Lost ring in Kaplan, LA - Found

  • from Lafayette (Louisiana, United States)

Ashley called on December 22. Her husband, Rahn,  lost his wedding band, while working in the yard. Carrie and I were in California, spending time with the grandkids, so we set the 28th for the hunt. We arrived back from California and went the next day to FIND THE RING. Rahn had worked in the back yard but security camera footage showed the ring still on his finger as he left to do front yard work. He next went to the front yard to clean grass from three grated yard drains. The grass was tossed to the side and the ring may have left his finger with that motion. Carrie and I each hunted around a separate drain with no luck. I went to the third and final drain. The metal grating had caused problems searching the others but I got a strong signal a foot from this drain, far enough for the metal grating to not interfere. Buried in the grass was the prize. Ashley was beyond excited. It was a pleasure reuniting Rahn with his beautiful ring. Thank you for your generous reward. This allows us to continue providing our services.

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  1. Ashley Broussard says:

    Thank you so much to this wonderful couple who has taken on a hobby that brings so much happiness to so many lives. We are so thankful to the both of you.

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