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Childhood Treasure Time Capsule Bread Box Buried 35 Years Ago Found

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

I was called by a local resident Ed with an unusual request to locate a buried bread box ftom 35+ years ago.

Ed, his twin Brother Ed and longtime Childhood Friend James buried items in a Bread Box time capsule in the backyard around 1985-1988.

This was absolute priceless and hearing the guesses of what they thought they all buried!

My Minelab MANTICORE metal detector nicknamed ‘Betty Beast’ found this treasure in less than 10 minutes as the boys remembered the general location!

The bread box amazingly stood the test of time!!

This was an awesome adventure to see the excitement of “what did we put in the bread box”!

Unfortunately, the video of pulling the lost treasures out was deleted.

Items inculded Mickey Mouse, Captain Power, Sesame Street Elmo, red plastic light bulb likely filled with powdered candy, glass teddy bear topped glass jar and a belt buckle with the letter “B” for Bob! The belt portion was in pieces!

Check out the video of this adventure;

Timeless treasure adventure for 3 lifelong childhood friends! PRICELESS

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Lost white Gold & Blue Diamond Ring FOUND

  • from Wolfe Island (Ontario, Canada)

On October 29th I had received a phone call from a man by the name of Dave. Dave had been given my contact number by another RingFinder “Stephane Coutu” Stephane unfortunately was unable at the time to take the job and he recommended to Dave that he give me a call.

Anyway, Dave gave me a call and I was able to meet up with him on his property the next morning. October 29th.

When I arrive to his house I was greeted by his wife and Dave himself, who pointed me in the direction of their back yard where they had been raking leaves and figured the ring had slipped off into one of the bags they had filled.

There were 5 bags they had figured it could have fallen into. I figured those bags were a great place to start. I began scanning the outside of the bags with my Nokta Legend, one by one rolling them over and getting every corner, side, bottom, and then tops of the bags. Not a single sound was coming through until I got to the 4th bag.

As I scanned the side of the fourth bag of leaves I was startled with a faint sound coming from my Legend. I went over the area again and again I got a bit better signal the 2nd and third time around, but still not a great one. My machine showing a 45 on the VDI. I rolled the bag over and scanned the other side. I got a much more defined signal somewhere half way up the side of the bag itself. The sound was unmistakably a decent target now.

I looked at Dave and his wife and asked them to please take my phone and to start recording as I emptied the leaves on the patio and started running my pin pointer over the pile of leaves now laying in front of me.

Immediately my pin pointer started beeping at me and as I reached down I felt that there was now a ring in my hand. I turned to look up at Dave and his wife looking in desperation and anticipation to see if I had infact found Dave’s precious ring.

As I stood up I held my hand out and Dave with a huge smile looked and almost tears up (for just a moment) lol. The appreciation of our service from Dave and his wife was expressed and another satisfied customer of the RingFinders was born.

Congratulations on getting your ring back Dave.

If you’d like to watch the video of this find. Please click the link below.

Lost Wedding Ring Found After a Year at the Bottom of the Lake- Provo, Utah

I received a call from a woman who had lost her wedding ring in Utah lake. The only issue was that she lost it in August of 2022 when the lake was 47% full. With the great snow year we had here in Utah, the lake is currently 87% full. She was walking on the rocks when she made a quick move to catch herself and the ring flew off her finger into the water. Utah lake is a shallow lake and because of that, the visibility is less than 6 inches. I decided since I would not be able to see in the water to set my discrimination on my minelab equinox to only get signals from 9-13. I used a couple of rocks for markers from where she sent me pictures of where she was standing. I tried my best to grid back and forth picking up a few lead sinkers and then I finally got a decent hit on the detector. I took my glove off to feel for the item and immediately realized it was a ring. Could it be her ring? After returning to the surface I looked down and sure enough it was!

After almost 14 months at the bottom of the lake, It is back where it belongs! So happy for you Melanie and thanks for reaching out to me!


Another Apple Watch Proactively Returned to Owner- Utah

I have spent almost 10 hours under the water looking for a lost ring for a gentleman who lost it the day after he got married. Every time I have dove in the area, I have found other items to return. So far I have returned two apple watches and an iphone 13 from that location. On my last dive, I found 7 apple watches in the area but only 3 would turn on after being dried out for a week in a bag of rice. Of the three, only one had medical ID information which lead me to the owner who lived out of state. I love proactive recoveries cause most people have given up ever seeing their items again. She was so grateful to me for reaching out and sending her lost item as she was preparing to buy another apple watch!

Make sure to fill out your medical ID info on your wearables, you may never know when it might come back to you!

Full video of the recovery and return:

After 51 Days in the Lake, Found Owner of Apple Watch Ultra Near Kamas, Utah

After my last post where I dove down to find a lost apple watch and came back with 10 total apple watches, I started to dry them all out and see which ones would charge. Now the thing with apple watches is that if they have a medical ID info or are not locked, I can usually find the owner. I have returned 3 proactively over the last year. After drying them out for almost a week, only 3 powered back on and only one had the medical ID information. I was able to find the contact information and reached out with a short clip from my dive and letting them know I had found their apple watch. I was surprised to find out that the apple watch in question had been in the water for 51 days!!! It was an apple watch ultra and was lost while on a backpacking trip in the mountains. He had tried to find someone that would scuba dive to find it but gave up hope. It was so awesome to meet up with him and return it! Please check out the second half of the video to see this happy reunion!

Lost Apple Watch in the Lake Near Kamas, Utah- Found

I received a call from a gentleman who had just lost his apple watch that day in a lake above Kamas, Utah. The lakes in the area are well over 10,000 feet elevation making the water extremely cold. After seeing a few videos and explaining where to look, I made the 1.5 hr drive to the location. I then had to hike about a mile to get to the lake with over 60 lbs of equipment to dive. After getting set up, I could see that the clouds were rolling in so I decided to get in and get out as fast as possible. I was looking for a white band apple watch so it should stick out. Well it just so happened I stumbled into an apple watch graveyard cause after about 20 minutes, I came up with 10 apple watches, 2 sun glasses, and 2 other watches. Fortunately one of the 10 apple watches was his!!!

Later that night, we were able to meet up and after a stressful 24 hours, he had his apple watch back on his wrist! Hopefully I can find a few of the owners to the other 9 apple watches!

Full Video on Youtube:

Lost 18k Mother Mary Medallion in Backyard Over a Year Ago

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

A call out came in from Lisa for an extremely sentimental 18k Mother Mary medallion which was lost in a Brampton, Ontario backyard over a year ago.

Lisa’s Nephew Matthew had searched googled and came across the global directory for TheRingFinders!

I met up with Lisa after work. Lisa explained she was picking pears in her backyard when the wasps came out of the hive. She ran away and somehow broke her gold chain with two medallions on it. Matthew was able to find one of her medallions but not the other.

I started my grid search in her backyard with my new Minelab Manticore metal detector. It took a while digging out every signal as I was not use to my new machine.

I managed to locate the medallion 4” down approximately 7’ over from where her Nephew found the first medallion.

Here is the video of the recovery. Please like & subscribe 💞

Lisa was very happy to receive the gifted Mother Mary medallion back as it was a treasured gift that belonged to her late Cousin.

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Lost Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Gardening in London, ON

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Amanda and her Husband Andrew were gardening in their front yard. Amanda had to remove her wedding rings because they were digging into her skin inside her gloves.

At one point Amanda and Andrew had company stop by and Amanda was playing with their dog. She soon realized she lost her rings and they purchased a metal detector with no luck!

I ended down to London after work. Did my introduction video interview.

I then started in the front yard where they were cleaning weeds out of a rock garden area. Shortly after starting the grid search with my Minelab Manticore machine, I stopped and decided to go back to my car for my Minelab Equinox 800 as it had the small sniper coil on it.

As I headed back to my car I spotted with my eagle eyes both her rings sitting in the grass!

I was about to re-start the grid search and proceeded to show them how the hand held pin pointer works and SURPRISE… I pulled the rings from the grass!!

The surprise was absolutely priceless from her shock, to feeling I’ll, to extreme happiness!!

I love ‘quickies’ but I absolutely love the ‘shock and awwww’ moments!!


Check out the video and please like and subscribe to my YouTube channel! Thank you


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Wedding Ring Lost 3 Weeks After the Big Day

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

I met with Donna because the bride was on her honeymoon. After some discussion and questions, it seemed possible that I might find this one…….and I did. See the video for the details.


Finding a Bride’s Heirloom Earring in Calgary

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

Hayley lost one of the earrings her grandparents gave her, during the wedding photo shoot. One hundred and twenty guests couldn’t find it. It was up to me. It took a while but the result was awesome. Watch the video for