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Mans Platinum wedding ring lost in North Spokane WA, Found!!!!

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

This morning I woke up with a lost ring call from a man named Sebastian. His story was short and sweet. Sebastian was walking with his wife along a path behind his apartment. With the snow falling he couldn’t resist a small snowball toss at his wife. Promptly the wedding ring he wore, also couldn’t resist flying off his cold finger. The couple looked and dug through the snow with no success. So after gathering my equipment I made my way over to Sebastian’s apartment. We spoke briefly about the lost ring and then I began swinging my way down the freshly plowed walkway. My thoughts were the ring had been pitched to the side of the path. However after two minutes of walking, Sebastian said “swing over the concrete path”. There was snow and ice covering the path enough to conceal the ring. My coil was about a foot from the boots of Sebastian when I got a signal. My pin pointer confirmed that it was close to the surface and my fingernail revealed the shiny rim of his platinum wedding ring. I think this search broke the record for my fastest recovery. A very good start to the New Year I’d say, the snow is always good at loosening rings.

Lost Men’s Gold Wedding ring FOUND !!!! Airway Heights ,WA

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

As my Sunday was winding down; a newlywed couple, Clint and Samantha were frantically looking for Clint’s lost wedding ring. The newlyweds had just returned from a two week honeymoon. Normally returning to the extended stay parking lot at the Hampton Inn would be effortless. However, while Clint and Samantha were vacationing the snow came down, over 40 inches of the stuff. Needless to say their car was buried in snow. So the deadly concoction of cold wet snow and bare hands made a newlyweds ring fly into oblivion. A call to Samantha’s sister brought up the Ring Finders and my contact info. and the search was on. I scanned the spot where the car sat and around where the snow from the car had been tossed. The parking lot they were in was full so I was doing my best to not get a false signal from the Ford F 250 and a Toyota. Digging out the snow around the other cars didn’t produce the ring. Looking in the cracks of the newlyweds car didn’t produce the ring. Scanning every thing one more time also didn’t produce Clint’s ring. I even looked under the Ford and Toyota with a light. This all was a means to and end, because I had my trx pinpointer and was not going to give up. So by process of elimination I pinpointed around each tire of both of the other cars. Just behind the Toyota passenger tire, my pinpointer went off. Clint’s wedding ring was Found Finally. The crazy thing was I had already removed the light snow around that tire and the ring melted its way into the harder snow that had been there a while. Warm rings that fall in snow like to sink as fast as a hot knife through butter. Thank you Clint and Samantha for trusting in the Ring Finders and May your marriage always have a special place in your hearts and may you both have the desire to discover loves true gifts.

lost wedding ring found in the spokane river in Washington

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

Justin and I looked for his lost ring in the Spokane river today and he found so I’m going to let him tell the story.

Justin wrote: so i have to plug this guyI lost my wedding band floating the Spokane river yesterday. I find Luke as I’m searching Google for options at 7am this morning. I call him right away because of course I can’t wait to find my ring. Luke answers my call at the butt crack of dawn on a Sunday morning and says he’ll meet me at the mishap location at 9am. I take him to the vicinity (in the middle of the river) of where I lost it. About an hour and a half into the search we found it!!! Luke is a super good guy and fair about pricing. He understands the more important sentimental aspect of the lost item. If you ever lose a piece of jewelry, or some other precious metal item, Luke is absolutely the guy you want to call! Thanks Luke!!

Big smile for a big ring find

Lost Man’s Wedding Ring FOUND! in Spokane valley Wa

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

After starting my work for the day I got a call from Judd. His wedding ring had gone missing. On the day that Judd was turning 50 he woke up sick. So because he had to attend his own birthday he went outside to do a little work out. After hearing this I knew the ring was in his yard and I could find it fast. So I got done done with my work and headed to Judd’s house. He told me that he started his work out on the hanging rings. Before he started the hanging, he took off his wedding band and placed it in his pocket. Like all deeds that are done to keep the ring safe this act made Judd lose his ring. I knew that if his wedding band fell off by his hanging rings where the grass was thin,Judd would have spotted it. So we moved to the spot where he stretched. I started searching there. And there is where I found his ring. Judd’s ring was just one pass over from where he did a back arch. The ring was hiding under a tuff of grass. Judd had been wearing that ring for 21 years and almost gave up on finding it.

14k keltic knot ring

Judd and his ring

Lost man’s tungsten wedding ring found in Mead WA

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

Yet another snow covered car steals a man’s wedding ring. That man Jared, was just closing the door to his car and with the slam of the door he also heard the ting of his ring hitting the door. Thinking the ring couldn’t have gone far, he and his wife looked for an hour. After not succeeding, Jared took to his computer to find a metal detector to buy. Low and behold the internet led him to the Ring Finders and so begins my latest Ring Finders tale. I got an email from Jared about his ring and dawned my snow bibs and took off to his house. The car that stole Jared’s ring was still parked in the spot where he had lost the ring. So knowing a thing or two about how conductive cars are I stayed away from the car and grid searched around the door he had closed. “The ring is being hidden by the car” I told him. He moved the car backwards but still no ring, he moved the car forwards and then I heard the sweet sound of the lost but now found ring. I said ” I bet this is it”, I swept the snow with my foot and Jared’s ring landed in front of him. He was wearing a smile when he bent down to pick it up and an even bigger smile with his ring back on his finger.