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  • from Lafayette (Louisiana, United States)

We received a call from August late one afternoon. He had lost his gold wedding band, in a flower bed, when adding mulch. He searched but did not find it. When he gave his location, we realized it was just a 10 minute drive. Carrie and I loaded the detectors in the truck and went to the site. Carrie, as always, grilled the client while I prepped the equipment. She thought it logical for the ring to fall off when he washed his hands over the flower bed. She claimed that search area and I started on the other end of the bed. We used pin pointers and crawled through the bed. Carrie found the ring under a flower plant in 10 minutes. After some pictures we left for supper.

Thanks, August, for the generous reward.


  • from Raleigh (North Carolina, United States)
Received a call today from Tim after he lost his tantalum wedding ring while playing with his dog in a grassy area. He and his wife tried to find it for hours!!! He even marked the exact location with a wooden stick! After he couldn’t find it, he thought about buying a detector, but instead found me on the ring finders and gave me a call.
After I get there. We walk about 400 yards to the area where he lost it. After about 15-20 mins I get a high tone. It was less than 3 feet from the marker he had stuck in the ground.
2023 ring count: 9 FTY
2 – Total recoveries FTY
1 – gold & silver ring (1 recovery)
1 – tantalum (1 recovery)
0 – gold rings FTY
4 – silver rings FTY
3 – mixed – copper – tungsten – steel – aluminum – junk rings FTY
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  • from Muncie (Indiana, United States)

In August 2020, I was contacted by a gentleman named Dan, whose wife had lost her engagement ring.  He explained that he and his family were enjoying a nice summer day in their backyard, playing volleyball while being hit with a sprinkler.  As his wife attempted to set the ball to their daughter, the combination of her hitting the ball and her wet fingers caused her engagement ring to go flying off into the distance and disappear from sight.  They immediately stopped the game and began searching the area to no avail.  For several hours they were on their hands and knees trying to find the lost ring.  The next day Dan had a friend come over and search with his metal detector, and after several hours he too was unsuccessful.  He decided he needed a new approach and after a quick online search he found me on the The Ring Finders website.  He called me and we discussed the situation.

The next day I made the thirty minute drive to his house and after hearing the story in more detail I began searching the area, starting with where she was standing, eventually covering the entire backyard and under his shed.  The search was made difficult by several overhead and underground power and cable lines, as well as a metal chain link fence running the entire length of his backyard, all of which could mask the ring’s signal.  After about two hours of my searching and not yet finding it he decided to call it off.  His thought was that since his entire yard had been searched with metal detectors,  and with a good possibility of one of his kids having already found it and keeping it, something she had done before, he believed the ring was no longer out there and we were probably wasting our time. It was dark, it was late, and so I reluctantly agreed.

After a few days of the lost ring randomly entering my thoughts, I decided to contact Dan and see if he would mind me coming out for another look.  He happily agreed and I made the trip back over there.  I decided to focus hard on certain signals, but move quickly.  I grid searched his yard again, in a different direction, and slowly searched the chain link fence with my pinpointer.  Still no ring.  I too was convinced at that point the ring was not in their backyard.  So I expanded my search to the neighbor’s yard, which started at least 20 feet from where she was standing.  We both agreed that it was unlikely that the ring could travel that far considering where she was standing and how she hit the ball, but it was not impossible, and we both really wanted to find her ring.  So I started my grid search of the neighbor’s yard and after about 20 minutes, I got the signal I was hoping for.  I bent down to check what my detector had found and there sat the ring, deep in the freshly mowed grass about 30 feet from where she was standing when she lost it.

Dan had gone inside a long time before that, but at the very moment I picked up the ring, he opened up his back door on his way to offer me a beverage.  Once he made his way to me, he handed me a bottle of water and to his shock and surprise I handed him his wife’s engagement ring.  We then went in to surprise his wife, who was equally shocked and happy.  I brought them out to show them exactly where I found the ring and after talking with them for a few minutes I made my way back home, happily leaving behind the gold that I had just found.

If you have lost something that you would like help locating, please do not hesitate to call! (765-215-4705)


Happy Customer!


Found Ring

Lost Wedding Ring Found in White River – Canoe County, Daleville, Indiana.

  • from Muncie (Indiana, United States)

In July, 2020, I received a call from a woman who was seeking help in locating her husband’s wedding ring which he had lost in the White River during a canoeing trip.   The family was from out of town and had rented a canoe at Canoe Country in Daleville, Indiana to spend a nice day traveling down the river.  As they were moving through some rapids towards the end of their trip, the canoe collided with a rock and her husband, in attempt to prevent their canoe from tipping, put his hand into the water and onto the riverbed as a brace.  It worked, but at the expense of his wedding ring.  They beached their canoe and searched visually for an hour or so before the disappearing daylight forced them to call off their search and make the long trip home without his wedding ring.  They quickly realized how difficult it was going to be to get it back as they lived more than an hour away from where it was lost and just finding the time to return was going to be hard enough, let alone actually finding his ring at the the bottom of the river.  They decided they needed to find another option and after a Google search led her to she called me to see if I could possibly help find it.

After hanging up with her I knew this was going to be a challenging search.  They lived more than an hour away and with time constraints they could not meet me at the location.  The only thing I had to go off was a pinned GPS location giving me a general area, which may not even be accurate.  The location was 25 minutes from my house and only accessible by boat or kayak.  The time it would take just to get geared up and get to and from the location would be several hours at least.  The rising water levels from recent rainfall had undoubtedly caused some rocks to disappear under the water making it look a lot different than she remembers and hard to tell which rock they actually hit.  I was going to be looking for a very small object in a large river with just a general idea of where it could be.

Challenge accepted.

I recruited my girlfriend for company and the next day we got loaded up and got on the river. We knew pretty quick it was moving a lot faster and was a lot deeper than she had described the day he lost it, but continued on anyway. After asking her some more questions through text and her sending me a drawing of what I called the “treasure map,” I was pretty sure I was at the right location.  I began my search and quickly found out that the area was layered with tightly packed rocks and my scoop was not at all helpful, forcing me to use my hands to feel for whatever my detector was picking up.  I was only able to find large items that I could feel with my hands, including a few cell phones and even a firearm, but sadly no ring.  The river was also filled with massive groups of kayakers, canoers, and tubers who were having to try to avoid me, as well as the many rocks in that part of the river.  I figured I would not add one more obstacle to their navigating and called it a day.  We postponed the search and for the next hour or so we watched people try, and sometimes hilariously fail, to navigate the rapids.

That night, knowing my scoop was worthless, I decided to make an “underwater viewer” using plexiglass and a leaf blower tube, and a bigger one for my girlfriend using a trash can.  This allowed us to see whatever I was hearing with my detector without having to try to scoop it, or go under the cold water with a mask.

The next day, with our new devices, lower water levels and less traffic, we headed back out.  After about 2 hours of grid searching the river I heard a loud, solid sound blast through my headphones.  I quickly looked through the viewer and saw what my metal detector had found.  It was his ring, three feet deep and wedged between two small rocks at the bottom of the river.   I quickly pulled it out from where it had sat for several days and got out my phone to snap a picture.  I sent her the picture asking if it was her husband’s ring and was met with a very quick reply:  “OMGness!!!! YES!! That’s it!! Thank you!! Tears….both of us!”  I met her the next day in between our two cities and handed her back her husband’s ring, the ring that she put on his finger when they got married, and the ring they both thought was lost forever.  Quite the test for my first search through The Ring Finders, but it was well worth it.

If you have lost an item that you think I might be able to help you find, please do not wait!  Call me today!  (765-215-4705)

Satellite view

Satellite view

Searching the river

Found Ring

Underwater viewer

Underwater viewer 2

Items found during my search

Treasure Map

Silver Chrome Hearts ring lost but found in Miami Beach

  • from Miami (Florida, United States)

If you lost any type of jewelry and need someone to come find it for you, give me a call.  305-608-1870.  I have a metal detecting recovery service.

This ring was lost on South Beach, in Miami Florida. Luckily one of the lifeguards had my number handy and was able to call me to come out.  This was one of my fastest recoveries. Maybe 30 seconds:-)



  • from Raleigh (North Carolina, United States)

Received a call last week about a silver and gold ring a lady had lost about a month back while she was doing yardwork. She felt it fly off but couldn’t find it. She used a metal detector in the area she thought she lost it in for several hours. Sadly, she wasn’t able to locate it.

When I get to her place, I got the story and the location, and I began swinging. After about 3-4 mins. I knew it wasn’t in the area she thought it was or should be. I began to widen my search area and BOOM a screaming high tone that I knew had to be her ring. It was actually about 5-10 feet away from that area. It only took me about 5 mins to find. Being big silver, it screamed!

Another successful ring recovery!


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  • from Lafayette (Louisiana, United States)

Hannah lost her rose gold diamond ring in the back yard of her boyfriend, Bradley’s house. I received a call from Bradley, but a 3 week trip delayed the hunt. While he was waiting, he borrowed and rented detectors and attempted to find the ring. No luck. When I returned from my trip, I headed out to find the still-lost ring. Carrie was busy but I still brought her equipment. The search area was not large but contained a lot of coins and buried metal. That along with no published data on rose gold discrimination numbers created a lot of “false finds”. After Bradley and I covering the area without locating the ring, (Carrie’s equipment was put to good use) we started a sectioned, crawling, pin pointer search (I made this term up). On the last section I looked in an area we had not included in the original search. There, in the shade of a neighbor’s building, was the ring sitting on bare dirt, fully visible. Sometimes being lucky is better than being good. We reunited Hannah with her ring and got a load of pictures. Carrie regrets not being there for the successful hunt.

Thank you, Bradley and Hannah for the generous reward.

Lost ring found Clemson SC

  • from Clemson (South Carolina, United States)

Clemson SC metal detectorist Allen Carter, cell #(864)535-4347 call or text anytime. Great news after a week of bad. After the big SC rivalry game between Clemson and SC lead to the loss 30-31, another big loss came to. Walking home from the game my client crossed a field where he stumbled and felt his prized ring fly from his finger. He spent several hours searching and even recruited the help of his friends with no luck. With the help of a family member they located our services at Ring Finders and found me. I met him at the field where I searched for several hours myself. I made arrangements to come back soon with a great plan. I laid out a grid using surveying flags. 3 feet apart and 150 feet across from one another, I laid out the rest of my day with high visibility. Row by row and swung my coil stopping for every  beep I came across, heart pumping and jumping every time! After several hours I made my way to the very last row. I was staring at the last flag as I made my way swingin towards it. I could feel the disappointment starting creep across me when finally with only 20 feet left to go, the loudest signal rang out and screamed from my detector. There it was! Big gold and very shiny! My first recovery as a Ring Finder! It was a great feeling and even better when I made that call to let him know I had it in my hands. Some losses may be forever but with my help I was able to make this one just a temporary setback.                     

LOST WEDDING RING in Durham, NC…….. FOUND!!!!!!

  • from Raleigh (North Carolina, United States)
Got a call today from a man who lost his 14k white gold wedding ring about 2 weeks ago while cutting wood with his boys.
He had his cell phone in his front left pocket when he took his ring off so it wouldn’t interfere with wood cutting and put it in the same pocket as his phone. Then at some point he took his phone out of his pocket and it must have pulled his ring out with it.
I get to his house, get the scoop, grabbed my machine and got to searching! I started where he was when he took it off and put it in his pocket.
Less than 5 mins – Boom! We got gold!!!
Another successful ring recovery and another marriage saved!
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  • from Raleigh (North Carolina, United States)
Received a call from a young lady tonight asking me if I could try and find her promise ring, from her boyfriend, for her. She had been trying to find it for 4-5 days with a couple of metal detectors with no luck.
I drove the 1.5 hr drive, pulled up, met her, got the back story and in about 10 mins found her ring. She was shocked I found it so fast and said, “I KNOW I COVERED THAT AREA!” I advised her gold isn’t the easiest to find if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking/listening for.
I then had her bring over her machine to see where it hit up on her machine. It was in the pull tab range on hers.
2022 ring count: 198.5 (200.5 w/3 in 1 recovery) FTY
18 – Recoveries FTY
1 – gold & tantalum ring (1 recovery)
36- gold rings (15 recoveries) FTY NOTE: got 1 NOT marked. Had it checked and it’s gold!
48.5 – silver rings (2 recovery) FTY
113 – mixed – copper – tungsten – steel – aluminum – junk rings FTY
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