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Lost Ring returned after 25 years later in Calgary CBC News

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

Story of lost ring leads to another reunion, 25 years after loss at Lake Sikome

White gold ring returned in Lakewood, Colorado

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Sunday morning I received a call from Justin. He told me of the loss of his wife’s white gold, wedding ring the night before. They had spent a fare amount of time looking for her ring that night and with the coming of the morning we awoke to 3 inches of fresh snow. I arrived at Justin & Maima’s house just before 10:00AM. The weather was just starting to warm up but not quite warm enough to melt the snow. We set a search plan with me starting to detect the neighbors yard and with the fresh snow it was easy to see my search pattern. But the yard was loaded with shooter alcohol bottles and their caps. By lunch time I had searched that yard, the wooded fence line separating that from the property to the south and also the neighbor’s yard to the south.

After a quick lunch break I returned to the search but this time with another machine. I picked more trash out of the neighbor’s yard, by now my trash pouch was over flowing. A little after 2:00 the temperature had warmed and the snow was starting to melt quickly. Due to the  circumstances of the rings loss, Justin and I decided to look on the roof of the neighbor’s house and garage. No luck so we made our way back to Justin’s house. Maima had given up hope and was on her way to meet us. As Justin and I reached the now melted end of the neighbors driveway, within just a few feet of Maima, I looked down and there laid Maima’s ring. To say she was excited would be a huge understatement. I received several hugs from both Maima and Justin.

Diamond stud earring returned, Centennial, Colorado

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Gina loaned her diamond stud earrings to her daughter, Azariah, as any good mother does. Azariah was at a park when she was jumped by another girl. During the fight that ensued a couple sets of earrings, along with a silver pendent were lost. Gina took her daughter to the hospital to care for her injuries, luckily there were no major ones sustained. After Azeturn’s return home the search for the missing jewelry began. Gina borrowed a metal detector from a friend and found the silver pendant, she then tested one of the remaining earrings and could not get a reading on it. Next she rented a prospecting detector and found a couple of earrings, earring backs and portions of the chain that the pendant was on. One of her 14 kt white gold diamond stud earrings was still missing. Over the next couple of weeks Gina spent MANY hours out searching the woodchip lot looking for that one earring with no luck. Azariah found my profile on The Ring Finders and called me. I was out at the lot the following night with four detectors in hand. The first couple of machines that I tried could not get a signal from the one remaining earring, one other received a signal though it was mixed with ground noise and tough to discern. My last machine, the Teknitics T2, would consistently sound off of the earring. I began my search picking up tiny foil, a BB and a couple other pieces of trash. Shortly after my search started Gina had to go to a parent-teacher conference so she left me to search. Not long after she left I received a faint but repeatable signal. Under an inch or two of wood chips sat the one missing earring.

A couple of days later we met and I gave her that missing earring. She was ecstatic.

Earring recovered September 15th, 2016


Gina’s 14 kt white gold earring.


Gina reunited with her coveted earrings.