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Wedding Ring Found on Farm in Levin, New Zealand

from Wellington (New Zealand)
Contact: 022 361 4990
Dave's ring given to him by his grandfather

Dave’s ring given to him by his grandfather

Dave reunited with his grandad's ring

Dave reunited with his grandad’s ring

Dave was spending his Easter break doing some work around his friends farm in Levin.  They were clearing some scrub when Dave realized that his wedding ring was missing.  This was a very special ring as it had been engraved and given to him by his grandfather and he believes that it may have  belonged to his great grandfather originally.

When I got the call we took the 1 hour drive immediately, but arrived just as it began raining.  A welcome sight for the farmers as we have had a bit of drought this summer.  We all walked across the paddocks to the area where Dave and John had been cutting into the bush.

The grass was very long but had been trodden down where the men had been working.  I thought this was going to be a tough search but Dave was fairly sure where he had been working and there was no other metal in the ground.

I was about 1 metre outside the boundary that Dave had set when I put the metal detector to work.  I got an immediate and very clear signal.  I couldn’t believe that it could be that easy but when I lifted a layer of grass the ring revealed itself.

Big smiles and hugs all round.  No one could believe we could find it so easily.

My wife and I stayed for a lovely lunch with some lovely people.  The smiles were still on everyone’s faces as we departed and Dave gave us a very generous reward.

Lost Ring Found… Quad Cities (Bettendorf) Iowa

from Iowa City (Iowa, United States)
Contact: 1-319-430-3606

I got a call from Trish on Monday March 18th. She had been doing some yard work over the weekend in her backyard when she went back in the house her ring was gone.

This is a very special ring to her because it was her late Mothers ring and one of the few possessions she had from her Mom. Needless to say she was upset. I really needed to find this ring for her.

We arranged to meet today Wednesday March 20th, the first day of Spring. She lives about an hour and a half away from me so I took a day of vacation from work. She is leaving on a trip this weekend so it had to be now.

I arrived at 10 this morning, she showed me where she was working when she lost it. I gathered my gear and went to work.  After a few adjustments to the machine I got a very good hit that showed 12-24 on the CTX. I thought I saw a glimmer of something under the leaves and pine needles. I reached down and pulled up this gorgeous ring! What a ring it is! How did it hide? You could trip over it.DSCF1449

She was so happy to have it back and I can see why. Can’t wait till the next one.DSCF1451

Good luck with your searches everyone and happy hunting,

Norm Slaymaker

Fireman Looses Grandfathers Wedding Band while Fighting Brush Fire, Fort Worth,Texas – Found!

from Dallas (Texas, United States)
Contact: 1-972-523-4447

IMG_1268        IMG_1267


Fort Worth,Texas Fire Fighter Looses Grandfathers Wedding Ring in while Fighting Brush Fire!

On Friday afternoon we received a call from a Fort Worth fire fighter.  He said that he and his crew had been fighting a brush/fence fire behind a home where a woman had thrown out some 2-day old fireplace coals.  The coals had set the compost pile and fence and part of the yards of 2 homes on fire.  He said his buddy had lost his Grandfathers ring which he now wears as a Wedding Ring.  It was 3pm on Friday afternoon, they were 52 miles away across Dallas & Fort Worth and 5pm Friday afternoon traffic was a major contention.  I knew it would take a minimum of 2 hours to drive there so I asked if we could come on Saturday due to traffic, but the young firefighter had panic in voice and ask us to please come.

How can you say ‘no’ to a Fire Fighter?  It took us nearly 3 hours to get there due to the heavy traffic.

He was waiting for us when we arrived and explained that he had been inside the backyard of the home and was knocking out the burning fence slats with the palm of his hand while fighting the fire.   He knew exactly where he was standing (in the wet, smelly compost pile) when it came off, and it was lightly raining… Get the picture?, pretty much a yuck site.

With a desperate customer, our Garrett equipment and rubber boots we went to work.  Thinking the ring flew off some distance into the field behind the home, we searched everywhere.  Eliminating nails, iron, junk, etc. doing everything we could to find the ring.   After an hour it was starting to get dark and everyone was loosing hope my wife went back into the backyard and began slowly going through the compost pile with her detector and pinpointer.  Understand this compost pile was about 18-inches thick and 5-ft by 5-ft  in size.  It was soaking wet from the fire being put out, burnt from catching on fire and wet burned trash just really stinks. But this is what the fireman was standing on when he was knocking out the burning fence slats.  I was coming into the backyard to help her when I heard her yell out “I Found It”, the fireman was standing right there when she found his ring, he was so excited.  He kept saying “you guys are awesome, you guys are awesome, unbelievable!, wait till I tell the guys back at the station!”.

This was by far our dirtiest  hunt, but one of our most rewarding.

Our Firefighters across this country will run into a burning home or building for us without thinking twice about it, the least we can do is work through muck to find a wedding ring for them.

This was a very emotional find for us and we are so glad to be part of “The Ring Finders”.

Till next time, detectors ON!

Don & Ellen

Palladium Wedding Found in Double Oak, Texas

from Dallas (Texas, United States)
Contact: 1-972-523-4447



We got a call from a wonderful lady that said her husband (a pilot) had lost his ring while working in their front yard.  He was standing in a culvert ditch tossing some large rocks from one side of the driveway to the other and felt his ring slid off; he said he heard it “tink” twice but never saw it land.  He and his family searched for months looking for the ring without luck. He bought a cheap metal detector himself  but without success, his father-in-law came over with another detector but had no luck either.  Months past and his wife was playing around on the internet and found “The Ring Finders” website and called us.

We arrived and met with the couple, I truly think the husband felt is was a lost cause.  The ring had be lost for over 6 months. With the snowy/wet weather we have had this year he felt it was lost forever.

My wife & I got our Garrett Detectors and went to searching; we checked everywhere the husband said he thought is might be but had no luck.  So we went back over to where he stated he had been standing originally when he lost the ring.   The ditch was knee deep in leaves, trash, mud and an 18-inch metal pipe that went under their driveway.   After scanning over that area many times we decided everything had to come out of the ditch due to way too many hits on trash.  So on our hands and knees we began to pull out all the leaves and junk using our Garrett pinpointers to check every handful of trash for the ring.  After a short time I saw something shiny and I told my wife “I Got It”.  There stuck in the mud, 5-8 inches down in the muck, right where the husband had been standing throwing the rocks was his ring.  The “Tinking Sound” he heard must have been the ring hitting the metal culvert not the driveway as he thought.  The ring was in great shape.

And for the fun part, we went up to the door and rang the bell, the wife came to the door and she said “No Luck Huh” and we just smiled and I open my hand revealing her husbands “Palladium Wedding Ring”, she said “Oh my gosh, let me go get him”  he was thrilled and we had “Another Successful Hunt for the the Dallas Ring Finders”.

God I love this hobby!

Till next time, detectors ON!

Don & Ellen

Lost white gold diamond engagement ring in Mauldin, Sc

from Greenville County (South Carolina, United States)
Contact: 1-864-905-0297

I was contacted by Kim who found my name on The Ring Finders directory to find her daughter-in-law’s white gold engagement ring that has been lost since October of 2011. I met Kim where the ring was lost and searched the back yard only to find the usual metal junk, foil, pull tabs, and other small misc pieces of cans. Half of the yard was full of metal targets while the other half was surprisingly void of metal targets, with no luck of finding the ring. I even looked in the shrubs and about anywhere my metal detector would go. I will search again sometime in April when Kim’s daughter-in-law is back in town and try to recreate the events of the ring being lost. So I won’t give up. Not every story is a successful ring find so that is why I will post all my searches.

Thank you for looking!     www.theringfinders.com


Petone Beach, Wellington, New Zealand Wedding ring located

from Wellington (New Zealand)
Contact: 022 361 4990
9ct Gold ring with Damascus inlay

9ct Gold ring with Damascus inlay

Caleb reunited with his ring

Caleb reunited with his ring

Caleb contacted me through the Ring Finders website when he lost his wedding ring, a 9ct gold with Damascus inlay.

He was playing with his dogs in the water and when he reached down to pat one he saw the ring slip off his finger and fall in the water.  He felt around for it but couldn’t find it and had to wait for the tide to go out.  With a group of friends they spent 4 – 5 hours digging and sieving, and even borrowed a metal detector, but couldn’t find it.

I arrived just as the tide was starting to come in.  We quickly established an area 30m x 30m and I began a grid search.  I wasn’t sure what signal to expect from this ring as I wasn’t sure how the Damascus would come up on the AT Pro, so I dug everything that had a strong signal.  Found a fair bit of trash but after more than 2 hours I got a solid signal, mostly ferrous, about 5 metres up the beach from where Caleb thought he had lost it.

It was such a good feeling when I delivered it to him at his work.

New couple to Calgary Canada lost Ring at motel 8

from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)
Contact: 1-403-968-1496
14k wedding band

14k wedding band


New couple to Canada from Australia lost his 9k white gold wedding band. He lost the ring while taking stuff out of the car at the motel 8 where they were staying.He dropped it in the snow.They serached for a couple of hours.With no luck they found ringfinders and called me out.I went ot right away about 9 pm. It was very cold out -9 and windy. I sreached for about a hour couldn’t find it.I thought it might be under one of the other cars.I went back the next day and recovered it and returned it to the wife they were very happy.Another happy couple.





Crystal Cove State Beach, Gold Wedding Band recovered

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
Contact: 1-949-500-2136

Dear Stan, 

   We are so grateful to you for finding our father’s lost wedding band in the sand at Crystal Cove State Park this afternoon.  The RingFinders.com is a great resource.  Through the site we found you, and that you were able to come to us within the hour was truly fantastic.  Then, when you found the ring within five minutes, we were so relieved.  Thank you again.  I hope the rest of your day was as successful!       RICHARD
      Thursday, 12-28-12 .. I received a call from Richard asking me if I could help his father find a gold wedding band that he had just lost.  His father was at Crystal Cove State Beach and it slipped off his finger in the dry sand. I told him, I could be there in about an hour and if they were able to wait for me it would be an easy search. I also told them not to disturb the sand as this can cause the ring to go deeper than the detector’s capabilities.  After arriving they were able to show me the area and the ring was found within a couple minutes. Then came the Big smiles and thank you.   This is so much fun to help people.

IMG_1701 IMG_1706

Newport Beach, Gucci Wallet Found

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
Contact: 1-949-500-2136

I found this Gucci wallet under 4 inches of wet sand at low tide. IMG_1603 IMG_1637

 I was able to get the name and address from the ID in the wallet. mailed the contents to the owner.  She contacted me and I was able to return the wallet. It was nice to see how happy she was to get back the wallet that was a graduation gift from her mother.

Lost Woman’s Diamond Engagement Ring in Lancaster, OH “FOUND”.

from Newark (Ohio, United States)
Contact: 1-740-334-7293

I received a call from a guy on New Years Day about a lost White Gold and Diamond Engagement Ring. The ring was lost in the snow during the night before. I showed up a couple of hours later to search for the missing engagement ring. After asking more questions, I found out that the ring was thrown. I searched in the freezing temperatures in 3 inches of snow for a hour and a half with no luck.

A week later he wanted me to come back out and try again. Since the snow was mostly gone and more grass was visible. About a hour later of searching there was the ring laying on the grass beside the melting snow. I am very happy that the ring was found. He recently bought the ring for her and I wish them a happy engagement.










Lost Woman’s Diamond Engagement Ring in Lancaster, OH “FOUND”.