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  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Blayne & his Wife were vacationing with extended Family at the lovely rustic Colin S Farmer Cottages in Perth, Ontario. The cottages are located on the south west end of Otty Lake.

Blayne was swimming between the land dock and floating dock and noticed his 10k white gold wedding band was missing. He searched for 20 minutes but it was getting dark. The next day Blayne, his Wife and her Family took turns searching for 4-5 hours with no luck.

The cottages owner Kyla had seen a recent Facebook post on the Otty Lake Association page that I was heading down to Otty Lake to search for another recently lost wedding band and a pair of expensive reading glasses. Kyla reached out to me for more information. She contacted Blayne about my services and he was in touch with me immediately!

I was lucky enough to group all three searches together in one day and have three successful recoveries!

I geared up with my Minelab Excalibur2 underwater metal detector and my DIVE BLU3 NEMO portable battery operating hookah system! Blayne provided a Google Earth image and circled the area he thought his lost his wedding band. I went out from land to the dock. I came back around searching in and out of the weeds. I had a few signals finding a pop can pull tab, a stainless steal nut, a lead sinker, swim mask and then the golden tone of the day… Blayne’s wedding band!! WHAHOOOO!

Check out the video;

I contacted Blayne with a surprise phone call to give him the news. He was so happy of the news! I subsequently met up with his best man Andrew! Small world… Andrew and I both work for The City of Brampton! He for Transit and I for Works & Transportation. Andrew was thrilled to received Blayne’s wedding band for the return!!

I can’t thank Blayne enough for his very generous donation to the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation!! He recieves a tax receipt!

I also am grateful to Kyla & her Husband at Colin S Farmer Cottages for connecting me and giving us permission and also Patti Hamilton another cottage owner for posting on the Otty Lake Association page to help others while I was in the area if needed!! It was worth the four hour drive!

Otty Lake – ZERO
TheRingFinder – THREE

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  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

In mid August Andrew was attending a weekend long pre-wedding celebration of a Friend which was hosted by AJ Janis.

The weekend was wonderful at the Janis cottage with golfing day, food and beverages and male Camaraderie!

Earlier in the day some grease had gotten on Andrew’s leg while he was cleaning the barbeque grate. He decided to go far a quick dip in the lake and tried to clean off the grease. Andrew then swan towards the other side of the dock, reached for a pool noodle and immediately noticed his ring was missing within 30 seconds of cleaning off his leg.

The Janis’s are scuba divers and subsequently completely two excursions with no success. The bottom was filled with zebra muscle shells along with the silty bottom it created poor visibility if disturbed.

During the golf game my former City of Brampton co-op student Charles was smoking the guests of the pre-wedding ceremonies and mentioned to Andrew he knew a “Ring Finder”. He provided Andrew my details.

Andrew called and sent incredible detailed information. As the depth of the ring was likely between 20’ to 30’ I had to dawn the scuba gear and therefore required a spotter or 2nd diver. I then reached out to my Facebook Friends with a wall post if anyone was available to back me up!

Friend Mike Hamilton had a Family cottage on Otty Lake and saw my post. Mike’s Wife Patti whom happened to be heading down to Otty Lake for a girls weekend called and offered her services!

Patti also happened to lose her reading glasses off the Hamilton dock as well she posted on the Otty Lake Association page and the owners of Colin Farmer Cottages just had a visitor from Toronto Blayne lose his wedding band.

Therefore, I had two more recoveries scheduled!

Patti and I were all set up and in I went! Andrew’s extreme details was the key to finding his 10k white gold wedding band in only 1 minute snd 30 seconds using my underwater Minelab Excalibur2 metal detector!! It was absolutely incredible and was my personal best/quickest scuba dive recovery!

Check out the VIDEO above and below the water!!

I tried FaceTiming Andrew to surprise him with the good news but he had taken his Wife to the Hospital as she was in labour!

A few days later knowing of the pending birth I sent a text with the good news and a photo! They were very grateful!!

I huge shout out to Patti my spotter/assistant/commentator, Charlie for the recommendation and to the Janis Family for permission to make the recovery attempt! I see a future training session on underwater metal detecting with the Janis Family!

Blessings to Andrew and his Wife on the birth of their Daughter… the real treasure ❤️

Also, thank you to Andrew for the donation coming into the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation. He will receive a tax receipt! I absolutely love using my passion for metal detecting, hookah detecting snd scuba dive detection to raise charity donations!

PLEASE SHARE THE RING FINDERS THIS STORY. many people do not know that this metal detecting service is GLOBAL! Thank you ~Aliso

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  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

I made a post on Facebook that I was looking for a spotter for a scuba dive ring recovery job in Otty Lake, Perth which is in Eastern Ontario.

Within a few hours one of my girlfriends called and said her Husband Mike saw my post!

It so happened that Patti was headed to the Family cottage on the weekend and go figure… on the SAME LAKE!! She also informed me that three weeks ago she lost her favourite Alexander MacQueen prescription reading glasses under or near the dock and no one could find than.

Patti then agreed to be my spotter and we set the date and time!

Patti was kind enough to make a post on the local Otty Lake page to see if anyone else needed assistance for lost items. Sure enough a message came in for yet another men’s wedding band lost in the water! Those two successful ring recoveries will be posted shortly as I’m still co-ordinating meeting up with the ring owners to return and grab some photos for the blog!

I brought along my trusty Minelab Excalibur2 underwater detector as my DIVE BLU3NEMO portable battery operated hookah systems! This unit has a ten foot hose, is light weight, easy to use and perfect for dock dive detecting!! (I’m an affiliate for DIVE BLU3 NEMO & the new NOMAD… contact me for more information)

Within five minutes and half way under the dock I came upon Patti’s reading glasses just sitting there!!

Check out the underwater video and surprise;

Patti was overjoyed to receive her favourite pair of reading glasses back!! But I was more grateful for Patti’s spotter and set up help for the other two ring recoveries!!

Thank you so very much Patti for your generous donation to the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation! I am on my way to break last years charity fundraising mark! Patti also received a tax receipt!! We all win!

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Lost Gold Ring Found In A Calgary Backyard

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

She was just throwing the dog a ball. Who knows how many times she threw Ollie the ball, but during one of those throws, her ring went flying. Watch as we return it where it belongs.


  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

A long time Rexdale Friend Andreas lost his valuable prescription Maui Jim sunglasses 3 weeks ago swimming in Allen Lake in Harcourt Park in beautiful Haliburton Highlands cottage country area! Stunning area all 4 seasons!

Metzy knew I was a registered metal/hookah/scuba dive detectorist with the global organization called

I was in the area and made arrangements to help him out! I decided to use my BLU3 Nemo which is a portable hookah dive system with a 10 foot hose and operated with a lithium ion battery! It’s amazing piece of equipment which is only 12lbs! Makes for an easier application than full scuba gear as not to stir up the silt as long as I’m weighted correctly!

Metzy dropped anchor at the location he thought they were swimming. I started a grid search and looking for he previous anchor drop/drag marks. Five to ten minutes later I saw his beauty blue sunglasses!! He was off by 80’ or so but gridding covers the area properly!

Check out the video of the recovery;

Andreas pulled me over to the “Lake” Par-Tay sauna/BBQ floating flotilla! Lucky to warm up in the sauna and meet the Allen “Lake” pirates! ARRRH AWESOME!

Andreas is a happy camper again sporting his prescription Maui Jim’s!


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Garage Sale at the Golf Course

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

Dave called me. His golf bag obeyed the law of gravity and headed downhill for the nearest pond. When he was able to fish it out, there were many items missing. Several of which would make his life miserable for a while if not found.

Watch the video below for the events that took place!!

Lost Ring in Virginia Beach Found

  • from Virginia Beach (Virginia, United States)

Targets on the beach were far and few between but I got a good signal at the water line. As i was digging I noticed a guy in a chair behind me watching. When I brought the ring up he yelled “That’s my ring”. Of course we have all heard that story but he said he lost it yesterday and actually showed me a picture of it on his hand. His wife showed up and I showed it to her before he talked to her and she yelled that looks like your ring! Long story short he got his ring back. Gigmaster on Youtube



Ocean City Md Lost and Found

  • from Virginia Beach (Virginia, United States)

I found this on the beach buried about 6 inches down. I did not know what it was at the time but after I got home I discovered it was a $7,000 Medtronic Insulin pump! I called the company and for medical reasons they could not give me the owners name but asked if they could give the owner mine. I said sure since my goal was to return it to the owner. I got a call from the owner and was able to mail it to them. Another successful return. Gigmaster on Youtube

Grandfather’s lost ring found

  • from Virginia Beach (Virginia, United States)

This was one of my toughest recoveries. I was approached on the beach about a lost ring. It was lost in deeper water and the tide was rising with big waves. I knew the only chance was to take a beating in the waves before it was lost forever. After loosing my hat, headphones a few times and a few other items the ring was recovered and given to a very happy man. Gis deceased grandfather may have had a hand in guiding me to this recovery. Gigmaster on Youtube

Lost white gold wedding band at North Beach Provincial Park Ontario

I got to meet Jose, Patricia and their whole family at North Beach Provincial Park today. While playing volley ball in the water, at about knee deep, Jose noticed his ring was no longer on his finger. The good part was that he was commenting to his friend about both of them wearing their wedding band in the water, shortly before he lost it and indeed, both men had their rings at that point. So, he knew for sure he had lost the ring in the water. After getting orientated, I turned on my Excalibur II and started gridding the area. Had the ring found within 10 minutes. Headed back to shore, grabbed the phone and recorded their reactions. I was so happy to be able to reunite them with their white gold wedding band while the whole family cheered them on. Another story that ends well!!!