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Palladium wedding band found in Glen Arbor, Michigan

from Traverse City (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-231-499-7526

I got a call from Rocky needing help finding his Palladium wedding ring. He was in shoulder deep water in Lake Michigan and felt his ring slip off his finger. We agreed to meet Friday morning at 9:00am.

I asked the normal questions when we first met. We marked off an area 50 feet wide by 70 feet long in the water. Rocky is 6 foot 5 I’m 5 foot 8. I searched out as deep as I could go then handed Rocky my Excalibur II. Rocky searched the deeper area I could not reach. We had no luck in finding the ring, so I started searching shallower all the way to the shoreline. I could tell Rocky was getting discouraged so I had him go search the condo to keep his mind busy. Ended up grid searching the 50 by 70 foot area twice from two different directions and did not find the ring. This took 5 1/2 hours to grid search the area twice.

After the 5 1/2 hours in the water I was whooped and ready to call it a day. Rocky just happened to walk back down to the beach. I had already had a couple conversations with him about what had happened. He stated his ring has never fallen off before and was not loose. I told him again something physical happened to cause the ring to slip off. He was still sticking to the story of having the feeling of his ring coming off his finger. I told him if he wanted his ring back he needed to trust me 100 percent. I told him that people are stressed when they find out there ring is gone and that moment is burned into there brain that is where the ring is at. I told him your mind plays games with you and we need to turn this into process of elimination. That something physical happened to cause the ring to come off. He thought about it for a couple minutes then said I trust you. Then I asked him what else has happened the last couple days.

He said well, I fell out of a Kayak a couple day ago up the river. He said he did not tell me about it because there is no way he went 1 1/2 days without his ring and not notice it missing. I told him we need to go to the spot he fell in asap. We paddled up to the spot then I fell out of the kayak in the same spot. When I stood up I saw a shinny round looking object on the bottom. I turned on the Excalibur II to make sure it was metal. I got a really loud nice signal. Bent down picked it up and handed him his ring. His reaction was about 8 NOWAY!’s On the paddle back down river I heard him ask himself how he went 1 1/2 days without noticing his ring missing.

gold ring lost at Lauderdale by the sea , Florida… found and returned to the owner

from North Miami Beach (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-754-707-1233

Lost ring in Hutchinson, Kansas…Found

from Haven (Kansas, United States)
Contact: 1-620-390-9377

Hi There. My name is Greg Winkler and I’ve been metal detecting for almost 50 years, finding coins, jewelry, tools and artifacts.  If you have lost something made of or containing metal, I’ll be happy to help you recover it.  I’ve searched parks, ponds, yards, beaches, football fields and many other places.  I’m a little past my SCUBA days, but I am willing to search in water up to 5 foot deep.  I work on a reward basis, if I find the item, you can give me a reward that you are both comfortable with and can afford.  I do have a call out fee of $25, to cover my travel expenses for local areas.  If you are further away, we can negotiate an appropriate call out fee.  Most of my detecting has been in Western Kansas, but I’m up to going elsewhere if required.  Give me a call (620) 290-9377, and if I don’t answer leave a message, or send me an email and we can begin the recovery.




Lost rings Wildwood Crest, New Jersey, FOUND!

from Cape May (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-609-780-4525

Received a call yesterday late morning about a lost wedding ring set. Jess explained that she had taken her ring, which was actually three rings fused together, off and placed it in her wallet which was then placed in her beach bag. At some point during the day she thought one of her kids may have knocked it out of the purse while looking for money for the ice cream man, but neither she or her kids were sure. She had already returned home to PA before realizing that the ring was missing. Jess was able to provide some location details and given the time of day she called and it’s possible location I thought it would be best to try for it after the crowds had cleared. Took a ride over later in the afternoon and recovered the platinum diamond ring in about 20 minutes. 

Comments from Jess: “I can not explain my emotions after coming home and realizing that my wedding ring was gone. I kept trying to trace every step and thing I did and just kept searching thinking it would appear. I don’t like to wear my ring on the beach because it gets so dirty but this has been a big lesson for sure. I literally was so sick in my stomach all day yesterday and honestly thought it was gone for good as the chances of finding it were so slim. Thank goodness I found Jeff and his team. He was professional, asked the right questions, and got the job done! He was incredible and I could never thank him enough!”

Lost Wedding ring Amagansett Beach

from Suffolk County (New York, United States)
Contact: 1-516-526-4888

Received Email about a lost wedding ring at Indian wells Beach Amagansett in the evening. I made arrangement to come out  first thong in Mourning.  I get there an Connor meets me and we go down to the area that he thinks he lost the ring. I start a search and found the ring.  I gave the ring to his wife and she put it on his finger like she did at the wedding. Conor than kissed his wife.

A very happy couple. 

Second Return 6/13/2020 – Yarmouth, MA Lost, Found and Returned Wedding Band

from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)
Contact: 1-860-309-3307

This request for help was received just 2 minutes after the request to help in retrieving a cell phone from a marina. With the phone found and returned I was on my way home when Jeff got back in touch and told me of the wedding band that slipped from his finger while frolicking in the surf with this 5 year old son. A small area in shallow water, only one problem I would not be at the beach until 9PM. Good news was the tide was going out and would be low in about 3 hours. Good enough to start the search as the sea was very calm.

An hour went by with many pull tabs, bottle caps and bits of aluminum foil retrieved but no ring or even a coin. Another half hour and Jeff had to return home and get ready to leave for home in the morning. I said fine, I will go a bit deeper and work my search pattern back to the shore before going home. I will call when I get out of the water.

I went out to chest deep water almost to the end of the jetty, beyond where Jeff said he had gone and started searching again. On the third pass closer to the beach another signal rang in my ears and moments later the ring was in my scoop. I rushed back to the car to call Jeff. As my phone did not have Jeff’s phone number stored in it I had to call my wife. She called and left a voicemail with the information on Jeff phone after listening to the “Unavailable” message. Within minutes of the time my wife called me, Jeff was in sight and heading to my car. All I could see was his huge smile and a twinge of disbelief showing in he eyes. When Jeff saw the ring, he thanked me many times and wanted to know what he could do for me. Just a Thank You note is all I asked for. The time really passed quickly and it was now 11PM, time to head home and to bed as I had an early morning meeting to look for another lost ring.


Lost rings in Wildwood Crest NJ, FOUND!

from Cape May (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-609-780-4525


First recovery of 2020 is a success. Received a call from Jackie explaining that she believes she “may” have inadvertently dropped her FOUR rings yesterday while at the beach with her family. After gathering some details I met up with Jackie and her husband, at the beach, about 30 minutes later. This recovery took less than five minutes. Literally walked two steps into the search area and BAM all four popped out of the shallow sand. Jackie broke down immediately, understandably, as one of the four rings belonged to her mother. No hugs due to COVID but super happy to say the least. She is very fortunate that these rings survived in the area they were in for an entire day without being found by a free lance Detectorist.

30 Year Old Gold Diamond Wedding Ring Lost in Ivy Patch Bothell WA

from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)
Contact: 1-206-618-8194


SeattleRingHunter Lost Item Recovery Specialist LAND & SCUBA Call ASAP 206-618-8194

Watch video link below…

Janet called me and was very emotional over the recent loss of her wedding ring in her yard. She told me she was married fifty-two years to her husband that recently passed. She was   devastated at the fact she just lost her yellow gold baguette diamond wedding band of thirty years. It meant everything to her for all the memories this ring represented and she was very upset that it was now missing from her finger.

She told me that it had become loose in recent times and on a few occasions it slipped off her finger but she was always able to find it. Because of this she was very aware of the loose fitting wedding ring and was constantly fiddling with it making sure it was still on her finger.

However just a few days prior to our conversation she told me she had walked down her gravel drive way to her mail box. She collected a few small pieces of mail, came back to her garage where she placed the mail down then walked over to her front yard. She then picked up a few sticks and went over to pull some of the ivy vines off a tree trunk before it choked the tree out. She said with a lot of certainty as soon as she walked out of the ivy it came to her immediate attention that her cherished wedding ring of thirty years was no longer on her finger and missing! She then went back into the ivy and started searching for her ring to no avail. Her daughter and son-in-law arrived thereafter to assist her by cutting back the ivy vines in front of the tree. They picked through all the pieces before placing the scraps into a box. They continued to raked the bits up and looked as hard as they could. All this and still no ring was found. After the search efforts in the yard Janet’s daughter did some searching online and found and told her mother to give me a call. 

We believed the ring to be safe on her private property so we scheduled a search with a early morning start. Janet pointed out exactly where she walked and her actions that helped put me in the correct spots. With a confident and experienced effort I conducted the search fo her lost wedding ring.

Watch the exciting conclusion of this ring search on this episode of the SeattleRingHunter searches for 30 Year Old Gold Diamond Wedding Ring Lost in Ivy Patch Bothell WA.

Watch video:


Jeff Morgan


Diamond engagement ring found in Savannah, Georgia

from Blackshear (Georgia, United States)
Contact: 1-912- 286-7733

What do you do when someone calls for help and they want you to come the morning of your anniversary, you go.  After you ask your wife of course.
I received a call while vacationing on Hilton Head about a lost ring.   The ring had been dropped off a dock while throwing a cast net.  The husband had looked for a little while that night.
I meet them the next morning at low tide and while it was still dark.   After coming up empty after maybe 30 minutes, I finally found the ring.  It had been stepped on and was buried deep.   It was a nasty hunt but well worth the trouble.  When I found the ring I did not tell them.  I walked out to wash off and gave them a sad story about the ring probably being stepped on and out of range being buried in the mud.   I then reached in my pocket and gave her a nail, then a dime and then I said I found another piece of trash (the ring).   She was excited and her husband couldn’t believe it.   It was the most beautiful ring I have ever seen.   They asked what they owed and told them they could decide.  It was a very generous reward.   I could now get my wife a nice anniversary present.   Thank you Jesus for helping us today.


Lost Platinum Ring Recovered at NYC Beach

from New York (New York, United States)
Contact: 1-212-729-7466

Joe was playing catch at the beach when his wedding ring fell off his finger and into the sand. They searched until the sun went down and it seemed hopeless. Luckily, one of Joe’s friends had heard of The Ring Finders and made the call. Met up with Joe the next morning and within half an hour Joe had his ring back on his finger. Smiles all around!