Ring lost in Paradise Hills found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Elizabeth called and asked for help finding her husband Carl’s lost ring. After eating some cherries in the front yard, Carl tossed the remains, and felt his loose fitting gold ring come off his pinky finger. He and his family searched the grass, raked it several times, and even rented a metal detector, but, without success. They even had video of him doing it through their security system! A first for me, actually seeing the loss happen. Even after repeated viewing of the video,                              we couldn’t really see the ring fly, but, it at least showed the throwing motion and approximate direction. It looked like it should be straight out in the grass, but, after 10-15 minutes of gridding the small front yard with no ring, I expanded the search to include street, gutter, a drainage ditch. Still no luck, so, I continued past the side fence and up on a landscaped side hill. Sure enough, it was waiting for me there! After receiving a promising signal, I could just spot the edge of the ring poking out of the apple ivy ground cover. Carl wasn’t home, but, a very happy Elizabeth greeted me again at the door and their daughter contacted Carl with the good news and posed for the photo with the ring. A pleasure to meet you and thank you for the reward.

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  1. Elizabeth Cave says:

    Words cannot express how happy we are that Mark Rubey found my husbands ring. We actually lost it 3 days prior to calling Mark. It wasn’t until my friend came over and saw the metal detector that I had rented with no luck and she said call the professionals. What? I didn’t even know that was an option. So I found Mark on the Ringfinders website. He came out to our house the same day I called him! He found the ring so fast, I couldn’t believe it. We spent so much time and money trying to find it ourselves I wished I had called him sooner. I hope no one ever has to lose a piece of jewelry, but if you do Mark Rubey is the person to call. He was so professional and courteous. Thank you again Mark!!!

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