Lanaki Adric

  • Land/Shallow Water Search
  • Diver/Underwater Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a ''Reward Basis'' you pay what it's worth to you and what you can afford to have me find your lost item. A local trip fee of $25.00 if the item is not found, covers my fuel expenses. (Maybe more or less depending on where you are located) please call if you need me to dive for your item to discuss cost.

Search Types

I can search pretty much anywhere, in and out of the water, at parks, or beaches, rivers, open fields, etc. & Underwater up to 200'

Search Locations

All Oahu Beaches, all Oahu Parks, and all of the inland of Oahu, I can search other areas if needed.. Military I would be Honour to serve you..

I am located on the island of Oahu but don’t let that hinder you from calling ASAP! I’ve helped many others recover their lost rings at different locations in Kaua’i. I’m more than happy to help!

Lanaki Adric's Bio

I am born and raised on the island of Oahu, I am a pastor and love to help people which allows me to do what I love in different ways... Don't worry about the time in which you might have lost your item because I can and will search at all hours of the day or night. I look forward to being a help to all who call. This hobby has been a great learning experience, and I have made sure that for the searches that I go on, I am using the best up to date equipment that is available. One thing you will come to know about me is that I enjoy GIVING BACK! It’s a great pleasure putting your most valuable items back into its proper hands… The sooner you call, the sooner I will have to recover your lost item. Mahalo for your time and Aloha… I have been finding rings and jewelry for people in need since 2017, with great success.

Lanaki Adric - Recent Blog Post

  • Lost wedding ring Waikiki Found (2021)

    This ring find started mid day on Easter Sunday. We were just winding down from watching the little ones search the yard for eggs when I got a call from Katie the wife of Kylee and she was asking if I was available to help her husband who just lost his wedding ring in the […]

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  • Lost Gold Chain North Shore Found (2021)

    This recovery started out by a referral from one of Hawaii’s known Ringfinders Joe Au’ franz who called me and asked if I was available to help search for a lost gold chain in the ocean on the North Shore. I received the information I needed to contact Jojo Aka Mom and called her to […]

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    This ring find started with an email from Tom and required a fair share of logistical work. While Located on Oahu Tom and I found a way to get me to Kaua’i. Tom shared with me that this ring has been with him for over 29 years and had its fair share of close calls […]

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  • Lost Ring Hawaii … Found! (2021)

    This recovery happened to have an international case attached to it as I received an email from Masako and she was located in Japan. She sent me a picture of her lost wedding ring which she lost in the water while here in Hawaii doing a tour out at the Kaneohe Sandbar. Because of a […]

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    This recovery started when i  got the text from Melissa about her lost diamond wedding rings in Ala Moana Waikiki area. She lost them the daybefore and so i gathered my gear and  I was able to head out and look the very next morning on a very well known and hunted beach. I had […]

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Lanaki Adric - Testimonials

  • I will recommend you guys to anyone who needs your help!!!! (2021)

    Thank you thank you thank you Kai from the bottom of our hearts. Kai did not have to go out of his way to help us coming from Pearl City all the way to Hau’ula on a Friday late afternoon in traffic to come to our rescue but because the type of man, brother, person that he is he did. Not only did he find my sons chain but we found an awesome man, person, friend for dear life. Such a nice man loved learning what little time that we shared about him and his family and his passion. Thank you Jesus for bringing us together! Would also like to thank Joe for the referral hope your back is feeling better. I will recommend you guys to anyone who needs your help!!!! Lots of Love, Lopes’ Ohana

  • . I am so grateful that there are people like Kai who are willing to give of their time and abilities so selflessly just to help others. (2020)


    I was at the beach with my family and took my rings off to reapply sunscreen, then completely forgot about them until we had already packed up & were heading back to the car. I went back to look for them but it was impossible. I thought that they were gone forever. A friend referred me to Kai so I thought it was worth a shot. I emailed him that night & he replied right away. He went back to the beach early the next morning to look. I couldn’t believe that someone would spend hours on his day off trying to help someone that he had never even met! i honestly wasn’t expecting much and didn’t want to get my hopes up, but I couldn’t believe it when he told me he had actually found them! He even drove out with his family in the middle of the night to return my rings. I am so grateful that there are people like Kai who are willing to give of their time and abilities so selflessly just to help others. Mahalo for everything that you do & for finding and returning something so precious!

  • Kai was so great. I highly recommend him to anyone who has lost a ring in Hawaii. (2019)


    Aloha. This is Dan, the owner of the missing platinum ring Kai found on February 17th. I’ll never forget this day. That afternoon I’d spent a couple hours playing in the water with my nieces. Then all of a sudden my ring just slipped off. I couldn’t believe it. It happened so fast and I’d only been married 12 days!!

    So the search began. My wife and I, her sister, her father, and a kind couple swimming near us, started scouring the ocean floor for the lost ring. The tide was going out and we were behind a breakwater so we could see pretty well. Didn’t help. We looked and looked and found nothing but sand. We bought some goggles and took turns searching close to the ocean floor. Still nothing. After nearly two hours, the sun was setting and the kids were cold. We finally had to admit it was time to go and the ring was lost. We were devastated.

    At home, I got online, did some searching, and learned about Kai (Lanaki) on RingFinders. I sent him an email around 9:00 PM expecting him to contact me the next day (keep in mind it was Sunday night). Within 20 minutes, Kai had me on the phone. He asked some questions as I tried to explain what happened and where the ring might be. He looked up the tide charts and told me it was a go. Are you kidding me?! He was willing to meet a stranger, in 30 minutes, on a cool Sunday, to help search for a lost ring!

    At the beach, I met Kai and his father. We talked about where the ring might be. Kai was a complete professional. He explained the process and what to expect. He tested his equipment, turned on his headlamp, and within minutes was in the water scanning. All I could do was standby on the beach and watch and hope.

    Kai was in chest deep water when I saw him slow down with the detector. “No way” I thought to myself. It hasn’t even been 10 minutes. Could it be? Sure enough, Kai spun around and gave me a big nod with his headlamp– the signal that he’d found the ring. Unbelievable! Just like that Kai had located and reunited me with my wedding band. A moment I will never forget.

    Kai was so great. I highly recommend him to anyone who has lost a ring in Hawaii. He knows what he’s doing and he’s a great guy to boot. I feel incredibly lucky to have met him and his father, and benefitted from their expertise and generosity. Thank you guys!

  • Kai was an answer to our prayers. (2018)


    Kai was an answer to our prayers. Kai dropped everything on short notice to come visit us that morning in our time of need. As you can tell by our experience and other posts, Kai is an expert in finding cherished valuables and can give anyone hope that is in a predicament like we were in. As good as an expert he is with his equipment and his methodology to find our ring and others, he is a better person and has a pure heart and uses his talents to serve others.

    Kai, you were an answer to our prayers and you have such a beautiful family. It was a pleasure meeting you and your wife Ohana and your two beautiful kids. Please don’t hesitate to look us up when you make it back to the mainland and if you make it up to the 801!

  • he is 100% trustworthy, understanding and compassionate. A true example of aloha (2018)


    A beautiful morning at the beach turned to panic when I noticed our family’s treasured heirloom- my grandmother’s almost hundred year old diamond and platinum ring was no longer on my finger. I looked online and called the first ring finder that popped up. After very noble hour and half looking, it seemed that luck was not on our side. I went home broken hearted, posted to lost and found craigslist and decided to relax, and figure out a game plan to fully exhaust the search the following morning. I woke up early and checked my phone right away with the tiniest hope that maybe someone had responded to my listing. Instead, there was a text from Kai. He had reached out to offer his help, if we were gonna do another search- I had a feeling this guy was gonna give it his best for one more look. An hour later we meet up at the beach. Long story short…HE FOUND THE RING IN 15 MINS!!! Aside from being a total pro at searching- he is 100% trustworthy, understanding and compassionate. A true example of aloha. My advice if you have a lost item…stay positive, don’t give up looking and get in touch with Kai ASAP.

    Much Mahalo to you, Kai. You are truly blessed in the works you do.

  • He went out of his way to help us recover such an important and meaningful item and we are so grateful. (2018)


    Day 1 of our vacation Matt was playing in the sand with Abigail and he lost his wedding ring sitting in the water playing in the sand. We were devastated…. after much searching we had come to terms it was gone forever.

    On an off chance I asked a random beach kiosk if anyone found a ring and they had not but gave us Kai’s Number . He saved our vacation and all done by donation .

    He went out of his way to help us recover such an important and meaningful item and we are so grateful. Everyone’s check out his website and make him go viral!! #TheRingFinders #Hawaii #PutARingOnIt #Waikiki #VacationSaver

  • Kai is so kind and so wonderful and just so awesome. (2018)


    I was so devastated when I lost my jewelry at the beach, especially a necklace my mother had given me. I thought they were lost forever but I posted an ad and a couple hours later Kai called and gave me hope! He was so wonderful to work with and then went above and beyond to help me. He drove all the way to the North Shore at around 10:00pm and searched for two hours in the dark until he found my jewelry!! I couldn’t even believe it. Kai is so kind and so wonderful and just so awesome.

  • Lanaki was so so sweet and honest. (2018)


    Lanaki was so so sweet and honest. We just got married in July 2017 and this ring was engraved with our wedding date and the word “forever”. We were swimming around and enjoying our honeymoon when I saw absolutely terrified face of my husband Ted. His ring fell off. Even though he could barely touch the bottom, the water was just not clean enough to geg it. He got goggles in hope to find the ring, but it was absolutely useless, as he could dive only for short period of time and see very little of the bottom. Couple minutes after the attempts to retrieve the ring, we lost hope and returned to the beach. We were devastated. I started looking into buying a new ring. Ted kept stating he does not want one as it will not be the same (his ring was custommade with unique pattern that is not possible to replicate). I tried to look for solution, when I finally came across the ring finders. We had nothing to lose. I contacted a couple people before talking to Lanaki, and as soon as I did I got a gut feeling that he is the one that I should ask for help. He came to Ala Moana extremely fast, he was patient with me and extremely sweet. Needless to say, we got ring back within minutes! We were over the moon. This whole story is so surreal yet fascinating. Thank you so much