Mike McInroe

Cost For My Service

My service is on a Reward basis, you only pay if the item is found.

If I have to drive more then a 1/2 hour to get to you, there will be a call out fee of $25. to cover my gas expenses if your ring is not found.

Search Types

Beaches, Parks, Yards...(Lakes--up to 4 feet deep)

Search Locations

Sanford Florida/Orlando/Daytona Beach- Central Florida...I am willing to travel up to 100 miles one way from Sanford Florida to help you find your lost item. (further distances please contact me by e-mail or phone)

Mike McInroe's Bio

Hi there! My name is Mike McInroe and I'm 53 years young! Married 29 years with 3 children.

I love God, my family, my country, metal detecting, soccer and the great outdoors!

I've been metal detecting for 13 years and have always loved the excitement of finding lost things.

Chris Turners Ring Finders is exactly the kind of thing I have been wanting to do in my own community--help others find their lost treasures!!

Mike McInroe from sunny Florida

Mike McInroe - Recent Blog Posts

  • Buried wallet in sand, New Smyrna Beach, Florida…….found!! (2017)

    Brandon was enjoying a beautiful day at NSB with his family and as he thought about going out into the water he wondered where he could put his wallet for safe keeping. Not wanting to leave it somewhere exposed, he decided to bury it in the sand under the corner of his towel. And as […]

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  • Lost wedding ring, Disney Caribbean Resort, Orlando, Fl…..Found! (2017)

    Last Friday I received an e-mail from Iain asking if I could help him look for his lost ring. Apparently Iain was playing goalie for his young son who was kicking his soccer ball in an area with very soft sand that the Disney Caribbean Resort provides near all of their pool locations. Iain found […]

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  • Lost ring in lake, in Heathrow, Florida…returned to owner! (2017)

    The other day my good friend Chris texted me about a lost ring in a small lake in the Heathrow area. In casual conversation a neighbor mentioned to Chris that she had lost her precious silver ring while feeding bread to the fish. It happened just after Christmas and Tina could not get her mind […]

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  • Lost diamond engagement ring in cemetery, Sanford, Fl…..Found! (2017)

    Amy was visiting the grave site where her precious little one–Jean Francis Butterfly Butler– was laid to rest. It was a rather warm January day and the rings on Amy’s ring finger were feeling tight so she removed them and slid them into her pocket-along with the keys to her van. It was a quiet […]

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  • Lost ring in Lake Baldwin, Orlando, Fl……Found! (2017)

    Can you imagine it’s your wedding day and everything is ready?! The chairs are all set up, the guests have arrived and the ceremony begins. It’s the perfect day to be outdoors, in the gazebo, on the lake. And partway through the ceremony the bride’s sister-in-law is holding the rings in a small box and […]

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Mike McInroe - Testimonials

  • I highly recommend Mike (2017)


    We called Mike after a disastrous experience with another ring finder person. He was super supportive and very professional. My wife and I lost her wedding and engagement ring in the middle of our ceremony at Lake Baldwin. After three weeks of waiting around for another guy, Mike finally was the one to help us find our ring. We contacted him after our first ring guy was rude and unhelpful. Mike kept in contact with us and letting us know that he’d was willing to go try and look for our ring if we’d like him. After not hearing from the first guy for 2 weeks, my wife and I decided to give Mike a try. He showed up to Lake Baldwin and my wife showed him where we lost our ring. My wife tried to pay Mike for his trip to meet us and he told her that she didn’t need to pay him until he found her ring. Two days later, he called and FOUND THE RING. We never thought we would see her ring again. He was so professional and helpful that night we went to pick up the ring. He told us how he got it and showed us the plans that he had drawn up to accomplish it. We told him about our experience with the first guy and he was apologetic for our experience. I highly recommend Mike, not only did he find the ring, he helped us turned our entire experience with ring finders around. Thank you Mike! - Cecil and Nicole

  • I cannot say enough how wonderful The Ring Finders and especially Mike McInroe are! (2015)


    Good afternoon. I really apologize for this taking so long to write. The days just get away from us!We talk about you all the time and how very special you are to us!! Here is our story....

    August, 2015 we were having a wonderful trip to Daytona Beach, Florida with the family. The weather was great. My 9 year old daughter has always wanted to learn to surf, so on Wednesday, August 5th I rented us a surf board to try out.

    She was doing really good and I decided to give it a go. I had fun. Only had one really big spill. I walked up on the beach to rest a bit and I noticed that engagement ring was missing. I was upset. We looked up and down the beach and in the water as best as we could. I knew I had it on at one point while surfing. We checked everyone's pictures of me surfing and saw it on my finger until that last wipeout.

    The rest of that day and well into the night we searched. My brother-in-law has a metal detector and we used that. We met a retired Marine on the beach who does a lot of metal detecting. He gave us tips and even came out the next morning to help. Some guys at our hotel mentioned that there were people who did this for a living. My fiancé researched some that night and found Ring Finders and 2 men who cover the Daytona area.

    The next morning we bought a metal detector and kept looking. For 2 more days we looked. On August 8th we had my brother-in-law, the retired Marine and us out on the beach looking. We were having no luck! My fiancé made the decision to call The Ring Finders and said everything said choose Mike McInroe! He was awesome on the phone and made us feel better. We couldn't believe that he only charged for gas money and a small reward IF he was successful!!

    He was at our hotel within 2 hours! He got suited up and told us not to get too excited every time he picked something up....we would know when he found the ring. He was so positive!

    We sat in the beach and watched. Within an hour he stood up and raised his hand!! Oh my!! I wish someone had had a video of me flying through the surf to get to him!! There were tears and hugs and laughter.

    I cannot say enough how wonderful The Ring Finders and especially Mike McInroe are! He gave me back something that is very precious to me!! I will never be able to truly repay him!

    Chante' Beyer

  • thank God and thank you for being God’s messenger that found our missing wedding band (2014)


    “Oh my GOD, I thought you ignored my e-mail. It is a Miracle! My hands are shaking while I write to you. There are no words I can say to thank you enough. You are the angel that God sent to find our ring. You would not believe how this past week was for my husband. I will tell everyone I know about theringfinders.com.”

    Two days later Mariam wrote: “I still cannot believe what happened! I read your e-mail 10 times a day and tell myself God is so good! What you do as a hobby (metal detecting) is really a very helpful thing. Especially when people like us lose a very valuable thing – that losing it really touches their hearts and finding it by an angel like you touches their hearts even more! As I said and I will be saying for the rest of my life, thank God and thank you for being God’s messenger that found our missing wedding band and delivered the GREAT NEWS to us when we so badly needed it!!”

  • Only two months left until my wedding day, I unfortunately dropped my engagement ring in the Atlantic Ocean... (2011)


    Only two months left until my wedding day, I unfortunately dropped my engagement ring in the Atlantic Ocean. As I saw it slip out of my hand, I thought it was gone forever. After a brief search on the internet, my fiancé found Mike McInroe, a wonderful kind hearted man. I felt that Mike was the last hope that I could hold on to in finding my engagement ring. Mike came to Jacksonville the very next day to search for my missing ring!

    After a long search that day and as the tide came back in that later afternoon for the last time in daylight I felt like the search was over, I had finally lost hope. I parted with my ring at that very moment as I thought Mike had finished his search. To my surprise, Mike came to me and said that he was going to continue his search that evening until the tide went back out again. Mike was my knight in shining armor! At that very instant I felt so overwhelmed with joy that this man brought back hope to me in the most unselfish way possible.

    My fiancénd I left the beach that evening around 10:30pm praying that Mike would find our ring. I felt so much at peace driving back home after speaking to Mike and having him reassure me that he was going to do everything he possibly could to find my ring. I did understand that my ring was a materialistic item, yet it had so much meaning behind it and was so special to me. Sure enough at 2:25am, I received a call that Mike had found my ring!! It was the most special indescribable moment I have ever felt. I personally want to say thank you to Mike for showing me that the Lord does work in such mysterious ways, bringing my fiancénd I closer together during such a loss and reuniting me with my engagement ring. Mike was such a great person to work with and he truly did such a great job! Thanks Mike! :)