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Lost Gold Hawaiian Ring at Hanohano Hale Beach…FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a text Saturday from Nicole who lives on Oahu and lost her Hawaiian Heritage ring at Hanohano Hale Beach in Punaluu. While swimming with some friends at the beach as she exited the water a rather large wave crashed into her near the shoreline and her ring came off. She reached for the ring but it disappeared in the surf. She fruitlessly searched for awhile and finally giving up as the waves were pounding the shore. We talked on the phone as I reviewed the surf report and agreed Thursday would be the best day to hunt as the tide would be low in the morning and the surf would be much less then when she lost the ring. I arrived Thursday morning and waited for Nicole to arrive and show me where the ring came off. Thankfully, this area has a barrier reef before the shoreline so I expected the ring to be very near where it was dropped. I started my grid search in about waist deep water and worked towards shore. I noticed a few Portuguese Man-O-Wars in the sand so I was keeping my guard up so not to entangle myself in any tentacles in the water. I completed the search area and didn’t find Nicole’s sentimental ring. We discussed some other details and I decided to do a grid perpendicular to the shoreline. On the third leg I got a screaming target on my Excalibur and after two deep scoops there was Nicole’s ring in the scoop. I yelled ashore to her that I got it and she met me on the water’s edge to look in the scoop. I saw a tremendous smile come over her face and I knew it was the one. Besides a generous reward Nicole gave me a wonderful decanter of Kohana Rum Barrel Aged Hawaiian Honey which I will put in my coffee each morning until its gone. What a great way to start my day and lift our spirits during this pandemic. Aloha to Nicole!

Lost Gold Hawaiian Ring at Kahala Beach…FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring hunt began when I got a text from Kalei which said I helped them before and that her daughter Keiki just lost her ring again but now at Kahala Beach. I was at work near quitting time so I told Kalei I would grab my gear at home and go straight to the beach. The tide was coming in and I didn’t want to fight it and wind blown waves. Kalei sent some pics and I talked to Keiki just prior to the search. Keiki said she was just inside the reef in the sand and that was when her ring fell off. I started my search after viewing the pics and decided to start at the reef and work my way shoreward. I found a few coins then I got a nice tone on the Excalibur and after two scoops there was a Koa Tungsten ring in my scoop. Oh well! Moving on. On the second pass at the extreme end of my grid I got a nice low tone and in one scoop there was Keiki’s Gold Hawaiian ring. Thankfully I got it then as the tide and waves were really starting to crank it up. I texted a pic to Kalei and she confirmed the ring and was so thankful that I was successful a second time. Not going to push for a third. Aloha to Keiki and her Mom!

14K Rose Gold Wedding Ring Lost Prince Charles Neighborhood, Edmonton Alberta

from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)
Contact: 1-780-497-2118


I received a call from Jacob this evening requesting my service to locate his wife’s rose gold wedding band which she lost in their back yard on Saturday morning.

An hour later, I meet Jacob and his wife Abi at their home.  Abi explained that she was doing Yoga exercises on her patio and had removed her ring and placed the ring on her Yoga mat.  When she was finished she picked the mat up, shook the mat towards her lawn,  rolled the mat up and then went into the house.

About ten minutes later Abi realized what she had done and quickly went out to search for her ring with no luck.  Jacob then rented a metal detector and told me that he did not understand how to operate it,  and had spent a few hours searching but had been unable to find the ring.

I searched their lawn for an hour with no luck, then I asked Abi to get her mat out and show me exactly what she had done.  We used a test ring and noticed that the tester ring  rolled  backwards and ended on the other side of her patio into the grass and not the direction they thought the ring flew. I found the ring just off the concrete patio which made the ring very difficult to locate with all the rebar to the untrained ear that’s  why Jacob was unable to find the ring with all the different ring tones his detector produced.

Jacob and Abi were so relived that the ring was found and back on her finger.

Thank you Jacob and Abi for entrusting me to locate your wedding band.

Another very happy client.

Lost Platinum 3 Piece Bridal Set Ring in Aulani Lagoon Returned after nearly 3 Years.

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began on 31 August 2018 for me when I was searching the Aulani Lagoon for a Gold Wedding Band. Smack in the Middle of the Lagoon in waist deep water I got a screaming target on my Excalibur and in one scoop I found a stunning Platinum 3 piece Bridal Set ring in my scoop. As with all other rings I find I posted it on my website “Metal Detecting Oahu” and it remained there until 8 April 2020 when I got a text from Guillermo from Whittier, California. In the text he told me his wife lost her ring on 07 June 2017 at the Aulani Lagoon and while in quarantine in California his wife Arlene stumbled across one of my old posts that had a picture of a very familiar ring. They had periodically checked with the Aulani Resort lost & found over the years but with no success. They were able to describe exactly the ring’s details and where it was lost. I only post high quality ring pictures with no details. They also sent me a wedding photo of the ring on Arlene’s finger. There was no doubt in my mind so I texted back, “So happy this ring found its true owner. Blessed.” I included a current shot of the stunning ring. They texted back “A thousand thank yous Sir and that they were crying & laughing” since I informed them with a follow up call. The story doesn’t end there. The Post Office recommended Registered Mail as the safest way to return the ring so I immediately mailed it Saturday morning. It tracked to Los Angeles quite quickly and we were hoping for a Wednesday delivery. Next thing I know the tracking notice says the ring is in New York City. What the heck? Thankfully, the next day it returned to California and it was on Arlene’s finger this evening. Nearly three years since it was lost. This is the longest ring find in my book. Blessings and Aloha to Arlene & Guillermo!

Lost Southern Hemisphere Gold Wedding Band at 4 Seasons Resort Ko Olina…FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a call from 4 Seasons Security. Security wanted to know if I could come out to the resort and look for a guest’s ring in the lagoon. Since it was getting late I told them I’d be there at first light. The next morning Security met me on the beach and showed me the general area to hunt and if I found the ring to let them know. I went back to my car to get my Equinox & scoop and when I returned to the beach I met Sean from Sydney Australia. He told me he was the person who lost the ring and confirmed the search area. He told me the previous day after applying sun lotion he walked into the lagoon and in waist deep water his Southern Hemisphere white gold ring fell off. He saw it hit the water then disappear. He told me his wife who would be arriving later today had the Northern Hemisphere ring and they went together to complete the Earth. I had to find it PLEASE!!! I swept this area the previous day so their weren’t any targets until about the fourth leg of the grid search and boom the Nox is screaming. One dig and there in my scoop is half the world in white gold. I motioned to Sean who was on the shoreline that I found it and I swear it looked like he burst into tears. So happy to help reunite these magnificent rings. Aloha to Sean!

Lost Titanium Wedding Band at 4 Seasons Ko Olina Resort…FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find started back on October 10th 2019 when I met Ian from Roseville California. While enjoying his vacation at 4 Seasons Resort his Titanium Wedding band came off somewhere in the lagoon. My initial search didn’t find Ian’s ring and the search area would include scuba as Ian was swimming in a large swath of the lagoon. Then there was a spell of bad weather and surf. A few scuba dives still yielded no ring. Finally on Friday March 6 on a dive outside of Ian’s grid I found a Black Titanium Ring with “Modern Gents” engraved on the inside. I immediately texted the picture to Ian to confirm the recovery. After consultation with the Jeweler it was looking like this might not be his ring. Then the Jeweler confirmed it was possible as they work with other vendors. I told Ian I would mail the ring to him so he could confirm himself once and for all. Ian confirmed it was in fact his ring by sending me a pic and a “Shaka”. Glad to finally get that ring find settled. Aloha to Ian!

Lost Gold Wedding Band at Makai Pier Oahu…FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began back on 25 January when I received a call from Reeve from Hong Kong who works as a Mechanical Engineer at University of Hawaii’s Makai Pier. While playing in the water along the Pier with his dog at some point his ring came off. He snorkeled around looking for the ring but no luck. The area had a sandy bottom and looked like an easy hunt. When I arrived the next morning Reeve described the area he was in. As I entered the water with my Equinox to start the grid search the detector started going off. The area along the pier is littered with coins, fishing weights and can slaw. To make matters worse just a few inches under the sand were rocks, coral and stones and that made it practically impossible to scoop targets. I told Reeve I would have to return on scuba but my gear was at the shop getting annual checks. When I finally got my gear back the weather played havoc with gale force winds & torrential rain. So finally this AM Reeve and I saw an opportunity and I took off a few hours from work to hunt. This time on scuba with my Excalibur I was able to eliminate many targets by their tone. Then about 20 minutes into the dive I got a nice low tone and in one scoop with my hand there was Reeve’s Gold Wedding Band glistening in the Sunlight. Six weeks in the ocean and it was within an inch of the surface. Reeve texted a picture of himself wearing the ring and his wife was elated and very gracious to me for finding it. Challenging hunt with a happy ending. Aloha to Reeve!

Lost Gold Wedding Band at Ala Moana Beach Park…FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I received a text from David on his honeymoon from Switzerland. While enjoying the cool waters of Ala Moana Beach Park and discussing with his lovely wife Corinne that his Wedding Band felt loose and in his next breath the ring fell off in waist deep water. He tried fruitlessly for over an hour to find his ring in the shallow water but the sand consumed it. I told David I would grab my Nox and gear and head straight down. It was only 15 minutes away and surprisingly there was parking adjacent to where David lost his Wedding Band. When I arrived David helped me draw some grid lines in the sand and then I entered the water to hunt. First target was a 20-21 Lincoln Cent. Then on about the fifth grid line I got another 20-21 signal and after missing the target three times I looked in the scoop expecting the penny when low and behold there was David’s 18k Gold Wedding Band. Got to dig those pennies folks. After a few hugs and Mahalos David and Corinne graciously thanked me for saving their honeymoon. Aloha to David & Corinne!

Lost Gold Wedding Band at Ala Moana Beach Park…FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a text last evening from Jim who hails from Santa Cruz, California. While playing football with his son at some point his white gold wedding band came off. After ensuring no one else knew about the lost ring I told Jim I needed to get there immediately before another detectorist finds his ring in the dry sand. I stopped what I was doing and circled home to get my gear for this dry sand hunt. Jim texted me a pin location on google maps and when I arrived I called him to confirm. Jim was able to recall a significant amount of location data that I was able to draw a grid in the sand of about 100 by 75 feet. I started the hunt and after two beaver tails and a quarter I got a nice beep on the Nox and in one scoop there was Jim’s white gold wedding band. I texted Jim a pic of his found ring and he said he would be right down to retrieve it. Thankful the night detectors hadn’t started yet. Aloha to Jim!!!


from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)
Contact: 1-808-699-0521

This recovery started when i  got the text from Melissa about her lost diamond wedding rings in Ala Moana Waikiki area. She lost them the daybefore and so i gathered my gear and  I was able to head out and look the very next morning on a very well known and hunted beach. I had my fair share of concerns but needed to give a thorough search regardless. As i was searching the area in which Melissa gave I started to take notice that i looked in the area and nothing but loose change and bottle caps. So i decided to open up the search area because I’ve been looking for 2 hours and no rings. About a half hour in the search i get a great tone and there in the xtreme scoop is 1 of the 2 missing rings. I then start a circle grid which i started to overlap my previous grid and i get another good tone but very faint. i dug a good 5-6 inches before lo and behold there in the bottom of my scoop is Melissas 2nd ring. I was so happy i ran to my belongings on the beach and noticed that my phone had no battery life. As i’m standing there happy I could hear a voice that said ” Did you find it”? It was the life guard who i talked to earlier about these lost now found rings. His reaction was priceless… NO WAY! With a loud voice. We talked for a little while and then I left the beach with a grateful heart because I know I’ll get to return these beauties. What was thought to be a Gone forever changed! I charged my phone and later that evening my family met up with Melissa and we returned the wedding rings. Happy to help and return these beauties! Another successful recovery.

Biggest thing is to contact me as soon as possible because it increases the chances of me finding and returning your lost rings.