Ron Shore

Cost For My Service

I work on a voluntary reward basis--you only reward me if the lost item is found. that means you pay what its worth to you and what you can afford to have me find your lost ring.

I have a call out fee of $25 minimum (depending on location) for some areas if the ring is not found, this covers my fuel expenses. We can discuss this when you call.

Searches conducted beyond the local area (more than 1/2 hour drive each way) may incur additional travel costs, which will be discussed and agreed upon in advance.

When searching for a lost items, timing is everything, please schedule your search as soon as possible.

Search Types

My equipment and expertise allows me to search beaches, parks, yards, Farms, RV parks, campgrounds, and in lakes & Rivers (Up to 5ft depths).

Lost items such as keys, jewelry, gold, silver and iron items such as survey markers are just some of the items that I am capable of locating for you.

If you lost your item on private property or on State land, it will be necessary to obtain prior permission from the land owner or land authority before I can conduct a search. I am happy to assist you with this process.

Search Locations

Barrington, Chicago, DesPlaines, Evanston, Niles, Park Ridge, Wilmette.

Ron Shore's Bio

My name is Ron Shore and I have been metal detecting since 1975

I am also the owner of Windy City Detector Sales & Rental, a metal detecting retail dealer in Chicago since 1985.

I am very excited about being a part of Chris Turner's expanding Ring Finder team, and welcome the opportunity to help people find those precious pieces of jewelry that mean so much to them and that they thought they would never see again.

I employ only the latest detecting equipment along with many years of experience to find your lost item both on land and in the shallow water.

When you choose me for the job, you are assured a professional search conducted with integrity. You assign the value of finding your lost valuables as payment for my services rendered.

I love this job and I look forward to helping you find what you thought was lost forever!

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