Jeff Morgan

  • Accepts Visa
  • Land/Shallow Water Search
  • Diver/Underwater Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a reward basis, that means you tip what its worth to you and what you can afford to have me find your lost item.

My prime focus is to assist people in the recovery of their lost items, however tips are greatly appreciated.

Cash, CC swipe or PayPal easily accepted.

Search Types

Parks, school yards, residential yards, lake / beach sites, road side, hiking / biking paths, and some commercial properties with proper permissions. SCUBA certified capable of performing under water recoveries on a case by case basis.

Search Locations

Greater Pacific North West, contact for specific availability.

Jeff Morgan's Bio

I'm Jeff Morgan from Auburn, WA. I love a good adventure and helping people out. I have a family and a day job to pay the bills. I have a technical background and enjoy metal detecting.

Jeff Morgan - Recent Blog Post

  • SCUBA Jeff’s mobile phone Samsung Galaxy S8 in Lake Washington (2018)

    Received a call from a gentleman that while walking on a dock where his boat was moored had his mobile phone slip out of of his pocket and into the shallow waters of Lake Washington. I meet up with Jeff and he showed me the precise location of where the phone went into the water. […]

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  • SCUBA Ring Search for Travis’s Gold Wedding Ring Lake Stevens, WA (2017)

    Back in September of this year Travis and Cora reached out TheRingFinders looking for an under water search specialist to recover their lost wedding band. After a full day on the lake Cora was passing the ring to her husband when it got fumbled and fell to bottom of the lake. It was fortunately in […]

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  • Rob’s Lost Keys Lakeland Hills Auburn, WA (2017)

    Noticed a post on Christmas day about some lost keys in the local area. I decided to reach out to the gentleman to gather more details and determined the keys were certainly lost in an isolated location. Rob said he didn’t even think to look for a metal detector but was glad to let me […]

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  • Chris’s Lost Ring Recovery Auburn, WA (2017)

    Chris was doing some yard work when his gold wedding bad got lost in the mulch. Very concerned his wife made a post to social media seeking help from anyone with a metal detector. It was a great pleasure recovering Chris’s ring and seeing it returned to his finger. Watch video: Jeff Morgan Call […]

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  • Jerome’s 3 Year Lost Ring Recovery Pacific, WA (2017)

    Jerome’s ring lost for three years in neighbors front yard grass. In short time I was able to locate the missing ring and return it to the family!   See video: Jeff Morgan Call me today M: 206-618-8194

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Jeff Morgan - Testimonials

  • Im stoked to have my ring back... (2017)


    This summer while we were boating in Lake Stevens Cora accidentally dropped my wedding ring into the water. It was about 12 ft of water and we dove about 3 weeks straight looking for it. We then hired two different guys with scuba gear to search for it, one of the guys was Jeff and they found nothing.

    At that point we lost hope and went and bought a new ring. Jeff looks for lost rings for a hobby and stayed in contact and kept saying he was going to go back and find it but i definitely had never thought he really would.

    I just got home from work and Jeff showed up with my ring! Im stoked to have my ring back but I really just cant believe he didn’t give up and actually found it, makes you feel good to know there good ppl out there that do things just out of kindness with no expectations of something in return!

    Definitely made my day.

    Travis Takamori

    Lake Stevens, WA