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  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Nolan was working in Sunridge, Ontario staking out a utility vault in a ditch at the side of a roadway. He was brushing away his pants with wet hands when he noticed out of the corner of his eye his wedding band fly off.

Nolan’s 14 karat wedding band was custom designed by his Wife with a centre ruby in between two amethyst gemstones to match her engagement ring.

We agreed to meet this weekend very early morning as the Ontario Highway 400 northbound cottage traffic can be crazy.

With a strict grid search using my Minelab Equinox 800 metal detector and small stock coil I was able to locate Nolan’s wedding band in 2 1/2 minutes!

Check out the video;

A very happy young couple and another donation grateful received came into the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation!! Nolan received a tax receipt for his donation amount! #payingitforward!

Link to the charity (below) which I’ve been involved with for 13 years now with the last 4-5 years using my passion for metal/scuba dive detecting as a member of the global organization called “THE RING FINDERS”

Donation link;

One happy couple under their masks!


Lost Tungsten Wedding Ring in Back Yard Everret WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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Watch this video of Tim’s launched wedding ring in the back yard recovered in Everett, WA.

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This adventure started back in February of 2021.  At that time I had helped our local KIRO morning news talk show anchor locate her lost wedding rings. Out of this exciting recovery effort a radio interview was published showcasing the amazing services of

KIRO News Story:

This piece aired around Valentine’s Day 2021 and grabbed the attention of many people in need of lost item recovery support. One of those that reached out to me was a mother named Janice. She told me that her daughter had been tossing snow balls in their back yard, had lost her wedding ring and they were franticly searching all over when she heard the radio interview. In our initial correspondence I instructed her family to carefully check all gloves and clothing and the surrounding area but to be reassured I was on my way to do a search. My schedule was set to come out quickly there after however before I showed up I got the good news. Janice reported that her daughter had located her wedding ring inside one of the glove’s fingers. I was happy to hear the good news, shared some smiles over the phone and in closing reminded them to keep me in mind anyone else ever needs some lost item recovery help to reach out to me.

Fast forward to May 2021, I received a phone call from Janice again. As the call came across my phone I scratched my head as her name seemed very familiar. She quickly explained her daughters past situation then proceeded to tell me her son just had a recent incident in their same back yard. She told me that he had a bit of a stressful moment and threw an item across the back yard. In doing so his large chunky wedding band launched off his finger at the same time.  They had searched all over with no success and asked if I could pay a visit to look for his ring. Of course I was happy to take the call and meet up with them soon after. 

When I arrived her son, Tim, explained he had tossed a bottle across the yard and his ring flew off. I reassured them that we all have our moments but not to worry that his ring was some place in the yard and being that this was a recent incident we had a great opportunity in finding his ring. He describe his ring as a chunky black wedding band with flat sides like a hex nut. 

After searching the yard with my medal detectors and visually searching several hiding places with a bright flashlight in hand I eventually made my way back to my starting point. This is where I located his ring no more than maybe a few feet from where he had made his initial toss. His big chunky tungsten carbide wedding band was found laying obscured by some thick grass just waiting to be discovered by my medal detector.

Tim and his family were happy to see the ring recovered and back on his finger. All was well once again with smiles and appreciation for Tim’s recovered wedding ring.

Watch my video to see first hand the recovery of Tim’s launched wedding ring as I go full circle throughout the yard to find it back where I started the search.

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Seattle Ring Hunter Recovers Cell Phone from Hicks Lake Lacey WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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Watch this video of Shannon’s dropped cell phone recovered from Hicks Lake in Lacey, WA.

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Shannon called me sharing that she had just dropped her cell phone in to Hicks Lake. She was with her friend Karen enjoying a day of paddle boarding when this incident took place. Shannon fell off her paddle board into the lake. Karen’s dog then jumped from one paddle board to the the other to help Shannon. Karen then also fell of her board and her dog then jumped back to Karen’s board. In all the commotion Shannon’s iPhone 11 fell off her board into the lake and down it went! 

Shannon told me a few key points of information during our pone interview. Her iPhone 11 was not backed up so it was important to recover it. The phone was inside one of those clear PVC plastic phone bags with a clip on the top and a neck lanyard. She could not see the bottom of the lake where the phone dropped however they were relatively close to shore. Fortunately the drop zone took place next to a residential buoys so there was a solid land mark to work from. She told me there was about three white jug buoys. However the one they were closest to had a big handle and no label or printing any longer on the container.

After hearing all this I asked a slew of inquisitive questions to aid in the efficiency of my search. I said if the buoy is the center of the clock and shore is at 6 o’clock what bearing would you say the drop zone is from the buoy.  She thought about it and told me 11 o’clock seemed to be most accurate.

Due Shannon’s work schedules she sent her friend Karen to meet me on site who also witnessed this whole event take place. I asked the same clock bearing question to her without any prompting and after a bit of though she also confidently stated 11 o’clock. This was reassuring to me as viable intel to work.

Having my dive scooter greatly improve my efficiencies on this dive to motor over to the buoys to start my dive search. When I arrived at the first buoy I could not see any of the others from my low position in the water. I noticed a white jug with a handle and no printing on the side so I felt confident I was at the “drop zone” and proceeded with my first dive. I worked the area with a max operating depth of 15’.  After a bit of time using visual inspection, medal detection and a bit of scooter searching I was perplexed after 40 minutes of work. I surfaced to clear my mind for a quick reset when it occurred to me I had possibly been searching the wrong buoy. I then inspected the buoy I just dove and the back side of the container still had a label on it. At this point I also remembered her telling me her buoy was fairly close to shore.

I scootered a short distance and could just make out the second white jug buoy. When I got up to the container and fully inspected it more carefully this time I confirmed this one was correct as it was completely free of all writing and labels. This buoy as also much closer to the shore as described during our phone interview. The placement of these buoys were not visible from my shore entry point and guarded by private property. Because of this I was not able to have anyone directly point the buoy out to me from shore. At this point my confidence level was boosted as I ascended down on my second dive effort to search for her phone.

This time on my second dive with a MOD of 13’ I was efficiently rewarded with the phone recovery via a simple visual search. It paid to ask what orientation from the buoy they remembered. Based on this I was able to make a simple swim out towards the 11 o’clock bearing and quickly located her lost phone at 11 feet concluding this dive within 5 minutes. 

Remember the value of any recovery effort is not in how long a search takes if only a few minutes or a few revisits to the site. The value is in finding a recovery specialist that can provide a portfolio of proven skills for the requirement of your search needs. The time spent interviewing properly, travel, gear setup and tear down, arriving with the proper gear for the job and having a proper experience mindset for a detail relentless search effort is what you are lookin for in a recovery specialist. Fortunately you have options and no better place to review your opportunities than This amazing directly listing allows experienced recovery specialist across the country to showcase their unique skill sets and how they can be of service to you.

When I located her phone on the lake floor it was still sealed inside the dry bag and still look dry. There was no way at the surface of the water at my dive float was I willing to even sneak a peak at the phone so I left the bag sealed up until I reached the shore.

The good news was after five days as a shallow eleven feet the new phone bag she had just purchased did its job in keeping her phone dry!

Lessons Learned… 

Continue to ask a lot of detailed investigative questions and take good notes, they often pay great dividends in the outcome of any search. What I will try to do moving forward especially when the search is a day or more past the initial interview is to reread carefully through my notes before the search effort so the details are fresh in my mind.  Another take way for all of us when things are not adding up, stop beating up the same areas already searched. Take a moment to pause and reconsider the information provided and new information gained by what search efforts you have made to this point. Fortunately my assessment that I had been diving the wrong zone came to me and I was able to adjust my search effort for the successful recovery of the lost phone. I also had a great appreciation for having the appropriate gear for the job. Even though they said it was a short swim to the buoy it would have been much more taxing on my energy level if I had to free swim the whole operation towing my dive float and search gear along. With the aid of my dive scooter I was able to conserve my energy to maintain a safe dive profile and effectively operate with many details on my mind throughout the whole operation. 


Watch my video to see first hand the recovery of this dropped phone in the lake even after a slight misdirection on my part we still found success before the end of the day.

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Lost Wedding Band – Pensacola Beach – Found!!!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

We live in a beautiful place!  I had a long day at work and was just settling in at home when I got a call from Chris. He had been out on Pensacola Beach enjoying the Gulf while vacationing down from Ohio. Chris was packing up everything from his day with the family and as he grabbed a chair he watched his gold band go flying in the sand. He quickly learned that even after searching with several pairs of hands for a half hour, those rings are impossible to find without a really good saltwater metal detector. Luckily someone at the resort gave him my number and he called. Very rarely do I get to take my wife with me and since this was a pretty straightforward return she decided to video the entire thing.  Check out the link below. It’s my attempt at video editing 😁 and look at the huge smile on Chris’ face when he gets his wedding band in his hand. Thanks for calling Chris and congratulations.

Chris’ Ring


  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Vanessa and Danny took their young Family for a drive to Toronto. Vanessa removed her engagement ring and wedding band and set it on the center consul inside the van. After applying hand cream, 10 minutes later she went to put her wedding rings back on and only saw her engagement ring and no wedding band.

After searching the vehicle, bags, and hand bag Husband Danny decided to pull apart the center consul as they noticed the ring likely slipped into a small crack. No luck.

Vanessa found my Ring Finders blog page and contacted me! I arrived after work and agreed with Vanessa that the ring was still inside the vehicle!

Danny assisted me with pulling apart the consul (again) and checking cracks in the plastic and upholstery with my Stanley scope. I then lifter the spare tire compartment behind the two front seats, checked across the seem and spotted the glorious glitter of the diamonds on the end of the scope camera!

Then of course…. Scheming with Danny and then surprising his Wife with the pink plastic kids ring to return her beautiful 18k white gold/Diamond wedding bands!!

Check out the video!!


Grateful for Vanessa & Danny’s generous donation to the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation as part of my PAY-IT-FORWARD program instead of receiving a reward! They will receive a tax receipt for their donation 🙏🏻💖THANK YOU💖🙏🏻
Breast cancer has touched both their sides of their Families 🙏🏻 Also, an 🙏🏻AMEN🙏🏻 to our PRAYER to St Anthony for lost/stolen items!

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Wedding Ring Lost and Found at School

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

Nina called me. Her daughter wore her wedding ring to school. During P.E. she played some frisbee and realized at the end of class that the ring was gone. The teacher was awesome and organized a hunt for it in each of his classes. The ring was never found.

That’s when they called me.  Mom showed me around but it wasn’t until Sophia showed up and explained what happened that I was put in the right area. Not long after, it was found inside the area that she outlined. It is back where it belongs. 

Lost ring in York, PA

  • from York (Pennsylvania, United States)

Recently, I joined The Ring Finders Directory to use my metal detecting skills and help people find what they thought was lost forever!

My search and recovery of your lost item(s) is on the reward basis which means you pay what it’s worth to you and what you can afford. If you lost your item(s) in a high traffic area, call me ASAP at 410-980-2480 to schedule an appointment! I have a call-out fee of $20.00 to cover my expenses.

I will try my best to find your lost item(s) but cannot guarantee it.

Lost diamond ring found in Chilliwack, BC

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Chris Turner- Ring Recovery Specialist…Lost your ring?… Metal Detecting Service/Call ASAP  Anytime   778-838-3463


I received a call the other day from a young man who said his wife had lost her diamond wedding band in their backyard while she was suntanning. I was already on a long search for a lost ring in Richmond, I told him when I wrap this up I would give him a call. Three hours later I phoned John to discuss the search in his backyard, I found out he lived in Chilliwack which is about two hour drive from my location.

Knowing the ring was lost in the backyard I was confident I would find it, however I have been fooled before, some searches you think are going to be easy turn out to be the hardest. When I made it to his place., John greeted me and show me the area his wife was suntanning, it wasn’t a very big backyard and I knew in the back of my mind that it could be a fast recovery. John told me that his wife put both of her rings in a book as a bookmark while she was suntanning and reading, somehow the wedding band fell out of the book and into the grass.

John and his wife felt the ring could be at the last spot she was tanning, they spent many hours on their hands and knees searching the grass, but no it wasn’t there. I extended the search out and back around the corner and found her beautiful diamond wedding band just inches beneath the grass, but not visible. These rings find ways to hide so easily and make it so hard for people to find without the use of a proper metal detector and an experienced operator.

Vancouver Ring Finder Chris Turner- Ring Recovery Specialist…Lost your ring?… Metal Detecting Service/Call ASAP  Anytime   778-838-3463

I have the best job in the world and I love helping people more than anything I’ve ever done in my lifetime. I get to make people smile, I get to hear their stories of what their ring means to them, and how happy they are when I find it for them.










Watch video of the recovery…

Engagement Wedding Rings Lost at Horseshoe Lake Woodland WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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Watch this video of Sarah’s engagement wedding rings being recovered from Horseshoe Lake.

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Sarah lost three silver rings in Horseshoe Lake during a kayaking adventure and small swim. She was devastated over the loss of her rings and shared this situation with one of her good friends. All though they were not expensive they represented a wedding engagement ring set and had high sentimental value and meant the world to her. Her friend reassured her and told her about my services as I had done a search in the same lake previously for her last summer.

Based on her friends recommendation Sarah called me and shared her story asking if I thought there was any chance or possibility I could help. I reassured her that I could perform a search and based on the specifics she provided we had a pretty good shot. She understood there was no guarantees but was excited to have found someone that actually had experience doing lost ring recovery work in a lake. So many people tell us they didn’t even know a service like ours existed. Our standard response is yes we are a passionate group about lost item recovery and ask that you share on your social media outlets so we can reach out and help find more smiles.

About two weeks after the loss of her rings we met up on a perfect sunny day. We came prepared with our kayaks because the route to the suspected drop zone was about one mile from the launch and inaccessible by foot. Full of optimism, gear, experience and ambition we took off in our boats on an adventure to find a little cove she stopped at to take a small cool off swim on the day of the loss. The rings had been tucked into her top and as she adjusted her clothing the rings fell into the lake unnoticed. She went on a small swim out and back then kayaked back to the launch site. Just before they got out of the lake it became apparent what had happened. Her rings were missing! They raced back to the cove, looked through the water but to no avail could not find any of the rings due the silty lake bottom. In the process of searching that day her cell phone fell into the lake but she was able to reach down and easily retrieve her phone.

Watch the video to see how this lost ring story finds its resolution after quite a bit of focused effort.

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Heirloom and engagement ring lost and found.

Received a phone call from a young lady last evening about having lost her engagement ring. This ring was very special as the diamond was a heirloom given to her fiancé, for him to have the ring especially made for her. She mentioned that she took her dog for a walk to the park and that she was also doing yard work in the back yard. The grass rack broke and she was picking up grass clippings with her hands. With that said, I was pretty sure the ring would be located in her yard. After 45 minutes of gridding the yard, I found the ring. It was so well disguised, in the grass, that there is no way anyone could of found it just by looking. I’m so happy I was able to reunite her with her beautiful ring. Her reaction in the video is priceless. All that ends well!!