Don Marshall

Cost For My Service

I work on a reward basis, its what its worth to you to have your item found and what you can afford. There will be a $25 call out fee to cover fuel.

Search Types

Parks, Yards, Beaches, Lakes, I also have a underwater detector and can search up to 25 feet depth in the water.

Search Locations

Victoria, Sidney to Sooke

Don Marshall's Bio


My name is Don, I am equipped with some of the best equipment for land or water searches. My promise to you is that I will do my very best to reunite you with your lost treasures.

Don Marshall - Recent Blog Posts

  • Lost Engagement Ring Victoria B.C. Lost, Recovered and Returned (2017)

                                          Kathy was out at the barns tending to her horse. She was at her truck and discovered her ring was gone.   After searching with no luck, Mike her husband turned to the internet and found […]

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  • Lost Engagement Ring Victoria B.C. Recovered and Returned (2017)

                                  Sarah was training her horse on Monday, it was cold and she was wearing gloves. Sarah took her ring off and placed it in her pocket for safe keeping. When she went to put it back on it was gone, […]

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  • Lost Wedding Band Esquimalt B.C. Recovered and Returned (2016)

                            Thursday November 17th Kevan was playing Rugby and lost his wedding ring, it was dark when he discovered it gone. The next day he returned with a friend and a metal detector, they had no luck locating the ring. His wife Juliane heard […]

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  • Ring Lost while fishing recovered and Returned (2016)

    Chris was fly fishing in the Sooke River outside Victoria B.C. On Saturday October 15th, he got a fish on and was fighting this mature Salmon when he felt his Wedding Ring fall off. Now this is bad news but it gets worse, Chris was a newly wed only 7 weeks married and he losses […]

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  • Lost Wedding Ring found and returned years later (2015)

    Hi, My name is Susan and I saw the ad where you’ve found several rings from elk lake. I’m hoping my husband’s was among them. A couple of years ago, he lost his original wedding band in elk lake while we were swimming. It would have been around the Hamsterly beach area. The ring itself […]

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Don Marshall - Testimonials

  • Don is a true gentleman and his joy in reuniting people with items precious to them is palpable. Thank you Don! (2017)


    I was heartbroken when I arrived home from the barn Thursday and discovered that my ring, which I thought was safely stowed in my travel bag, was missing.

    A search of the barn and my vehicle that night failed to locate the ring my husband had proposed to me with almost 30 years ago. The ring has huge sentimental value to us; we were young, had just bought our first house, and this ring represented the next step of our journey together.

    Mike found Don’s name on the Internet the next day and arranged for him to meet me at the barn on Saturday. Within 15 minutes of meeting, Don I was once again wearing my ring! I am not sure who was happier, me at having it back or Don at having found it for me! Don is a true gentleman and his joy in reuniting people with items precious to them is palpable. Thank you Don!

  • I then got on the web and searched for a ring finder and to my surprise I found one in my area (2014)


    I lost my wedding rings while while cutting the lawn with the ride on mower. It was supper time that I noticed my wedding rings were missing, there is an engagement ring with ten diamonds in it welded to the wedding band. I felt really bad as I told my wife and saw the look of desperation on her face. We did go out and look with no luck which only made us feel hopeless.

    I then got on the web and searched for a ring finder and to my surprise I found one in my area []. I did not have much hope for finding them as there was 6,000 square feet to cover and a lot of precut grass for them to hide in.

    Don showed up as promised and I signed his contract and I showed him where I started and where I finished. He did find the special hood hinge bolt off the tractor which gave me confidence that he would eventually find my rings.

    He found it on the second day of his search and I was very surprised that he found it an hour into his search. I was very impressed with his expertise and how quickly he found them. I just can’t thank him enough for his kindness. My wife came home just as Don was preparing to leave and was very elated to discover he had found them.


    The crappy weld job was done by myself saving me the $250.00 the jeweler wanted to up-size them and weld them together. At the time I thought no one will see it anyway, was I ever wrong. It is my first time working with gold and I will try to do better the next time.

    Thank You Don.

    Steve & Donna