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Metal Detecting Service – Lost Wedding Ring – Found – Indiana, PA

  • from Indiana (Pennsylvania, United States)

Lost your ring, other valuable jewelry, cellphone, keys, or other metal object…call or text Brian Carpenter at (814)244-2300 as soon as possible. I am a ring recovery and metal detecting specialist serving Pittsburgh, Indiana (PA), and most of Western PA. Why rent a metal detector when you can get a trained operator with top of the line equipment at the same time…I am also pleased to announce I am beginning to search for lost rings in vehicles!!

Who says there is never a ring finder around when you need one??? LOL. I was driving home and I live close to a golf course so as I was passing by I saw a friend’s car and pulled in to say hello. It looked like he and a few other people were looking for something…low and behold – a lost ring. He started laughing and said your ears must have been burning. I got out chatted for a few but I did not have my equipment and the person who lost the ring was not there. I told my buddy – I will be back to find it in the morning.

So the next morning I went back and met with Dean. He was taking his jacket off and his ring got caught in the sleeve and flew off. He was in a parking spot right next to the driving range and the ring was somewhere in the grass. I immediately got to work. After about 45 minutes I located the ring. I dont always have the opportunity to do it but I measured…the ring flew 18 feet away from where he was when he lost it.

Dean was very happy to have his ring back and I was glad to have been able to help!

Lost Ring Found Under the Starlight of South Dennis, MA

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

October 2, 2023: While preparing for a monthly association meeting I just missed answering my cell phone. Luckily the caller followed the answering message and called my home line. My wife was near enough to get the phone to me before the caller hung up. The caller was Dennis and he had been cleaning off a swinging chair readying it for an hour or so of enjoying the morning sun and bright blue sky. Something that had not been seen for the previous few days of rain and heavy fog. As he brushed the leaves away, away went his wedding band.

In hours of searching he did not find the ring. At the local hardware store that rents a metal detector he was told that he would be very lucky to find the ring with their rental unit. With that said he was given information about the local guy (me) that has professional equipment for such a search and to contact him through TheRingFinders.com. And Dennis did.

As I said, I had a meeting to go to and the sun was setting about 6:30 with last light at 7PM. My luck and Dennis’s was that the meeting was very short and I could be detecting within 10 minutes, and I was. Twilight was replaced by moon light and flash lights so I could continue my searching.

I knew the ring would be somewhere within the area of the chair, fence, garden and grassy area. I covered the grassy area first as it was the easiest to detect over. No ring was to be found. Next I started between the chair and garden’s edge. I was going to leave the planted garden area for last. I had no need to, as the third swing between the chair and the garden’s edge I heard a very promising signal. A sweep with my pin-pointer and Dennis saw a glitter from his ring, even before I did. He was so fast in his motion of picking it up and putting the wedding band back where it belonged, on his finger. I never saw it happen.

Now it was time to do a bit of talking. Put retired Army and Navy men together and they can talk for hours. We cut it short and took a few pictures and said our Thank Yous and I was on my way back home knowing Dennis’s wife would have a bigger smile on her face than Dennis had on his, though it would be hard to do so.

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Metal Detecting Service – Lost Ring In Car- Found- Pittsburgh, PA

  • from Indiana (Pennsylvania, United States)

Lost your ring, other valuable jewelry, cellphone, keys, or other metal object…call or text Brian Carpenter at (814)244-2300 as soon as possible. I am a ring recovery and metal detecting specialist serving Pittsburgh, Indiana (PA), and most of Western PA. Why rent a metal detector when you can get a trained operator with top of the line equipment at the same time…

I received a text from Cathy that she had lost her mother’s ring in her car and asked me to call her. I called her and she said her ring fell off in the car and she could not find it. She saw it go flying back behind the driver’s seat. It has been a while since she lost it and had vacuumed the car and searched to no avail. She said their last night in Myrtle Beach on vacation she ran into a member of the ring finders who told her about us and what we do. He did not have a scope with him so he told her to check the website when she got back.

I went out the same day, got there and started to look under the driver’s seat immediately since it was the last place the ring was seen. I started checking the vents when I noticed the carpet under the vents was loose. I then started to check under the carpet, it was a few minutes later I found what I thought to be Cathy’s ring. I know that sounds a bit crazy but in full disclosure this was only my second time using an endoscope and I am finding out that things can look a bit different or deceiving. I asked Cathy to look and she said yes because she recognized the design. Then I realized…finding it in the car is only half the battle…you have to retrieve it too. I informed Cathy that I would try to get it out but if I could not she might have to seek a mechanic. Luckily her husband was able to put the seat the whole way up and I was able to get a hold of it. It was a bit touch and go because it was tight and I didn’t want to drop it and have the ring go further down into the car, but in the end I got it out!! Cathy was so happy to have her ring back as it meant so much to her since it had belonged to her mother. I was glad I was able to help. It was truly a pleasure to meet such kind and generous people like Cathy and her family. It was also great to get my FIRST find using an endoscope.

P.S. – If you are still reading this there are a few people I want to thank in addition to Cathy for calling me. First I’d like to thank the unknown ring finder in Myrtle Beach or else I would not have had this opportunity. Then our fellow ring finder, Rod Greene…he lent me his scope (don’t worry I am getting my own…lol). I know this might sound like an Oscar or Grammy speech but I am almost done…LOL. I also want to thank fellow ring finder Brian Rudolph. The first time I was out searching a car I reached out to Brian because he has tons of success. Although that search did not pan out he gave me some good pointers and encouragement to keep searching cars. So thanks to all you guys for your help and support!!

Family Ring Lost in South Yarmouth Yard, Found and Returned

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

June 4, 2023

Chris’s love is gardening and he spends most every day engaged with some aspect of his hobby. While finishing up the spring clean-up and some planting prior to mulching the garden beds his father’s wedding band slipped from his finger. More than likely it came off when his gardening gloves were removed to answer a phone call.

Over the next two days Chris spent hours looking for his ring. Some of the time he used a metal detector loaned to him. All his efforts were to no avail. At this point Heather, his daughter, contacted me for help. Of course I would help. I packed a few land detecting tools into my car and I was on my way. I parked in front of Chris’s home which was adorned with luscious green grass and many plants in the process of being set along walking paths and others into the many garden beds. I was glad I would not have to dig to retrieve the ring after finding its location. Locating the ring proved to be no easy task. The first two days of searching turned up one of three old pewter Christmas tree ornaments that went missing many years ago, a wheat cent and a few other odds and ends, but no ring.

With another day of searching in mind, I was getting ready when I received a phone call. A wedding band had been lost on a sandy ocean beach. There is always an urgency to recover a lost item from a public area, open to all. Not that Chris’s ring was not important, but his was on his own private property where it was very unlikely anyone else would find his ring apposed to a lost ring on a public beach. I made the decision to go to the beach where I was successful in finding and returning the beach band. I would go back to Chris’s another day.

The “another day” came and so did the bad beach weather, overcast sky, and light rain; nothing that would daunt my spirit to find Chris’s ring. I pulled up to the search area as Chris was on his way out to dinner. No problem, I knew where to search. The front yard was searched first, the leaf piles next, the cut off hydrangea followed. All proved they were not aiding in concealing the elusive ring. The brick and stone edging was last on my list before I would call an end to the day’s search.

Chris’s son and his wife stopped by to say hello before leaving to meet up with his family at a nearby restaurant. Another fifteen minutes passed with no signal from the ring. On my path from the far side of a tool shed I headed to a patio where Chris did transplanting of flowers. I went close by a brick paved area and at the very corner and I heard the sound I had been listening for. A close look at the ground and there was just a few glimmers of gold. I had found the ring. It was now time to capture the ring’s hiding place in my camera. My searching was over and it was time for the return.

Chris, I knew, was at the nearby restaurant and I had no problem gaining entrance and finding the family dining party. I normally would not interrupt a family gathering, but I knew everyone would enjoy being a party to the return of the ring. And so it was, a quick return one picture and several hand shakes and it was done. With the ring returned, my goal for the day was complete. I left knowing that the subject of dinner’s conversation would be of the ring and family, not the fabulous clam chowder. Unfortunately Heather was in Europe and was not present at the ring’s return. Had it not been for her effort, the ring may have stayed “lost” for many years.

I thank everyone for their part in making this happy ending to a lost family heirloom and more great memories of my hobby.


Metal detecting service finds lost ring in Miami.

  • from Miami (Florida, United States)

I received another frantic call about a lost ring in the yard.  They had tried everything, even buying their own metal detector.  Quickly after realizing their inexpensive metal detector wasn’t gonna cut it, they called me.  I was able to head right over and after a good while searching (in an area they didn’t not thing the ring was in) was able to find it.  She and her husband were ecstatic.  This was a beautiful heirloom.  If you’ve lost something, don’t waste more time, CALL ME, Louis 305-608-1870 and I’ll come out and help you find it.

Men’s Family Heirloom Wedding Band…FOUND with Metal Detector in Mount Olive, Alabama!

Christina McCree – Ring Finder for northern Alabama and southern/middle Tennessee…call or text ASAP, anytime 24/7…610-504-6135

Just before lunchtime on Saturday (March 19th, 2022), I received a call from Daniel stating that he had lost his white gold wedding band two days prior while laying hay and seed in his front and back yard.  He normally wears a silicone wedding band, but he let his daughter play with it and it came up missing.  The ring that was lost while doing the yardwork was actually passed down from his great grandfather and had been in the family for more than 80 years!  Daniel was disappointed about losing the wedding band and really wanted it back, so that it could continue on in his family.  Daniel had tried looking with an older Garrett metal detector, but realized that it couldn’t detect white gold when he scanned his wife’s wedding ring.

When I received Daniel’s call, I was about to have a quick bite to eat and go metal detecting with a friend.  I’m always happy to help someone look for a lost item and prefer that over a hobby hunt any day!  I made a quick change of plans.  I ate, grabbed some extra gear I might need for the search, and was on my way to Mount Olive, Alabama!

I met Daniel and he showed me the area in the front yard where he was laying the hay and seed.  I started searching the hay area with my Minelab Equinox 800.  The first two targets I checked ended up being trash or too deep.  The next signal I had was lower on the ID scale, but came in shallow and had a solid target tone.  I bent down to check it, scraped away some of the hay, and spotted a ring!  Daniel hadn’t noticed, because he was nervously pacing.  I said, “hey Daniel, I think we got it!”  He came over and said, “that’s it!”  Pure happiness, relief, and the moment every Ring Finder loves!

Daniel called his mom, Paula, to tell her the good news.  She arrived shortly after and gave me a big hug and thank you!  Paula told me that she knew about The Ring Finders, because she had actually witnessed Ring Finder, Allen Zenker, recover a ring from the ocean in Sanibel Island, Florida.  So, when Daniel called her and said that he had lost his ring, she knew exactly where to turn!

I praise God for another successful ring recovery!  I’m so happy that this heirloom wedding band gets to remain in the family and continue on its story.  Proud to be a member of The Ring Finders, and looking forward to the next adventure…

If you or someone you know has lost a ring, jewelry, or other metal item, please contact a member of The Ring Finders.

Ring lost, found and returned in Newton, MA

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

My wife and I were just home from a mini getaway. When I received a call from Leighton, another Ring Finder asking me if I could help in a ring search as he was unable to do a search the next day. Definitely I can. Besides, it would be another day away from home with my wife, going places we had never been before.

I called Neil and was told the specifics and that he had also contacted Kent, another Ring Finder and friend of mine. A time for the search was set for the next morning. As a courtesy I called Kent, who also had work commitments on Saturday and would not be able to meet up for the morning search. It was on me with moral support from my wife on this search.

After a walk over the area and explanation that Neil also did some lake weed cutting to clear a launch area for his kayaks. By this time my wife had made friends with Ruby, Neil’s race track rescue Dalmatian. I put on my water gear, did a quick scan over the track between the house and dock area, Nothing, it was then into the water and just a few minutes later I heard a perfect signal, took a shallow scoop and there it was. Neil’s ring was in my scoop. I walked a few steps back to Neil so he could remove the ring from the scoop and put it back on his finger while repeatedly expressing his gratitude. Picture time followed.

I always try to put interest into the “ring shot” and this time was no different. Ruby showed interest in my gear and held still while posing with the ring on her forehead for a perfect photo.

Neil insisted in buying breakfast for my wife and me. We had watched the Phantom Gourmet the day before and had planned to stop at the pick of the show, which was Ronnie Waffles, on our way home. That was a sweet, happy ending to an anguishing day Neil had experienced. A perfect ending to an outstanding week.

Lost wedding ring in yard, Lakeland, Fl….Found with a metal detector!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

(That is me in the photo, filling in for Dave, as he was a bit shy!)

Dave was needing to get some brush cleared along the back side of his property and spent the good part of a day cutting and hauling branches out to the front of the house where the garbage truck could pick it all up. Every now and then he would remove his gloves and wipe the sweat from his brow or take a nice long drink of cold water, and then go back to work. On one occasion as he removed his gloves he felt his ring slip off of his finger and he quickly retrieved his ring and slid it back where it belonged. But as he was finishing up his work he looked at his left hand and saw that his ring had come off again so he tipped up his glove to shake out his ring but this time his glove was empty! He began looking the yard over, thinking he could easily find it but after an hour of combing thru every possible place he could think of—NO RING! The thought of finding it with a metal detector seemed like the most logical thing so he went out and bought a lower end model and started searching the yard from back to the front and along the sides. Dave was determined to find his ring and then it slowly began to dawn that maybe it had dropped into the canal at the back side of the property. A week went by and Dave realized he needed more help and that led him to one of my stories on theringfinders.com web site.

It was a two hour drive to Dave’s home and it was threatening to rain big time but after hearing his story I felt there was a good chance of being able to find his ring so off I went. After arriving and surveying the yard I set up my Garrett ATMax metal detector and went to work. (A few days earlier Dave had a chain link fence installed along the canal–so that was the most challenging part. With the metal fence and the drop off into the canal!). With the sun starting to set I turned my attention to the front of the house where Dave had hauled all the debris. I decided to start by the front door and follow the sidewalk down to the mailbox when I got a loud, sharp signal that showed two inches deep on my display and low and behold there was Dave’s lost wedding ring–just barely visible under the grass. Dave was putting his two little ones to bed at the time so I texted him a short “I found your ring!”

Whenever I am called to help someone look for a lost valuable I always ask my family and my parents, who are 88 and 87 years old, to pray for me. I assure people that God knows exactly where their item is hiding and He just needs to put my coil over the top of it. Again I thanked God for allowing me to find Dave’s lost wedding ring—just in time for their 7th year anniversary!

How can I help you? Call me ASAP at 321-363-6029. Or send me a text or shoot me an email!

Mike McInroe…always ready to search for your lost item!

Ring Lost for 7 Months Found in Front Royal Virginia!

  • from Leesburg (Virginia, United States)

This was a referral from another theRingfinders member; I received a call from a lady in Front Royal, Virginia about a lost ring. After talking to her for a while I found out the ring has been missing for about 7 months and even after a few other detectorists tried to locate it they were not able to recover the ring. I made the 50 mile journey to her home and upon arrival she showed me where she believed the ring was lost. Her husband had been doing yard work and was throwing leaves into the woods next to their property and shortly afterwards realized his ring was missing. After doing a quick view of the property and asking a few more questions I went to work. Within 30 minutes I had located the ring buried under some leaves, but also in between several rocks which may be why others had missed it. The owners wife was ecstatic to have her husbands ring back! This was November 2019 and she didn’t plan on giving him his ring back….at least not until Christmas, wrapped under the tree!! So happy to help Brandy.

Ring Lost for 7 Months Found!


  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

Last week Merle realized that her wedding band was missing after she gave her dog a bath on her deck. She searched through the leaves but did not find the ring. That’s when she found me.  After gathering some information from her daughter, Brooke, I started to search in the leaves and ivy near the deck.  A few minutes later, the ring was recovered!