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  • from Raleigh (North Carolina, United States)

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This was my #11th gold ring (12th – 1 silver – overall) recovery/returned for the year!

Got a call a day after Mother’s Day.

This lady had lost her mothers ring on Mother’s Day while kayaking with her grandson.

She was enjoying the weather and spending time with her grandson when they suddenly hit some fast moving water and it took them into some downed tree branches. Shen she hit she flipped over and while trying to pop back up and ensure her grandson was safe, she felt this priceless family heirloom slip off into the fast moving water! She just knew it was gone forever. She turned to the internet in search for help. By doing so she found me, 2.5 hours away, and reached out in hopes that I could help her out.

It wasn’t until May 17th before we could connect and plan an attempt to recover this ring out of the fast moving water.

I got up and drove the 2.5 hour journey in hopes it would be a successful trip….

This is what happened… I get there at about 10:30 am, we walked the 400 yards to get to the rivers edge. There was a 10-15 foot embankment we had to gingerly ease down to the water. Once down then I had to walk up current in freezing cold 3 foot, fast moving water with my detector and a scoop while climbing over logs in the river against the current.

I finally get to the spot and quickly realized, I can’t use the scoop with all the gravel and current. I placed it into the downed tree and kept scanning. About 30 mins later I get a 14-15 VDI on the MX SPORT and I knew that was her ring, problem was I couldn’t get to it. It was under a down branch and the water was moving too fast.

I had to clean up the area and make a way to the spot, use goggles to peer in the water and hopefully see it laying there. BOOM, I could see it and was able to reach down and grab it!

I showed the lady and hooked it on my D-ring for safe keeping while we made it back to the bank to climb back up the 10-15 foot embankment. Once up top we were able to cheer and celebrate the successful recovery!


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Lost wedding band in the woods

  • from Erie (Pennsylvania, United States)

This afternoon I received a call from Tom who lost his gold and diamond wedding band Saturday night. That evening, Tom was riding ATVs on his property and realized when he got home his wedding band was no longer on his finger.

I arrived to his property after work and immediately searching the area where Tom believed he lost his ring. After thirty minutes of playing in the mud, I was able to recover his ring about 5 feet off of the trail.

Tom was ecstatic and shocked when I showed him the ring!

Thank you, Tom for entrusting me to locate your lost wedding band!


  • from Lafayette (Louisiana, United States)

We were packed and ready to head to one ring hunt when the client called and said it had been raining. Since the ring had been lost over a year ago and it was in a grassy field, we decided to delay the hunt. After unloading the equipment, we received a call from Nicole. She had lost her ring in the concrete parking lot in front of her apartment and yes it had rained but was clear now. Carrie and I reloaded the equipment (knowing we probably would not be able to use them) and left for Hammond, a 2 hour drive. Arriving we found a distraught Nicole walking over the parking lot, searching as she did the previous day. Having not felt the ring fall from her hand, the whole parking lot was the search area. With detectors useless we started a visual search. Two hours later Carrie let out a victory scream. Rejoining Nicole and her ring was a great end for our efforts.

Lost 14K Gold Mens Wedding Band Found In Ocean City, Maryland

  • from Lewes (Delaware, United States)

On 04/13/2022, I received a call from Rick’s wife asking if I could help with finding his lost 14k Gold Wedding Band that had been lost in the sand on the beach in Ocean City, Maryland. I agreed to help find the lost ring and I responded to the location at which time I learned that Rick had been folding up a beach chair when his ring slipped off of his finger and fell into the sand where it disappeared. After a failed attempt to find his ring in the sand Rick and his wife marked the area that the ring was lost in with a stick and then contact me for help. I began a grid search and on my second pass of the area I located the lost ring just west of the stick that had been placed in the sand as a marker. The ring was recovered and return to its rightful owner.


  • from Lafayette (Louisiana, United States)



Lauren called me around noon on a Tuesday. She had lost her engagement ring and wedding band on Sunday at an event called “Touch a Truck”. A wide variety of trucks, construction equipment, an ambulance, a helicopter, etc. were positioned in a large (over 3 acre) field for the inspection by adults and their children. Lauren and Corey took their young children to see and play on many of the exhibited vehicles. Starting out the adventure, Lauren placed her wedding rings in her pocket before applying sunscreen to the little ones. She also placed her phone in the same pocket. She took many photos of the kids, each time pulling the phone from her pocket. She noticed the rings missing when she returned to the car.

She sent me a map of the event and some photos she had taken. These photos would help me locate the areas where she had taken her phone out of her pocket. Carrie wasn’t feeling well, so I loaded up the equipment and took off alone. I decided first to go for pure luck and make passes the length of the field (600 feet) focusing more on sight than the detector since the area was very trashy with a very noisy detector. Also, the grass was short and not very dense. After a few passes I decided to check the photo and focus on where they were taken, and the phone removed from the pocket. One photo, which turned out to be the first one taken, showed a distinctive lone tree with a tree line behind it. From the photo I sectioned off a possible area where the photo was taken and hopefully the phone was removed from her pocket. I was making my turn to start the final pass in the hunt area and the engagement ring was sitting on top of the ground/grass in full view. I sent a photo to an ecstatic Lauren. Her husband Corey came out to collect the ring and help with analyzing the other photos to look for other hunt areas. After another 2 hours of hunting for the wedding band, I decided to call it a day and come back another time to continue the hunt. Thank you, Lauren, for the generous reward.


Wedding Ring Lost at Russell Beach – Found

  • from Paihia (New Zealand)

Paul phoned me at work yesterday, “Is this Pete with the metal detector?”It transpired he had been enjoying a swim at Russell in the Bay of Islands, and had put his hands down into the beach gravels, and lost his wedding ring.He had lost it around high tide, so I arranged to meet him on site at low water later that afternoon.
Russell beach is a very steep, highly mobile pea-gravel, your feet sink up to the ankle as you walk and it ‘eats’ rings.  I have done a few lost ring recoveries here and they are always deep.
Paul had done the right thing though and acted promptly to contact me, as well as being able to meet me on site which always hugely increases the chances of a successful recovery.
I arrived shortly before he did, and decided to make a start. I selected an area as the most logical place for him to swim and started on the low tide mark – No sense in getting in the water if it wasn’t necessary.
Paul turned up in a few minutes and confirmed I was in the right area.  He then marked out the boundaries for me.I started my first grid pattern and within a minute I had a handful of gravel containing his ring!
It’s nice to have an easy one once in a while 🙂



One Day Old Wedding Ring Lost in Kerikeri, Found in Grass.

  • from Paihia (New Zealand)
One of the the things that drew me into ringfinding was the chance to allow people to continue the sentimental journey with the jewellery they are emotionally connected to.
Sometimes that story is in jeopardy before it’s even begun…
Yesterday Adam got married.
He had been playing cricket on a large grassy area below the house, when he realised his brand new gold wedding band was missing.
The question was, where?
Kikuyu lawn seems to absorb rings with its open, low thatch and their attempts to locate the ring visually had drawn a blank.
His wife found me online and messaged me to see if I would be able to help as they were leaving the area soon. It was nearly sunset so I headed straight out.
There were several areas and times when the ring might have slipped from his finger without him realising. First check was the shrubs and bushes where he had been looking for a ball. Nothing.
I then focussed on the cricket area. The party lights were still on which illuminated the grass enough to track my progress. The pinpointer was definitely getting a workout checking the many historical trash targets buried in the surface soil.
After an hour, I picked up a strong signal outside the original area. In the glow of the party lights, out came a bright yellow and brand new gold ring!
Adam was walking back to the party having been down to collect a bag, as he passed I asked if he would like this ring…
He let out a yell, which was echoed by the guests up at the house.
His wedding ring had definitely started its story in dramatic style. Out of all the memories that will attach to it over time, hopefully this will be the only escape story.


Wedding Ring Lost on Urupukapuka Island – Found!

  • from Paihia (New Zealand)

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I got a call yesterday evening from Laura, who was camping on Urupukapuka Island.
Her husband had just lost his wedding ring in the grass. He took it off and put it in his lap, and forgot it was there until it was too late.
After a bit of to and fro organising logisitics that evening, they booked a fast ferry ticket for me. The following morning I was heading to the outer edge of the Bay of Islands with my gear.

Urupukapuka is both the largest and outermost of the islands in the Bay of Islands, and due to the sterling work done by Project Island Song, it is pest-free. This allows several endangered species to safely call the island home.
Waiting for the ferry, I had a short chat to one of the team who was taking a couple of trained dogs out to Urupukapuka as part of the pest-eradication program. These particular dogs are trained to find rats, which can apparently swim up to 1500m, thus able to island-hop to even the outer islands. The patrols around the islands have to be relentless to maintain this pest-free status.

The 45 minute trip was very pleasant over a flat sea and I soon joined the queue of people making their way down the jetty onto the island.
Some immediately established their ‘spot’ in the shade for a day at the beach, others dispersed in order to meander along the various tracks that lead around the island.
One, with detector slung over his shoulder, made a bee-line up the steep hill out of Otehei Bay bound for the campsite. I was booked on the midday return ferry so was on the clock…

It should be noted here, that metal detecting is illegal on Department of Conservation land and historical reserves. I hold a permit from DoC, with very strict conditions, for the purposes of ring recoveries only. This has to carried with me at all times when detecting on DoC estate.

I duly arrived at the campsite and went through the backstory, looking for clues, verifying actions, movements and timelines. These would influence how I conducted the search, and maximise the chances of getting this ring back on the finger where it belonged.
This lovely couple are from Argentina, and to the best of my ability I was going to ensure their ring went home with them!

A principal search area was marked out with towels, hats etc and I got to work, two hours before I had to hike back to the ferry.
I cleared the initial marked area, and started to extend. Assume Nothing, Believe No-one, Check Everything.
The tent had been pitched after the loss, “You know what I’m going to ask, don’t you?” I grinned to them.

A new tent location was verified ring-free, and they started to empty the tent and pull the pegs.
I jokingly mentioned that I would find the ring elsewhere as soon as they had gone to the trouble of moving their camp.
They had handfuls of tent pegs and a partially relocated tent when I heard a soft tone in some long grass under a tree.
I parted the grass and underneath the thatch was a bright gold ring.

Job done, I had time enough to head back to Otehei Bay and sit in the shade with a freshly brewed coffee from the cafe as I waited for the ride home.

Halfway back to Paihia on the ferry, the phone rang, “Are you the ringfinder?”

That story has yet to unfold…





View on way to Campsite


Cable Bay campsite


Lost Wedding Ring Found at Paihia

  • from Paihia (New Zealand)

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Having the presence of mind to accurately fix your location, and rapidly contact a dedicated ring finder can make the world of difference when you have lost a ring or other piece of sentimental jewellery.

Josh was enjoying his holiday, lounging in the warm summer shallows at a Paihia beach, when he decided to remove his white gold and diamond wedding ring from his finger to thread it onto his necklace for security.
Fate intervened and the ring fell into the cloudy water.

He spent some time looking for it with a mask, although the zero visibility made it impossible to see.
That was when his wife contacted me.

Josh had made a mental note of a couple of items on shore that lined up, as well as an accurate depth and distance from the beach. It was high tide, but rather than wait for the next low tide the following day, the tight start point encouraged me to make the attempt before the evening light faded.

I waded out, counting my paces and gauging the depth as described by Josh, until I was in the general area. Josh directed me a little further to one side where he felt the ring would be and I started to grid.

Just after I turned to start the second run, I got a clean tone in the headphones – the audio too ‘bright and smooth’ to be litter.

The scoop went in, I checked the hole was clear and shook the sediments out of the scoop. The sand flowed away revealing the lost ring.

One of my fastest recoveries yet – thanks must go to Josh for providing an excellent start point and contacting a Ring Finder ASAP.


Gold Wedding Band Lost, Recovered and Returned in Philadelphia, PA!

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

Received a late night text from Pedro seeking help in finding his recently lost rose gold wedding band. In speaking with Pedro the following morning he shared that he suffered a sleepless night thinking of his lost band which had disappeared off his finger the day before. We had a big snowstorm in Philadelphia Friday night and the next day Pedro and his wife, Bruna, went for a little adventure in the snowy park nearby. He shared with me that his ring was only 10 months old….a little  loose and he had just put moisturizer on his hands prior to leaving for the park. While at the park he removed his gloves at different times to take pictures with his phone. He did not realize his ring was missing off his hand till later that evening at home.

I agreed to meet them with my metal detector at the park Sunday morning. Here is the good news…Pedro had a pretty good idea as to the areas where they stopped and he took off his gloves to take pictures…he also told me his wife wears the exact ring as him(maybe a little smaller) enabling me to scan it and set up my detector to zero in on it. Here is the bad news….huge park…big crowds…and they covered quite a bit of ground on their walk. When I got to the park I was a little intimidated by the size of the search area…but my experience always tells me to start at the end of the walk and/or where they feel they most likely lost and work toward the beginning. I firstly had Bruna put her identical ring on the ground and demonstrated to them that if they put me over the lost one I will definitely pick it up with my machine…I was also able to eliminate signals from all other metals. We then proceeded to walk a 1/4 mile through the park to the very end of their adventure where they stopped to make a snowman and Pedro took pictures. It was the most amazing thing….while I had a little bit of a feeling that I was  searching for a needle in a haystack I also felt good about the strategy to start searching where I did. I started to detect around the area where they built the snowman and was on my 4th pass when I got a good signal on my machine….I looked down and there was a gold rim just breaking the surface of snow! I couldn’t believe it…don’t think I even searched 10 minutes! I didn’t even bend down… I looked at Bruna and Pedro and smiled. They both said no way! I called Pedro over and pointed at the snow…I think us Ring Finders live for this moment! To say they were surprised and excited would be an understatement. They were such a nice couple…it brought me such great joy to be able to come trough for them. They will be heading back to Brazil next year…its cool that I was able to provide such a great and interesting memory from there time here!