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Lost Platinum Wedding Ring at Kaneohe Marine Corps Base…FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a call from Jon who is a Marine Corps Captain and flies the Tilt-Rotor Osprey out of Kaneohe Marine Corps Base Hawaii. While assisting with a children’s fun day his Platinum Wedding Band went missing. I went out to the base and Jon explained the children were running around bases on a slip & slide course and they would throw balls at them to tag them out. Sometime probably during one of those throws Jon thought his ring must have come off. The grid of the game was easy to see as the plastic slide left an impression in the grass. I started a grid search and covered the entire area in about 30 minutes with no luck. There were a few places where the Excal had underground interference but otherwise the ground was sterile. Jon also had his wife’s matching ring which I could listen to. It screamed on the Excal. We expanded the grid search out but Jon couldn’t imagine the ring getting too far from the grid. His baby was anxious so we called it a day. Jon always wanted to Metal Detect and asked if I could supply him with a good metal detector for Hawaii and to continue hunting for his ring. He came over to my business and purchased the Equinox 600 which is proving to be an outstanding detector in Hawaii. The next day I got a text from Jon with a picture of him pointing at the ring in the grass. I immediately asked him if he found the ring in the grid I searched and he said, “No!” It was actually 10 yards away in another part of the field. Whoa! I was relieved as I wouldn’t have been able to live it down had it been in my grid. He said the Equinox screamed on the platinum ring and he looked down to see it embedded in the grass. Congrats Jon on your first ring find. Glad I could help. Aloha to Jon and thank you for your service to our great nation.

Lost Platinum & Gold with Diamonds Engagement & Wedding Rings at Waikiki Beach…FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a text from Ring Finder Steve Wheeler who takes care of the Eastern Beaches of Oahu. He got a call from Melissa from Anchorage Alaska who was spending a day at Waikikik Beach when her two rings went missing. I called Melissa immediately and decided since the rings were in dry sand I’d better get to Waikiki ASAP so not tolet one of the many metal detectorists that comb the beach find Melissa’s ring. After leaving work and grabbing my gear at home I was at the beach in 40 minutes. Melissa was waiting for me at the Duke Kahanamoku Statue. She told me she was applying suntan lotion on her daughter and placed her rings on a matt. They decided to move so her husband picked up the matt and stuff and they moved to another spot on the beach. Melissa then realized she had placed the rings on the matt and now they were gone. I told Melissa I wanted to start at the spot they started at and move from there. The area was now occupied by other beach goers. After detecting the only vacant area we asked a young couple if they could stand up and allow me to detect the area. They were gracious and stood up and I did a quick search but no luck. I asked Melissa if the family packing on the beach was also in the area they were and she said, “Yes!”. Fortunately they packed and left the beach. I moved to that location and got a wonderful tone and one deep scoop down there was Melissa’s stunning Engagement ring. But she told me she was looking for a wedding band. I asked her to describe the ring I held cupped in my hand and she described it exactly. Here you go that’s it. She then said I had to find the other ring…this one being the Wedding Band. I scanned the hole again and sure enough there was another target and one more scoop and now both rings were recovered. Although Melissa had insurance on the rings and she told me she had lost them once before so they were destined to come back to her. We had a chuckle and a hug and another satisfied customer walked off into the sun and surf. Aloha to Melissa.

Lost Platinum & Diamonds Wedding Ring at Ulua Lagoon Ko Olina…FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a 1230AM call from Ata who works for Aloha Security at Ko Olina Resort. He came upon a Japanese couple on the beach in the dark trying to find a Platinum & Diamonds Wedding Ring that had fallen into the sand earlier in the day. They were searching desperately as they were leaving for Tokyo Japan in the morning. After hearing their plight Ata decided if this ring was going to be recovered he had to get ahold of me. Thankfully my wife Wendy was up doing crafts while I was asleep. She knew I wouldn’t want Jun & Mina to leave the island without their ring so she woke me up. Ata asked if I could be there early in the morning and I said “No, I’ll come now since I’m awake.” I told Ata to meet on the beach in a little less than an hour. Traffic was nonexistant at 1AM so I got there in 35 minutes. Ata went and got Mina and Jun from their room so they could show me whereabouts the ring was lost. Mina knew she removed the ring to apply suntan lotion as she watched a young child building a sand castle. The castle was still there in the ambient light of the hotel so we moved some beach chairs out of the way and I began my search. Immediately I found 2 Lincoln cents and 2 State quarters. Minor coin spill. Then on the second leg of the grid I got that Platinum tone all the Excalibur guys will know and since diamonds were involved I took a gentle scoop but nothing. I took another scoop and there was Mina’s Wedding Ring. Jun & Mina were in shock and really thought the recovery was hopeless. We took some pictures and had a few hugs then Jun said, “Mina and I can now sleep peacefully on our last night in Paradise. Thank you so much.” Suddenly the hotel sprinkler system went off and we all got a christening. That was a laugh for all of us. Aloha to Mina & Jun!

lost gold necklace and ring Waimea bay North Shore

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)
Contact: 1-808-699-0521


On Saturday March 10th 2018 I noticed on Craigslist a lost Gold necklace and ring which was LOST at Waimea Bay on the North Shore of Oahu. I was previously there hobby hunting but in the water earlier that morning. So, I replied to the post and I got in touch with Jessica. Jessica was more than happy to give me the info needed so i could narrow the search area as it is 9:45 in the evening and visibly would be poor. I packed up the equipment and kissed the wife and kids good night. I arrived at Waimea bay and start the search. almost 2 hours into the search and after many coins and rubbish I FIND THE JEWELRY! I was so excited to text Jessica while standing on the shoreline for a meeting the very next day. She agreed and we met up in Salt lake Where I was able to return her precious items. This hunt was very spontaneous and yet Successful. Thank you Jessica for allowing me to reunite your MISPLACED ITEM… Happy to find it but excited its back in the rightful owners hands. Below is a clip of the journey!!!


Lost Gold Wedding Band at Aulani Disney Resort Ko Olina…FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a phone call from Patrick and Tanya who were driving home through a snow storm in Minnesota. Tanya was on the phone while Patrick was driving. Tanya told me they had just received my contact number from Aulani Disney Resort where I’m the Metal Detectorist for the 4 lagoons on the property. Tanya described a ring that I thought I may have found the weekend before along with 3 others when they were enjoying their vacation at Aulani. I already posted my finds on my facebook page “Metal Detecting Oahu” and I told Tanya to text me a pic of Patrick’s ring. Sure enough it was a perfect match to the right front ring in the facebook photo. I Fedexed the ring back to Patrick in Minnesota and from the above photo you can see it safely arrived. Much Aloha to Patrick & Tanya!

Lost Gold Wedding Band at Waikiki Beach…FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a call from Matthew who was on vacation in Waikiki from Australia with his wife Tania and son Jace. While rough housing with his son Jace in the shallow water at Waikiki he noticed his wedding band was gone. He tried briefly to snorkel for it but no luck. I was at home so I went down to Waikiki as Matthew was waiting for me at the zoo parking lot. I figured waist deep water this was going to be a cinch. Matthew showed me the area he was in and it was 30 feet from the Kapahulu wall and no more then 1/2 way out to the surf break wall. I searched until dark and we only found some change, 3 elongated cents and trash. Matthew decided I covered the entire area and we called it lost and not found. I told Matthew I’d ask my buddy Mike if he could check the area the next day. We didn’t think it would pay off but Miracle Mike has worked wonders before. Thankfully the water is getting cold and keeping out the fair weather detectorists. Well Miracle Mike did it again. Extending the search grid out towards the surf break wall at 3/4 the way out Mike came across Matthew’s ring in waist deep water. We figured when Matthew was rough housing with his son Jace he must have tossed the ring off without knowing hence it was much farther out then he expected. Mike brought the ring to my house so I could get it back to Matthew which I did as you can see in the photo. Another vacation ends on a happy note. Aloha to Matthew, Tania & Jace. Also a Big Mahalo to Mike for coming through yet again.

Lost Tungsten Wedding Ring at Waikiki Beach…FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a call from one of the Waikiki Beach Boys. A young couple Joel & Alba from Maryland reported to him that Joel lost his Tungsten Wedding Ring in the dry sand on the beach. While applying suntan lotion Joel forgot he had taken off his ring and didn’t realize until after they had left the beach. After returning and not finding the ring the Beach Boy googled and found the ring finders. Joel asked if I could be there soonest and I said yes I’m only 10 minutes away. I packed my Excalibur & Scoop and actually got ther in five minutes without traffic. Joel met me on the corner and we walked to the spot on the beach they figured the ring would be. I turned on the Excal and 5 seconds later the ring was in my scoop. Rapid recovery and very grateful couple. Aloha to Joel & Alba!

Lost 3 Diamonds & Platinum Wedding Rings at Ko Olina Resort…FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a call from Dave Sheldon our foremost Ring Finder on Maui. Dave passed me a number for a couple from Los Angeles that had lost 3 Platinum & Diamond Wedding Rings in the sand at Ulua Lagoon Ko Olina Resort. I immediately called the number and Sarote answered and told me he was on the beach with his wife Tanya and their young son when a gust of wind blew their umbrella down. Tanya jumped up to grab the umbrella and didn’t realize until she sat back down that her 3 wedding rings she had placed on the lap of her dress were gone. They searched and other friendly tourists on the beach pitched in but the rings were gone. I told Sarote to relax in the area, stop searching and I would be there in 30 minutes to recover their rings. I assured him in the dry sand we shouldn’t have any problem at all. When I arrived Sarote had a parking space reserved for me just up from where the rings were lost. That was convenient. I met Sarote’s lovely wife Tanya and she reenacted to me what occurred. I started my grid search and on the first leg nothing. This beach is very noisy on the Excal from EMI so you have to listen carefully. Second leg found a deep crusty penny. I knew it wasn’t the rings but wanted to clear the grid. On the fourth leg and actually out of the area Tanya thought the ring would be I got an excellent tone. One scoop down and there was the first ring. Sarote was in awe and came over to retrieve it. I said wait there I hear another target in the hole. Another scoop and two more rings appeared. Tanya and Sarote were overcome with joy and praised my services. I told them the equipment is very good as long as you know how to use it. With all three rings back on her fingers Sarote said Thank you for saving our vacation. We took some pictures and I bid them a tremendous vacation for the rest of their time in Hawaii. Aloha to Tanya & Sarote.

Lost Gold Necklace Pendant at Hilton Hawaiian Village…FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This metal detecting find began when I received a call from Nigel who was visiting Hawaii from Vancouver, Canada. While his lovely wife Nelo was removing their daughter Nya’s shirt to put suntan lotion on the shirt snagged her gold necklace pendant and it popped off into the sand. They looked at the sand and it was gone. Nigel googled and found my metal detecting services on theringfinders page. I was at work but agreed to leave a little early to get into Waikiki before rush hour traffic. When I arrived Nigel met me at the shrimp truck near the parking lot and we walked down to the area on the beach that his darling daughter Nya lost her necklace charm. Nelo described to me what happened and showed me the area she believed the pendant came off. It was only a 10 by 10 foot square so I fired up the Excalibur and started my search. 10 seconds into the search I got a nice low gold tone and one scoop down there was Nya’s charm in the scoop. It was just big enough not to fall through the grate. Nelo was absolutely amazed that it was found so quickly. Nya was eating some cheesy snack which you can see on her hand in the picture and was excited to get her charm back. Vacation back on track. Aloha to our friends from up North Nigel, Nelo & Nya.

Lost Platinum & Diamonds Wedding Ring at Ala Moana Beach Park…FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began this morning when I had an email from Patrick who lives in Chicago. A little after midnight he sent an email request for ring finder services at Ala Moana Beach Park near Waikiki. While playing catch with a football in waist deep water and while Patrick was making a catch the football hit the ring and it popped off his finger. He wasn’t quite sure which direction it went and his unfamiliarity with the beach he felt somewhat hopeless in finding the ring. I responded to the email and told Patrick to call me ASAP as that beach is constantly being detected. Losing it at 2:30 the previous day is an eternity of time for that beach. Moments later I got the call. We agreed to meet in 30 minutes at Life Guard Tower 1E which was near where the ring came off. As I arrived Patrick showed me the extreme ends of the grid and waist deep water is alot to cover. I figured it was near high tide the day before when he lost it so the ring should be shallow. I started my grid search and Patrick was my seaward marker thankfully as there ain’t no objects to line up on there. After a few grid lines I only found a few pieces of foil. I was beginning to think this ring was found already. After about 45 minutes Patrick was shivering and looking as if this was going to be a hopeless cause. Then suddenly in thigh deep water BOOM! My detector screamed in my ear. I knew instantaneously it was going to be his ring. Patrick wasn’t looking my direction and I did a quick scoop and there in the basket was an awesome platinum and diamonds encrusted ring. I started walking towards Patrick and probably from the look on my face he said, “You found it?” “I think so”, I said. Does it have several diamonds? “Yes all around the ring,” he said. “Oh then this must be it”, as I handed him the ring. The look of total elation and relief came over Patrick’s face. He was so thankful and told me he didn’t think we were going to find it. What a Great way to end 2017. Aloha to Patrick. On a side note he didn’t have to tell his wife he lost the ring. Whew!