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How to find a lost diamond ring with a metal detector in Maple Ridge, BC.

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

It’s not the first time I’ve said this and it won’t be the last…People get mad! It happens more than you thing and rings go flying!

i got call from a young man who told me the story about how he got mad at his fiancé and asked for the ring back…Big mistake! She threw the ring towards the ditch and as far as he could tell it went into the ditch. People get mad and things happen! Then remorse sets in….!

This young man spent the later part of the day and most of the night in the ditch looking for the ring. He couldn’t find it as it was raining and every rain drop looked like a diamond. He had to head out of town for work and he text his girl that he found the ring so that she wouldn’t worry.

Then he got online and found me on TheRingFinders and called me. After hearing the story I told him that I could go out later that day to look for the ring if he was comfortable and trusted me without him being there. He said yes please go out and look and sent me the address with pictures.

I found the ring in the ditch within minutes! I love my job! I love knowing that I can help. The smile is mine as not many people want their picture taken and story told…We are all human! We get mad, it happens!









Watch video of search…






from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)
Contact: 1-647-383-6891

I was tagged in a Facebook post for a lost wedding band sitting at the bottom of Sand Lake in beautiful Kearney, Ontario.

I contacted Colleen Morgan. Unfortunately, her Father had passed away and a week later, Colleen’s Mother Dot was swimming in the water in front of their cottage. Dot was heartbroken when she came out of the water and noticed her late husbands wedding band had fallen off her finger!

I made arrangements and with Colleen’s help she was able to get me some spotters to assist me because she was unsure if the ring was lost in 5 feet of water or deeper! Thank goodness I took my scuba gear… As I soon found out the ring was deeper than 5 feet!

I started an underwater circular grid. A little over 20 minutes and BINGO!! Behold Mr Morgan’s wedding band was located close to the stone marker! a quick FaceTime message to Colleen with tears of joy! Even I had some on this one!

Here’s a video we put together

Colleen and her Son devised a little treasure hunt for her Mother in hospital this past weekend. PRICELESS!

I was blessed to make new Friends of Sand Lake!!

I’d like to thank Friend & Groomer RoCkStAr Mark Reynolds for the Facebook TAG!!

Also, a special thank you to Jill Howard, Heather & Dave Smith…. Sand Lake locals for meeting me and assisting with this special ring recovery! I can’t wait to see you again!!

The “Morgan Family” have gifted me with the use of their lovely cottage!! LOOK OUT SAND LAKE…. THE KELLY SHIRES BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION PINK FAMILY WILL BE NORTH to invade SAND LAKE!!!


Seattle Lake Union Lost Phone Recovery

from Seattle (Washington, United States)
Contact: 1-206-618-8194


Natalie had just completed a fun day of Hot Tub boating on Seattle’s Lake Union. When she got back to the boat slip, got out of the hot tub boat her phone fell into the water below the dock. She did a Google search and fond me through my listing on TheRingFinders. I came out the next day and recovered her Google Pixel 3 phone just past 20′ of water. Unfortunately the phone was full of water but she was prepared for this outcome and wanted her phone back for the insurance claim. During the recovery dive an older iPhone with some old bank cards and an ID were found. I am in the process of getting that returned to its owner as well.

Check out the dive recovery here:

Special thanks to for allowing the recovery effort. If you get a chance check them out and tell them the SeattleRingHunter sent you over.


Jeff Morgan



from Fresno (California, United States)
Contact: 1-559-343-1940

On Monday, 9-23-2019, I received a phone call from Kristy in Sanger, CA. Kristy told me that her husband had lost his tungsten wedding band and asked if I could help. I asked Kristy to tell how he lost his wedding ring. Kristy stated that he was washing his hands in a bucket of water, pulled his hands out of the bucket, shook the water off of his hands and the ring went flying. She also said that her and her husband heard the ring hit a chain link fence about 4 feet away in front of them. Kristy also informed me that her and her husband had gotten on their hands and knees pulling weeds trying to locate her husbands ring with no luck. Kristy also informed me that they rented a metal detector the next day  to try and find the ring but had no luck. I could hear that tone in Kristy’s voice that she was really hoping I could help her find her husbands wedding ring. I told Kristy that I would be more than happy to help and to give me a date and time when we could meet. Kristy set the date and time for the next morning (Tuesday, 9-24-2019) to meet at the location where the ring was lost.

Kristy and I arrived at the same time and I asked her to demonstrate exactly what had happened. Kristy did a great job of reenacting the entire event. So, with the information I had I started a grid search of the area on the front side of the chain link fence with negative results. I asked Kristy if we could get access to the area on the other side of the fence. She said she had the key and unlocked the gate for me. I entered the area just inside the fence and began searching. I was getting a lot of trash signals from the coil of my detector so I got on my knees and used my pin pointer. I took about three sweeps with the pin pointer and got a loud, strong signal. I moved some dried grass and BINGO!! There it was right on top of the ground. Kristy immediately got excited and was so thankful that I had found her husbands ring. Kristy said he was very upset all week and every time he would touch his ring finger he would get depressed.

And to add to the story, Kristy’s sister came by to see how we were doing. She was also excited to hear that the ring had been recovered.  Below are are pics of the ring and a pic of her husband being reunited with his wedding ring.

How to find a lost diamond stud earring…

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Lost your wedding ring or family heirloom… Don’t wait till it’s too late call ASAP Your 2nd chance to find what you thought was lost forever! 778-838-3463

I got a call the other day in regards to searching and hopefully finding a lost diamond stud earring in a back yard. When I get these calls they make me nervous because there is so very little gold holding the diamond and that makes it very difficult to locate these targets. It was a nice sunny day and I headed out to the location where I met the young man and his family. He showed me the area where he believed the earring came off his ear and I started my search…Note this was a tough search because of a few factors. Firstly there was a high-power electrical lines in the back yard and that drives a detector bonkers. Secondly there was a lot of target signals making it difficult to zero in on the small target. Thirdly the whole family was watching…Under pressure!  I used two detectors for this search and the Equinox 800 gave me a VDI number of 1-3 the only problem was the amount of targets and if it was sitting beside a higher number it would be hard to find. After around 5 hours I packed it up, but I didn’t give up because he was sure it was lost in the yard.

I went back the next day but not before I did a pit stop at SMI Electronics where I went and bought another Garrett Carrot/pin pointer as my old one was starting to give up/crap out. I thought about how I would do the grid search the next day and my gut told me to use the pin pointer and grid search the area he felt the earring come off…I had success within 5 minutes of the search…Luck was on my side! It always makes me feel good to find what I’m looking for and to see the smiles…This picture was the young man’s auntie as he was back in school today.












I love my job! I get to make people smile!

Watch video of search below…

Lost gold wedding ring in Puyallup River recovered

from Seattle (Washington, United States)
Contact: 1-206-618-8194


I got a call from Dave and he asked if I was the metal detecting guy. I said, “Yes, what did you loose and where?”. He proceeded to tell me that he was still at the Puyallup River and that he had just lost his gold wedding ring while fishing. I could tell he was quite upset about the situation. After requesting that he take several photos of the exact area and how to mark the location I agreed to do a search the next morning.

Being a river hunt I wasn’t quite sure if a recovery would be successful or not but we had to at the very least give it a shot. Our Great North West is full of faster flowing rivers often making it extremely challenging to recover a ring. However we all know the results of not trying, and no one is happy with that result. Come along for the adventure and see how this lost river ring gets recovered and returned to its very appreciative owner.

What the video here:


Jeff Morgan


Lost Gold Wedding Band Spanish Banks, Vancouver…Found!

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I was at work when I received a call from a young lady who told me that her husband lost his gold wedding band in the sand just in front of their pop up tent. She said that they had looked for the ring but it was impossible to find with all the sand.

Strangely I was getting off work early that day and I was only 15 minutes away from there location. I headed over to the beach and found parking and met the young couple, he showed me what he was doing and where he felt the ring was lost.

I turned on my detector and the 3rd target about 1 minute the young man had his gold wedding band back on his hand! I love the stories attached to the rings I find and I’m just as happy to find it as they are to get it back!










I love my job! If you lost your ring call me ASAP 778=838=3463Watch video of search below…

please share with your friends and maybe we can help someone you know.


Lost & Found Ring in Langley BC…

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I received a call at 8:30 p.m on Sunday in regards  to a lost ring at a  playground in Langley. The young man told me that the ring belonged to his 5 year old daughter and it was just given to her that day from her grandmother. The story was that the girls grandmother just arrived back from Ireland where she bought the ring for her granddaughter. It was lost only 4 hours after she was given the ring.

I was getting ready to hit the hay as I had to get up at 4:30 am when Scott called, I knew this had to be looked for that evening as a lot of people search playgrounds and that ring could have been found the next day. I jumped into my car and headed 25 minutes down the road to Langley to help find the ring.

It was just starting to get dark when I arrived and Scott showed me the area his daughter was playing in, so I started my search. About 20 minutes into the search I found the ring!













I love my job! Scott was so happy that the ring was found and I’m sure grandmother would be too!

If you’ve lost your ring contact me ASAP…Chris Turner 778-838-3463

Watch video of search below…



Diamond and gold Wedding band lost at Boca Raton , Florida… found..

from North Miami Beach (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-754-707-1233

I got got a call  from a woman who lost a ring in a condominium on the beach. It was a very complicated search involved multiple levels of grass, parking lots, bushes and flower beds. But I succeeded on the second day.


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Ring Toss Recovery Skagit Valley WA

from Seattle (Washington, United States)
Contact: 1-206-618-8194


I received a distressed call from a young lady that she had regrettably tossed her ring out of her bedroom window. She was now in need of a recovery specialist to help recover the ring from her back yard. She had a person that tried searching her yard with a medal detector but came up empty handed. After the initial search she was more distressed now than ever and could not understand why after having thrown her ring straight down into the grass that the ring was not found. After clearing my schedule a few days later I drove the distance to perform a search for her very special ring. She told me that it was an older property and filled with a lot of junk metal and trash. Never the less I arrived on focus to recover the only thing possible in that yard that meant any thing to her, being this very special ring. Being a surface recovery over solid dirt and grass the detection process went pretty quick. Any targets that were not on the surface were quickly passed with the only priority being to recover her ring!

After a shot bit of searching the target area her ring was recovered and it was in very close proximity to a test ring I told her to throw a few days prior. The ring was undamaged and placed back on her finger with a great deal of gratitude and relief that it had been found.

Watch the recovery take place here:



Jeff Morgan