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Mercer Island lost class ring in Lake Washington

from Seattle (Washington, United States)
Contact: 1-206-618-8194


On a nice hot day in Seattle Joe went for a swim off his back yard dock into Lake Washington. As soon as he jumped into the water his dog followed. With one strong motion to tread water he noticed immediately his big gold University of Southern Carolina class ring went straight to the silty lake bottom below. Too deep, silty and milfoil everywhere he was devastated. So he made a Google search on how to find a lost ring in a lake and found the SeattleRingHunter. From this point forward the hunt was on. Watch the exciting conclusion to yet another lost ring recovery from Lake Washington, Mercer Island, WA.


Watch the video here:


Jeff Morgan


M: 206-618-8194

Lost ring Cape May, NJ FOUND!

from Cape May (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-609-780-4525

Received a call from Mike yesterday (7/2/19) afternoon. Mike had lost his wedding band in the surf a few days ago. Needed to wait for low tide which wasn’t until 3:30 am this morning, decided to go for the early am tide as the crowds for the afternoon low were going to be heavy. Took a ride over this morning and picked the ring in a few minutes. It was reunited with its (newly wed) owner this morning. Client unavailable for photo.


Lost ring in Wildwood, NJ FOUND!

from Cape May (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-609-780-4525

Received a call from Travis after his wedding band dropped into the surf while attempting to secure it to his drawstring on his bathing suit. After gathering some information from Travis I decided to take the family to the beach where he lost the band since we were headed out to the beach anyways. Conducted a brief 20 minute hunt and recovered the ring in “about” knee deep water, much to the relief of Travis (I think he thought it couldn’t be done 😉)

Clients (wife) review of service: “Thanks so much Jeff for coming out on a Sunday and saving the day! We definitely thought it was gone forever. So lucky we found you. Absolutely amazing!!”

Lost ring in Cape May, NJ FOUND!

from Cape May (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-609-780-4525

Received a call for a gold / diamond wedding band that was flung off a beach towel into the sand. After speaking with the client and conducting a brief hunt, the ring was back in the clients possession. All smiles.

Clients review of service:    “Jeff was great in helping me find my lost wedding band in the sand. We weren’t exactly sure where it was and hours had past with lots of people treking through the area. In under 5 minutes, Jeff found it! I should have called earlier. 5 stars and would recommend Jeff to everyone!”


Lost Wedding Ring Recovered and returned Victoria B.C.

from Victoria (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: 1-250-361-8666

Sam emailed me Thursday evening June 20th and explained that he had lost his wedding ring in the waters of Witty’s Lagoon. I arranged to search the next day. Friday morning Sam and I connected,  I met up with his wife Heather and his daughter. After a short trip down a trail we arrived at the spot. I started searching and Sam arrived, he confirmed I was in the correct area. After several pull tabs and bottle caps, I hit the target I was looking for.  After 3 attempts to scoop it up, SUCCESS!

Heather gave me a big hug and put the ring back on Sam’s finger, what an awesome day, I love my job.

Lost Tantalum Wedding Ring Recovered In Edmonds Washington!

from Seattle (Washington, United States)
Contact: 1-206-651-4779

With the great weather we can experience in the summer months, comes yard work! A large number of my ring searches take place in gardens, yards and yard waste bins! And it is definitely the season for lost rings!

Micheal emailed about his Tantalum (I had to google that metal, it was new to me!) ring he had lost in his beautiful front yard garden. He tried to find it to no avail, and needed my services to find it quick, or he was going to be in the “doghouse” with the wife! 🙂

I was able to come by this Saturday and was very glad I was able to find it quickly! It would have been a real difficult search without a detector, but just took moments with one. I was very impressed with the style and metal of this handsome ring and happy to give Michael a positive outcome! If you or someone you know loses a metal item, don’t delay! Call the Ringfinders!


Gorgeous Tantalum Ring!

Tantalum wedding ring found!


Lost Ring Found – Troy Community Center

from Wixom (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-248-622-7768

Narenda was at cricket practice when he noticed he lost his ring.  As they searched in declining evening light his coach Raj  visited my Ringfinder Directory listing and called me  for help.  I was home, but an hour away, so when I arrived  at the Troy Community Center it was just getting dark.  We searched without success until well after dark.

Naren explained the ring was a very dear gift from his mother, it was clear he was not ready to give up the search.  I knew the ring was somewhere on the field, and thanks to Coach Raj, I had a good Idea where to look.

I returned the following day in very poor weather for another unsuccessful hunt.  On my third attempt I set the marker flags for my search over a much larger area than the markers Coach Raj had made indicating Narenda’s position during the cricket drill.  Sure enough the ring turned up just outside the area of the original search.

When I recovered the ring I was dismayed to find it had been bent.  Knowing I had to beat the lawn mowers I started early hoping to prevent the possibility of damage.  Indeed there had been no mowing due to the rain.  The ring looked reparable and I told Coach Raj of the damage when I called him with the news of the find.

Narenda came that evening eager to pick up the ring.  I asked him again to describe his ring, a small gold ring with white stones in a square pattern.  He laughed when I told him it had been damaged, he admitted to denting the band himself and pantomimed the catch he made when he dented it. His smile told the story when he slipped the ring back on his finger.

Short video on UTube:

Happy Ending

Mother’s Lucky Ring Returned

Lost ring in Watertown, NY found

from Watertown (New York, United States)

Thursday June 13th I get a phone call from Joan who lives in Watertown NY.  Joan tells me that she has lost her ring last Monday while working in her garden.  Although she spent quite a bit of time over the last 3 days looking for the ring, she was not able to find it.  She told me that the ring was her engagement ring that her now deceased husband had given her in 1960, and then in the last year of his life, he had a “jacket” made for it. Joan was devastated because this ring that she wore all the time, because it reminded her of her husband.  I assured her that I would do my best to find her ring and we set up a time and date for me to do the search.


I arrived at her house and we talked about her husband and how much this ring meant to her.  I finally got her to show me the garden and what work she had done the day she lost the ring.  This was not going to be easy as she had been pulling weeds, tilling up between the flowers and adding new flowers and mulch.


I got my equipment and started the search. She had dumped the pulled weeds over an embankment so thinking that the ring may have come off when she pulled the weeds and put them into her little garden cart, I searched the area with all the weeds  –  with no luck.


So then I started on the garden itself being real careful not to step on her newly planted flowers.  On my first pass through the garden I found assorted “junk” (pull tabs etc.) but not her ring so I then worked the garden going across the garden. (90 degrees from the first search)  This time I got a “hit” that sounded real good, but it was under a perennial geranium that she had just planted that day.  I asked Joan if we could dig up this plant because I was quite sure that the ring was under it and Joan agreed.  We carefully dug up this plant and set it aside and then I took my pin pointer and put it into the hole.  The pin pointer chirped so I dug a little deeper and BANG there was Joan’s ring.


Joan cried, was shaking, and totally happy.


When she calmed down, Joan told me that her husband always liked the perennial geraniums because of the blue flower, his favorite color.


Canandaigua NY, Wedding band lost in yard, FOUND

from Syracuse (New York, United States)
Contact: 1-315-652-6996

Wednesday June 12th.  I received a call from a James (last name withheld) who lives in Canandaigua NY.  Yesterday James was doing some yard work and he walked over the edge of his grass to throw some twigs etc. into the woods.  When he threw the twigs his wedding band of 55 years came flying off and into the high grass along the edge of his yard.  He actually saw the ring as it flew into the high grass.  James quickly realized that he had to cut down the high grass if he was to have a chance of finding his ring.  He went back to his garage and the only thing that he had to cut the grass was a small hand held grass sheers.  So he went back with those small grass sheers and started cutting grass and looking for his wedding band.


James worked somewhere around 2 hours cutting, clearing and searching an area that was about 10 x 10 that he was sure his ring was because he had watched the ring fly off his hand and land in this general area.  It was getting dark so he called it a day and went into the house to tell his wife the bad news.  At this time both James and his wife was counting the ring as being lost and they would have to bear the expense of purchasing a replacement ring.


All night long James was thinking about his lost ring so in the morning before his wife arose, James searched his phone using the following phrase. “ How do I find someone who would search for my LOST RING”.  Now Goggle uses logarithms in their searching and those two works are the key.  James was pleasantly surprised when my name popped up along with my phone number.  He called me and we set up a time for me to search for his lost ring.


I arrived and I started asking all the questions that I need to better locate his ring.  I also asked permission to film him and the search, but James was not happy about that, so I was not able to get any video of the search.  I think James was just a little embarrassed that he had lost his ring.


James showed me that area and the place where he had hand cut the tall grass.  It was down a slope, into the woods.  There was tall grass between the edge of his lawn and the area that he had cut then the “cleared area” and then into the woods. From where he had cleared the grass and also into the woods the forest floor was a tangle of sticks, grass clumps etc.  A perfect place for the ring to hide.


I fired up my detector and started working the tall grass on the side hill that he had not searched between the edge of the lawn and the cleared area.  Although I did get two “hits” in this area, the tones on my machine told me that these were most likely not his ring.  Now I searched his cleared out area but did not get a hit, so I stated working deeper into the woods on a straight line that he had saw his ring flying when it came off.  Just off his cleared area but into the woods deeper, I got a nice solid low tone that most times are gold rings.  I used my pin pointer and moved it around and down into the sticks etc. that are on most forest floors.  Yes it was his ring, but his ring was down into all those sticks and leaves 3 to 4 inches.  I doubt that if James had worked this area he would have found his ring as it had already worked it’s way though all the “flotsam” on the ground right down to the soil.  Total search time – less them 10 minutes.


James was happy, his wife was happy, and yes I was happy.


I wish all searches were this easy

Lost ring in Cape May, N.J. FOUND!

from Cape May (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-609-780-4525

Received a call from Adam this evening. He explained that his platinum band flew off his finger while he was brushing sand off his hands. Took the short ride from home down to the beach and met up with Adam. He had the ring back on his finger ten minutes later.

Clients review of service:   “Can’t say enough about Jeff. Returned my call quickly. Met him out at the beach in under a couple hours. Ring was found within 5 minutes. Just a good guy doing a great service. Can’t say enough.”