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Lost White Gold Ring Found!! In Post Falls Idaho

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

Today was a day of metal detecting for me. I started off by diving in a lake looking for a wedding ring lost 2 years ago to which I didn’t find. After coming home and cleaning up my gear I wrote a lady back who asked if I would travel to Post Falls, Idaho for a ring search. After dinner my Family and I went to a newly discovered park near our house to play. I was swinging my Whites detector around the playground when Charlayne, the lady who wrote me from Post Falls, called. I asked a few questions and found out that she had lost her ring in the front yard or the back after placing it in her pocket with a hole at the bottom. She also told me that she had rented a metal detector and raked both yards with no luck. I said I would be right over. My family and I drove 32 minutes to reach her house. After putting on my gear and seeing a picture of the ring Charlayne left me to my work. Which was a short job. I made my way from the front steps to the mail box like Charlayne said she had done and found a small foil wrapping under a fresh dug hole. So I made a second pass on the other side back to the steps and then back down for a third pass. I was about half way to the mail box when WHAM!! A solid 13-14 vdi at depth of 0 inches rang up and my pinpointer showed me why well cared for grass hides rings the best. After taking a picture of the ring hidden in the grass I smiled at my wife who was watching me from the car. I then headed to the back of the house to find Charlayne, her face went from worried anticipation to fourth of July fire work happy. After I showed her the spot where her ring had fallen out of the hole in her pocket and hid from her for a week; we said our goodbyes and took her advice to have some ice cream at Rogers. Thanks for the suggestion Charlayne and for trusting in The Ring Finders to find what you lost.

White Gold Ring Found Montrose Neighbourhood Edmonton, Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Late last evening I received an e-mail from Dakota requesting my service to locate his girl friends lost ring in his front yard. I agreed to meet around 9:30 am this morning.

Dakota showed me the area in which the ring was lost and he told me that he had spent some time looking for the ring with no luck! After asking questions I got my detector and with in five minutes I had the ring back in Dakota’s hand.

Thank you Dakota for entrusting me to locate your lost ring,

Another Happy Client.

Lost White Gold Wedding Band On The Anthony Henday Drive Edmonton Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

IMG_1060 (2)  IMG_1060

Received a call from Kerry around 8:15 last evening wondering if it was possible for me to find his Lost Ring on the side of the Highway. He had marked the area he was stopped at good thinking Kerry. (makes my Job a lot easer when that happens)   He told me how he lost the ring he was helping a friend move some boxes to a storage locker one of the boxes fell off the truck and ended on the highway so he stopped picked the box up and place it in the truck then he removed his glove to check the rest of the boxes that’s when he felt his ring fell off his finger and ended in the ditch he spent a while looking for it before he called me .

I meet up with Kerry this morning around 8:10 am at the location – 13C (8.0) Fahrenheit  and 6 inches of snow It took me a couple of minutes to find his ring which made him a very happy man.

Once again another happy Client and thank you Kerry for the generous reward.