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Promise Ring Found In Claremont Horse Country

  • from Seal Beach (California, United States)

Monday December 26

On Christmas day, I received an email from a hopeful mother, Diane whose daughter just received a promise ring right before Christmas. Her daughter Summer was devastated, and wasn’t sure whether or not to break the terrible news to her boyfriend, to go buy a metal detector and search for herself, or what the next step should be. Diane and I came into contact and although I was unable to make it Sunday night, I made the drive early Monday morning. Luckily, it was nearby and only 6 miles up the hill in Claremont, Horse Country. Summer didn’t know where the ring could be, but she narrowed it down to either being in the stall while cleaning her horses, or outside where she was photographing her new prized possession. I worried that one of the horses may have kicked the ring and we wouldn’t be able to find it. Since the ring is white gold, it is harder for the metal detector to pick up any signals. While searching in the stalls, the friendly horses nudged and kissed me, as they curiously watched the pursuit for the ring.  After turning up the sensitivity, I soon heard a faint signal. I scooped up a pile of hay, and there in the screen was Summer’s ring. She was overjoyed to see her ring once again, and I suppose Christmas came twice for her this year. I was glad to have made someone’s day, and was on my way.

Gas Station Ring Recovery

  • from Bryson City (North Carolina, United States)

Had a call from a lady who found me on The Ring Finders.  She had lost her wedding rings at a local gas station and I new right away that this might be a hard one.  With cars coming in and out, you never know where a ring might wind up.  She had managed to find the wedding band but the engagement ring was still missing.  I got here text about 6 AM this morning and she had lost her rings about 9 PM the night before.  In our small town that was a good thing because traffic flow would be very slow from that time in the evening till this morning.

I got to the station before she did and looked around the curb side from where she was.  The ring must have really had some spring to it because I found it in the grass about 20 feet from where she lost it.  It was sitting right on top of the ground in plain sight.  That did not turn out the way I was figuring.  I did not have high hopes but everything made for a great Christmas time success story.  Another smile, Another happy Christmas.

Please watch the video below to see details.