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Marilyn’s Lost Diamond Ring Recovered from Lake Marcel WA

from Seattle (Washington, United States)
Contact: 1-206-618-8194


Marilyn contacted me to help recover her lost diamond wedding ring. In early June she was on her private dock when her dog jumped up and his paw happened to catcher her ring pulling it off her finger. This ring was customer made and has a clasp to make it easier to take on and off the finger. Apparently so easy a dog can take the ring off with ease. Marilyn remembers precisely where she was standing on the dock and the direction she was facing however she never heard the ring hitting the dock or water. He husband had helped by removing several boards from the dock in the target area and they searched for days. They even got creative by attaching a plastic basket to a long piece of wood and also a kitchen strainer and had been scooping up gobs of silt from the bottom of the lake. At one point they even had a friend with a metal detector attempting to locate the ring.

As a fist step I searched the dock with my metal detector to make certain it simply wasn’t over looked. After that I got low on the dock and searched at arms length thought the water from the opening with no success. At this point having brought all my SCUBA gear I suited up and took the plunge. Being that this was a very shallow search it was partially obstructed by the dock and we sill didn’t have an exact entry point so it make the most since to to use the SCUBA gear. Having a drysuit also made the work more pleasant. The bottom of this man made lake was full of thick silt and having the ability to remain buoyant off the silt was also an advantage. All though some visual search methods can be used most often heavy metal items are covered by the silt or obscured by plant growth so by having a high quality underwater metal detector has prove to be a key component in the recovery of these lost items under water.

See the action unfold here:

With a little work I was able to get over the top of the ring with my metal detector and make the recovery a success. Marilyn was very happy to get her ring back with all of the diamonds still securely attached.. I’m also very happy they found The Ring Finders and we were able to make yet another memorable recovery today.


Jeff Morgan




SCUBA Ring Search for Travis’s Gold Wedding Ring Lake Stevens, WA

from Seattle (Washington, United States)
Contact: 1-206-618-8194

Back in September of this year Travis and Cora reached out TheRingFinders looking for an under water search specialist to recover their lost wedding band. After a full day on the lake Cora was passing the ring to her husband when it got fumbled and fell to bottom of the lake. It was fortunately in a shallow area in what seemed to be a very simple recovery. Travis dove down several times over a course of weeks then hired a diver from the local dive shop with no success. He then found me though TheRingFinders and my first free diving attempts with my detector wound up insufficient. As the months went on I would occasionally send a note to them that I had not forgotten their lost ring in the lake as I was in the process of getting the proper dive gear and training.

Now December with the holiday season upon us, I was now fully kitted and trained enabling me to make a return visit to the lake to compete the mission.  On the day of the recovery Cora and Travis were unaware that I was making another attempt. So we took the opportunity to surprise the family with an exciting ring recovery return…

Watch this video to see the exciting revel when we reunite the ring to its owners!


Jeff Morgan

Call me today M: 206-618-8194




Lost Ring found near Binbrook conservation area near Hamilton

from Toronto (Ontario, Canada)
Contact: 1-647-326-0444

found ring on hand Happy Pietro & family with FOUND ring & Paul ring finderVandendool Crownring2b ring

“I went swimming in a lake and lost my wedding ring. After spending a few hours swimming down 10 feet, we gave up the search. I thought it was gone for good before I found Paul online. He came with scuba gear and an underwater metal detector and found the ring in 25 minutes! Material possessions can be replaced, but the sentimental value cannot. We can’t thank you enough!”



Pietro was at a conservation area with his family & lost his ring when swimming. Once I arrived he pointed me to the “location” where he felt the ring slip off. The visibility was 1-2′ & I was able to find the ring in about 25 minutes.

Another happy customer.  So far I am 2 for 2!  🙂

Lost Ring found in lake near Haliburton

from Toronto (Ontario, Canada)
Contact: 1-647-326-0444

Diego & happy wifeOn my first official search for a wedding ring, I was able to find Diego’s wedding ring. He flipped a canoe near a friend’s cottage & lost 2 fishing poles & his wedding ring.  The location was in ~18; in a bay of a lake. It took me about 1 hour to locate the “drop” area as the initial search location was not accurate for me. Note that the more accurate the “lost” location is, the better luck I will have in locating “your” treasure. I found the ring within 15 minutes of locating the fishing poles.

Diego has been married since Feb 2013 so finding the ring was very important to him & his wife. 2 Happy Customers!!


Sunshine Coast White Gold Found!

from West Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: 1-250-859-4540

Underwater metal detecting is a bit of a unique activity on it’s own. Being able to do this in almost any condition, up to 180′ makes it even more specialized. The price that is paid sometimes, is travel. Between Vancouver and Kamloops there is only a handful of us that specialize in this type of metal detecting. There is even fewer people that target very small items like rings and earrings. That being said, I got a call from Chris Turner, the CEO of, asking me if I was interested in a little trip.


Chris received a call from Ryan in Vancouver about a wedding band he had lost in the ocean. The ring was lost while visiting the Sunshine Coast on the weekend with is wife. Only 25′ down, sandy bottom, 10′ from a fixed dock, sounded pretty easy to me. I quite like ocean dives, especially BC coast ones because of all the colours and the abundance of life all around you underwater. I was once told that Jacques-Yves Cousteau regarded Vancouver Island as the number two dive site in the world. That being said, I packed up my gear for the voyage. Six and a half hours later and a trip on the Langdale ferry from Horseshoe bay, I arrived at Sechelt, along the Sunshine Coast. Once we arrived at the location we brought all the equipment down to the dock area and prepared for the dive.


The first decent reviled the truth about the dive site conditions, which by the pictures you can see is a little hard to tell from the surface. No flat surface, no sandy bottom, and massive amounts of seaweed. It was more like a cliff face underwater. From the dock it was only 15′ down, 6′ out it was 50′ down. Another thing I didn’t anticipate was the fact that this dock was a new build and so there was construction debris all over the area where the ring was lost. This made my primary detector useless as I couldn’t get a proper reading on Ryan’s ring. I had to resort to using a Pulse Induction probe to search around the huge boulders and seaweed. This made for a very slow and tedious search as my detection field is only 3′ radius at best with the probe. Searching a cliff face is no easy task either, and at one point i disturbed an octopus taking an afternoon nap in a boulder crevasse. Nature channels don’t do it justice when you see it live!


It was not until the forth dive that day, and a few test drops, did I get a strong signal farther away from the dock than I thought it would be. I initially thought it was another bottle cap or deck screw, but my finger went right through it, so I know i had something. Before I surfaced with any excitement, I put the ring right up to my mask and read the inscription inside. It read “With Love, Now and Forever”, definitely the one I was looking for!


I calmly surfaced and started handing my equipment to Ryan. He was looking a little sad as I was handing him my gear… until I reached for his help to get out of the water. You see, I had his ring on my pinky finger. Ryan didn’t notice it right away, but when he did, the only sounds from him where “wa, waaa, Wahhhh Ohh aaahhh”. And from that moment on, until we left the location, Ryan didn’t take his eyes off his ring. You see, this ring has been on Ryan’s hand for five years since the day that he was married. Not knowing, and having it lost at sea, made him feel as if something was missing from him. He even told me he had a difficult time sleeping at night without it. At one point his wife told him to just replace it, but Ryan was determined to find the original and that is where we came in. Ryan’s ring now has a great story with a happy ending, with a little help from “”. It’s a great feeling finding something treasured and an even better feeling when you can give it back!

PS. Does all this equipment make me look fat?

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