Don Marshall

  • Land/Shallow Water Search
  • Diver/Underwater Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a reward basis, its what its worth to you to have your item found and what you can afford. There will be a $30 call out fee to cover fuel.

Search Types

Parks, Yards, Beaches, Lakes, I also have a underwater detector and can search up to 25 feet depth in the water.

Search Locations

Victoria, Sidney to Sooke

Don Marshall's Bio


My name is Don, I am equipped with some of the best equipment for land or water searches. My promise to you is that I will do my very best to reunite you with your lost treasures.

Don Marshall - Recent Blog Post

  • Lost Mother’s Engagement Ring Recovered Victoria, B.C. (2020)

    August 7th Janice was watering plants on her deck when the chain that had her parents wedding rings and her brothers St. Christopher, came undone. She grabbed for it and caught two of the five items. Janice went under the deck and was able to recover all but her Mother’s engagement ring. This ring is […]

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  • Wedding Ring Lost and Recovered Victoria B.C. (2020)

          Fathers Day June 21 2020 Nemat was playing Volleyball at Gyro Park in Victoria. After a while he discovered his 18 K Wedding Ring was gone. Everyone searched with no luck. He called me at 11:55 and asked if I could help. At 3:15 I arrived at the park and started to […]

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  • Lost Men’s Wedding Ring Victoria B.C. Recovered (2020)

      Duncan was at the Hospital with his 5 week old baby. About 3AM he was heading home and was cleaning the snow off his car and brushed his hands on his pants to get warm and to remove the snow from his hands. He felt and heard his ring come off. He searched and […]

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  • Lost Wedding Ring Recovered Victoria (2019)

    Craig was working in his yard raking leaves. After he came inside he discovered he lost his Custom Wedding Ring. After renting a detector and having no luck, he searched the internet and contacted me. I arranged to meet him and after less than 1 hour, Craig had his ring back. An awesome ending, I […]

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  • Lost Pendant recovered and returned Victoria B.C. (2019)

    Naomi, was spending a hot summer day relaxing in the water of Glen Lake and lost a very special Pendant. She found me on the internet and after a 30 minute search bingo she had it back. I so love my job.

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Don Marshall - Testimonials

  • I can’t say enough nice things about Don... (2020)


    I can’t say enough nice things about Don. I was up most of the night at the hospital with our daughter letting my wife get some sleep, so losing my ring was the last thing I needed at that moment. Spent the better part of two hours in a sleep-deprived panic looking around in the deep snow before giving up and getting in touch with Don. He got back to me right away and told me he’d meet me as soon as he could. He was totally unflappable, just calmly persevered until we’d checked every possible place it could be until we found it.

    I’m incredibly relieved and endlessly grateful. It was a tough few days already with our daughter being sick and I didn’t need one more thing to worry about. Thankfully, along with finding the ring, I also got to take my wife and daughter home from the hospital. Everything is as it should be again.

    Don is a gem, and he seemed so happy and excited to have been able to help. Thanks again, Don!


  • Don was absolutely amazing! He found the first ring in less than 15 seconds (2018)


    Don was absolutely amazing! He found the first ring in less than 15 seconds and then found the other 2 rings in 45 seconds! We were so happy to find them, there were high fives and the beach party beside us gave us a big cheer. Way to go Don and “”.

  • Don is a true gentleman and his joy in reuniting people with items precious to them is palpable. Thank you Don! (2017)


    I was heartbroken when I arrived home from the barn Thursday and discovered that my ring, which I thought was safely stowed in my travel bag, was missing.

    A search of the barn and my vehicle that night failed to locate the ring my husband had proposed to me with almost 30 years ago. The ring has huge sentimental value to us; we were young, had just bought our first house, and this ring represented the next step of our journey together.

    Mike found Don’s name on the Internet the next day and arranged for him to meet me at the barn on Saturday. Within 15 minutes of meeting, Don I was once again wearing my ring! I am not sure who was happier, me at having it back or Don at having found it for me! Don is a true gentleman and his joy in reuniting people with items precious to them is palpable. Thank you Don!

  • I then got on the web and searched for a ring finder and to my surprise I found one in my area (2014)


    I lost my wedding rings while while cutting the lawn with the ride on mower. It was supper time that I noticed my wedding rings were missing, there is an engagement ring with ten diamonds in it welded to the wedding band. I felt really bad as I told my wife and saw the look of desperation on her face. We did go out and look with no luck which only made us feel hopeless.

    I then got on the web and searched for a ring finder and to my surprise I found one in my area []. I did not have much hope for finding them as there was 6,000 square feet to cover and a lot of precut grass for them to hide in.

    Don showed up as promised and I signed his contract and I showed him where I started and where I finished. He did find the special hood hinge bolt off the tractor which gave me confidence that he would eventually find my rings.

    He found it on the second day of his search and I was very surprised that he found it an hour into his search. I was very impressed with his expertise and how quickly he found them. I just can’t thank him enough for his kindness. My wife came home just as Don was preparing to leave and was very elated to discover he had found them.


    The crappy weld job was done by myself saving me the $250.00 the jeweler wanted to up-size them and weld them together. At the time I thought no one will see it anyway, was I ever wrong. It is my first time working with gold and I will try to do better the next time.

    Thank You Don.

    Steve & Donna