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Lost Diamond and Sapphire Wedding Band…Found on Ocean City, Maryland Parking Lot

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Katie’s Beautiful Wedding Band Found in the Middle of the Ocean City, Maryland USPS Parking Lot!

Katie Beaming with Happiness as the Young Bride Displays the Once “Missing in Action” Platinum Diamond and Blue Sapphire Wedding Band!


Rings that end up lost after an argument or fight between couples are not uncommon scenarios. As a professional ring finder, I experience these situations quite often. Just as I was getting in the car from a very early morning successful search and recovery of a lost men’s platinum wedding band in Vienna, Virginia, I received a call from a young lady named Katie who was distraught about the loss of her platinum wedding band made with baguette diamonds and round blue sapphires. She was calling me near the beach in Ocean City, Maryland.

The first question that I generally ask my clients is this: Was there any stress experienced between you and someone else that may have been the cause for losing the ring? I follow it up with: Was it thrown due to anger and anxiety? I like to ask these questions up front because this way I can get to the heart of the story, and I don’t put my clients in the position of possibly being tempted to be dishonest with me because of feeling embarrassed by what ensued prior to the request for help. 100% of the time when there is a “ring throw” involved, my clients feel so much better that I ask these questions up front because then they realize that they are not alone and that this is more common than they previously thought. Because I addressed these questions with Katie, she felt very comfortable to come clean with the truth and she in turn shared that her missing wedding band was a result of a ring throw.

Here is what happened the night before I received Katie’s cry for help. Katie and her husband Chris took a weekend trip to Ocean City, Maryland to celebrate their anniversary. On the second night of fun, they left their hotel and walked a few blocks down Route 1 (Coastal Hwy) to dine and party the night away. Some time after midnight, the two began walking back to their hotel from the very popular Ocean City bar and restaurant called The Big Pecker. During their short stroll towards the hotel, the couple ended up in an argument which got pretty heated. The initial celebration over there blissful years of marriage ended up in a distressful argument which got carried over to a post office parking lot (very close to The Big Pecker).

At some point, just like many other instances that I could share with my readers, Katie took off her rings and in anger she threw them at Chris who was standing about 25 feet away from his wife. Like I said, this type of situation is not unusual and all of us ring finders who are on the elite metal detectorist directory called THE RING FINDERS have all experienced searching for rings that were lost as a result of a fight or heated argument. Even some of my readers can personally identify with this exact scenario that these two were dealing with.

Luckily, Chris was able to find the diamond engagement ring after the couple set aside their differences to begin searching for the rings. For over two hours Kristie and Chris looked with desperation for the wedding band. However, by four in the morning, it still remained missing in action! At some point they finally gave up and returned back to their hotel room.

A few hours later, Katie woke up and returned to the dreaded parking lot where the rings were lost and she continued her search for her beloved platinum wedding band with baguette diamonds and blue sapphires. After another hour or so of scouring the concrete and sections of grass that separated the parking lot, Katie looked online to get some help and that’s when she found the elite international metal detectorist directory called THE RING FINDERS. She then did a location search and found that I, Brian Rudolph, provides metal detecting services in Ocean City, Maryland. It was at that point that she got on the phone and called me for help.

As I drove the three hours to the East Coast shoreline, I was extremely excited to help Katie in recovering this lost ring that meant so very much to her. Every precious keepsake has a story and every happy story should never have an ending. I wanted to bring a smile back to the young lady’s face and to her beloved husband Chris, as well. I didn’t mind the long travel to the beach because I was on a mission to restore some happiness for the couple. I believe I arrived at the United States Postal Service parking lot on Coastal Highway in Ocean City, Maryland just a little bit before noon time.

Katie was waiting for me and after we introduced ourselves to one another, we immediately got to work with reviewing the area where she was standing when she threw the two rings. She took me over to the far right corner of the front side of the post office building. She faced the parking lot on a particular angle and then she used her right hand to demonstrate how she threw the rings into the lot towards Chris. I asked her questions such as: 1. How fast do you think you threw the rings? 2. How much did you have to drink prior to reaching that spot where you ended up arguing? 3. How much do you remember of the account that took place? 4. I asked her where Chris ended up finding the engagement ring so I could determine the particular angle as to where the other ring may have ended up. 5. I also inquired about how much traffic was coming into the parking lot earlier that morning (just in case a tire could have picked up the wedding band and carried it off from the parking lot onto Coastal Highway). She said there were only a few cars here and there that were coming in to drop off mail that Sunday morning. Once I finished with all of the fact-finding, I returned to my vehicle where I retrieved my metal detector and other gear to help me with this search.

My first goal was to examine the concrete and see if I could visually spot the missing band. With rings that look silver in color, it is quite difficult to eyeball a platinum or white gold band due to how it blends in with most concrete parking lots and streets. You have to carefully look and then focus in again just to make sure that you didn’t miss anything. I wanted to secure most of the parking lot area just in case a car might run over it or carry it down the street if it had not already been taken away. The piece of jewelry was certainly vulnerable to moving vehicles if it wasn’t hidden in the grass. I did not swing the detector over those areas at the time, but I did carefully look over the concrete just to see if I could possibly locate the ring lying on the cement. Unfortunately, I came away with no positive results. I did in fact find a penny that Katie and I both missed seeing it at first after we were looking in the same area at two separate time periods. I used it as a sign of encouragement to her with the fact that your eyes can play tricks on you. Therefore, we cannot trust what we are initially seeing and we needed to keep looking over and over again even if we came up empty handed at first.

During the first hour, I metal detected a strip of grass that was like a divider between one part of the parking lot and the other section of the property. I wanted to make sure that the wedding band did not bounce off of the concrete and ended up in that section of grass that separated the lot. There was quite a bit of metal to study as my detector kept beeping here, there and just about everywhere! After a good 25 minutes or so, I concluded that the ring did not end up in that small section where there was some grass, weeds, and bushes.

Next, I searched a grassy section with a few bushes that were located to the right of where Katie threw the rings (if one is facing the building). This area was situated between the right side of the parking lot and to the left of the adjacent property next to the Postal Service building. My thought was that it was possible that the ring could have ricocheted off of the concrete and bounced over to the grassy section off to the side of the lot. I have found rings that ended up behind where the client threw the ring(s), as well as landing dramatically to the left or to the right of where the client was standing. Therefore, I don’t discount any possibilities when it comes to searching for missing rings!

I may have spent over an hour on that far right side of the post office building searching for the missing keepsake. At some point, Katie left to go get some lunch and offered me something to eat and drink. I took her up on the drink and while she was gone I kept searching that whole area next to the edge of the concrete parking lot. Sadly, I was not able to locate the ring anywhere in that vicinity. When Katie returned, I gave her an update as to all of the places where I had detected prior to her leaving.

Earlier on, one could see Katie’s hopeful spirit shine through her being and she was extremely positive and encouraged about the possibility of finding the ring. However, as time marched on, I could tell that Katie began to get concerned and full of doubt that she would ever see her beloved wedding band again. I encouraged the young bride over and over again that we were not going to give up and that we would keep looking until we covered every square inch of that property! I also told her that it sometimes takes hours upon hours to find a missing item and that we still had plenty of real estate to search and re-search.

About two and half hours into my detecting time, I was just about to wrap up the last section of the right side of the parking lot where the ring could have fallen under a bush or a small tree. There were so many little pieces of garbage that I needed to remove first before I could make certain that the ring was not being masked by miscellaneous metal. It was at that point that Katie asked me what she could do to help in the search efforts. I specifically encouraged her to keep looking with me and to return to the middle of the parking lot where we were visually searching (not with a detector) earlier that afternoon. Again, I told her that the mind and the eyes sometimes don’t work in tandem with each other and it was quite possible that the ring just wasn’t spotted by either one of us when we looked over the parking lot initially. I also mentioned that my next strategy would be for me to use my 15 inch coil at the end of my detector and grid search every inch of that middle section of the parking lot. I wanted to make certain that we did not miss searching any of that concrete.

Before I would start that next phase mentioned above, I wanted to first finish my detecting along the edge of the concrete before laying down the grid lines in the middle of the lot. Again, I encouraged Katie to keep scanning with her eyes all along the center area of the parking lot. She respectfully agreed, but I could tell she had a lot of doubt that a “re-look” was not going to do any good since we both had already covered that section with our two sets of eyes. I remember saying to her, “Katie, we have prayed together and all kinds of miracles have taken place during my searches. You can walk right over there and look straight down and God can allow your eyes to adjust and focus in on the very spot where the ring has been lying the entire time – just like the penny we found earlier!” She smiled and thanked me for the testimonials and encouragement that I was giving her regarding not giving up and to start searching visually again in the middle of the parking lot.

No more than a couple of minutes after Katie walked over to the middle of the parking lot did I hear her scream and yell over to me, “Brian, Brian, you’re never going to believe it!” I turned my head over towards Katie and she pointed down at something that was resting on the parking lot pavement! Her face lit up like a Christmas tree and I immediately rushed over to see if she in fact had found her precious keepsake! I just knew it had to be the ring! Sure enough, as I looked down towards Katie’s feet, my eyes beheld the most beautiful platinum ring full of diamonds and blue sapphires! Katie did exactly what I encouraged her to do when she discovered the band! The moment that her eyes literally pointed straight down to the concrete, it was if the ring had magically appeared out of thin air! She couldn’t believe it! The very miracle that we prayed for and that I encouraged her to hope for literally, translated into a true reality of amazement for both of us! We both were just blown away by what Katie had just discovered! She thanked me over and over again for encouraging her to not give up and to refocus and trust my words. We also thanked God above for guiding Katie to the very spot where the ring was found! The stunned young lady repeated to me what I had shared with her earlier regarding how the mind and eyes have to be in one accord in order for one to visually spot the missing item! Katie excitedly said, “It really is true! You were right about what you explained to me! Thank you Brian! Thank you so much!” Even as Katie picked up the ring, she was still in disbelief! I was so happy to witness the moment that the wedding band was safely slipped back onto Katie’s finger, as well as viewing the precious tears of joy that ran down both of her cheeks!

It turned out that cars had been driving over the ring all morning long as they were coming in to drop off mail and those that parked in order to pick up P.O. Box deliveries! Miraculously, no car tires touched the beautiful keepsake! There was no damage on the piece of jewelry and Katie was completely dumbfounded by the fact that neither she, Chris or myself did not see the ring the whole time! Though I was confident that we would have eventually found the band with the metal detector shortly after completing the area that I had been working on, I was humbly reminded by this search and recovery example that I should have started with metal detecting over the concrete parking lot before doing a visual search! I could have saved myself plenty of time by simply grid searching the lot first before going to the other areas that I examined following the visual scan. That recovery project became a very important learning experience for me in dealing with similar searches in the months ahead.

Katie was so overjoyed that she gave me a holy hug and thanked me profusely! Soon, she would share the great news with Chris who had been packing up their things back at the hotel! The relieved young lady was finally reunited with the piece of precious metal and stones that were once placed on her finger on that very special day when she and Chris finally “tied the knot”! When the love of Katie’s life arrived at the parking lot, the couple was reunited in spirit and joy as the nightmare was finally over for the two of them! Happiness and peace was restored to the couple and one could easily see the love that was emitted from their countenances!

I was so happy to be a part of this search and recovery effort and Katie wholeheartedly believed that had I not traveled the three hours to the beach to help with the search, she felt that she and Chris would have left Ocean City without the ring. We all gave thanks to the Lord when Chris arrived and the three of us gave glory to the One who led Katie to the very spot where the ring was recovered!

I love the stories that I end up being a part of and I am so proud to be a member of THE RING FINDERS! Every member of this very special international metal detectorist directory love helping countless people become reunited with their lost treasures! It means so very much to those whom we serve every day! Just like with Katie’s platinum wedding band, her world turned wonderful again by having her jewel back on her finger and having Chris’ hand back within her own grasp once again!


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Ring Finder Searches for Lost Gold Tantalum Wedding Ring…Found in Arlington, Virginia

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Chris’ 14 Karat Yellow Gold and Tantalum Inlay Wedding Band Found After Hours Lost in the Arlington, Virginia Backyard!

Linda and Chris’ Smiles Illuminate the Darkness as the Couple Display Chris’ Handsome Gold and Tantalum Wedding Band!


While I was in the middle of a search for a lost ring in Washington DC, I received a phone call from a couple who lived in Arlington, Virginia. They wondered if I had any time to come out to their property to search for a missing wedding band. Chris and Linda had only been married for a year and two months when Chris’ 14 karat yellow gold wedding band with tantalum inlay disappeared somewhere on their property earlier that day.

The couple shared with me that Chris knew that the ring was on his finger while they were hosting a get-together in the backyard with some friends of theirs. Apparently, the band had slipped off of his finger once before that same afternoon, but he realized that he was about to lose the precious band and quickly returned it to his finger for safekeeping – at least that is what he thought was best to do. Not thinking that the ring was going to go “missing in action” hours later, while Chris was taking a plate over to one of his guests, he pulled his hand out of his jacket pocket and realized that his ring was no longer on his finger. He checked the jacket thoroughly but it was not to be found. During the rest of the afternoon into the evening hours, everyone scoured the grass on their hands and knees as well as used their smartphone’s flashlights to investigate the property, hoping to find Chris’s most sentimental keepsake. Unfortunately, Chris, Linda and the rest of the gang had no luck in recovering the ring.

Instead of renting a metal detector, Linda discovered the elite international directory of metal detectorists called THE RING FINDERS. She was googling how to rent a metal detector and the THE RING FINDER’S website page popped up on the screen. She figured that she would allow a professional to help the two of them find the ring rather than attempt to conduct the search themselves. It was at that stage when I received their call for help and I was more than excited to schedule a visit later that evening.

Sometime before 9 p.m., I arrived at the couple’s Arlington, Virginia house where I was first greeted by Chris and Linda out by the sidewalk. Immediately, I bonded with the two of them just by how sweet and personable the two of them were. Once I got my gear together, they shared a recap of how the ring disappeared and where they believed it had slipped off of Chris’s finger earlier that day. The three of us took a walk to the backyard and the couple showed me where they were hosting their friends for the majority of the time. Linda purposefully left all of the furniture exactly where it was when their friends were hanging out with them just so that they could give me an accurate account as to where everyone was eating and fellowshipping.

Once I got all of the facts together, I started up my metal detector, paired up the headphones and got busy with the search. The yard was medium in size, so it wouldn’t take that many hours to detect the entire backyard if necessary. Though Chris indicated that he did go over to the fence at some point (which was maybe 30 feet from where they were hanging out with their friends), I thought it was best to first check the area of the grass where there was more foot traffic. If I didn’t find the wedding band in that general location, I would then stretch my search farther away from that epicenter.

Within approximately two minutes of starting the search, I picked up a very promising target signal that sounded exactly what I was looking for. When I looked at the detector screen, it indicated the number range that was definitely a sequence that I was hoping to pick up in my detecting headphones. I knelt down to investigate the object in question and just as I placed my pinpointer (a handheld detector) over the section where the detector picked up the metal to isolate the exact location of the item, I immediately identified the metallic target as the 14 karat yellow gold ring with tantalum inlay wrapped around it! I did in fact find the lost wedding band! It certainly was a very handsome ring that was about to be reunited with its rightful owner! I could not have been happier for Chris and Linda as this ring meant so very much to the two of them! Minutes after my discovery, upon the reveal of the ring found, two new smiles were formed on the faces of both Chris and Linda! The couple was beyond excited and very much relieved of their stress and regrets! Before I said goodnight, the three of us celebrated my successful search and recovery of Chris’s gold tantalum wedding band right there in the same spot where he sadly lost it just hours earlier that day!


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Engagement ring found underwater, Jack’s Waterfront Bar, Morehead City, NC

  • from Fairfax (Virginia, United States)

I am expert metal detectorist with the knowledge, skill, and experience to recover your lost items on land and underwater. Please text or call as soon as possible: (703)-598-1435

September 27th: Recovered an engagement ring lost in 20 feet of water.

Jack’s Waterfront Bar in Morehead City has a deck built over the water with a beautiful view. It was a great location for Ashley and Jon to become engaged with a gathering of family and friends. Jon had a ring specially made to match the wedding band which belonged to Ashley’s mother. They were posing for photographs on that Friday evening the one of a kind ring was dropped.  It rolled between the boards and into the water! They hired a local salvage diver who searched with a metal detector, but he could not find the ring.

Jacks Waterfront Bar, Morehead City, NC

Google Map: Dot showing location of search in Morehead City

Enter the heroine of our story–Megan, a good friend of the couple, contacted the creator of The Ring Finders, Chris Turner. Chris put her in touch with the very successful Ring Finder in our region, Brian Rudolph. Brian is incredible at researching all the information needed for a big job like this. He even spoke with the salvage diver to get the details on the environmental conditions.  Unfortunately Brian was unable to make the trip, so he referred Ashley and Jon to me. Brian contacted me and gave me the information he had about the conditions.  I got a text from Ashley and we discussed the possibility of a search. As luck would have it, we were planning to leave the very next day for a family vacation to Nag’s Head, NC.  Since we would be in NC, a twelve hour round trip would be cut in half.

My son Matthew gave up his first day of vacation to join me as my safety diver. We shared the driving and enjoyed the time together. Arriving at the site early Monday afternoon, we met Ashley, Jon, his dad Trevor, and Uncle Sonny. They showed us where the ring dropped, and then took a boat across to Sugarloaf Island to wait with their three large dogs. The floating dock in front of the bar became my gear staging location and made entering and exiting the water easier.

In the water

Search Area








Using Brian’s excellent information about the diving and bottom conditions, I had all the equipment needed for the search. The water was 75 degrees, it was high tide, and visibility was about four feet. I was well into my preliminary search with a pin-pointer detector, when just at the edge of my view, something large swam past. As it passed by in the murky water, I saw the tail and realized it was big sting ray. The graceful visitor certainly made me a little more aware of my surroundings…

The area under the bar’s dock had the usual discarded building materials mixed with shells, silt and other trash. Because the ring might be masked by other metal, I needed to carefully check all signals. I found screws, bits of aluminum, and coins. After about an hour I surfaced to change tanks and warm-up. While on the dock, a fisherman was getting ready to drop bait. After my encounter with the large ray, I didn’t hesitate to ask him to move farther down the waterfront. Thankfully he did.  While on my second dive, I heard a lot of boat traffic noises as fishing charters returned from their offshore trips. Matthew had been following my search from above and suggested I concentrate a little farther west from our weighted drop line. I took his advice, and that is where I found Ashley’s ring. I surfaced and shouted with joy! It must have been pretty loud because the family heard me from the island and headed our way.


Returning to the Dock




Back in Hand



This Says it All









While we were enjoying the elation of the find, Trevor mentioned it was good I was out of the water because of sharks. Matthew and I looked over at the nearby dock as fishermen where cleaning their catch and dumping the remains into the water. While we were driving back to Nags Head, Megan called to congratulate us on a successful recovery.

Matthew Jon Ashley and Rob

There were some things about this recovery that were serendipitous. First, Megan called Chris Turner, creator of The Ring Finders directory. Second, we were leaving for NC the day after Ashley called. Next, Brian’s details were spot on, and fourth the weather was beautiful. Fortunately, there was a floating dock (not shown on the satellite photo) and was a slack high tide. My son was available to be my safety diver, drive, and help with the heavy gear. Finally, my skills, experience, and equipment were crucial to locating the ring.


Several weeks later, Matthew sent me some pictures of large bull sharks caught at the same location of our search. Mentally, I know I’m not on the shark’s menu, but it was a lot easier to be brave before seeing those photographs!!

From Aug 2018 Topsail Online Gazette. About 9 feet long…that is Jack’s Bar in the Background!















Don’t give up. Many of my clients have bought, borrowed, or rented a metal detector and then called me. I have thousands of hours detecting on land and underwater. If you have tried using a detector without success, please call to see if I can help.

Rob Ellis: Metal Detector Expert… Call/text ASAP, (703)-598-1435

Lost Platinum Wedding Band in Backyard…Found in Alexandria, Virginia Neighborhood

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Jonathan’s Platinum Wedding Band Finally Found After Brian Rudolph was Called In to Search and Recover Jonathan’s Beloved Lost Ring!

Under the Mask, Jonathan is Beyond Excited to Hold His Most Handsome Wedding Band Once Again!


Jonathan lost his beloved platinum wedding band while playing with a red rubber ball in the backyard of a friend’s house. As he went to hit the ball back to the others who were entertaining themselves during their get-together, Jonathan felt the ring fly off his finger. The only problem was that no one knew the direction of where the wedding band headed. For an hour and a half, the large group of people searched the backyard but all of their efforts led to no avail. The special keepsake was nowhere to be found.

At some point during the latter part of the day, Jonathan and his wife searched the internet for some help. Their answer was identified as THE RING FINDERS, an international directory of metal detectorists who specialize in finding lost rings for people. The couple learned that I, Brian Rudolph, provide metal detecting services in Alexandria, Virginia and immediately called to get some assistance.

It was such a pleasure talking with Jonathan on the phone. We made an appointment for me to come out the following day to his friend’s house to see if I could solve this mystery of the missing ring.

The next day, I headed to Alexandria, Virginia excited about this search. Though it was pouring rain outside, I was fully prepared with my weather proof attire. I met up with Jonathan and he immediately took me to the back of the house where I would conduct the search. He introduced me to his friend who lived at that residence and then the three of us journeyed around the property to get an idea of where everything took place up to the moment when Jonathan lost his wedding band.

My client showed me where he stood and the direction he was facing when he hit the red rubber ball. It was clear that the ring could have gone in any direction, including behind Jonathan at the moment when the ring went flying. The yard was adjacent to five other houses, so it was possible that the sentimental piece could have ended up rocketing across the high wooden fence to the surrounding properties. We had a lot to cover and the rain kept pouring down on all of us.

Once I got oriented with the search site, I reached into my portable wagon and retrieved all of the gear that I needed to metal detect the backyard. I grid searched the entire backyard, doing straight lines from one end of the lawn to the other. Nothing turned up. I metal detected in the bushes along the fence line all the way to the other end of the fence and still there was no ring to be discovered.

Next, I took my secondary detector with a 6-in coil at the end of it and detected the garden area. There were various gourds that were growing with long vines and leaves extended in every direction. I was very careful not to hurt the plants as I was searching for the missing ring. Just like with other areas throughout the yard, I came in range with various metal objects but not the target signal that I was looking for.

Not only did I search the grassy areas, the flower beds, bushes, vegetable garden sections and all along the 6 foot fence corners, I also moved along the foundation of the house. I checked out this area just in case the ring flew over to the outside concrete steps, near the walkway and around the rear door that led into the house. Still, the special piece of jewelry was not located.

At this point, with the rain continuously falling, I had no other choice but to search the other side of the fence. As I shared before, I would possibly need to visit up to five other backyards and metal detect those lawns to determine if the ring ended up on the other side of the 6 foot tall wooden barrier.

After detecting the side of the house that Jonathan’s friend lived in (just in case the ring flew over the fence and into the grass  of the side yard), I walked with Jonathan’s friend over to the adjacent neighbor’s home where he sought permission for me to search their backyard. We got the go-ahead to do the search and once again, Jonathan’s platinum ring was nowhere to be found. It was at this time that I was getting a bit nervous that perhaps I somehow missed it over at the first yard (such as not discovering it in the bushes or something). But I tried to keep a confident attitude within that I thoroughly checked every square inch and that I truly wasn’t negligent in not finding the band up to that point.

It was now time to go to the backyard of one of the other neighbor’s lawns. I could have picked any of the other four homes, but I purposely selected the property that was directly behind the majority of Jonathan’s friend’s yard. I figured that the ring could have darted to the left of Jonathan and flew over the fence into that particular neighbor’s yard. There was more square footage to search at that location in comparison to the other remaining lawns that I might have had to search. Therefore,  I deducted that that was the best place to check out next.

In order for us to have access to the second neighbor’s property, Jonathan’s friend and I had to walk all the way to the end of the block. Then, we turned right and walked to the next block, made another right turn and walked all the way down the street until we were lined up with the backyard of Jonathan’s friend’s house. After getting permission from that neighbor to do a backyard search, I immediately set up my gear and started metal detecting.

The moment that I examined the obstacles and spaces that I had to work with (located near the fence line and in the surrounding areas), I determined that I needed to use a smaller coil to get in between the shrubs and newly planted miniature pine trees.

The area around the neighbor’s shed was clear of any significant targets. I then moved parallel with the wooden fence and detected around the little pine trees that had just been planted in the ground the same day that the ring went missing. Even the mulch surrounding the little ones was fresh and brand new. I made sure that I detected completely around each of the pines just to make sure that the ring didn’t happen to fly over the fence and then get buried in the neighbor’s newly gardened tree bed.

As it turned out, just as I was moving around the third pine tree (I believe it was number 3), I got a very promising signal. It was in the range of Jonathan’s platinum wedding band and the target came in as a number 14 and 15 on the Minelab Equinox 800 detector that I was using. I leaned down towards the ground and took my handheld metal detector to determine exactly where the signal was coming from. As the pinpointer began to vibrate and sound off, I looked under one of the little pine tree branches and I caught a glimpse of just a little piece of shiny silver protruding out from underneath the mulch! I got so excited! I was so hoping that this piece of metal was the precious keepsake that I had been looking for all along. ‘It would really make a great story if this turned out to be Jonathan’s ring’, I thought. And yes, a great story it did end up becoming!

I put my hand under the little tree and pulled out the piece of metal that was sticking partially out of the ground, and there it was in it’s fullness! I found the ring! I recovered Jonathan’s lost wedding band! It had flown over the fence and landed in the neighbor’s yard! Then, sometime during the neighbor’s gardening project, the ring got buried partially under the mulch while the shredded wood pieces were spread around the pines! I could not have been more excited at that very moment!

Jonathan, who had left to go home for a little while, had returned to his friend’s house and was hanging out on the second floor screened-in balcony. He was viewing my search as best as he could while I was on the other side of the fence. When I found the ring, his friend who was still with me, indicated some positive reaction which set off a clapping party over by his house and everyone including Jonathan was going crazy with excitement! The search was over!

To solve this mystery of Jonathan’s lost band by discovering it in one of the neighbor’s yards, under a tree in the mulch was just a complete thrill for me! I love these kind of stories, and most of all, I love seeing smiles return to the faces of my clients (such as with the case of Jonathan’s keepsake) when the item is safely back in the hands of the one who cherishes it the most! There was a lot of sunshine beaming from Jonathan’s face that afternoon, Even though the skies above kept pouring down buckets of rain that afternoon, one thing was for certain; in comparison to the grey conditions outside, there was a whole lot more sunshine beaming from Jonathan’s face as we both headed our separate ways!

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Lost and Found in Va Beach

  • from Virginia Beach (Virginia, United States)

I got a text about a lost ring. The owner had already gone home. They told a general area where it was lost. After searching and gridding the area off no luck. I called her for more info and she provided me a pic she took on the beach and 10 minutes later BAM! I mailed it back and she has received it. (Husbands ring) I will add his pic in the future when I receive it. Gigmaster on Youtube

Lost Ring in Virginia Beach Found

  • from Virginia Beach (Virginia, United States)

Targets on the beach were far and few between but I got a good signal at the water line. As i was digging I noticed a guy in a chair behind me watching. When I brought the ring up he yelled “That’s my ring”. Of course we have all heard that story but he said he lost it yesterday and actually showed me a picture of it on his hand. His wife showed up and I showed it to her before he talked to her and she yelled that looks like your ring! Long story short he got his ring back. Gigmaster on Youtube



Ocean City Md Lost and Found

  • from Virginia Beach (Virginia, United States)

I found this on the beach buried about 6 inches down. I did not know what it was at the time but after I got home I discovered it was a $7,000 Medtronic Insulin pump! I called the company and for medical reasons they could not give me the owners name but asked if they could give the owner mine. I said sure since my goal was to return it to the owner. I got a call from the owner and was able to mail it to them. Another successful return. Gigmaster on Youtube

Grandfather’s lost ring found

  • from Virginia Beach (Virginia, United States)

This was one of my toughest recoveries. I was approached on the beach about a lost ring. It was lost in deeper water and the tide was rising with big waves. I knew the only chance was to take a beating in the waves before it was lost forever. After loosing my hat, headphones a few times and a few other items the ring was recovered and given to a very happy man. Gis deceased grandfather may have had a hand in guiding me to this recovery. Gigmaster on Youtube

Ring found through TicTok

  • from Virginia Beach (Virginia, United States)

This was a strange recovery! Alexia posted on a tictok video about loosing her ring at Va Beach and she got a reply to check out the gigmaster! When she went to my youtube channel the video had her lost ring in it! She now has her treasured ring back. Gigmaster on Youtube

BIG Diamond Ring Found in Va Beach!

  • from Virginia Beach (Virginia, United States)

 I got a call about a lost platinum ring with a large diamond. It was lost at night close to high tide in the water. I knew low tide was coming up and it would probably be dry in that area when I arrived. My friend Gene was already down there and he helped me search for the ring. After 2 hours I got a hit in the range I thought it would be. BAM! The video will be on Gigmaster on youtube!