Lost Ring Found and Returned at Earl Beach Harwich, Massachusetts

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

Chris was just enjoying the sun and sand in knee deep water right in front of his wife when his ring slipped off his finger into the Nantucket sound. The usual search by several people did not bring the ring out of the sandy bottom. A more drastic recovery would begin by a phone call for help. Unfortunately the call came five days later and after the loss and the Cape’s first tropical storm of this year covered the ring with more sand than my detectors could “see” through. I tried my two best detectors on the first two days of of searching without a positive result. My detectors just could not penetrate deep enough to locate the target.

Chris and Maggie had to return home, leaving vacation land and Chris’ ring on the shore. I told them I had not given up after 6 hours of searching and I would keep them apprised of my further attempts to find the missing ring. Another 5 days passed, tides would rise and lower taking some sand away from the beach cover as I waited for my next search.

Thanks to the parking attendant for giving me permission to park without paying the $30/day parking fee for the last half hour a parking sticker was required. I parked, dawned my gear, and headed to the area. I covered the area Chris had shown me that should be holding the ring with no luck. I moved a bit further down the loose sand area. Within 5 minute I heard the tone I wanted to hear. Yes, after two deep scoops into the sand the ring was glittering as it lay on the bottom of my scoop the sun shown on it. A beautiful sight!

At home a call was made to inform Chris and Maggie of my success. Arrangements were made for a meeting and return on Sunday. We met for a bit of story telling, smiles and photos as the wedding band was returned. Of course there were many “Thank Yous”.



2 Replies to “Lost Ring Found and Returned at Earl Beach Harwich, Massachusetts”

  1. Chris says:


    We CANNOT thank you enough for returning my ring. I still can’t stop telling friends and family about our experience with you and you’re wonderful wife. Everyone was so touched to hear that there people like Rick Browne and the Ring Finders Society. You are the absolute best.


  2. Bob Steingut says:

    While it’s been a while since your finding ‘The Ring’ T’giving prompted me to write this. See, I’m Maggie’s dad and Chris’s as well!! You brought much happiness to our entire family and for that we will always be thinking of you. Stay healthy and be careful!!!

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