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Lost Wedding Ring. In The County Of Ponoka. Hoadley, Alberta Canada

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

I received a call from Brandon last week asking me if I could find his white gold wedding ring in three feet tall grass. He had lost it while out scouting for a good hunting spot in the bush.  I told him if it was there I would find it.

We agreed to meet this morning and drove out to the spot out in the country, as we drove and got talking Brandon told me it was imperative that the ring was found as he had just been married a month ago.

I asked Brandon how he lost his ring he told me he was brushing the grass off his pants near his jeep when he felt the ring fly off his finger but he had no idea of the direction. For me it was a good clue and with past experience I knew the ring had to be close by.

When we arrived at the location Brandon said the whole terrain had changed stating that the grass was standing at the time he lost the ring, and now all the grass was laying down like a strong wind had blown the grass down or animals had trampled it down.  This made the search a little harder.

After about two hours of searching I heard a fantastic sound in my headphone.  There was his ring well hidden in the grass about ten feet from his Jeep.  I called Brandon over and the expression on his face said it all.  He could not believe his eyes. He was very happy to have his ring back on his finger.

Another happy client.

Thank you Brandon for calling me.


Lost Platinum Diamond Ring! Grandview Heights, Edmonton. Alberta (Found)

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)



Received a call from Erica around 12:15 this afternoon she sounded very distraught, Erica asked me if it was possible for me to find her platinum diamond ring she just lost this morning while planting her garden I told her I would be there within the hour.

I meet Erica and her husband Jim at their home, Erica immediately showed me where she was working and planting shrubs in the back yard after checking the yard for clues as to where the ring could possibly be I scanned her flower beds and shrubs, with a corner of my eye I spotted her ring laying in the grass beside one of her shrub she just planted.

I called Erica over and asked her is this your ring?  I can tell you she was one happy Lady she told me the ring has never been off her finger for the past 15 years until today.

Another Happy Client! Thank you Erica and Jim for allowing me to find your lost ring.


Lost Wedding Ring Found Ermineskin, Edmonton Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)




Received a call yesterday from Stacey requesting if I can help her locate her husband white gold wedding ring which he lost last November in the back yard while racking leaves, I told her I could meet up with her first thing in the morning.

Meet up with Stacey and she told me that her husband had looked franticly for the ring, looked in the bags of leaves a couple of times and the yard with no luck and he feels terrible about ring, then he told Stacey he will have to call The Ring Finders and she said who are they? He told her that he heard about me on the radio and he was going to call me, But Stacey beat him to the punch and called me, I’m hope he doesn’t call me before the end of the month.

Within fifteen minute I found his ring in the back yard I called Stacey over and asked her is that your husbands ring? She could not believe I found it so quickly Thank you Stacey for entrusting me to find your husband Ring  Another happy client.

 Stacey is going to surprise her husband on their wedding anniversary at the end of the month with his ring. Happy anniversary to you both.  

Lost Keys Found Highlands Neighborhood Edmonton

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)




Julie called me last evening requesting my service to find her VW key fob and office keys! lost while she was snow blowing her driveway! I told her I would meet her at her home first thing this morning and of course the weather changed overnight with temperature -4 below and blowing snow which would make the search a little harsh.

Met Julie she showed me where she had been shoveling and blowing snow around her home within 10 minutes I found her keys in the back alley behind her garage in about 6” of snow, Julie was very happy to have them back in her possession once again.

 Another happy client thank you Julie for entrusting me to locate your keys.

Tungsten Wedding Band Found NE Edmonton Alberta Canada

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

img_1443  img_1442

On Wednesday December 7, 2016 Kayla e-mailed me requesting my service to locate her husband’s Tungsten wedding band lost in his mother-in-law’s backyard while he was moving stuff and playing with the dog, he heard the ring go ping on the sidewalk then ended up in the snow somewhere in the yard, he tried to find his ring with no success Kayla said he’s very upset.

I meet-up with Kayla this morning with another bitter cold day -22 Celsius in Edmonton Alberta Canada,  Kayla showed me where the ring flew off his finger, within ten minute the ring was back in her safe hand!

Another happy client!  Thank you Kayla for entrusting me to find your husband’s ring.

White Gold Wedding Ring Found, NW Edmonton

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

img_1432 img_8040


Darcy call me yesterday to see if I could help him find his lost white 14k gold wedding ring? he was helping a friend disassemble a dog run in the back yard, he believed that the ring came off when he removed his gloves and could possibly be in two different locations.

Since the ring was in the back yard I told him I could meet him at the first house at 9:00 am tomorrow and search that area first since he thought that where the ring could possibly be.

This morning the barometer was @ –  21 Celsius  with a wind chill -31 Brrrrrrrr, believe me it was a bitter cold morning here in Edmonton Alberta, and a great day to go metal detecting,  I meet up with Darcy and he showed me where the dog run had been! You see every thing was covered with snow which for me was a bonus.

With in Ten minutes I found Darcy’s ring  he could not believe that I found the ring so quickly!  he told me he was very skeptical that his ring would be found.

Another happy client thank you Darcy.


Lost Car Keys and Fob in the Snow Edmonton, Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

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Received this e-mail  from Barbara this morning!

Hi Norm,

 I recall hearing about you a while back. I am wondering if you search for keys,  I think I lost my spare set of vehicle keys in the yard yesterday as I have searched every inch of the house that I can possibly think of.

I know I came home with them, so am thinking they fell out of my pocket and then of course it snowed  I want to find them because of course I need them but also before it snows any more I am thinking that they would be near the sidewalk paths or maybe on or near the front and back landings, but it’s not a big search area.  Thank you, Barb

I called Barbara to set appointment with her for 1:00pm to locate her keys, and of course today had to be one of the coldest days -20 Celsius and a wind-chill factor -30 It was Brrrrrrr cold!  lucky for me it only took me 15 minutes to locate her keys in the back yard.

Another happy Client!  Thank you Barbara for entrusting me to locate your Keys.


Lost Ring Found Summerside Community Edmonton AB

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

img_1375 jennifer

Lost Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring inside Infinite QX80 Found

Received a call from Jennifer last evening in regards to her white gold engagement ring which was dropped inside her SUV passenger side, Jennifer has spent three hours looking for the ring and was frustrated that she could not find the ring I told her that my metal detectors wouldn’t be of any use in a vehicle I would have to visually/feel and touch around for the ring Jennifer agreed! Told her I would be down within the hour.

Arrived at her house saw Jennifer walking around her vehicle with a flashlight and looking very disappoint that she couldn’t find her ring I assured her if it’s their I will find it. Jennifer said the ring has to be under the passenger seat but she had looked everywhere with no luck.

I looked under the seat and the only place the ring could likely be was where the wiring harness came through the carpet, in order to get under the carpet I would have had to remove the seat and disconnect the harness which was a big job! Then I saw the floor heating duct and it was possible to get in that way.

I reach in under the carpet and felt round the wiring harness to my surprise I felt something lodged in between the harness and the duct managed to get my finger in to what felt like a ring and pulled it out, I showed Jennifer and asked is this your ring? She burst out crying with joy and very happy that her ring was back on her finger.

Another happy client! Thank you Jennifer for the generous reward.



Lost GoPro Camera @ Camp Yowochas Fallis, Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)



img_1357 img_1358img_1359

Received an email from Tyng on Saturday requiring my assistance to locate his Gopro camera while on a three day retreat at camp Yowochas with his grade six students he was supervising,

Tyng was available to go on Sunday I agreed to assist him, Tyng picked me up at 7am we headed out 50 miles west of Edmonton to the camp we arrived the weather was not at all in our favor Rain and Cold Brrrrrrr.

We had to walk about ½ mile through the bush into an open field Tyng showed me the area that they were playing hide and seek in tall grass I must say the area that he thought the camera was lost created a huge challenge to swing my detector.

After about two hours out in the tall grass I was convinced that the camera was not in that area, Tyng was 110% sure that was the area he lost the camera, I told him lets back track to the last known location which was at the other end of the field where the grass was shorter they all sat down in a circle and talked about their time at the camp then they left the field.  

Within 15 minutes I heard a loud scream Tyng found his go pro in the area I suggested he was ecstatic to have the camera back with all the pictures and videos he had taken while on the three day retreat with his students.

Another happy client thank you Tyng for entrusting me to find your GoPro also your generous reward.          

Lost Gold Wedding Ring in Back Yard While Playing With A Dog, In West Edmonton.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

IMG_1069  IMG_1068

Peter called me yesterday to ask me if I could help him find his wedding ring.  He lost it in the back yard the previous evening while playing with his    dog.  He had fallen in the snow and felt his ring slip off his finger. Peter and his wife spent a couple of hours raking and pouring hot water to melt the snow but had no luck finding the ring.

I met up with Peter in his back yard and he showed me where he thought his ring should be. I searched that area as will as the surrounding area with no luck, only to find a bunch of roofing nails.   I stood back and analyzed the area where Peter fell and thought it either had to be in the neighbors yard or along the fence line.  I took out my pin pointer and searched along the bottom of the fence dragging my pin pointer underneath the boards and out popped the ring.

Another happy client, Thank you Peter for the generous reward.