Ring lost at Mission Beach found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Eric realized he shouldn’t play around in the sand with his wedding ring on, so, he thought it wiser to take it off and let someone else hold on to it until he was done. Little did he know that the person he handed it to would be the one to lose it in the sand. They knew approximately where it should be, but, sifting through the sand with their fingers and even borrowing a metal detector from the lifeguards didn’t help bring it to light. Off to the internet and a hit on TheRingFinders.com website. A quick look at the map and my name is listed for Mission Beach. I get the call about 8:15pm and arrange to meet Eric at 8:45pm at the site. We meet and I get the low down on how/where it was lost and what we’re looking for. On my first pass and only a couple of minutes later, I get a promising signal. Yup, it’s what we’re looking for. Both Eric and his friend are happy and relieved to get the ring back. Pleasure to meet you both and thank you for the reward.

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  1. Eric Pomroy says:

    Mark was awesome! Came on a moment’s notice, professional, and was super nice! I cant thank him enough and although I hope a similar situation doesn’t happen to anyone I know, if it does, you better believe Mark will be the first person we call!

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