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Falmouth, Cape Cod, MA: Memory Recall is Key to Finding Lost Ring!

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

As many questions that were asked it was not until James was in the water with me and remembered a small splash which he thought to be a gull’s dropping. But where was the little splash? Close to the big splash from a rock that was being tossed. But where is the rock…Here it is and the little splash was about 20 feet away.

After a two hour search this little splash was right on…but it was not make by a bird, rather it was made by Erin’s engagement ring. Another 3 minutes of searching and the ring was in my scoop. As Erin was not at the beach James had the honor of removing the ring from my scoop. It was now up to James to place the ring back on his wife’s finger.

Many on the beach had heard of the ring’s loss and were amazed that it was found in such a vast area. Had it not been for James’ keen memory, I might still be looking for the jewel that means so much to the wonderful couple.

Lost Ring in Breaux Bridge, LA. – FOUND

  • from Lafayette (Louisiana, United States)





Bridgette lost her ring at an RV park near Lafayette. She was playing volleyball at the time. After she, her husband and several friends searched the court without success, they looked for expert help. At first, her husband had a hard time believing people really do look for other’s lost jewelry. After he accepted the fact, he called Sid.  Sid was heading out of town, so he had him call Carrie to help out. Carrie enlisted her son, James to help her. James had been on only one other hunt with her, finding his first and only pull tab. It had rained during the night and there was more volleyball played on the court, probably driving the ring deeper.

Carrie and James took the 30 minute drive to the site. After clearing security, getting a description of the ring (a white gold, antiqued diamond ring) from Bridgette and answering questions from other park guests, many of whom had helped search the night before, Carrie and James began. The area was real clean and within 10 minutes, James got his first strong signal. Four inches down was the ring. The look on Bridgette’s, and James’, faces were priceless. Way to go James. I don’t think we will have any trouble getting James to help us again. Thank you Bridgette for the generous reward. This helps us continue to put smiles on people’s faces. By the way, this was Carrie’s turn to find only a pull tab.

Lost 14k Gold Diamond Wedding Band Beaumont Alberta Canada… Found.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

I received a very distraught call last evening from Nuela as she was very distraught about having lost her wedding band.

She asked me if I could help her in locating her band which she had lost in the outside play area of the day care earlier that day where she works.

 I met up with Nuela today and she showed me the approximate area where she was with the kids, a roughly 60’ x 40’ area filled with wood chips and playground equipment Nuela was hoping her ring was in that area.

It took approximately 1 hour to locate her ring, located along the edge of the play area, As you can see the smile on Nuela’s face, she was very happy to have her ring back on her finger.

Thank you Nuela for allowing me to locate your lost ring.

Another happy client.



Lost ring in Kaplan, LA – Found

  • from Lafayette (Louisiana, United States)

Ashley called on December 22. Her husband, Rahn,  lost his wedding band, while working in the yard. Carrie and I were in California, spending time with the grandkids, so we set the 28th for the hunt. We arrived back from California and went the next day to FIND THE RING. Rahn had worked in the back yard but security camera footage showed the ring still on his finger as he left to do front yard work. He next went to the front yard to clean grass from three grated yard drains. The grass was tossed to the side and the ring may have left his finger with that motion. Carrie and I each hunted around a separate drain with no luck. I went to the third and final drain. The metal grating had caused problems searching the others but I got a strong signal a foot from this drain, far enough for the metal grating to not interfere. Buried in the grass was the prize. Ashley was beyond excited. It was a pleasure reuniting Rahn with his beautiful ring. Thank you for your generous reward. This allows us to continue providing our services.

Promise Ring Found In Claremont Horse Country

  • from Seal Beach (California, United States)

Monday December 26

On Christmas day, I received an email from a hopeful mother, Diane whose daughter just received a promise ring right before Christmas. Her daughter Summer was devastated, and wasn’t sure whether or not to break the terrible news to her boyfriend, to go buy a metal detector and search for herself, or what the next step should be. Diane and I came into contact and although I was unable to make it Sunday night, I made the drive early Monday morning. Luckily, it was nearby and only 6 miles up the hill in Claremont, Horse Country. Summer didn’t know where the ring could be, but she narrowed it down to either being in the stall while cleaning her horses, or outside where she was photographing her new prized possession. I worried that one of the horses may have kicked the ring and we wouldn’t be able to find it. Since the ring is white gold, it is harder for the metal detector to pick up any signals. While searching in the stalls, the friendly horses nudged and kissed me, as they curiously watched the pursuit for the ring.  After turning up the sensitivity, I soon heard a faint signal. I scooped up a pile of hay, and there in the screen was Summer’s ring. She was overjoyed to see her ring once again, and I suppose Christmas came twice for her this year. I was glad to have made someone’s day, and was on my way.

Lost Car Keys in Idaho’s fresh snow. Found with metal detector by Gerry McMullen

  • from Boise (Idaho, United States)

Boise, Idaho is a beautiful place in late December and today brought us 4 inches of new snow.

Jeanette was walking down the porch stairs to go start her car and slipped in the fluffy white stuff.  Up in the air and away the keys go, across the yard maybe but nobody know.  She looks for some time and can’t find a thing as you know a fob of keys can easily hide in deep fresh snow.

Her sister who is visiting for the holidays looked me up online and called.  What else would a guy be doing with his metal detector on the evening Eve of Christmas Eve?

Luckily she only lived 2 miles from me and so the drive there took longer than the actual hunt.

I searched the area she thought they’d be and nothing, so I checked the other side of the porch and the trusty Fisher Gold Bug-2 screamed of metal close by. 

As I handed them to her a joy and tear was about to appear.

No, not Saint Nick..just another good deed from Gerry’s Detectors… Ho Ho Snow.


The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service can locate your lost diamond engagement ring, gold wedding ring or band, hearing aide, favorite piece of sterling jewelry, antique family heirloom, or other important personal item.

I can search virtually any location on land and in the water, some of the most common areas of parks, volleyball courts, beaches, creeks, yards, gardens, and even underwater.
If you lost your RING or other precious item “Don’t Wait-Call Now!” 208-345-8898 and please leave a message if the answer machine comes on, as I am with a customer at the time.

White Gold Wedding Ring Found, NW Edmonton

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

img_1432 img_8040


Darcy call me yesterday to see if I could help him find his lost white 14k gold wedding ring? he was helping a friend disassemble a dog run in the back yard, he believed that the ring came off when he removed his gloves and could possibly be in two different locations.

Since the ring was in the back yard I told him I could meet him at the first house at 9:00 am tomorrow and search that area first since he thought that where the ring could possibly be.

This morning the barometer was @ –  21 Celsius  with a wind chill -31 Brrrrrrrr, believe me it was a bitter cold morning here in Edmonton Alberta, and a great day to go metal detecting,  I meet up with Darcy and he showed me where the dog run had been! You see every thing was covered with snow which for me was a bonus.

With in Ten minutes I found Darcy’s ring  he could not believe that I found the ring so quickly!  he told me he was very skeptical that his ring would be found.

Another happy client thank you Darcy.


Lost Ring Found Summerside Community Edmonton AB

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

img_1375 jennifer

Lost Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring inside Infinite QX80 Found

Received a call from Jennifer last evening in regards to her white gold engagement ring which was dropped inside her SUV passenger side, Jennifer has spent three hours looking for the ring and was frustrated that she could not find the ring I told her that my metal detectors wouldn’t be of any use in a vehicle I would have to visually/feel and touch around for the ring Jennifer agreed! Told her I would be down within the hour.

Arrived at her house saw Jennifer walking around her vehicle with a flashlight and looking very disappoint that she couldn’t find her ring I assured her if it’s their I will find it. Jennifer said the ring has to be under the passenger seat but she had looked everywhere with no luck.

I looked under the seat and the only place the ring could likely be was where the wiring harness came through the carpet, in order to get under the carpet I would have had to remove the seat and disconnect the harness which was a big job! Then I saw the floor heating duct and it was possible to get in that way.

I reach in under the carpet and felt round the wiring harness to my surprise I felt something lodged in between the harness and the duct managed to get my finger in to what felt like a ring and pulled it out, I showed Jennifer and asked is this your ring? She burst out crying with joy and very happy that her ring was back on her finger.

Another happy client! Thank you Jennifer for the generous reward.



Silver Strand State Beach lost ring Found!

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

I got the call this morning a little before 8am as I was about to leave and meet up with a detecting buddy for some old property hunting. Kim had lost her wedding band/engagement ring combo in the dry sand so my morning plans would have to be delayed a bit. Instead, I hot footed it over the the Silver Strand State Beach to search for a supposedly sterling silver wedding set. After getting the boundaries of the search area established, I started my grid. It was next to a block wall with rebar inside, so, getting right up next to it might pose a problem. a couple of minutes later, I get a nice low tone 12-07 on my E-trac….. probably a wad of foil…..not what I was looking for, so, I almost passed it by, but, I figured, what the heck. It was a good strong signal and removing it would keep any masking problem from occurring. I stuck my pin pointer into the sand and located the target. Fished it out with my fingers and to my amazement, it was Kim’s ring! I said to them, this is not sterling silver, it’s reading gold. Kim said, “oh yeah, it’s white gold, not sterling”! Good thing I didn’t ignore it! That’s why we ask what type of metal we’re asked to find. With most high end modern detectors, we can discriminate between metals and ignore some of the ones we’re not looking for, so, knowing exactly what we’re looking for is very important. In a large search area, that can be a real time saver. Everything turned out good and a very happy Kim and her husband John can now get some much needed sleep! Oh, I didn’t mention that they were just married and were on their honeymoon when this happened! In fact, it happened last night and they spent the night sleeping in their rental car at the beach so they could keep an eye on the area! Now that’s people who wanted that ring back! A pleasure to meet you both! Have fun on the rest of your honeymoon, a safe trip home, and thank you for the reward.

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Diamond stud earring returned, Centennial, Colorado

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Gina loaned her diamond stud earrings to her daughter, Azariah, as any good mother does. Azariah was at a park when she was jumped by another girl. During the fight that ensued a couple sets of earrings, along with a silver pendent were lost. Gina took her daughter to the hospital to care for her injuries, luckily there were no major ones sustained. After Azeturn’s return home the search for the missing jewelry began. Gina borrowed a metal detector from a friend and found the silver pendant, she then tested one of the remaining earrings and could not get a reading on it. Next she rented a prospecting detector and found a couple of earrings, earring backs and portions of the chain that the pendant was on. One of her 14 kt white gold diamond stud earrings was still missing. Over the next couple of weeks Gina spent MANY hours out searching the woodchip lot looking for that one earring with no luck. Azariah found my profile on The Ring Finders and called me. I was out at the lot the following night with four detectors in hand. The first couple of machines that I tried could not get a signal from the one remaining earring, one other received a signal though it was mixed with ground noise and tough to discern. My last machine, the Teknitics T2, would consistently sound off of the earring. I began my search picking up tiny foil, a BB and a couple other pieces of trash. Shortly after my search started Gina had to go to a parent-teacher conference so she left me to search. Not long after she left I received a faint but repeatable signal. Under an inch or two of wood chips sat the one missing earring.

A couple of days later we met and I gave her that missing earring. She was ecstatic.

Earring recovered September 15th, 2016


Gina’s 14 kt white gold earring.


Gina reunited with her coveted earrings.