Dave Cartee

  • Land/Shallow Water Search
  • Diver/Underwater Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a reward basis, that means you pay me what it's worth to you and what you can afford for me to come out and find your lost item. We can discuss it further when you call.

If your search requires me to dive, please contact me to discuss the cost for this specialty search.

Search Types

I have a top of the line land machine as well as an amazing saltwater machine that lets me find your item on the beach or in the surf. In addition, I have been diving for 25 years and my machine allows me to find your item in much deeper water.

Search Locations

I live in Pensacola, FL but I am willing to go as far west as Mobile, AL, east to Destin, FL and north to Montgomery, AL as well as anywhere in between.

Dave Cartee's Bio

I am 44 years old and have a wife and two kids. I have lived in Pensacola for 33 years. I first became fascinated with metal detecting as a kid when I helped my grandmother dig up an old hotel door lost in a hurricane that she located using an old Radio Shack detector on the beach. By the time we id'd it we had so many people watching and the paper even took her picture. It was so exciting and that got me hooked. Since then I have much better equipment and have learned quite a few techniques but each target is still just as exciting. At the end of the day I joined Ringfinders because there is no better feeling than finding something for someone they thought was lost forever.

Dave Cartee - Recent Blog Post

  • Lost Class Ring – Pensacola Beach Spring Break – FOUND! (2018)

    What a great night recovery.  I got a call tonight from Debbie about 7:30 pm very worried about her daughter Lyndsay’s class ring.  It turns out that earlier in the afternoon on Pensacola Beach Lyndsay was trying to take a sunset picture of her gorgeous Texas A&M solid gold class ring and she dropped it […]

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  • Lost Ring Perdido Key – FOUND (2017)

    This worked out great!  Jason called me and told me that he had lost the wedding band that had been on his finger for 14 years in chest deep water in the Gulf of Mexico.  I felt horrible telling him that I wasn’t able to get in the water for a week because of Doctor’s […]

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  • Lost Ring Pensacola Beach – FOUND! (2017)

    This was a neat story.  A nice lady on the beach at the Portofino Condos in Pensacola Beach stopped me and said that she wished I had been there a couple of days earlier.  I asked her why and she proceeded to explain that BOTH of her sons had lost their wedding bands in the […]

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  • Lost Ring Orange Beach – Found! (2017)

    Today was a great day!  I was on the way to pick up my son when Josh from North Alabama called.  Josh was frantic because he had lost his wedding band in the gulf a few hours earlier while throwing football with a family member.  His wife said not to bother even calling because they […]

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  • Lost Ring Pensacola FOUND! (2017)

    I was detecting on the beach when I had a nice man come up and ask if I could help them.  His friend Kelly had dropped his wedding band in neck deep water 5 hrs earlier.  Kelly was so upset that they couldn’t find his ring that he’d had on his finger for 25 years […]

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Dave Cartee - Testimonials

  • I would strongly recommend Dave and I am so pleased that there is an organization out there like theringfinders.com (2017)


    To say that I am grateful to have met Dave Cartee, would be the understatement of the year, or maybe the last 17 years to be exact.

    After spending a wonderful week with my wife and daughters on the beach in Perdido Key, Florida, you can imagine the sheer terror when I walked out of the Gulf on our last day there only to find that my wedding band was missing. It was a truly helpless feeling.

    Before going to dinner that night, I searched the Internet for stories about other guys who maybe had lost their wedding bands. It was just an effort to try to make me feel better.

    While doing the search, I ran on to theringfinders.com. It was there I met my new friend Dave. He listened to my story and instantly put me at ease. He gave me confidence that there was really a good chance he thought he could find my ring.

    Despite recently having had surgery, he still made himself available to try to help me out. You can imagine the sheer joy we experienced, while driving back to Illinois, in receiving the phone call that he had found my wedding band.

    It was truly a miracle! I have since told many people this story and they find it almost unbelievable. I would strongly recommend Dave and I am so pleased that there is an organization out there like theringfinders.com to help people in a truly desperate moment. I will be forever grateful.

    Jason Tompkins

  • If you don't think it's possible to find your lost ring (like me) Dave and Cale will make you a believer! (2017)


    Thank you Dave and Cale!

    I was on vacation with my family in orange beach. We were playing football in the surf (and I made the mistake of not taking my wedding ring off) it popped right off into the water. We searched for roughly an hour to no prevail. I had read on Reddit awhile back about people who specifically look for lost jewelry, but never thought that I would need it. I wasn't sure it was possible since it was "in the surf". So I googled and gave Dave a call (since he was the only one who appeared to have an "aquatic" metal detector) thinking it was a HUGE long shot. Well Dave, and his son Cale, came to the rescue. When he answered the phone I was trying to explain how I didn't think it was findable/possible and thanks for his time, but he assured me that he WOULD find it, and to relax. Dave and Cale came out and found it in about 30 minutes! I was in shock, and so was everyone else on the beach! Dave and Cale I can't thank y'all enough! Not only are these guys selfless, but some of the nicest (most confident) people I have EVER met. If you don't think it's possible to find your lost ring (like me) Dave and Cale will make you a believer! I know this might sound like a infomercial, but it was Utterly amazing!

    Thanks Dave! and Tell Cale I said he's the man!


    Josh Thorne

  • So if you have lost a ring and are in the Pensacola area, give Dave a call ASAP! (2017)

    Just want to say thanks to Dave for helping us out. We think my wife’s ring fell off in the ocean. At the time we combed the beach as best as we could.

    We left Perdido Key with out the ring. When we got back I did some searching online, found The Ring Finders, and decided to give Dave a call. He was friendly and very generous with his time. He took a detailed account of our story.

    That day he was out in search for it but unfortunately was unable to find it. We feel between the tides and storms, the ring was no longer remotely close to where we had been. I wish we would have called him sooner and likely would have had a different outcome. So if you have lost a ring and are in the Pensacola area, give Dave a call ASAP!

  • Thanks so very much for taking the time and for being our hero (2017)



    Thanks so much for your time and help in finding my wedding ring which I now understand was your first official find. My wife and I were in Pensacola for a week of fun and beach time with some friends.

    While swimming out in the gulf in about chest deep water I made the comment to a friend Tim that my wedding ring was really tight on my finger. I was attempting to pull the ring over my knuckle when I dropped the ring in the water. We looked for the ring for some time, but to no avail.

    Tim went to get some goggles and I gave some strict instructions not to tell Julie, but of course as soon as she saw Tim getting the goggles she began to ask what are y’all looking for. After some more searching and no luck finding the ring I had to confess that I had lost my wedding ring.

    After several hours I walked over to our RV to check on the dog. While I was gone Tim noticed a man out in the water with a metal detector he approaches the gentleman and explains that a friend had lost my wedding ring earlier in the day. That man was Dave Cartee. Dave tells Tim that he is with TheRingFinders and that he “WILL find my ring”. Tim shows Dave where we were in the water and tells him that some 4 or 5 hours have passed. Dave goes out into the water, searches and locates my wedding ring.

    Thanks so very much for taking the time and for being our hero that day. Dave tells us that “every ring has a story and when a ring is lost the story stops it his mission to locate the ring so the story can continue”.

    My story continues I got my wedding ring back and Julie and I will celebrate 25 years of marriage soon. Thanks again Dave Cartee