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  • Diver/Underwater Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a reward basis, that means you tip what its worth to you and what you can afford to have me find your lost item. No set or hidden fees, simply tip what you can afford after the search efforts are completed.

Tips & Gratuity options:

• Cash

• On-site: Square mobile processing of credit/debit cards, chip, tap Apple Pay or Google Pay.

• Tip Touch-Free: Venmo, PayPal or txt ApplePay Cash to 206-618-8194.

Search Types

As a full scope Recovery Specialist I will do my best to assist in a variety of situations including the following and more. Rings thrown in stressful situations with no judgement just be up front about the situation for best results! Land, grass, snow, lakes, streams, rivers, marine waters, in vehicle and in building searches just to name a few. Estate search for buried or hidden treasure cashes.

Water speciality - SCUBA:

Certified PADI Master SCUBA Diver. Have DAN Personal Dive insurance required by some marinas. Own all my own personal dive gear and detection equipment maintained to current standards always at the ready. Experienced at performing underwater recoveries of small rings and valuables hidden in harsh cold silty low visibility milfoil conditions. Drysuit diving in the Pacific North West allows me to dive all year around. Equipped with multiple professional underwater metal detectors and specialty tools greatly improving my underwater recovery process.

Search Locations

Greater Pacific North West, also open to other opportunities, contact for specific availability.

Jeff Morgan's Bio

I'm Jeff Morgan of Seattle, WA. I love a good adventure and helping people out. With my strong faith in God, a vast technical background as an experienced search and recovery specialist this allows me to help you recover your lost items.

What ever your lost item of value is I understand these items most often carry a monetary and sentimental value that simply can not be replaced. If it’s worth five bucks or fifty thousand it doesn't matter the piece means a lot to you for the history it represents and when it goes MIA it’s like your heart has just been ripped out!

I could talk all day about my past experiences, now it’s the time for you to call me so we can start working on a plan of recovery for your lost items…


All I ask is that you CALL or TXT me NOW at 206-618-8194 before you leave the lost item location or try doing anything labor intensive on your own. CALL me now so I can use my years of recovery experience to assist, direct and help you in prioritizing the next steps in your recovery process for a successful recovery. Often times I can provide some clarity and proven tips over the phone to ease some of the stress of your situation.

After we speak visit my portfolio of success in action:

YouTube #SeattleRingHunter

Continue reading my RingFinders success blog below...

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Jeff Morgan - Testimonials

  • Thank you Jeff Morgan for agreeing to help us….. (2020)


    This truly was an unbelievable recovery. We live in AZ and the rings had been lost on the course for almost 3 weeks, there was a lot of doubt, but I had to try. I kept thinking, a year from now, if I don’t at least give it my best shot, I would still wonder, what if? I am still in shock that we found them. When I look at them, it is with joy like never before. Thank you Jeff Morgan for agreeing to help us…..a 6 hour round trip in the car, and nearly 6 hours of searching. We couldn’t have done it without you!

  • Jackie & I will always be grateful... (2020)


    Jeff will be a family legend forever. I did not expect him to drive the lengths that he did, and certainly not at the TIME that he did, to recover my ring during low tide at the beach. The dedication Jeff has for this service is unparalleled and motivated by the love he has received from his Lord. The video says the rest. Jackie & I will always be grateful.


    Seattle, WA

  • I’d highly recommend Jeff... (2020)

    Working with Jeff was a pleasure. He’s easy to be around, genuinely interested in helping people, and a master of his craft. His process started with a series of questions about how/where it was lost - assumptions were challenged, and facts were identified.

    He then developed a plan for the search and clearly communicated this with me. When he showed up I already knew what he was going to do, the gear he was going to use, and the reasoning behind it all. Using a variety of equipment,

    Jeff methodically searched a 50’ radius from the assumed location of the ring in 36’ of water, with a bottom time of over 3.5 hours, and only stopping when all three of his air tanks were empty.

    While we didn’t find the ring, knowing we did everything we could to recover it was of huge value to me. I’d highly recommend Jeff to anyone looking to find a ring in the future.


    Grapeview, WA

  • I am so grateful for your help. (2020)

    Jeff, All I ever wanted was just to find my phone, even in the condition you found it in. Now I can have closure and not be stuck. I can move on now. I am so grateful for your help.

    Lost My Phone

    Mill Creek, WA

  • You were so kind and I would highly recommend you to anyone... (2020)


    Jeff, I can't tell you how much your work and your pleasant nature meant to me on finding my precious ring. You were so kind and I would highly recommend you to anyone who is missing something that is important to them. I loved hearing your stories, you were a breath of fresh air, I thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I wish you nothing but "good hunting" in the future!! sincerely,

    Janet in Bothell

  • My ring means the world to me. I so appreciate your professionalism and knowledge... (2020)


    Jeff! Thank you so much!!! You made my day and I felt like I could breathe again. My ring means the world to me. I so appreciate your professionalism and knowledge and within minutes you found it. Hopefully I don’t loose something again but if I ever need #SeattleRingHunter I know who to call!

    Thanks again!

    Christi Downs

    Bellevue, WA

  • He has a kind heart and a passion for connecting people back with their cherished items... (2020)


    A big thank you to Jeff #SeattleRingHunter from The Ring Finders. I am so thankful that he answered my husband’s email within minutes. He happened to have time that very day, Valentine’s Day, to come all the way to Puyallup from Auburn. He’d found my ring that I had lengthy and tiredly searched for 2 weeks for in less than 30 minutes. He has all the top notch high Tech equipment. He’s very knowledgeable and thorough. But most of all he has a kind heart and a passion for connecting people back with their cherished items. Hands down amazing experience. Thank you so much Jeff for your time, your positive energy, and returning me with my wedding ring.

    Andrea Knapman

    Puyallup, WA

  • Jeff was very thorough and efficient... (2020)


    Jeff was quick to respond to my message about my lost wedding ring on a 25 acre ranch. He believed I had a good chance of recovery because of the details I had given him. He provided me with so much information about how he works to find things that it gave the hope back that I had lost after not finding my ring for 2 months. Jeff was very thorough and efficient. He was out in the rain for hours, making sure no piece of land was left un-searched. After 4 long hours of metal detecting, he found my ring in a completely different spot than I had told him I thought it was! He was amazing!

    Chelsea Johnson

    Olympia, WA

  • Jeff, you’re THE BEST! (2019)


    Jeff, you’re THE BEST! Thanks again for recovering my ring. I am so happy I found you. Thanks to you for making it such an amazing event and fun story I’ll remember forever.

    Teresa Sicade

    Bainbridge Island, WA

  • He is a quality individual in many ways. Extremely kind, patient, and skilled. (2019)


    I had called someone else right away after the ring was lost. I gave it a few days and still had no reply. Getting anxious as time was slipping by, I researched again. I found Jeff Morgan and within less than 24 hours of that first phone call, Rob was wearing his ring again! We had just about given up on any hope the ring could be found. But Jeff did it!

    He is a quality individual in many ways. Extremely kind, patient, and skilled.

    Call Jeff Morgan first!

    PS: unless you lost your cell phone, take a picture right away of the location of the loss. I wish I would have thought to do that.

    Susan Nobile

    Federal Way, WA

  • Thank you, thank you a thousand times over! I highly recommend your services. (2019)


    Wow! Jeff, I am so impressed by your skill, methodical approach, your determination, and positive attitude. It worked! We went from being distressed at the loss of such an important symbol of our marriage to completely relieved and elated. Thank you, thank you a thousand times over! I highly recommend your services.

  • I can't believe you found it... (2019)


    Chris Straube here, I'm Patricia and Barry's son. Just wanted to thank you for finding Mom's wedding ring...I can't believe you found it on such a busy stretch such as Alki! It truly blows the mind.

    Keep up the good work, and thanks again.

    -Chris Straube Seattle, WA

  • Thanks Jeff !! (2018)


    We were strolling on the beach when my husband dropped his ring. We knew the general area where the ring fell off, and were confident of finding it. However, two hours later, we were not having any luck. A google search for "find lost ring in sand" led me to Jeff. The moment I contacted him , Jeff leapt into action - researching the location and the tide tables. All we did was send him a photo showing the location where we thought the ring fell down. Jeff was on the spot within an hour, and he located the ring in the next hour. Despite the cold weather and an early shift the next day, Jeff showed up in time to help us out. Thanks Jeff !!



  • I give credit to Jeff for the ring being found! We need more caring people like him. (2018)

    My friend and I went for a walk one evening and she felt her ring fall off her finger. We knew it was nearby but couldn't find it. I found Jeff on:

    He was very reassuring over the phone during the stressful situation. He was willing to come all the way to north Seattle to help that evening. Over the phone he offered advice for our search and we found it before his long drive. I give credit to Jeff for the ring being found! We need more caring people like him.

    Thanks again!

    Claire Tadych

    Seattle, WA

  • Jeff is like a saint, a ninja, a magician and superhero all rolled into one! (2018)


    Jeff is like a saint, a ninja, a magician and superhero all rolled into one! After searching 3 hours underwater I gave up all hope of finding my ring. A month or so later I randomly heard of The Ring Finders and contacted him. He searched once and had no luck (underwater in December!) Fast forward to June and I got a text from him. Turns out even though I gave up hope, he didn't. After nearly 9 months underwater HE FOUND MY RING! I can't emphasize enough how awesome he is. Never give up hope, he bought new equipment, dove in the middle of winter and just kept trying till he found my ring. The world needs more people like Jeff.

    Rowan Chadwick

    Minneapolis USA

  • I would recommend Jeff Morgan because he's honest, and he doesn't give up. (2018)


    I would recommend Jeff Morgan because he's honest, and he doesn't give up. Until he's got the job done he found my ring after 2 hours of fretting, he kept telling me we're not done yet Sheila we're not done yet. And out he comes with it I was so happy I couldn't believe my eyes call Jeff Morgan The Seattle Ring Hunter.

    Sheila Darling

    Lake Sammamish, WA

  • Jeff was very professional, consultative and well organized (2018)


    April 2018

    Jeff was very professional, consultative and well organized - and he found our sixteen year old daughter's gold pendant in Lake Washington. Thank you Jeff!

    The longer story. My sixteen year old daughter lost her pendant off a dock in Lake Washington - the necklace snapped and the pendant slipped through the slats on the dock. The pendant was a birthday gift and very meaningful to her so we knew we had to find it!

    We were lucky in that she marked the location where it had fallen into the water - so we knew we had a chance. When we first visited the spot I jumped in to look for the pendant - but the water was very cold and visibility under the dock was poor. We decided at that point that we needed a professional.

    We got lucky again when we found Jeff. He quickly reviewed the situation and thought we had a chance. The next day he brought his gear to the dock and located the pendant. Jeff for the win!

    Thanks again Jeff - our daughter is very happy and so are we!


    Jason Young

    Seattle, WA

  • Im stoked to have my ring back... (2017)


    This summer while we were boating in Lake Stevens Cora accidentally dropped my wedding ring into the water. It was about 12 ft of water and we dove about 3 weeks straight looking for it. We then hired two different guys with scuba gear to search for it, one of the guys was Jeff and they found nothing.

    At that point we lost hope and went and bought a new ring. Jeff looks for lost rings for a hobby and stayed in contact and kept saying he was going to go back and find it but i definitely had never thought he really would.

    I just got home from work and Jeff showed up with my ring! Im stoked to have my ring back but I really just cant believe he didn’t give up and actually found it, makes you feel good to know there good ppl out there that do things just out of kindness with no expectations of something in return!

    Definitely made my day.

    Travis Takamori

    Lake Stevens, WA