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Lost wedding ring Holgate NJ (LBI) August 2022

  • from Surf City (New Jersey, United States)

Got a call today from Barbara, she was pretty upset after losing her beautiful wedding.  We talked for a bit and determined it must be right around her car in the driveway, hiding somewhere in the small stones in the driveway. I told her not to move the car, and don’t walk around in the stones which could cause possible damage to her ring. After just a short while the ring was back on her finger.

Abby’s Moon Phase Necklace.Lost,Found,Cape Cod,Freshwater Beach Pond.

While out searching for coins and jewelry in the water Rick Browne (Ring Finder) & I were approached by a gentleman named Matt. He asked if we were The Ring Finders from Cape Cod. We both responded YES with enthusiasm. We asked why? He said that his daughter, had lost her precious necklace the day before, and had we found it? We asked if it was in the water, or sand, and he said sand. We hadn’t done the sand area as of yet so let’s give it a try.

We met Matt’s wife Ronni, Abby his daughter, they were all on vacation from New Jersey. I asked Abby to stand where she last saw it the day before. They had been searching with flashlights the night before for over an hour with no luck. Just about then, Rick was already digging a target, and I had a target too. I dug down, and out popped Abby’s chain, with it had a Birth date, Moon phase Medallion attached to it. Abby and Ronni were emotional as one can expect. Congratulations all around for everyone. People clapped as I handed it back to Abby, Rick and I were so happy to be in the rite spot, at the time when needed. Congratulations, to Abby, her Mom Ronni, and Dad Matt, for not giving up and believing. Sincerely Leighton

Moon Phase Pendant and Chain

Abby with Necklace

Wedding Ring Found in Twin Lakes, WI

  • from Lake Geneva (Wisconsin, United States)

Miracle Recovery

Although I’ve found 60+ rings over the course of my metal detecting “career,” I would call none of them miracles… until last night.  

Shane called me around 4:30 pm Saturday, July 30, 2022.  I had just finished a 7 mile hike along Geneva Lake’s beautiful lake path with my family.  Shane was paddle boarding on Twin Lakes (specifically Lake Mary), took a spill, and when he rose up out of the water his wedding ring was gone.  Thankfully, his wife found The Ringfinder’s website through an internet search.  I made it out to Twin Lakes just before sunset.  Shane, a newlywed of two years, was in good spirits despite losing his wedding ring.  We talked and surveyed the search area.  Providentially, a video of Shane spilling into the water was captured from the dock and after reviewing the footage, a search area was selected. 

After gearing up with my Minelab 800 metal detector and my Nemo breathing device from Blu3, I slipped into the water.  My hope of finding the ring sank much like Shane’s 14K gold wedding band.  I was in about three feet of murky, seaweed infested water on top of about three feet of mud.  This search went from bad to hopeless.  The proverbial needle in a haystack didn’t even come close.  The water blackened with each minute as the sun officially set around 8:15 pm.  My flippers and detector were constantly sinking into the mud with each movement.  I struggled to sweep my detecting across the skim of mud tangled with seaweed and submerged sticks.  

My first target sounded promising.  It turned out to be a fishing lure.  My next two targets sounded like beer can pull tabs.  They both were.  About 50 minutes after arriving, my fourth target was strong and registered similar to my own wedding band.  As I brought the target out of a foot of thick mud, I gently squeezed, cupping both hands together so as not to let anything sizable slip out.  When I felt a firm, round shape, I gasped.  This is impossible, I thought.  How could I have landed on a 1” piece of round metal in a 327 acre lake?  

I called to the shore. “I found a ring.  Let’s not celebrate yet.  I’ll swim to the dock.”  I placed the ring on my index finger, clenched my fist and swam in.  It was dark and Shane was called out to verify the find.  The celebrations began before I had my flippers off.

This was a miracle recovery.  I was pleased to see it back on Shane’s finger and a genuine smile back on his face.

Gold Wedding Ring Lost in Calhoun, GA-Found!

  • from Chattanooga (Tennessee, United States)

I received a text this past Monday 11th from a wife.  She said her husband had lost his wedding band in the backyard about a month ago while cleaning out a pool skimmer trap.  She was searching the internet and came across www.theringfinders.com where she found my contact information.  I made the trip to Calhoun that afternoon and met up with her.  She said her husband was still at work, but should be there pretty soon.  She said they had actually purchased a metal detector for themselves, but no luck in finding the ring.  When Alfred got home he was showing me how he lost his ring cleaning the skimmer with his left hand and throwing the trash over the chain link fence with an underhand motion.  He said he felt the ring leave his hand but didn’t see where it went.  With that underhand throwing motion I immediately figured the ring had gone over and into the brushy area behind the fence.  I eliminated the grass and the plant bed first of course, but no luck.  With the chain link fence there I couldn’t get close to it at all without sending my detector into an overload condition.  So that part would have to be searched by hand if I didn’t find the ring back in the brush.  I started back behind the fence, (poison ivy there too), as well as a snake, but didn’t get a good look at it, it was leaving the area.  I started from the right side and went left directly at the back of the fence.  The second pass was from the left back to the right, on a steep slope.  Of course I was finding bits of metal trash, we all do.  On the third pass from right to left I got to right where I figured the ring could have gone with that underhanded throw.  The first thing I found there was a rusted bottle cap, then about three feet away I got two signals on my CTX.  A strong 12:40 showing four inches, but literally inches away from that signal was another one, a strong 12:28 showing one inch.  I hadn’t seen it yet, but that 12:28 at one inch brought a grin to my face.  I stooped over and under my coil I saw a faint hint of something shining back at me.  I snapped a picture of it before I moved it, and you can barely catch a glimpse of something out of place under the layer of leaves.  The 12:40 signal turned out to be a toy car.  The search took about 1.5 hours.

IMG_2089 IMG_2094 IMG_2095

Lost Mens 10kt Gold Wedding Band Found At Dewey Beach Delaware

  • from Lewes (Delaware, United States)

On 06/02/2022, I received a call from Holly regarding the loss of a 10kt Gold Wedding Band belonging to her husband Timmothy. Holly said that Timmothy had lost his ring on 05/30/2022 on the beach at Dewey Beach, Delaware while he was shaking the sand off of a towel. Holly said that she and Timmothy had just gotten married and that his ring was a little loose on his finger. Holly said that they had rented a metal detector to try to find the lost ring and that they were not able to locate it. Holly also said that they had help from a local resident who volunteered to help look for the ring with his metal detector and that the ring was still not able to be found. Holly requested that I make an attempt to find the missing wedding band, she also said that they were leaving to go back home. I told Holly that I would try to find the ring later in the day and that I would let her know the outcome of the search. Holly was able to provide me with a photograph of her standing on the beach in the area that the ring was lost in. The picture also included a fence that gave me a reference as to where she was on the beach. Upon arriving at the beach later in the day I began a search of the area that was in the picture that Holly had sent to me, the search ended with the ring not being located. I then decided to expand the search area and began a search of the area to the north of the original search area. After just a few swings of my detector I was able to locate the missing ring on the wet sand slope about two inches down in the sand. I then sent Holly a picture of the recovered ring to let her know that it had been found. Two days later I mailed the ring back to Holly as she had requested.

Gold Signet Ring Lost for Four Years-Found!

  • from Chattanooga (Tennessee, United States)

I received a call from Mike on Tuesday 28th and he said he had lost his gold signet ring in his backyard several years ago.  He said they were moving and the ring was a gift from his wife and he really wanted to find it before they moved.  We made arrangements for Wednesday afternoon.  Around four years ago he had been clearing brush in the backyard and towards the end of the day he noticed his ring was gone.  They had been piling the brush next to the street on the side yard, so that’s where I started my search.  I really didn’t think the ring would be there, but I had to eliminate that area of possibility.  The huge problem I had to deal with was underground power lines next to the street, (around 14 KV), and it was really messing with my detector.  I had to go very slow in that area until I got far enough away that my detector started to settle down a little.  After a little over an hour I finally eliminated the side yard.  The back of the house had a pretty steep slope that was covered in pine straw mulch.  I know from experience that pine straw on a slope can be very slippery.  He had mentioned that he had slipped a couple of times on that slope, but didn’t remember exactly where that happened.  That’s where I focused my attention next, and after I looked at it more carefully, towards the corner of the house the slope wasn’t quite as steep, so I figured anybody coming through that area would would pick that spot.  As I got halfway down the slope I got a consistent 12:20 on my CTX, and it was shallow, (showing one inch).  If you’re looking for a gold ring that’s a very good signal.  I brushed the straw away and didn’t see anything visible, but my pinpointer said there was something there just under the surface.  I brushed the soil a little with my fingers and saw the corner of a gold rim showing through!  I called Mike over, as he was just about to go back in the house.  His wife came out and she was elated!  She said she figured it was gone and never to be found again.  I think I was as excited as they were, because that was a tough search having to deal with the underground power lines.  Knowing your machine, and asking the right questions makes all the difference.  The entire search took around two hours.

Lost Gold Ear Ring found, Tulsa Oklahoma

  • from Broken Arrow (Oklahoma, United States)

Recieved a message from Sylvia few weeks ago. She said she lost her very expensive ear ring in her flower bed or at her son’s house or at her neighbors house. I said ok if it’s here I will find it.  I was using my pin pointer at first around the bushes.  Nothing so I was then using my machine to try and find the earring. Sylvia was talking to me while I was looking. I couldn’t hear everything she was saying so I stepped out of the flower bed.. Right before I stepped out in the grass I spotted her earring smashed down in the mud – I said does your earring look like this and pointed to the ground and she said no way. I said yup there it is.. The back of the earring was faulty and it had come undone..


Lost Medallion in Lake swimming

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

Having a awesome day playing with Kids in the lake, then Our client decided to swim some laps from pier to pier.  Just as he was getting out of the lake he realized his Gold Chain and Gold Maedallion which he always wore was gone.  This was a generational family gift passed down from great grandfather to grandfather to father to him.  He screamed and everyone got in the water dragging feet in the 4-6ft deep waters.  They spent hours looking for it until darkness set in.  In desperation he got on the internet thinking maybe he could rent a Underwater Metal Detector, in the process of the search he found us , Don & Ellen Wilson with Dallas Ring Finders.  Professional Metal Detectorists who also did underwater detecting.  Contacting me a 9:45pm on Mothers Day, we answered the call.  Set up a time to drive 3 hours to Jewett, Tx to search the lake 2 days later.  After nearly 2 hours of searching the area he thought it would be in we widen out our search grid and as I was bringing up my water scoop with a target I saw something gold in color flutter away back down into the lake.  I knew I had it, instantly I detected again and found the object, carefully scooping the item, I slowly raised the scoop to the Surface and there it was shinning like only gold can even in the middle of the muck and mud. After lots of yelling and whoops of happiness we got some great video and photos of another happy client.  Another Great Find for the Dallas Ring Finders.

Plumber Looses Ring While Digging Ditch in Dallas

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

We got a call from a local team of plumbers who were digging a ditch in the cold December Texas weather and one of the men lost his wedding ring.  He was frantic, fortunately, we were available and went quickly to the site.  The hole was 4ft deep and full of horrible muddy water and muck.  After several passes with our large Metal Dectortors, we switched to our handheld detectors and checked all the walls by nearly standing on our heads reaching into the mucky muddy water hole.  But luck & skill were with us and we FOUND the man’s ring.  He was so excited, it was so funny watching 4 big plumbers jumping up and down and dancing in the front yard of the home.

Another successful Find for the Dallas Ring Finders

Gold Wedding Ring Lost In The Snow! West End Of Edmonton Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Dmytro called me around 6 pm this evening requesting my service as he had just lost his wedding ring in a dealership parking lot  and could I help him find his ring. Lucky for Dmytro I was only 10 minutes away from him! I agreed to meet him there and for him not to move just in case somebody was walking around the parking lot.

I met up with Dmytro and he explaind that he took the floor mat out of his car and shook the snow off it,  then he took his glove off and thats when his ring fell off his finger and into a snow bank.   Within five minutes I found his ring and handed it back to him! Dmytro was very happy to have the ring back on his finger.  Thank you Dmytro for entrusting me to find your ring.