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Lost Ring and Shark Visit – Gulf Shores, AL – FOUND!

from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)
Contact: 1-850-346-1736

I was so tired yesterday that I didn’t even write up the story but the day was totally worth it. The night before I received a call from Angel who was down from Tennessee with her fiancé celebrating their engagement in Gulf Shores. She explained that she had been out in about thigh deep water throwing a football when her ring came off. At least she assumed it was in the Gulf, like most people, she wasn’t aware that it was gone until later that day. I agreed that I would come the next day but it would have to be at Sunrise because I was working that day and would have to find it before then. I pulled into the condo at 5:45am after an hour drive and Angel was already eagerly waiting for me in the parking lot. As we walked down to the beach and she explained where she thought it was, I quickly learned that she is just a lovely person and I said a quick prayer for help finding the ring. I got out in the Gulf and it was just awesome. The sun was beginning to peak over the horizon and the water was clear and calm. I was really enjoying myself and before long Angel’s fiancé joined her on the beach. I was explaining about the need to dig the occasional coin when I saw movement from my right. It was a small shark maybe a bit over 4ft long and he came right up to me about arms length. He just kind of eyeballed me and said hello and I thought that it was a great sign. I proceeded to do my first search pattern left to right with no luck. I then went into super detective mode and scoured the entire area again the other way going North and South. As I was wrapping up about an hour later I started to get worried. That ring was not where they thought it was. I walked up and suggested that we move some of the chairs around and let me grid off the beach. I could see Angel getting really worried so I tried to stay upbeat. When I was done with the beach, I told her that I wasn’t giving up yet so she couldn’t either. I told her to think about other areas it could be while I went back into the water and expanded my search west. I was on only my second pass when I got the unmistakable sound of gold. It was such a good signal that I got their attention and they watched eagerly as sure enough I had it in my scoop. There were so many shells it was hard to see until finally I saw a flash of diamond. I gave them a big smile and a thumbs up. It’s the first time I have had to fend off a couple with my metal detector and back away saying “Don’t hug me, don’t hug me”. 😃 Luckily, social distancing won out and as they hugged each other and cried a bit, I promised that one of these days I might make it up to Nashville post Covid and I would gladly take those hugs. Until then, Angel, I am so glad I was able to help you two out and I wish you all the very best! 💍

Lost Ring after Tropical Storm – Orange Beach, AL – FOUND!

from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)
Contact: 1-850-346-1736

Yesterday after work I got a call from a nice man named Nathaniel from Huntsville, AL. He and his wife were staying at Orange Beach and had already ridden out Tropical Storm Cristobal so they were really ready to get down on the beach and do some exploring. Sometimes after a big storm there will be tidal pools left after the surge takes out a bunch of sand and leaves the water in it’s place and that’s what Nathaniel was enjoying, throwing football back and forth when his wedding ring came flying off. When Nathaniel called me I went through my standard list of questions and the only thing I was worried about was that a gentleman on the beach with a detector had helped them look in the water for about 45 mins to no avail. It turns out that this was a Good Samaritan from out of town and might not have been familiar with hunting in saltwater. I told Nathaniel that I would be there in about an hr and not to worry that even if it took awhile I was prepared for a night hunt. I was secretly thinking that it wouldn’t take long to grid the tidal pool but when I got there I saw that it was easily the largest one I had ever seen on the beach. It was over 100yds by 100yds. Wow. 😳  Luckily, Nathaniel is a very intelligent guy and had immediately marked his position with landmarks and then walked straight out and marked his position on the sand with a beach chair. We had a great starting point. We went over a few more questions and as the rain poured down, I started my search. I could hear the disturbed areas in my machine where they had been digging, looking for it so with every step I was hoping to hear that gold tone. The first try was a no go so I asked a few more questions about whether he was throwing the ball hard or lobbing it, etc.  I expanded my search and started to see that tell tale sign of doubt and worry on Nathaniel’s face. I told him not to worry that I even had another detector in the car and if I had to I could grid out the entire area. He nodded and smiled a bit as I finished up the larger area with no luck. I came back over and asked him what he was thinking while he was watching me search and he said he was worried. Nathaniel is a big strong guy and he said he was throwing the ball hard so I asked him if he was throwing a tight spiral. He said of course 😄 so I told him that if he had followed through the ring may have flung to the other side towards shore. He said he had thought of that but he didn’t see it splash and he felt like it just had to be the other way. I smiled and politely told him my favorite line that “if they knew where it was, they wouldn’t need me.”  He laughed and agreed to let me do a bit of searching towards the waters edge. I went 3 feet and got a 12-37 which is usually a zinc penny on my machine but I never pass a good signal while searching for a ring and I always dig it very gently so I won’t damage the ring just in case. It came up in the scoop so easily that it didn’t make a sound and when I held it over to Nathaniel he just yelled, “YOU ARE THE MAN!!!”  Haha, that feeling of elation never gets old. It turns out that it was Nathaniel’s wife’s birthday and she was at dinner with family hoping that he would make it in time. When I found out I insisted that we make a run for it and they could send me pics later. As you can see, he made the dinner and I’m pretty sure his wife liked her birthday present. 👍😃. I’m so glad that I could help out, Nathaniel. It was a pleasure meeting you. God bless!

Lost Heirloom Necklace, Orange Beach, AL – FOUND!

from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)
Contact: 1-850-346-1736

What a great day today!  My new friend Alexander called me last night with a very big problem. He was enjoying dinner with his family and his girlfriend and decided to take a group photo. When he looked at the picture he realized that he was missing his cherished necklace. It was his Grandmother’s and it was made in Beirut many years ago. It was even said to have a splinter in the cross that hung on it from the Cross that Jesus was crucified on. Alexander’s Grandmother passed away when he was a kid and she entrusted it to his Dad to hold until he was old enough to truly understand the importance of the necklace. Since that day over 4 years ago Alexander has not taken it off. That’s why when he did the math and realized he had dropped it in the gulf in chest deep water while taking a swim earlier in the day, he immediately began trying to find someone who could help him get it back. That’s where I came in! 😃  When he called, we went over the logistics of everything and I explained how I could help but I was struck at how truly worried he was. I’ve never had someone so pointedly and honestly ask me, “Can I trust you?”  I immediately decided that I was going to do everything in my power to prove my answer to him that yes, I was indeed trustworthy. I met Alexander and his girlfriend Leslie bright and early this morning in Orange Beach. They walked me down to the gulf and pointed out the area where they thought it was and settled in to watch me do my thing.  I’m not going to lie, 3 & 1/2 hours later, I was starting to get concerned. I expanded the search and thoroughly covered a huge area but it was simply not there. We had already covered tides and the current but I decided to come in and talk to Alexander. He and Leslie has stayed on the beach the entire time and I could see the growing worry in their faces. I asked Alexander if there was a spot that he had thought about while watching me that I hadn’t covered. He said the only place he could possibly think of was maybe shallower and east of the search area. I went right back out while he and Leslie were discussing that this might be the last shot. I’m always talking to the Man upstairs when I do these recoveries but this time I was really asking him to slow me down and guide me. I only had about one pass left when I heard a good sound. I snapped my head down and I briefly saw Leslie realize I had heard something good. I had dug so many pieces of trash earlier that I knew this could be another but I still very gently used my scoop to make sure I didn’t damage anything, just in case. Sure enough on the second scoop down I looked in and saw that beautiful gold cross still on that gold chain as if nothing had ever happened. You can imagine the celebration of the whole family and the relieved joy and disbelief of Alexander when I held out the scoop for him to remove his Grandmother’s necklace. We could only air high five since we were being responsible and social distancing but I had one of my favorite moments ever doing this as Alexander tried to find the right words… he finally said, “You know, I will remember you forever!”  😃😃😃. I’ll remember you too my friend. God bless you all and hang on to that necklace. 😉

If you lost something, READ THIS!

from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)
Contact: 1-850-346-1736

With the beautiful weather and the long weekend, I thought I would post a PSA. If you are looking at my page and in need of someone to help you find your lost ring or item, please immediately remove any posts you have made on social media about where you lost it. I know you mean well but unfortunately there are a lot of unscrupulous people out there that will go and try to find it that don’t have good intentions. The fact is that in all of the years I have been doing this, I have only been able to recover one expensive ring that was first shared extensively on social media. 😳. So take a deep breath and give me a call. I won’t ask you for any specific information on where your ring is until you and I are both comfortable and then I will go get it for you and put that ring back on your finger where it belongs. God bless and Happy Memorial Day!
p.s.- please share this post with your friends if you don’t mind
-Dave 850-346-1736

Lost Ring Perdido Beach – FOUND!!!

from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)
Contact: 1-850-346-1736

Well this is a ring return I won’t ever forget. Even Covid-19 couldn’t stop this nice lady from getting her ring back on her finger. Two days ago, Tyler and her family were in Perdido Beach and on the way back to the car she had her engagement ring on her child’s stroller. As you can imagine, she hit a bumpy patch and by the time she got back to the car her ring was gone on the beach. Yesterday she posted all over social media in hopes that someone may have found it. This is usually a really bad idea because with that much info, someone that is not interested in returning it can find it and move along. Luckily a few people recommended my services (thank you!) and she sent me an email. She didn’t provide any information and didn’t even give me a phone number. Even though I sent her a few emails back she didn’t reply or call. This is totally normal because she was so shocked, I know she was probably trying to make sure she didn’t get scammed with promises of help and she was overwhelmed with the prospect of losing her ring forever. I felt bad for her and I knew that the longer all of the information stayed on the internet, the higher the chance she would never get it back. My friend Charlie and I had the chance to get out today and I talked him into heading to the area. Once there we were very lucky to find it pretty quickly based on our experience with where she may have lost it. I finally posted on Explore Pensacola and she called within the hour. I invited Tyler and her husband to my home and did my first ever social distancing ring return. 😃. I think they were both shocked that a total stranger would just go get her ring for her. I’m very glad to be able to do it. Thanks for the assist today Charlie!  God bless you all!!! 💍

Lost Gold Wedding Band at English Bay Beach, Vancouver…Found!

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: 1-778-838-3463

Lost your ring at the beach…Call: Chris Turner 778-838-3463 Member & CEO of

First Day of the Year and First Gold ring of the Year…Most of my recoveries start with a call followed with a location but this was different. It was Jan.1st 2020 and I went to English Bay beach after the Polar Bear swim where I waited for dark to start my search of the beach.

I started detecting the beach where just hours before there were thousands of people diving into the cold water to bring in the new year. I saw another detectorist (Steve) nice young man out detecting, we talked for a bit and continued on our way.

I’ve searched many years after the polar bear swim and I hardly find enough to buy a coffee and have never found gold after this event. That changed today, I found a beautiful 18 kt gold wedding band with 3 small diamonds. What a great feeling to see that in my scoop and I had a great feeling that I would find the owner as there was the wedding date and name in this ring.

When I got home I posted it on the Craigs List and when I woke up the next morning I had 4 bogus emails & text messages in regards to the ring…All scams! Then another hunter contacted me with a number of someone who had lost a ring that matched mine. I contacted the man and he called me back a few hours later with the exact details of the ring!

As most of you know I get joy out of returning these cherished keepsakes back to their owners and what a great young man I met today, as you can imagine he was very happy!













I love my job! Lost your ring…Call a member of TheRingFinders ASAP

Watch video below: The return of the ring…








Lost FDNY Retirement Ring… Found!

from Yokosuka (Japan)
Contact: 1-910-835-6350

I received the following email from Liam:

“Hi Justin I just discovered your website. My dad could use a hand ASAP he lost his FDNY retirement ring he’s been wearing for the past 15 years. He’s here on vacation for his 60th birthday. We know the exact location. It fell off his finger about 8 hours ago. The tide might have moved it but he thinks it’s in this shallow patch of sand. He searched three hours till caving in.”

Liam’s father Tom is a retired New York City Fire Department Lieutenant who received this ring from his men upon retirement. I arrived at the search site in Kahala at about 5PM. The search area was about 50’×20’ and was enclosed by reefs on the east and south sides. Tom’s ring slipped off his finger while taking a leisurely dip in the water. The water was averaging about 3ft deep with some current and wave action. I started searching the back edge of the search area and gradually worked my way in towards shore.

About 30 minutes into the search, I received a faint low tone about 10ft from shore in 3’ of water. I made a scoop then sifted out the sand and saw a pulltab which was about 6” deep. I made another scan and found that there was still something in the hole. I made a second scoop and found Tom’s retirement ring!




Lost Engagement Ring at White Plains… Found!

from Yokosuka (Japan)
Contact: 1-910-835-6350

Sunday, January 19, 2014:

I received a call this evening at around 7:30 PM about a lost engagement ring at White Plains Beach Park. Jay and Casey searched for Casey’s lost engagement ring for about an hour. Casey removed her ring and placed it in her shorts pocket prior to going for a swim in the ocean. When she got out of the water, she picked up her shorts which were laying on the dry sand, walked to the showers, and then to the parking lot. That was when Casey realized that her ring was missing.

I arrived at White Plains Beach Park at around 7:50 PM. I didn’t bring my Pulse Induction machine because I figured there would be a lot of trash so I brought the Excalibur II instead. I started with a grid search from the grass line all the way down to about 10ft from the wet sand. I found almost $2 in coins along with a ton of aluminum foil and pulltabs. After searching the entire beach area, roughly 150’x100′, I proceeded to search the grassy area between the beach and the parking lot. A couple of people, to include Casey, were helping me search the area with flashlights. I only brought my cell phone light so they were a huge help! I received a lot of hits though it was difficult to distinguish between surface and subsurface targets so we stayed in that area for about an hour to make sure that we didn’t accidentally miss the ring.

After completing my search of the grassy area, the only other place that I hadn’t searched was the parking lot which was completely flat with nothing to conceal a ring. Seeing the heartbreaking look on Casey’s face, I decided to go back to the beach to search. I hoped that her ring was outside of the area I covered. I searched about 20 feet to the east of my original search grid with no luck. At that point I felt that I should search the wet sand even though it was way out of the search area.

Three hours into the search, while detecting in the wet sand, I received a very faint tone along with the sound of a quarter. I almost missed that faint tone which turned out to be Casey’s white gold engagement ring which was buried about 6 inches down in the wet sand, next to a quarter.

Lost Engagement Ring at Sunset Beach… Found!

from Yokosuka (Japan)
Contact: 1-910-835-6350

February 10, 2014:

I received an email from Gina this afternoon. She requested my help with searching for her lost platinum engagement ring which fell into the soft sand at Sunset Beach, on the North Shore of Oahu. Two rings were actually lost- Gina’s engagement ring and wedding ring. Gina found her wedding ring within 10 minutes of searching by hand but she couldn’t locate her engagement ring. When I called Gina, she was on the other line with a metal detector rental shop in Waikiki. I told her that I was available to help and would be there within a few hours.

It was a nice day so I took the Harley with my White’s Surf PI metal detector packed in my backpack. I didn’t take the Excalibur II because I knew the beach would be pretty clean and figured I might need the extra depth for this search. I met up with Gina at Sunset Beach and we discussed where she thought the ring might have fell into the sand. I began my grid search and didn’t find any targets for the first 20 minutes. About 45 minutes into the search I had 6 bottle caps, 1 penny, 1 bracelet, and a couple pulltabs in my pocket. Gina reviewed the pictures she took earlier in the day and took new ones to make a comparison. This narrowed down my search area quite a bit and within minutes I got a very faint and broken signal. I thought it was junk at first but kept digging anyway. I saw the outline of a ring and was praying that it wasn’t another pulltab… then I saw the diamond! Gina’s ring was about 12″ deep. Someone must have stepped on the ring to push it that deep.

I’ll never forget the moment when I reunited Gina with her ring. There were hugs, tears, high fives, and applause. This is the reason why I love helping people find their lost rings. These moments are reward enough for me.


Lost Engagement Ring at the Hilton Hawaiian… Found!

from Yokosuka (Japan)
Contact: 1-910-835-6350

Wednesday, February 12, 2014:

I received an email from Evelyn this afternoon. She needed help finding her yellow gold 30yr old diamond engagement ring which was lost in the ocean fronting the Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel in Waikiki. She was due to fly back home to Canada on the 13th.

I arrived at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel at around 5PM. Evelyn and her husband David met me at the beach where we discussed the possible locations of their lost ring. The ring slipped off when a wave hit Evelyn while standing in 5ft of water that went up to her neck. She took a bearing to some coconut trees immediately after her ring slipped off her finger so she had a pretty good idea of where the ring slipped off.

The tide was low when the ring was lost but high while I was searching so instead of the search area being 5ft deep, it was about 6ft. Searching required some duck diving but I got a nice sounding target about 25 minutes into the search in about 5ft of water. I pulled up the target and found a yellow gold engagement ring sitting at the bottom of my scoop. It was Evelyn’s ring!