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10K Wedding Ring Overboard! Recovered in Port Barrington, Illinois.

  • from Rockford (Illinois, United States)

Recently I got a call from Brian. He said that he found me on website and that he had lost his ring the day before. He and a friend were about to dock his boat and while they approached the peir Brian put his left hand on the edge of the boat to reach for the dock with his right hand. As he did that his wedding ring slide off of his finger and into about 4 1/2 feet of water. They spend about an hour wading around in the water with a pool skimmer in hopes of scooping it up without any luck. So we set up a time for the following day to meet up. We met up the next day and he showed me which pier he was at and about where he thought that it was. So I grabbed my gear and headed for that area. And right where he was pointing I got a rock solid 12 VDI on the Nox. For whatever reason it took me a while to scoop up the signal. Brian asked if I wanted to skip it and look more to my left. I told him I shouldn’t give up on this signal because it was the perfect gold numbers. Finally after what seemed like forever I got the signal in the scoop! When I picked the scoop up from the water I gave it a couple of shakes and sitting in the bottom of the basket was Brian’s white gold wedding band!! Success!!
Another smile for the book!!

Lost ring in the water, Daytona Beach, Florida…found by Florida ring finder!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Rachel, from Alabama, was vacationing in Daytona Beach and one afternoon her and her family were in waist deep Atlantic ocean water hitting a volleyball back and forth and she felt her ring come off of her finger and watched as it disappeared in the waves. She was devastated and tried frantically to find it and after awhile someone spotted a man metal detecting along the beach. They approached the man, Wayne was his name, and asked if he could help them find Rachel’s lost silver and turquoise ring. Wayne tried his best but for some reason he could not locate it. Thoughtfully he asked Rachel for her contact number just in case he happened to find it at a later date and that gave Rachel some hope…but not much for she thought surely she would never see her ring again.

Ten days later I decided to hit the beach and do some metal detecting in the water and I often go to Daytona Beach and randomly pick a beach to hunt and on this day I chose the waters in front of the Hilton and the Club Wyndam Ocean Walk area. I usually like to detect in the water and on that particular day I found a couple of rings, coins and a few junk ear rings. During the day I spotted two other guys metal detecting and struck up a conversation with them and as is the custom we always ask one another…”Have you found anything good today?” So I pulled out my finds and when Wayne saw the silver and turquoise ring he said, “Hey, I think I know the lady who lost that ring!” And sure enough later that evening Wayne sent me the young lady’s phone number and she confirmed it was indeed her lost ring! How cool is that! So a few days later I boxed up Rachel’s ring and put it in the mail! She was thrilled to have her ring back and her beautiful smile says it all!

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Heirloom Diamond Engagement Ring Found after Lost in Surf at Huntington Beach, CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)











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** Melody had been at Huntington State Beach in Southern California. She had walked down the the surf line to get her feet wet with no intention to go any deeper in the water. As she stood there, she made a slight jester with her hands and her engagement ring flew off her finger into 6 inches of water. The ring disappeared immediately into the wet sand and water as the wave washed down the slope.

Her friend tried to recover the ring for several hours as the tide was coming in. The beach closes at 10 pm which stopped their search that night. Early the next morning Melody went to a sporting goods store to purchase a metal detector. Her parents were going to drive her from San Bernardino, CA. back to Huntington Beach to continue the search. She was devastated because this engagement ring was irreplaceable as the diamond was actually her fiancés’ late grandmother’s. 

As they were driving Melody found my information on line. She called and I agreed to meet them at the location. Sometimes these can be a quick recovery. That was not the case this time. She list it a a very high tide in shallower water. We were there at the next lowest tide. Two hours searching a double grid pattern and going way outside the area where they thought the loss occurred no success. I even told her that I had done all I could do for this search . After I finish the last 20’x40’ grid, I would return tomorrow, hoping the next high tide might put the ring within detecting range.

Not five minutes later I got a great signal, which turned out to be Melody’s ring. It was way down the slope and in an area that I thought I had gridded thoroughly. Just a reminder that we are looking for the “ needle in the haystack “ .. Also a reminder that it is possible to miss a target even in a known area of the loss.  

Always awesome to help someone like Melody find her very special ring. So far it never gets old.

Lost wedding ring in Lake Conway, Belle Isle, Florida…..Found with metal detector by Orlando Ring Finder.

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Josh and his family, along with some good friends, were enjoying a warm summer day on Lake Conway swimming and playing catch with the football when all of a sudden Josh noticed that his wedding ring was not on his finger. Their boat was anchored in waist deep water so they all tried walking and swimming back and forth trying desperately to feel or see Josh’s ring but after an hour of absolutely no success they gave up their search. Josh’s wife, Katrina, went on Google to see if there was possibly any type of metal detecting service that could help in this sort of situation and sure enough… website came up and she gave me a call. As we talked, my main concern was how do you mark an exact location on the water so that later on I would be able to conduct a thorough search in the right area? I then asked Katrina to drop me a pin and to bury in the sandy lake bottom an empty soda can right where their boat was anchored. (One can also drop a bunch of coins as well as either method would help mark the exact area.)

My first attempt to search for Josh’s lost wedding ring took me 5 and a half hours of grid searching back and forth in waist deep water trying to at least locate the buried can….but I was not able to find it. Two things entered my mind. The first being that maybe my calculations were off and I was not looking in the right area and the other thought was that maybe someone else had found the ring and the can.

My second attempt I was accompanied by my good friend and CEO/founder of and together we expanded the original search area! After two hours of meticulous grid searching my friend Chris hollers that he found a buried aluminum can and not just one but two new looking cans…filled with sand! I immediately began making my way towards where the cans were buried and not 20 feet away I got another pull tab like signal reading and dug a scoop full of sand and muck and as I shook out the sand I could hear the distinct clunk, clunk of something heavy and there in the bottom was Josh’s lost wedding ring…sparkling clean and shiny as the day it was lost!

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  • from Raleigh (North Carolina, United States)

Got a call from a buddy of the guy that lost his wedding ring off the end of dock at an air-b-n-b about a week ago now. He was driving back from NC to MD and wasn’t able to meet up with me. I advised him that I can find it without him and will mail it out to him the first chance I got.

I drove 2.5 hours to the site, 15 minutes to set up and 5 minutes to recover it. It was my 2nd target while under water. Then drove 2.5 hours back. It was well worth it and always glad to help folks out when they have lost something.




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Ring goes up in fireworks, Orlando, Florida….lost in the water and found with metal detector!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Here is the story in Nikolai’s own words. “It was the fourth of July and my wife and I were visiting her parents in Orlando, Florida after our honeymoon in Mexico. We were out tubing on Lake Conway and I had put my wedding band and Julianne’s wedding band and engagement ring on my necklace for safe keeping to not lose them in the water. Upon returning to Julianne’s parents lake house I took off my necklace and removed the rings and kept them in my hand while Julianne went up to the house to change. At the same time Julianne’s father was attempting to light the first firework of the night on the beach, which was a fountain with 7 individual small mortar shots. He couldn’t get the wick to light due to some minor wind so naturally I came over to help. I cupped my hands around the lighter to shield it from the wind. I noticed something shiny drop into one of the mortar holes but didn’t think much of it, thinking it was just some left over reflective paper from the firework. The wick lit and the firework went off. At that moment I realized I was only holding two rings (mine and Julianne’s wedding bands) and not 3 rings! Julianne’s engagement ring was missing! I frantically looked around in the sand and everywhere else I stood from the point I had taken the necklace off to when I noticed the ring was gone. Then I remembered the shiny thing that dropped into the firework and was mortified that I might’ve dropped my wife’s engagement ring into the firework and launched it somewhere! We did not find the ring that night. The next day I searched on the internet for ways to find lost rings. The search came up with mostly metal detector sales but also yielded a site called “” that facilitated a group of individuals all over the United States that help with finding lost items of value. I was able to type in the zip code and a profile appeared of someone local that could help find my wife’s lost engagement ring. His name was Mike McInroe. I was able to call him and set up a time for him to come by that same day. Upon arrival he explained the purpose of the ring finders and the organizations history. He brought along his metal detector and flags and proceeded with his investigation by placing them in the areas I remembered being prior to losing the ring. He then spent the next 3 hours with his metal detector meticulously searching the entire beach area for the ring, including 10 feet into the shallow waters of Lake Conway. He did not find the lost engagement ring: but unfortunately had to halt the search for the day due to bad weather conditions. That evening Mike called me and we continued to brainstorm on what else we could do to help with the search. I told him of my fear of having possibly dropped the ring into the firework and that the ring could be anywhere. We then came up with the idea of recreating the scene. I was able to find the exact same firework used that night and was able to purchase two the next morning. Mike came back and brought along some fake dummy rings which he attached red ribbons to. We then placed the firework in the same spot that it had fired off from and added multiple of the dummy rings into it so that we would be able to follow the possible trajectory of where they landed in order to give us a clue of where Julianne’s ring could have landed. We launched 3 rings and all landed around 4 feet apart from each other about 10 to 15 feet out into the water. We then repeated the same test with the second firework and those 3 rings also landed in the same general area. Mike threw on his wet suit and went out to that area in search of our missing engagement ring. 15 minutes went by and after about the 4th scoop from the lake floor, he looked over and gave us a thumbs up with a big smile. He found our lost ring! We are so thankful that we were able to recover our ring with Mike’s help as it had meant so much to both Julianne and myself. We highly recommend utilizing the service of The Ring Finders, it is an amazing organization and they do great work! Nikolai and Julianne”

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Lost wedding rings at North lake, Southbend, Nebraska

  • from Lincoln (Nebraska, United States)

We were contacted about a lost wedding ring set. Lindsay had put them in her pocket while applying sunscreen to everyone.  Well the activities of July 4th happened and when she got back home there was no celebration because her rings of 11 years were gone. Through much communication which included endless questions we started our search.  We endoscoped the boat, dock and searched the cabin area. We headed to another area they were at and my partner Nelson who is my 13yrld son found one and then the other in the shallow water.




How To Find A Gold Wedding Ring in Priest Lake.

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

The newlyweds Ryan and Sarah were enjoying a perfect summers day at the lake. After taking a few gorgeous photographs, Ryan took a dip in the cold water of Priest lake. Taking a brief swim Ryan exited the water missing his newly received gold wedding ring. With shock and disbelief Ryan got back in the water for another swim to try and recover his ring. Borrowing a set of goggles from a nearby boater and wadding around in the four feet of water, Ryan didn’t find his ring.  Let’s just say the boat ride back was quiet. After arriving to his camping trailer and sharing his news with fellow campers his mother said find a man with a metal detector. Promptly Ryan did what he was told. After reading Ryan’s text we spoke on the phone and made plans for the next morning. I headed to Priest lake early in the morning. After meeting Ryan and his wife we set sail on a pontoon boat. I jumped in the 60 degree water and was directed to the drop zone by Ryan and the other sailors on board. I was using my Equinox 800 and a guide line to keep a true search heading. In the first 30ft circle I made, I found a bullet and a crude weight. Expanding that search zone and focusing in on the northern part of my circle I made half moon shape paths. At the conclusion of that search I was very cold but not wanting to quit. So I reeled in my guide line and asked for advice on one more zone to search. I backed up away from my weight, guide line in hand and asked the crew members to tell me when to stop. They all agreed and Ryan said stop . I headed to the south for my first pass and as I made three steps I saw a perfect round object sitting in the sand. I gave the boat a huge smile and dove down to retrieve Ryan’s wedding ring. With pictures and champagne the boat crew and I celebrated . Within one week of getting his ring, Ryan had thought he had lost it forever. Within a day, he got it back. The thought of his ring being gone forever, erased by another ring finders smile.


The newly weds showing off their rings

Lost heirloom rings in water at Wekiva Falls, Sorrento, Florida….found with a metal detector!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

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Mrs Jocelyn was enjoying a beautiful day at Wekiva Falls and spent most of the day floating in the cool water while her kids and grandson played in the deeper waters of the spring where the slide was located. Towards the end of their swim Jocelyn needed some help getting out of her tube and up the bank and she noticed her diamond rings were missing from her finger. She immediately called her family to help look for her rings in the shallow water but it was nowhere to be found and that is when they called me. Jocelyn wrote,”While spending time with family in Sorrento at Wekiva Falls RV Resort, Florida I lost the wedding ring set that has been in my family for generations! I gave Mike McInroe a call! I found him on a Google search through Theringfinders and he said he wanted to come out that night instead of waiting until morning. I was comforted by Mike’s smile as soon as I met him! We showed him the area we were in and Praise God, within 10 minutes of searching he found my lost ring set! Mike was so kind and sweet. If I could give him an infinite amount of stars it wouldn’t be enough! I just can’t thank him enough!”

It was truly an honor to help Mrs Jocelyn and her family!

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Lost Diamond in grass, Orlando, Florida…..Found with metal detector!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

In Tina’s own words, she says,”Saturday, March 11th I brought the dog out to do his business. He was taking his sweet time and as I was waiting for him I started fidgeting with my diamond ring, as I often do! With the first twirl around my finger I felt the diamond pop off of my ring. I was sure it just dropped straight down into the grass. I hurried the dog back inside and then returned to where I was standing so I could get a better look at the ground. It was no where to be found! I then woke up my husband and my son and they both rushed outside to help me look for my lost diamond. We even had a couple of our neighbors join in the hunt as well. After approximately 5 hours we decided to borrow a friend’s metal detector and we dug up a good section of our yard, but we had NO LUCK! We then waited until it got dark and went back out with a couple of strong flash lights to see if we could catch a glimmer of the diamond sparkling in the light but even that failed! It made it more difficult since it was just the diamond, with the prongs still attached and not the whole ring. So after exhausting all the suggestions we could think of I tried the internet and Googled “How to find a diamond in the grass”! Then I came across! There were a couple of Ring finder members in the Orlando area so I went with the one who had the most successful recoveries! I called Mike McInroe shortly after 12 noon and he was able to come by our house around 4:30pm that same day! He thoroughly searched the immediate area and after two hours my husband and I were starting to give up hope. And then all of a sudden Mike came over to me with my diamond in his hand!!! We were so so very thankful! It was truly a blessing that I found him on line and that he was able to find my precious diamond. We couldn’t thank him enough!”

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