the flower beds and built a retaining wall. Mikaela carefully placed her husband’s size 13 yellow and white gold wedding band in her shirt pocket. Once they got home that evening, Mikaela reached into her pocket so that she could give Adam his ring back. Unfortunately, it was nowhere to be found. The couple realized that the ring must have fallen out either at their friend’s house somewhere in the front of the house, backyard, or even perhaps it was lost in the vehicle somewhere while Mikaela was leaning over.

Over the next two and a half weeks the couple searched for several hours hoping to find the sentimental keepsake. Even some neighbors volunteered their time metal detecting the yard and flower beds but no ring was ever discovered. Finally, Adam and Mikaela went online and found THE RING FINDERS, the elite metal detectorist directory that specializes in finding lost rings and other lost items. After getting all of the details from the couple, we scheduled to meet out at their friend’s house the following day.

When I arrived at the search site, Mikaela showed me around the property. I got all of the additional information needed to conduct the search and then immediately got my gear out to begin the recovery process.

I made sure that I was thorough with my “investigation of the lost wedding band”. I searched all of the grass where Mikaela had walked, which included: the front lawn, the side lawn areas, most of the backyard, the garage and finally the long flowerbed in the front of the house.

After a couple of hours had passed, Adam and Mikaela left to go back home approximately 45 minutes away. By that point I had scanned almost all of the grassy areas. I never gave up. Finally, as nightfall came upon me, I put my headlamp on and started detecting the flower bed (which would be the last place left for me to search). Though there were so many metallic obstacles in that area of the property, I finally got a promising target located towards the very end of the long strip of well arranged mulch and beautiful plant life. It was situated in the middle of that stretch of the flower bed section and buried approximately 6 inches beneath the earth. I even had to cut through the fabric that was laid down on top of the initial dirt in order to penetrate farther below the ground.

Once I had finally reached the depth necessary to retrieve the mystery object, I grabbed a handful of dirt in that region and brought it closer in front of me. It was at that moment that I couldn’t believe my eyes! At the very last minute of my long 3 plus hour search, I finally recovered the massive white and yellow gold wedding band that had once been placed on Adam’s finger on the couple’s wedding day several years earlier! I could not have been any happier for Adam and Mikaela! I never gave up and I kept eliminating section by section until I finally struck gold!

Although it was very late at night by the time I had recovered the very handsome “symbol of love”, I excitedly drove all of the way to the couple’s house and gave Adam and Mikaela the biggest surprise of their life! Yes indeed, it was a big “ring size 13” surprise which those two lovebirds will now never forget!


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Lost Cell Phone Returned to Owner at Bayview Beach, Dennis, MA

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

August 20, 2022
I was called to find a bracelet but as I was searching, I was asked “Had I found the phone? What? No, I was looking for a bracelet. I saw disappointment in the inquisitive face. I could not let it go, I said where was it lost and was it waterproof? Here and yes, it was waterproof. OK, I will search for both.

After about two hours of searching and finding only two beer bottle twist off caps and two pull tabs I was beginning to think there may be something wrong with my detector. No, it was just that the beach was heavily detected, and all good targets had been removed. Then my ears began to ring with a sound like I had just swung the detector’s coil over a large beer can. But I had to scoop carefully just in case it was a precious object. Yes, it was the yellow phone. Mike came over to me and in disbelief said: “It is still working!”

A couple of quick Thank Yous and he was off toward the shoreline. I continued to search for the Bracelet. A few minutes later Mike and his niece Pina came back into the water and thanked me again.
I had no means of taking any information so I asked if they would please text me with the information I needed for this blog. It is so wonderful that I get to see many smiling faces and hear cheers form the beach goers when I get to return a precious item and in this case an item filled with many photo memories, ones that could not be replaced.

Unfortunately, I have not yet found the bracelet that I had initially been called to help find. I had stayed well after dark on Saturday and returned Sunday morning for another two-hour search. I will return mid-week and expand the area of search. It is not time to give up hope, there are other detectorists I will keep in touch with as one might just find the bracelet before I do. Until then I will keep Pina’s smile in my phone and perhaps it will bring a bit of good luck for me to locate the bracelet.

Mike: thanks for not giving up on your family’s and your searching efforts. Had you left without giving me your contact information, I may not have been able to unlock the phone and retrieve information that would have led to Pina. And I would not have a wonderful smile to remind me of her hope to have her phone returned.

Lost Ring: Lighthouse Beach in Chatham – Cape Cod, MA Found and returned!

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

August 9, 2022
Seals, sharks and sand were all in their place, but Connor’s new wedding band was not. It had slipped from his ring finger as he rinsed off his hands in the waters of Lighthouse Beach. He and his wife reached out to Luke, another RingFinder, for help in recovering his ring. Luke was unable to leave work, so he called me to help in finding Connor’s ring. I made arrangements with Connor to meet up just before low tide to search for the ring. I had planned to detect a few freshwater beaches as many of the local saltwater beaches were closed to swimming due to the presence of Portuguese Man of War jellyfish. Leighton, who is also a RingFinder, would also join in on the search. It is great working as a team, it also helps in the probability of finding the lost treasure.

The four of us met up for the walk to the area where Connor had spent many previous visits over the past several years. Christina was to stand at the edge of the water where Connor had rinsed his hands. Connor stood high on the sand where he had had been sitting. The area between the newlyweds set up an area for the search as the exact moment of loss was not known. Leighton and I now started the search. First the sand and slope would be searched. Then the water would be last as sharks were known to prowl the area. That is why we saved it for last and would be very aware of anything lurking in the water.

Gridding the dry and wet sand only had one hidden pull tab that was found. We headed onto the steep slope and into the water where the sharks have been seen and the ring was most likely waiting to be found. My first target was the head of a metal fishing lure, all that had not rusted away. The second was the ring. It was looking very shiny and in perfect condition. I left it in the scoop and headed up the beach’s slope to the area Connor and his wife were standing. What a joyful reunion it was seeing the ring replaced onto Connor’s ring finger.

It was now time for the half mile walk back to the parking lot. After the exchange of a few more Thank Yous, other information and picture taking before it was off to dinner and another night of celebration for Connor and Christina. The honeymoon was back on.

Craigville Beach, Cape Cod, MA Lost Ring Found and Returned

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

July 27th, 2022

After a four-hour search for a lost ring, we returned to Leighton’s truck. We listened to a voice message about a lost wedding band. As the loss was on the opposite tide side of Cape Cod, we were on our way, hoping for a better search result; it was not yet time to call it a day. Leighton and I have teamed up for a few reasons: 1) companionship while traveling, 2) it increases the chances to find a lost item, and 3) we can cover twice the area in the time it would take one of us to search it alone.

We met up with Doug. After some fancy parking and a short synopsis of the previous day’s happening Doug led us to the area where he had lost his wedding band while teaching his 3-year-old daughter the thrill of the summertime beach. Feelings of a great beach day got a bit more intense when Doug lost his balance and braced himself with his left hand on the sandy bottom of Nantucket Sound. His daughter stayed high and dry, more than Doug could say about his wedding band. It had slipped from his ring finger and was to stay submerged for a day.

Several searchers using snorkels and goggles were unsuccessful in locating the ring just after it was “lost”. As usual our searching started with a grid search around the area Doug was standing at when he felt the ring slip from his finger. A crisscross search failed in locating the hiding ring. About 40 minutes into the search, I started a diagonal search pattern going well beyond the center of our previous search area. I am glad, as is Doug, that I went some 35 feet closer to the shoreline where I heard an all too familiar tone in my ears. About 10 inches down into the moving sand the wayward ring was in my scoop. It stayed there until Doug came to look into the scoop and identify the ring. Yes, it was his.

After a walk and talk going back to the parking lot, a few pictures, and many Thank You gestures from Doug he was on his way home. Wearing his wedding band and a smile from ear to ear he was anxious to get home and tell his wife the ring had been found and returned to his finger. I may be wrong but I think I heard Doug mention something about letting his wife wait a bit longer for the news so he could show and tell about the find in person.

Leighton and I both felt much better than about 2 hours before. Earlier we had not given up on searching for the other ring we were searching for. We just needed to rethink our search technique, change our detectors and their coil size and return another day to continue the search…We Never Give Up Hope!

As printed in The Cape Cod Chronicle July 7, 2022

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

Finders Come Through

While recently swimming with his brothers at Harding’s Beach, our grandson Colin, found that the cross given to him by his parents for Confirmation in 2019 was no longer attached to his neck chain. It has a very special meaning for Colin, and he was devastated when he lost it. The family searched along the shore for the cross to no avail. Colin’s grandmother, my wife Mary, would not be deterred, and after obtaining the contact number for a metal-detector service who had left a business card at the parking shack, contacted the Ring Finders, an organization of individuals who are dedicated in providing their services, their slogan being “We never give up.” We thank two dedicated guys, Rick Browne and Leighton Harrington, for their efforts, which resulted in the recovery of the cross in two feet of water three days after it was lost. TheRingFinders.com is the website of the world-wide organization for anyone in need of their services.

Dave Devine
West Chatham

Cedar Creek Lake – Platinum and Diamond Ring Missing

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

Well, this was our 2nd attempt to find this $5,400 Platinum Ring with Diamonds. The owner had called and explained that the motor on his small 12-foot boat quit on him just 2 docks from his home.  His boat was still slowly moving in the water while he attempted to restart the engine and after several hard pulls on the start cord (with no luck) his anger increased. He jerked the starting cord one last time and as he did he felt his ring fly off into the water. He felt he knew exactly where the ring went down but after an exhaustive water search with both our Garrett ATPro and our Excalibur II in the deeper water area(s) we cleared every signal with no luck.  We scanned every area 4 to 5 times.

The only thing we can say is that possibly we were in the wrong location(?). With the boat moving and the anger seeping in along with the strength of the last jerk on the cord, that ring could be anywhere in a 50ft by 300ft area in black water.

I believe when we go back, and we will go back, we will extensively widen out our search area… it’s got to be there…we will find it.

We do not always win but we will give our all to every search.

Don & Ellen

Dallas Ring Finders

Prepper Father-n- Law Dies leaving hundreds of Buried Silver Coins

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

We got a call early this morning from a gentleman who said that his father-in-law passed away recently.  His father-in-law was a serious Prepper, he was heavily fortified and heavily stocked in every area of life.  He said 6 or 7 years ago he had shown he and his wife a Google Earth photo showing where he had buried Multiple Boxes of 500 coins each and many packages of 100 silver coins in plastic ammo containers.

He and his family had spent 8-10 hours digging in the known places and discovered many boxes of silver everything from 6 inches to 36 inches in depth.  They were exhausted and needed help.  They rented a metal detector but it did not work well for them so they went searching and found the Dallas Ring Finders.

Ellen and I drove out as soon as we got the call. It was 161 miles one way to reach the location.  We reached the home, met the family and were shown around the property and shown the 4 potential locations of the Silver coins.  Just want to say it was 103 degrees today.  We went to work with our Garrett ATPro metal detectors and Pinpointers.

The ground was really just pure sand, very easy to dig.  We were able to scan the boxes of Silver that they had found the day before to get our search signals and searched for 3 hours, digging dozens of holes.  The challenge was there was so much metal debris all over the search areas…   (NOTE:  history tells us that people who buried things sometimes scatter scrap metal all over their buried items to discourage metal detectorists from digging).

I am not going to disclose what we found but we may be returning for further digging and possibly bring a small backhoe to take off the top 2-3 feet of soil to make it a little easier to detect.

Suggestion, if you or someone in your family buries things on their property, please, please, please make a map or show someone where your items are so that everything can be recovered when you’re gone.

Awesome day helping a family who was completely overwhelmed.

Don & Ellen

Dallas Ring Finders

Dallas, Tx – the Aggie Ring Disappears

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

Rec’d a call from Mr. Garcia requesting our services to hunt for a most valuable possession…his Texas Aggie ring. (Anyone from Texas knows how much those rings mean to their owners!)   Mr. Garcia had been moving out of his current residence to move to another city so locating this ring was imperative to say the least. He picked up a broken pair of sunglasses and threw them sidearm across the yard, when he did he saw his beloved Aggie Ring go flying.  He had spent Friday evening (3 hrs), Saturday afternoon (2 hrs) and again Sunday, another 3 hrs but that important ring was no where to be found! We arrived with our Garrett metal detectors, Pinpointers and a can-do attitude and stayed in the Texas heat to help as best we could.  We detected grass, huge bushes and even areas where we felt it might have gotten kicked or raked over to, but, nada, nothing, it was still lost.  Mr. Garcia had no doubt whatsoever where he saw it bounce across his yard and knew it absolutely HAD to be there, somewhere. We decided to re-search the areas beneath the huge bushes, on hands and knees with only our Pinpointers and low and behold….found it!!!  Amazingly enough it was found under the roots of one of the largest bushes.  How it traveled to where it was found is beyond imagination but…when one method doesn’t work determination proves there’s always another.