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Lost Ring Found Summerside Community Edmonton AB

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

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Lost Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring inside Infinite QX80 Found

Received a call from Jennifer last evening in regards to her white gold engagement ring which was dropped inside her SUV passenger side, Jennifer has spent three hours looking for the ring and was frustrated that she could not find the ring I told her that my metal detectors wouldn’t be of any use in a vehicle I would have to visually/feel and touch around for the ring Jennifer agreed! Told her I would be down within the hour.

Arrived at her house saw Jennifer walking around her vehicle with a flashlight and looking very disappoint that she couldn’t find her ring I assured her if it’s their I will find it. Jennifer said the ring has to be under the passenger seat but she had looked everywhere with no luck.

I looked under the seat and the only place the ring could likely be was where the wiring harness came through the carpet, in order to get under the carpet I would have had to remove the seat and disconnect the harness which was a big job! Then I saw the floor heating duct and it was possible to get in that way.

I reach in under the carpet and felt round the wiring harness to my surprise I felt something lodged in between the harness and the duct managed to get my finger in to what felt like a ring and pulled it out, I showed Jennifer and asked is this your ring? She burst out crying with joy and very happy that her ring was back on her finger.

Another happy client! Thank you Jennifer for the generous reward.