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Ring found and returned at Marine St. in La Jolla

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Kim was visiting San Diego from Hawaii with her husband, and was spending a day at the beach. She had removed her rings to clean the sand from their settings. Forgetting that she had removed them, she shook the sand out of her blanket and the ringsĀ along with it. She managed to find the wedding band, but, the engagement ring was eluding capture with only sifting fingers as a tool. She got on her phone and Googled for help. My profile came up for San Diego and she gave me a call. She hadn’t left the area, so, I figured this should be a fairly quick search. The hard part was battling the traffic and parking! I lucked into a spot fairly close to her location and gave her a text on the way to the sand. Since Kim and her husband were leaving for home the next day, this had to be found now! She met me on the beach and guided me to the search area. 30 seconds later, I got a beautiful 12-03 on my E-trac and pulled her gorgeous engagement ring from over 5 inches down. A pleasure to meet you Kim, thank you for the reward, and thank your husband for his service.

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