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Fred’s Lost ROLEX Mercer Island SCUBA Recovery

from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)
Contact: 1-206-618-8194

A Mercer Island resident called me this weekend explaining her neighbor had lost his watch after a day of boating at their private dock. He was grabbing for the dock and a nail staged his watch band and down it went to the bottom of Lake WA. Even though it was a nice warm day for a cool swim Fred made several attempts to free dive for his watch but the depth was just beyond his reach along with the silt and mil foil growth adding to the challenge. Fred knew at this point they had to find someone equipped for the recovery. Fortunately his neighbor recalled a past recovery on the lake performed by another RingFinder member. She eventually got me on the phone and the mission was activated. After learning that this was no ordinary watch but a ROLEX I was very happy to oblige, of course I was excited as this would be my fist ROLEX recovery!

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Jeff Morgan



Lost Rolex Watch Found in Palo Alto with Metal Detector

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
lost rolex found with metal detector

Can you see the Rolex beneath the Poison Oak?

William was working outside his beautiful creekside home in Palo Alto. He had gathered a large armful of branches and clippings and hauled them up to his dumpsite. When he threw the clippings, he stumbled, caught himself on a tree branch, and felt his Rolex President watch fling off his wrist.

William searched everywhere, and raked the clippings, but could not find the Rolex anywhere in the tangled brush. This watch had been a great timepiece for 35 years, and he wanted it back!

He searched for “metal detector rentals” and found The Ring Finders. I was able to meet him that afternoon at his home. When he showed me the site, I understood how difficult it would be to find the ring: the area was uneven, heavily overgrown, and covered in Poison Oak!

I started at the end of the search zone furthest from the Poison Oak. No luck. So I worked my way back toward the center of the zone. I found a few large targets like chewing tobacco tins and crushed aluminum cans, but no watch.

Finally I got a large hit along a steep area covered with brush. I couldn’t see anything, so I used my pinpointer to push away some branches. Was that a crinkled gold foil candy wrapper? Nope, it was a watchband, attached to a pristine Rolex watch without a scratch.

Thank you William for inviting me to your home to recover your watch!

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Here's a closer view of the lost watch.

Here’s a closer view of the lost watch.

Happy after recovering the lost watch!

Happy after recovering the lost watch!