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Wedding band recovered in Centennial, CO park

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

I received an email from Ann stating that her husband had lost his wedding ring while coaching their sons youth baseball team in a Centennial, Colorado park. She stated that that day they and about 10 others searched for Nathan’s ring with no luck. She even rented a metal detector the following day and searched the area of the park that they were in during the game and still had no positive results. She was hoping that me with my several years of experience and better equipment may be able to help recover this elusive ring. We made arrangements to meet a couple of days later due to busy schedules.
I arrived at DeKoevandoe Park a little ahead of our assigned time and headed down to look over the park. Ann arrived on schedule and gave me information about locations of the team and where Nathan was at and things that they did that day. I readied my equipment and began my search. Three hours into my search with no positive results Ann had to leave to feed her three sons and get on with her day so she left the park a bit dejected. Less than 15 minutes later Nathan’s ring appeared from its hidding place in the grass. It had been stepped on and was pushed into the soil a bit so it was well hidden. I called Ann who was just a few minutes away. As I handed the ring to Ann, tears of joy started to flow from her eyes.

Ring recovered July 18th, 2017

Nathan’s ring out of it’s hiding place in the grass

Nathan, happy to get his ring back.

Diamond stud earring returned, Centennial, Colorado

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Gina loaned her diamond stud earrings to her daughter, Azariah, as any good mother does. Azariah was at a park when she was jumped by another girl. During the fight that ensued a couple sets of earrings, along with a silver pendent were lost. Gina took her daughter to the hospital to care for her injuries, luckily there were no major ones sustained. After Azeturn’s return home the search for the missing jewelry began. Gina borrowed a metal detector from a friend and found the silver pendant, she then tested one of the remaining earrings and could not get a reading on it. Next she rented a prospecting detector and found a couple of earrings, earring backs and portions of the chain that the pendant was on. One of her 14 kt white gold diamond stud earrings was still missing. Over the next couple of weeks Gina spent MANY hours out searching the woodchip lot looking for that one earring with no luck. Azariah found my profile on The Ring Finders and called me. I was out at the lot the following night with four detectors in hand. The first couple of machines that I tried could not get a signal from the one remaining earring, one other received a signal though it was mixed with ground noise and tough to discern. My last machine, the Teknitics T2, would consistently sound off of the earring. I began my search picking up tiny foil, a BB and a couple other pieces of trash. Shortly after my search started Gina had to go to a parent-teacher conference so she left me to search. Not long after she left I received a faint but repeatable signal. Under an inch or two of wood chips sat the one missing earring.

A couple of days later we met and I gave her that missing earring. She was ecstatic.

Earring recovered September 15th, 2016


Gina’s 14 kt white gold earring.


Gina reunited with her coveted earrings.

White gold earring lost in Centennial, Colorado – Returned

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Alexis was playing volleyball with her family and friends in her sister’s yard when her earring got caught in the net and flung into the yard. Luckily one of her opponents had seen the earring get launched but did not see exactly where it ended up. The volleyball game halted and the search for the lost earring began but luck was not with them as the earring remained hidden in the long grass. Alexis’ sister, Stephanie, found me through The Ring Finders and contacted me about searching for this precious lost item. We made arrangements for a search on a Thursday evening.

Upon arrival Stephanie explained how the earring was lost and showed me the location that Alexis was in (marked by a couple of tent stakes). I tested the remaining earring on my V3i in several programs before I found a program that would respond to such a small bit of metal. I began my search in the area of the tent stakes and found no earring so I expanded my search area. Within a couple of minutes I received a signal similar to that of my test target. As I parted the grass I could see the shape and color of the lost earring, I looked up at Stephanie and said “I found the match to that earring”. We called up Alexis and let her know that the earring had been found, she was quite happy. About 15 minutes later there was Alexis ready to get her pair of earrings back.

Earring recovered 7-2-2015

Alexis & earring Alexis' earring

Lost platinum eternity ring found in Centennial, Colorado

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Kathleen was out planting flowers in the yard of their home in Centennial, Colorado. While shaking open a garbage bag to put old, dead plants in her 3 ring platinum eternity ring slid off her hand. Kathleen had seen people searching with metal detectors in the past and knew that the newer machines would be expensive to purchase and complex to understand. And that rental machines may not be good enough to get the achieve success and with no knowledge of how to set up a detector. So Kathleen decided to find an expert detectorist and ended up calling me through TheRingFinders.

I was out at a wine tasting when Kathleen called and I did not hear my phone ring so she left me a message. Upon seeing I had a message I returned her call. We talked for a bit and set up a search for the following morning.

After arriving at their house Kathleen and Michael (Kathleen’s husband) led me to the location where Kathleen was working. We discussed the possibilities of the rings hiding place and I began my search. After searching the area in front of where Kathleen was standing a twice with no success I started searching behind where she was standing. My MXT gave out a faint signal (my sensitivity was turned down due to edging and pipes in the area and the plantings were deep). I pulled back the plantings and there sat Kathleen’s rings. She was quite happy to get her prized rings back.


Rings recovered 5/30/2015

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