Lost Rings found at Pacific Beach

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Last night I received a call from Jose asking for help finding his wife Deisy’s engagement and wedding rings. They were enjoying the beach with their two children yesterday and Deisy had removed her rings and put them in her pants pocket, and then put the pants in her beach bag. Good idea to keep them safe, right? Well, it didn’t turn out that way. Later in the day when they were ready to leave, she got her pants out of the bag and put them on.  A few minutes later, when they got to the house, she reached into the pocket and, no rings. Back down to the beach to search for them, but, as is typical, it was fruitless. They could be where she put on the pants (most likely) or anywhere along their hike off the beach and to the house a block away. After searching for help with the lifeguards and online, they came upon TheRingFinders.com website and me. Being a popular beach to detect, I hot foot it down there and meet Jose who takes me to where they were camped out that afternoon. It was now just after high tide and the area had been washed over a bit by some waves, but, not a lot of erosion, so, the rings should still be there. I began an ever-expanding grid search from that point, and after 20 minutes or so, I get a good solid 8 on my Equinox. Out comes the pin pointer and I find the engagement ring just under the sand about 20 feet from my starting point. Great, the wedding should be close by….not! I gridded that area 6 ways from Sunday and not a sound. Oh well, we’ll do it the hard way. I expanded the area even more and made 4-5 passes all the way to the stairs thinking it might have fallen along the way. Nope, found a few coins, lots of foil junk, a junk ring,and a couple of stud earrings, but, no wedding ring. Since the tide had gone out significantly since I started a couple hours earlier, I decided to go back to the original site and expand down the slope toward the water. Sure enough, after a few passes, I get a nice solid 6-7 reading and up pops the wedding ring about half way down the slope. We headed back to the house where I met a tearfully grateful Deisy. Glad to have met you both and thank you for the reward.



4 Replies to “Lost Rings found at Pacific Beach”

  1. Great job, Mark!

  2. Curtis Cox says:

    Nice work mark! Sounds like The apples don’t fall far from the trees.

  3. Jose & Deisy says:

    We are beyond thankful for what you did for us. You respond quick and didn’t hesitate to come up and help us during this time of need. Just as I was giving up and was content with the engagement ring you kept pushing. Even after asking the lifeguards for help they gave me a number of an individual who’s number was disconnect. I was so glad it was disconnected and thankful I found you Mark. Things happen for a reason and you are one amazing kind man. Both Deisy and I can’t thank you enough. Nice meeting you and you will forever be a part of our life story.

  4. Griff says:

    Nice work Mark,
    I’m glad the Equinox worked out for you. I got mine about a week ago and it appears to be a very good unit after I learn how to use it thoroughly. Hopefully, it will work well for me also. Keep up the good work!

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