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from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)
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This recovery started when i  got the text from Melissa about her lost diamond wedding rings in Ala Moana Waikiki area. She lost them the daybefore and so i gathered my gear and  I was able to head out and look the very next morning on a very well known and hunted beach. I had my fair share of concerns but needed to give a thorough search regardless. As i was searching the area in which Melissa gave I started to take notice that i looked in the area and nothing but loose change and bottle caps. So i decided to open up the search area because I’ve been looking for 2 hours and no rings. About a half hour in the search i get a great tone and there in the xtreme scoop is 1 of the 2 missing rings. I then start a circle grid which i started to overlap my previous grid and i get another good tone but very faint. i dug a good 5-6 inches before lo and behold there in the bottom of my scoop is Melissas 2nd ring. I was so happy i ran to my belongings on the beach and noticed that my phone had no battery life. As i’m standing there happy I could hear a voice that said ” Did you find it”? It was the life guard who i talked to earlier about these lost now found rings. His reaction was priceless… NO WAY! With a loud voice. We talked for a little while and then I left the beach with a grateful heart because I know I’ll get to return these beauties. What was thought to be a Gone forever changed! I charged my phone and later that evening my family met up with Melissa and we returned the wedding rings. Happy to help and return these beauties! Another successful recovery.

Biggest thing is to contact me as soon as possible because it increases the chances of me finding and returning your lost rings.

Lost Gold & Silver Wedding Band Kuhio Beach Waikiki…FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a text from Janet who was on her Honeymoon with her husband Brian from Toronto Canada. While enjoying a swim at Kuhio Beach Brian’s Gold & Silver wedding band fell off in waist deep water. A quick look around in the water and of course the sand swallowed the ring from view. Brian took careful notice to where he was in the water and his new bride Janet found the ring finders on a Google search. It was near the end of my work day so I called Janet and we were able to arrange for them to meet me on the beach in about 45 minutes. Thankfully the weather was cold and overcast so other detectorists were no where in sight of this heavily detected Beach. When I arrived Brian & Janet took me down to the beach to set the grid. Brian actually modified the grid 5 yards to the East and it was a good thing he did as on the third leg of the search in thigh deep water I got a nice 11-12 on the Nox and in one scoop there was Brian’s Wedding Band. The Newlyweds erupted into cheer and clapping and the tourists around us joined in. I love these moments. After a few handshakes and hugs Brian & Janet were off to enjoy the rest of their Honeymoon. Aloha to Janet & Brian.

Lost Gold & Diamonds Wedding Band at Aulani Ko Olina Resort Lagoon…FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a call from Tanya who was on vacation with her family from Fresno, California. While her husband John was playing catch with a football in the lagoon at some point his Gold & Diamonds Wedding Band came off. He wasn’t positive it was in the lagoon as he only recognized it missing when they got back to their lounge chairs…but that would be the most logical place. The tide was high and it was late evening so we decided to meet at the lagoon the next morning at low tide. John & Tanya met me and John showed me the area he was sure he was in when they were playing with the football. I told John to go have a breakfast and be sure his phone was on in case i got good news. On the second leg of the grid BOOM on the Equinox. After two scoops there was a gold & diamonds ring in the scoop. But wait, that’s not his ring it doesn’t have the distinctive curve that was in the picture he sent me the night before. On with the grid search. Then when I was exactly in the middle of the grid box and at about the deepest walking depth I got another BOOM on the Nox. One scoop this time and there was John’s amazing ring in my scoop. I called them with the good news and we met on the beach again for the return. Hugs and grateful thanks from the entire Family. Warm way to start the 2020 New Year. Aloha to John & Tanya!


from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)
Contact: 1-808-699-0521



This ring find started out early in the morning and on a very well known beach that Detectorist go to. I headed out to the North shore and began the search. There was a few families on the beach but not in the area i needed to look in. After sometime of grading the sand i came across a good tone. There in my scoop a beautiful diamond band. I found 1 of the 2 lost rings and so i continued to search and not even a foot away i get another great tone and there in my Xtreme scoop i see the second diamond ring! I called Kissy Stadler up and let her know the good news… she was so happy! we were able to meet up in town before i had to work. Another great find and return.



Lost Ring Found At Turtle Bay Resort

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)
Contact: 1-808-285-8370

Another happy customer

Received a call from Vytas on vacation from California he called me around 4:30 pm so I rushed down to Turtle Bay Resort before the sun went down.
I literally put the coil on the sand and took 3 swipes and found the ring I think it took me about 10 seconds.
Another happy customer!

Lost Titanium Wedding Band at Kaimana Beach…FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a message on my Metal Detecting Oahu Facebook page. Stephen from San Diego lost his Titanium Wedding Band at Kaimana Beach on Monday November 18th. He wasn’t sure if it was in the water or sand he only noticed it missing after playing with his children on the beach. Thankfully the tide and surf was up that evening so other detectorists would stay away. I was going to wait for a low tide so I could get into the water at least chest deep to cover all the area Stephen could have been. He knew he didn’t go past the lifeguard shack so I started my hunt off the Natatorium Wall and worked toward the shack. I found a few coins which was an indication the ring was probably still here. After about 30 minutes and 2/3s of the way to the shack I got a strong hit on the Nox and in one scoop there was Stephen’s wedding ring. I texted a pic of the ring to Stephen and he responded immediately, “Wow! Just landing in San Diego!!! What a Blessing!!! I arranged to pass the ring to his friend Karl on Oahu and he got the ring back to Stephen a few weeks later. Respecting Stephen’s wishes I only posted a picture of the ring back on his hand with the Hawaiian Shaka! Aloha to Stephen!

Lost Gold Family Heirloom Ring at Kaiaka Beach…FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a text from Anika who lives on the North Shore of Oahu. While throwing a ball to her dog at the beach Anika felt her Grandmother’s heirloom ring come off and she wasn’t quite sure what trajectory it went. She thought it could be in the dry sand to the shallow water. We decided to meet early the next morning at Kaiaka Beach. When I arrived Anika pointed out the area between two trees and out towards the water. I started my search on the dry sand and worked towards the water. Thankfully the beach was fairly sterile of metal trash. I finished the dry sand area quickly and was working down the steep slope to the crashing surf below. Please God don’t make me go in there. About a third of the way down the slope I got a 17-18 nice solid tone on the Equinox and in one scoop there was Anika’s precious ring. She burst into tears when I showed her the ring. She had mentioned that their was a rainbow on the water when she arrived at the beach this morning and she thought that was a sign for a successful recovery. A little prayer went a long way too. Aloha to Anika!

Found: Waikiki Beach – Wedding Ring

from Honolulu (Hawaii, United States)
Contact: 1-808-282-6978

It started as a normal day.  I headed to the beach for some metal detecting and relaxation.  That day I chose Waikiki Beach and left before dawn.  I hadn’t been on the sand more than 10 minutes when Adam, a surfing instructor, came up to me and asked “do you know how to use a metal detector?”.  I was taken aback a bit but answered that “I’ve been doing this for a number of years.  He then began to explain he had lost his ring in the late afternoon the day before.  He knew the aprox. location in the dry sand he had lost his ring and after some experimentation with a borrowed metal detector he gave up realizing he had no idea how to use it.  That explained his first question to me about if I knew how to use my metal detector.  I headed to the area he indicated.  The area was small but full of a lot of trash and iron.  It took a good 20 minutes to sort out all the targets but knowing that the ring was tungsten carbide I knew it would be a lower sounding contact.  Finally I locked on to the sound I wanted, which was outside the area indicated as where it was lost.  Only plausible explanation was as it was a high traffic area the ring had been kicked outside the area we were originally searching.  Adam was overjoyed to get his wedding band back where it belongs.

Lost Gold Wedding Bands in Ulua Lagoon Ko Olina Resort…FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began on August 26th when I received a text from Mihai who was visiting Hawaii from Portland Oregon. While swimming in Ulua Lagoon in about five feet of water Mihai felt his two Gold Wedding Bands come off. One was Yellow Gold and the other White Gold. The depth depending on tide would most likely require scuba. After three grid search dives I didn’t find the rings. Then on Friday September 6th while detecting in shallow water at Ulua Lagoon I found a Gold Men’s Wedding Band and sent the pic to Mihai for confirmation. As you can see in the pic it was a perfect fit and obviously his ring. Hopefully I can find the White Gold ring real soon. Aloha to Mihai!

Lost Tungsten Wedding Band at Honu Lagoon…FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a call from Adam from Victoria, Canada on Sunday. While enjoying the day in the cool waters of Honu Lagoon and playing catch with his lovely wife Kaitlin. During a throw Kaitlin’s Wedding Band came off in chest deep water. Adam immediately took notice to where they were in the water in reference to the shoreline. Marriott personnel told them about my services and how to reach me. I told Adam I’d be there around 8am the next morning as I had another ring hunt in Lagoon 1 & 4. That morning I finished early at Lagoon 1 and decided to use the picture Adam texted me to commence the ring find. As I approached the area I saw a trench cut into the sand shaped like an arrow and recognized this as a mark Adam must have left for a reference point. I started a few grid lines to the North and worked my way towards that trench. When I was nearly directly out from the trench I got a nice tone on the Excalibur and one scoop later there was the glistening ring in my scoop. Adam had told me there was an engraving that said, “and together we will walk” on the inside of the ring. Sure enough that’s what it said so I texted them the good news. We met in the public parking lot for the return and you can see it was all smiles. Aloha to Kaitlin & Adam!